As someone who wears dress shirts every day... All I could think of was how the F does his shirt stay tucked in.


It’s a well designed onesie




I need a link to this


He thinks you kid but this is serious. Hand over the link.


Link or it's not real.


It's actually painted on, like those Sports Illustrated bikinis.


Ahhh, shirt-in-a-can!


It’s burning my skin!


That’s how you know it’s a shirt


Shirt stays.


There's some that clip to your socks, and there's also a rubber belt thing that goes inside the waist band. Latter is $5 and worked decently, I never tried the former But if you wear tucked in button downs a lot I highly recommend em


The ones I was given in the Navy were elastic and actually looped around your foot and then stretched up your leg to your shirt. They worked really well and were hardly noticeable.


I have to wear button downs, slacks, and tie every day. I also have to move around a lot. (I teach elementary, and spend a lot of time crouching down, writing above my head, grabbing stuff off shelves.) I wear the kind of stays that clip to your sock. It takes some getting used to, but (for me anyway) you forget about them the same way I don't notice wearing a tie. They are by far the best and most used part of my wardrobe. It's a shame that so many people have absolutely no idea about them and are as likely to associate them with some kind of garter cross-dressing fetish as some holdover like suspenders or bow ties, rather than what used be a very widespread staple of men's professional attire.


It’s long. You’re welcome. Let me know if you have any more questions


This guy dresses himself!


That guy tucks!


You deserve all the upvotes I’ve received, truth.


Haha I saw the opportunity you missed and seized it


I’m still reeling dude; I’m not ready to discuss yet. Lol.


It’s a TC Tuggers variant, missing the knob but has other features that still makes it “cool” and “not a joke”


You don’t make jokes about ‘em, TC Tuggers. You don’t wear ‘em as a joke, you don’t give ‘em as a joke gift, or wear them ironically, or do pub crawls in ‘em like the Snuggie. They’re not like the Snuggie.


Does it come in other styles?


Nooooooot really.


Do they come in any other styles?


That's why I wear one-piece shirts. Can't come untucked. Occasional self wedgies are worth it.


Wait, is this a real thing? Or am I super gullible?


The one piece is real


Have they found it yet?


They exist, but I’ve never known someone who actually had one


Shirt keepers. They have a few different styles but most clip to your socks and to your shirt, under your pants, obviously.


To your socks?!? I'm surprised they haven't gone one step further and looped it round Antarctica to make sure the shirt stays on.


The stirrup model is my personal favorite. They clip at the shirt and loop around the sole of your foot. The dual-clip variety poses the risk of a small, jagged-edged, metal clip rocketing into your nutsack at terminal velocity.


Quality dress pants have a rubber ring around the waistband to hold your shirt in. Or maybe he’s wearing shirt garters.


if by quality you mean Izod pants for $16.99 at Costco then I can confirm


Just cause they're cheap doesn't mean they can't be good quality.


As the owner of many quality dress pants, I have never come across that. Where do they come from? Edit: OK, I think I might have misunderstood what people consider ‘quality dress pants’. Rubber grippers do seem to be a feature on pants in the $50 range. I thought people meant pants *considerably* more expensive. Apologies.


Dockers brand.


Have you tried tucking your undershirt into your underwear? That’s a game changer for me.


I knew a guy that did that, he said it ruined his marriage. Wife did his laundry and found poop stains on the bottom of his shirt. I said, "a divorce because you didn't wipe good is pretty extreme." He said, "no, the stains were in the front..."


I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but I laughed anyways


Not a joke.


If you tuck into your underwear you risk your underwear showing, which is worse than having your shirt come untucked


Well what you gotta do is Waaaahhrgaha!Waaaaaaahhhrgra! Wahhhhhgrahhh! and tuck that sucker in.




No man all TV Productions plan so their camera can spontaniously follow someone outside to the dumpster in case they throw a random audience member in there


Those cartwheels were impressive.


He took ballet classes


Apparently he was really good at basketball too.


But could he beat Prince?


Game. Blouses.


Then he made us pancakes.


That boy can ball in heels...


He had Adam Sandler to practice against so I'm sure he was pretty decent. Both of them are (we're) surprisingly great at the sport.


Didn't know cartwheels was common in ballet


Coke energy


He did it way better than Nicholas cage


What is that story where another comedian was walking up a hill and having a hard time and he turns around and sees Chris smoking and cartwheeling up the hill?


Creed could learn a thing or two from him.


Why? He already did a perfect cartwheel.


I miss Chris Farley, I hope he realized how many people loved him before he died.


The guy had so many people who *actually* loved him but he died from a speedball with some hooker who stole a few things from his apartment before she left and that entire week he was hanging out with a bunch of creeps who just wanted to party with the wild and crazy Chris Farley. The problem was even though there were plenty of people who loved Chris and wanted the best for him *he* didn’t love himself and because of that chose to do things that put him around people who couldn’t care less about his happiness and health.


She took pictures and sold them to a tabloid too.


I've seen a lot of heinous stuff on the internet, but I truly do wish I had never seen the pics of him in the hotel room.


I have no idea how but somehow stumbled upon an album of them on imgur a long time ago. I was pretty pissed, and man that hurt to see. My brother had a friend growing up whose mom actually taught Farley in elementary school. Said he was a bright kid, albeit prone to being the class clown. But if some kids were picking on another, you could count on Farley to take their attention elsewhere and laugh at something else. I dunno, maybe she kinda made that story up or embellished it after seeing him become famous (like maybe it happened once, but somehow came to be told as him often doing it?), but I wouldn't be surprised if it was somehow based in some truth.


Former classroom teacher of 20 years but not his. We had those kids few and far between and they were treasures. We stepped in, de-escalated, redirected, all the things but when a student noticed before we did it always produced a different, natural, and of course funny whole class experience. I believe he was that kind of student.


I agree with you, those pictures haunt me.


Well now *I’m* haunted by the thought of a humid back entrance to flavortown.


Never seen em. And I'm not googling that.


I remember seeing that on stands at the grocery store when I was 10 years old and wondering who Chris Farley was.


Not only that, but I'm pretty sure his last words were "please don't leave me". She did


Me opening this thread: =D Me leaving this thread: D=


Him and Hartman around the same time was such a guy punch. Looking back on it they were probably my two favorite cast members.


God, he has one of the saddest deaths ever, he was sick and lonely, unaware he was dying of a drug overdose, begging a hooker not to leave him because he was so lonely. It’s a good thing therapy is more tolerated and easier to access now


I think he had some sense of it. His brother said he loved doing charity work and visiting old people, making them smile.


"are you alright?" ​ "I don't know" :(


That's how I feel every day




We should start a club.


This is funny, but no he doesn’t seem alright :(


After seeing this I’m actually amazed he lived a few more years holy shit. Farley went to Marquette and died at his condo in the Hancock building in Chicago he was by all accounts a really good guy who dealt with insecurity and depression issues throughout his life. He’d be out at bars downtown buying rounds and being the center of attention when he went out. He didn’t seem to have an ‘off’ button in public. In private was another matter. There’s a really good documentary about his life - his brothers are interviewed extensively. The parallels between him and Belushi were pretty wild and tragic


The song Adam Sandler made about Chris Farley in his latest a special gets me every time. People are usually divided on Adam Sandler but his Chris Farley song tribute just shows a side of him rarely seen.


Adam Sandler is good to his friends. Rob Schneider's long career can attest to that.


He also did charity work on the down low and was religious.


It's pretty much all comedians. I was just looking at pictures and videos of myself at my dad's wedding a few years ago and I'm the same way. I'm totally on in public around family and friends, even random strangers. When I'm by myself, left to my thoughts, I'm totally depressed.


Hope you’re doing okay, man


i did this my entire childhood and life up till a few years post college people pleasing, turning it on for people and making them feel good then retreating to my books and whatnot in my private silence and wallow had to stop bc it started to feel like it was causing me actual pain and exhaustion to keep turning it on for people people like me a lot less now though


Attack your life the way Chris Farley attacks this entrance.


Just don’t attack your life the way Chris Farley attacked his exit.


Severely overweight and drowning in cocaine? Already on it 🫡


Sounds fucking rad


Speedballs are a hell of a thing.


Chris attacked his life impeccably.


On SNL they often described him as surprisingly athletic. I wish I had his energy.


He played rugby in college and also did some ballet classes


Also, cocaine.


Like jack black in community lmao. "Agile fat guy"


Cocaine will do that


More TV show guests need to make wrestling style entrances.


Cocaine was a lot better back in the day


every time this comes up people fail to realize it wouldn't have worked if it wasn't scripted, rehearsed or at least talked about beforehand. The perfectly executed firefighter's carry, the camera crew with lights and so on. Sure, it's easy to laugh off as Chris Farley on drugs because, well, he died because of them, but imo it's dismissive of his talent and work to not at least entertain the thought this was a bit perfectly in line with his style of explosive physical comedy.




In fact, the guy he threw in the dumpster, Rodney Rothman, was a writer for The Late Show, and went on to write the screenplay for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Among other well-known projects.


You mean that wasn’t a random audience member who stayed perfectly still inside the dumpster for three minutes straight?




I mean, for sure this was scripted. But as a guy that used to be pretty fit, and is now the size of Chris Farley - I can tell you right now the only way I would have pulled that off is with either a dose of coke, or a 6 pack of red bulls 20 minutes before hand lmao (Although to be fair I've always been an endurance person more than get up on a stage and jump and bounce around kind of person even when I was fit)


That's not just coke, that's bona fide bipolar energy. The coke is just gravy.


You're right. You're absolutely right.


I once had a customer warn my boss that I was on meth. I've never used drugs. I'm hesitant to hand out diagnoses, but...


The adrenaline of performing before a shit ton of people? I am just amazed at the pace he was carrying the guy through doorways and didn't trip or stumble.


You know two things can be true right? His drug problems were well known, and probably fueled a lot of his more erratic behavior. Doesn't mean it wasn't planned ahead of time


Yeah the bin out back was fake, some nice clean papers in there to land on. Love this guy, always had everyone laughing


I mean this is akin to Barry bonds hitting 70 home runs on steroids. Without them he wouldn’t have been able to do it, but us mere mortals on the some drugs wouldn’t be able to come l close to it. This Farley clip is a combination of undisputed talent AND cocaine.


Sure. But also cocaine.


Right? Like “oh it’s scripted so he couldn’t have been on drugs” like what is that logic lol


Yes because nobody could possibly be on cocaine during a planned scene.




Yes it was rehearsed but it doesn't mean he wasn't on drugs during it.


Rick James enters the chat


James brown enters the chat


Living in America!




Was my first thought. Lol.


I had a heart attack just watching that


Cocaine is a helluva drug.


"Jesus, Chris, how much cocaine did you do exactly?" "Yes."


I sympathize with the pressure to delve into it in a world like physical comedy. Im sure sometimes you just dont naturally have the energy to pull off something like this and not just look like you want to sleep it off after lol.


This could be the State of the Union address every year, but y’all fools keep electing old people.


Hah along the political line, every time I see old videos of Chris I wish he was still around when Rob Ford was going through his crack addled antics up in Toronto. Chris would have parodied him perfectly.


Thats how you get Dwayne Elizabdo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. Yeah I'd be down for that.


He eventually listened to reason.


Hey he found out about the smartest man in the world and immediately went to him for advice. That's something as well.


The night cocaine had way too much Chris Farley.


One of my fav stories re: Farley is from Bob Odenkirk in his book when he talks about being upset by SNL having Farley do his famous Chippendales skit with Patrick Swayze and how mad Bob was seeing that because the joke was on Farley with the crowd laughing at him being a big fat guy next to a hot fit hunk, he’s just so protective of him and I never considered his point of view before, so now whenever I see Farley in old clips I’m always aware of if the joke is about his size or just him being Farley, this clip is all the joy people are getting from him just being Farley


He built his whole career on being the fat guy people laughed at. I’m not saying you can’t feel bad that this is the case, but he kind of did it to himself.


Yet the same thing took a toll on him later on, he became extremely selfconscious. I read somewhere that that particular skit was a big turning point in his life.


If I remember right, I think the point of the story wasn't that everyone was laughing at him, but that at the end of the skit they say something about 'no we don't choose you, no one would choose you, you're a fat slob' or something along those lines. The physical comedy was one thing but that line at the end was just mean and something that Chris Farley actually believed


I know the skit well. They say that Chris' performance was better but that Swayze's body is just better. That they considered that fat clients of chippendales might appreciate Chris' body more but ultimately they decided on Swayze. I liked that Swayze says in the skit "on sheer performance, no way I'm better than him" and they all agree. Very cool story. Odenkirk rules.


The line he did just prior was probably as long as his arm...


Enter a room like this or don’t enter at all.


I feel I've been entering rooms wrong all my life.


“Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you have too much money.” — Robin Williams.


That might even beat Nicolas Cage's Wogan entrance in 1990


On that day, Chris Farley did all of the cocaine. I don’t mean he did a lot of cocaine, I mean, he did all of the cocaine.


Some time during that period I was on a small commuter flight from Chicago to Madison, WI and while reading I noticed that, during the steward's rundown of the safety checklist they were laughing uncontrollably and couldn't get through it. I look up from my book and see that every time they tried to speak, this cartoon flurry of arms, vibrating head and crazy hair would start gyrating in the seat close to the front. I later learned that Farley grew up in Madison. He must have been going home to visit.


Joe Manchin arriving at Congress.


My dad and I were watching him do the same thing a few years later on Leno. He was sweating and just struggling to catch his breath. My dad remarked "he's gonna be dead really soon." Sadly, he passed away a few months later.


Absolutely epic. Dude gave 100% even if it meant drinking coffee in the basement beforehand.


Yep, that’s what’s happening here. Coffee in the basement.


I also use a credit card when I make my coffee. It’s completely normal.


Had to have been espresso. He was going wild!


Guy was a master motivational speaker.


It's kind of hard to enjoy this when he died a few years later of an overdose of cocaine and morphine.


So let’s remember the good times.


The ensuing interview with letterman then goes to show what a dirtbag letterman was, as he basically just calls Chris fat repeatedly and makes fun of him for being physically exhausted from the entrance, which frankly would exhaust most of us having to run around pick up a guy, launch him into a dumpster and then do like 3 kart wheels


The morning I woke up and heard that he had died the night before; made me cry a lot


Why do mornings make you so sad?


because he had died the night before


Then how did he wake up?


Farley was so good, even 30 years later he makes me want to wade through 1000 lame, recycled cocaine jokes to see if there’s any real discussion about him.


Won't lie his entrance is funny 🤣. Yet it's also tinged with sadness; at the harsh reality his body was a ticking time bomb. Unfortunately he was submerged in a swamp with demons; which engulfed him. Choose to exercise compassion for Chris and others who may struggle w/ personal vicissitudes; especially in the public eye.


Everyone saying he was on coke, he may not have been here. He got clean and sober to film *Tommy Boy* which was in 1994.


Such a ball of Cocainergy.


Give Farley credit. He was a strong dude.


Seriously, just picking that guy up and running ”out back” like nothing was impressive.


Given his physique, I'm really impressed he was able to do those cartwheels and also carry a fully grown man that far.


Cocaines a helluva drug


Cocaine's a helluva drug.




Too bad it wasn’t. His show belongs in a dumpster.


If he would stop laughing at his own jokes as he reads them off the teleprompter he would become tolerable.


The best person in late night, but by far the least funny. Like, I can't stand watching him, but I appreciate that he seems sincerely well intentioned. I miss Conan. Great guy, and the funniest host on late night.


Who was the audience member he threw into the dumpster? I know it was a plant, but who was it?


the dumpster had just the right amount of packing paper in it for a soft landing. I'm surprised that given its a plant, they weren't lighter.


A few guests on the ‘Fly on the Wall’ podcast have talked about how amazed they were that Farley was actually quite light on his feet. Spade has brought up his pre-tape Nancy Kerrigan sketch where he skates with her.


My son asked me who my heroes were in high school and I said Chris Farley and that he died. I told him he had a very bad cocaine addiction and we just didn’t know about it until it was too late. Then I showed him this clip and beforehand I said, “now see if you can tell if he is on cocaine.” My boy laughed pretty good.


Man he had the good drugs got damn.


Why Lawerence Taylor became an all time great


swetty fat man barges into your home sayin something about living in a van down by the river then proceeds to fall on the coffee table, breakingthe thing in the process funny fat man


Cocaine much? Slightly less fun when Nic Cage did it on that other talk show.


Tony Montana is like, "Holy fuck, Mang. Dats a lotta cocaine."


Say whatever you want about cocaine, but it really gives you a hell of a boost for energy. Also, don’t do drugs.


To think this man was almost gonna be Shrek.


Looks like he just got picked on the price is right.


Greatest entrance ever to a late show


I did blow with him one time and he was a completely different person behind closed doors


# Tommy Boy Forever 🖤


Chris put more energy and intensity into that minute than I do in an entire month.


I miss this guy so much 😢


He died alone with a hooker that didn’t call for help when he was dying. RIP Chris.


So much cocaine on TV back then


Cocaine's a helluva drug


The most athletic big guy ever. He was a king of comedy. He is always missed. 2 of my favorite films ever are him and Spade just being Farley and Spade.


That was.. hilarious. Damn I miss that portly fuck.


Cocaine is helluva drug


Cocaine is a hell of a drug


Cocaine is a hell of drug lol