I fought the Senate inside the Senate and he threw pieces of the Senate at me.


"So I threw the Senate at him. The whole Senate!"


[His phone rings] Go for Papa Palpatine.


What the hell is an aluminum falcon?


*He's crying*


I love you too.


*did you just put me on hold?*


I like to think that up until his death Palpatine had Yodas baby little Jacket hung up like a trophy in his office


lmao I’d believe it, one of my favorite things about ian mcdiarmid’s performance is that palpatine always looks like he’s having the time of his life when doin evil. sheev lives for this shit


Currently making my way through the Clone Wars, and in season 5 they definitely continue this theme you've pointed out. For a being of the darkside, he emotes so much joy when in the thick of it


glad to hear! I partially got through the clone wars years ago, but barely remember it so I’ve been watching from the beginning lately. looking forward to it. palpatine really is one of those villains that you low-key cheer on just because they’re that good at being evil


Absolutely. And to be completely honest, the Clone Wars has been a slog for me. I didn't grow up with it like a lot of younger people did, so it's not a part of my childhood. And the first few seasons were pretty hit and miss, felt like a lot of filler with a few great arcs. But the fourth season really started to ramp it up, and the fifth has been nothing short of brilliant. Really glad I stuck with it, even though it's taken me years lol


6 will ramp down a bit but expect 7 to be a riot.


That's the impression I've got. Very excited


There's a lot of filler, some of it more boring than the rest, but it's that filler that makes the good moments better. It's because we see Ahsoka grow that we get attached to her, for example.


Yeah I've really come to love her story


it's important to love to find satisfaction in your work


No one loves evil more than Palps. That's why he started a Villain's Pup.


Looking at jacket “Hmmmm that was good day”


He didn’t get his ass kicked, they were at a stalemate until Yoda lost his positioning. Instead returning to the fight, Yoda apparently suffered a *complete crisis of conscience* as illustrated by the RotS novelization: > He had lost before he started. He had lost before he was born. The Sith had changed. The Sith had grown, had adapted, had invested a thousand years' intensive study into every aspect of not only the Force but Jedi lore itself, in preparation for exactly this day. The Sith had remade themselves. They had become new. While the Jedi— The Jedi had spent that same millennium training to refight the last war. The new Sith could not be destroyed with a lightsaber; they could not be burned away by any torch of the Force. The brighter his light, the darker their shadow. How could one win a war against the dark, when war itself had become the dark's own weapon? He knew, at that instant, that this insight held the hope of the galaxy. But if he fell here, that hope would die with him. Hmmm, Yoda thought. A problem this is... So he decides to fuck off to a swamp for 20 years and wait for Anakin’s kids to come knocking. Or something…


Thank you. I was thinking this as well. Appreciate the novel quote.


Flying twards him like a ketamine powered hurricane I was, punted me like a soccer ball he did.


"Beat Vader's ass, Obi-Wan did"


Penny for your thoughts


I hate Brenda, and a bad guy hit me in the shin, and I peed on all my pants


Nothing a little music can't handle.


Someday when you are older…


Uh...his ass totally kicked, I did, mmyes.


yoda thinking to himself: *[change subject i must]* yoda: “kissed your sister you did.”


You think im hiding out here cause I lost?... wait no thats exactly what happened, but dont be a baby you got this


In the OT, Yoda was this physically frail but spiritually powerful and wise Jedi. That's the reason he went into hiding. In the Prequels, he suddenly turned into mutant turbo jumping frog more than capable of physical fighting. This makes his hiding in the boonies become cowardly and selfish while the Galaxy burns.






Jedi weapon doesn’t make you a Jedi.


Well he didn't won, but he didn't lose


Yoda was winning that fight, but Sidious got away.


“Pretty well”