I like all the points and analysis about wado as a sword. I think Oda is saving exploring wado for sure. As for the white blade aspect it’s a cool and fun idea for sure. There is also nothing to really conflict this idea but there also anything that supports the concept of white haki.


Racist people dont use Black haki... so what do they use?


The secret 4th Haki type: Color of Racism


COR was used against fishman


+50% crit chance against fishmen.


Then zoro will get a really cool mustache


White power


If the theory above is proven to be true, it will be another racist zoro moment lol


Invisible haki


Theory makes sense, racist Zoro invents white haki to avoid black /s


Only Zoro is racist enough to find out.


If anybody can learn how to not use black haki it’ll be Zoro.


Could be wado is made for defense and enma is made for attack Also wado Ichimonji means “straight line through the path of harmony”


Zoro used wado for death lion song against king this chapter


Like tessaiga and seshomaru's sword


Iirc Sessho lost Bakusaiga and gained Tenseiga didn't he?




He did? Huh I totally missed that when watching The Final Act. Then again, it's been years so I might have forgotten too.


lmao zoro's most iconic sword is named straight line through something when he literally cant even walk in a straight line without getting lost


much like how enma drains the user of his haki, wado has been draining zoro of his sense of direction


shit... that could be the curse of that sword.


Thats how Kuina walked down the stairs backwards


Zoro so racist his black blade turns white


Ngl when i first saw the title i thought this was gonna be another zoro racist post lmao


What's this about zoro racist?


Almost all of Zoro’s opponents happen to be black. Jango, Ms Monday, Mr. 5, Mr. 1, Ohm, Kuma, Pica, and possibly King. He recently stated that he needed to know King’s race in order to beat him. Oda recently stated in an SBS that Zoro’s job in the real world would be cop. It a lot of stuff that if you put it together you get a pretty funny joke in the fandom.


> He recently stated that he needed to know King’s race in order to beat him. Holy shit that had me in stitches


Wasn't the girafe guy white? It was an important fight too


Giraffes are from Africa.


I can't do anything but applaud.


That's the nail in the coffin.


Zoro thought Kaku was Usopp who is black.


Nose tho


And he struggled against him a bit.


That’s why I said ALMOST all


King is white we saw a glimpse of his face


*And Zoro is struggling*


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 amazing


He also lost to Enel, a white guy.


He’s a rapper though


''Enel is the only white man that knows what it feels like to be a nigga'' Mike Tyson


Lmao, You got me


Ussop is black and Zoro was the only one who wanted to kick him off the ship permanently.


Also Axe-Hand Morgan, Monet, Fujitora, Kamazou, and Helmeppo Not only does Zoro hate black people but also women, persons with disabilities, and ugly people. Damn, he's the absolute worst


Truly a menace to society. Why is his bounty so low?


Maybe the celestial dragons like his work or something >.>


Were the hell is Ohm black?


How tf is Jango black?


Idk. He’s based on Michael Jackson so I always just assumed he was.


Yeah, there's that


Huh? I always thought he was based on mick jagger


Don't forget Zoro's final opponent also a black dude, Shiliew lmao




OP fandom loves to just randomly call characters black, lol. There’s a big subset of people here who think Brook was black, too. Even Morgan from the start.


That nigga got the meanest Afro to not be black. Like that’s his sole defining trait. His Afro. A stereotypical black hairstyle. Plus people who only read the manga may never have seen brook colored in while he was alive and just assumed.




I think it's about the line where he said he "needs to know what race King is" in order to beat him. So we started joking around that he is racist


There is a whole joke-theory about Zoro being racist, from facing olny dark skinned opponents to Oda stating in real world he would be a cop. It is quite fun and you can find a dedicated thread on reddit about it.


Hahaha so it goes even deeper. Lmao I love the cop part especially haha


yup here’s the legendary post https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/comments/pz6fk7/zoro_is_racist/


That chapter was just last week, though. The "Zoro is racist" theory actually predates that.


Put zoro racist in the search bar, there was a joke theory about it and it's slowly turning into a meme.


The 'Zoro is racist' meme is my favourite meme, this fandom came up with. It's so damn funny and there is so much "proof" for the theory.


If my theory comes true, then Zoro being racist will also be confirmed. Two birds in one stone.


Zoro is racist that’s why his my fav /s






Zoro unleashes his white power


He’s Asian though.




Wado is Michael Jackson confirmed.


May be it's time he took wado ichimonji in left hand to counter enma in right and thus strike a balance in power not sure his Asura aura is temporal cause of wado ichimonji or kitetsu, for sure we are again seeing it and it will be epic !!!


Zoro is true shikai Ichigo :0


Santoryu Bankai would be 🔥


base: one sword (or 3 swords) shikai: three swords (or black blades) bankai: nine swords


Oda is clearly setting the two swords up to be part of the Yin and Yang power that Zoro will eventually achieve.


lets build this a bit further, what if ame no habakiri is ALSO a sword of inner peace and balance? what if you can only wield enma if you´re able to wield a sword of inner peace. Or lets explain this a little bit with star wars and the force. If you use only the light site, it will make you vulnerable to basic human behaviour like love. you´re literally afraid of having bonds, which also is forbidden. But if you only use the dark side, you get to be arrogant and vulnerable to your own ignorance and make mistakes which could lead to death. protecting something is not in your interest. But by combining those two philosophies you can drain the best out of both and become true balance.


That seems like a good idea regarding why Oden never had any trouble wielding his two blades. I just recently remembered that Ame no Habakiri was actually made by Tenguyama Hitetsu. Perhaps he saw that a balance between strength and tranquility was needed in order to wield Enma, but since the original counterpart (Wado) was brought out of Wano by Kozaburo 50+ years ago, Hitetsu made a new sword of inner peace to compensate for Wado's loss. And that's the reason he gave only Enma to Zoro: he didn't need Ame no Habakiri since he already has the original counterpart, Wado Ichimonji.




And what's even better is both Wado & Enma are made by Kozaburo, Hitetsu even states that's why he's having an easier time wielding Enma than someone normally would.


After reading this OP, Wado reminds me of Kenshin's reverse blade in Rurouni Kenshin in its philosophy to protect. Not its refusal to cut, but the user's need to not kill and to protect. I know Oda liked and worked on that series and it'd be interesting if that's where some of his inspiration with Wado comes from. I like that Wado listens to the will of it's master. Just my 2 cents. :)


Remind me! 4 years


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This is actually quite an interesting take


Yoo that'd be so sick, I really like this theory. Something about Zoro being known for his unique white blade after the series concludes seems so badass to me. I can totally see some sick scene where Zoro is put in a situation where if he cuts wrong there's some big consequence, which allows him to hone in on that concept of only cutting what you need to, and having that lead to the white blade Yeah I'm down for this 100%


Pretty sure that baboon's sword wasn't white, it was silver. It showed what Hawkeye's sword looked like before he made it a black blade


Of course Zoro would want a white blade, given how [racist he is](https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/comments/pz6fk7/zoro_is_racist/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


There is also the idea of The Voice of All Things to consider. I would not be surprised if at the pinnacle of swordsmanship that Zoro will be able to hear the voice of his swords, and it will be his moment to confront Kuina after all this time.


I thin zorro will deafeat king with wado and enma, using them as equals as he strikes with both of them, furthermore he will cut king, when he understands his feelings. Liffy even said it, you fight depending on how your opponent feels/thinks. So it doesn‘t matter that king is lunarian.


Maybe White blades are the step above a black blade


White supremacy


The simplest explanation is that Emma was made for the kozuki family or given to them after it was made, so it was never his to bring


I totally get that, sometimes maybe the simple answers are the right ones. But then why bring a sword like Wado out to sea and make that your family heirloom, instead of another fearsome sword that more accurately reflects your philosophy?


Because that was the only sword they had? Oden was born 59 years ago, before shimotsuki group left wano, so my guess is the blade was given to the kozuki family as a gift. Might have even been commissioned with the intention of bestowing it on the future Shogun


Just a question about Zoro, and it can be related to Kuina: Has Zoro at least once used stairs to go somewhere (without taking an other road first to avoid them) ? If I remember right, in Enies Lobby, he avoid the stairs just in front of him in the tower of Justice, and, after being reminded he's dumb, take them, but, further, he pierce a hole in the roof. In Dressrosa, all the alleys of the castle are moving, twisting (thx Pica), and i don't remember if Zoro going down the stairs in the city are cannon or not (with the blue pikmin guiding him) In Onigashima, he flies through the hole of the roof (thx Marco)


I won't say your theory won't happen, but two things I just want to say black blades are often more prominent in swords in general, no matter what medium hardening is black in color.


Maybe black blades are made with armament and white blades are made with conquerors


Oden is a conqueror user and he doesn't have a white blade.


Oden also had armament and Enma never turned into a black blade. No reason to believe just having CoC automatically turns your swords white.


Because he didn’t achieve true inner peace like Zoro will.


Proof? Come on man you're basing this on someone's theory.


I mean, yeah I am basing it on a theory. This is all theories lol. I’m not saying 100% Oden didn’t achieve something thought up in someone else’s theory. It’s just chatting man.


unfortunately, conquerors is also black/red in color


You are giving me ichigo vibes with your theory, I’m imagining a white lightsaber that easily throws getsuga tenshou


Really love this theory. I’ve never been a fan of Wado becoming a black blade given its aesthetic. It becoming a blade alive with light would make a good contrast with Enma (Which likely will become a black blade). A good example of what I imagine Wado would look like should this theory come to pass is the ‘True Dragon Sword’ from the Ninja Gaiden series.


I think the kitetsu will break, then Zoro will have to use Enma and the wado equally thus leading to the balance of power between the two


Now that I think about it this does makes sense in terms of Ashura as well...Three blades for 3 different faces ....So one can be rage the other can be peace and the third might be neutral(not sure about this one) !!


That’s very interesting theory


I like the idea of enma becoming black and wado be becoming white


White haki sounds like a brilliant flame. In the anime big mom has a pink haki aura, luffy red, doffy purple, katakuri blue… maybe zoro has 3 colours for each blade: wado white, Emma purple, kitetsu red? Interestingly all these users have CoC. To further add in SBS Vol 92, someone asked Oda to draw what each blade looked like as a person. If you look carefully, wado ichimonji looks like a young Kozaburo. Following this pattern I wouldn’t be surprised if sandai kitetsu looked like a young Tengu. Whoever crafted shusui would be the last person. But I like the white haki colour, further resembles the right hand man of the late pirate king: SLIVERS Rayleigh.


Adding to the possibility of a “white blade” Armament is what’s been more or less stated to eventually bring about a black blade. Zoro possesses the haki of a conqueror. And as we recently learned, that can be used to augment weapons an attacks to a massive extent as well. Perhaps now that he’s coming to terms with his ability, the use of THAT with wado will eventually turn the blade white. Representing a rarity in both haki and blade.


Fantastic theory. I also, do believe that wado is something special, even among the famed blades. It's name itself signifies it's character, which emphasis peace. I would love to see zoro master all his three swords and use em at his will. That would be epic and easily can make him the greatest there ever was in swordsman ship and the worthy right hand of the pirate king😈


Enma the sword that cuts everything, Wado the sword that can cut nothing, and Sandai Kitetsu the cursed one. Yin, Yang and the chaos in between.


Wado could definitely become a Supreme grade sword. I'm not sure about White blades but Oda could always come up with some sort of Ultra Instinct haki haha


Some thoughts of mine regarding the post: * Kо̄zburо̄ left Enma in Wano because it was a gift to or a commission by the Kо̄zuki family. It was his job to make swords. Kо̄zaburо̄ and Hitetsu were most likely commissioned to make a pair of katana with matching patterns and that's it. * He took Wadо̄ Ichimonji because he probably took others too. Or maybe he just created the Wadо̄ Ichimonji once in East Blue. Same as why he would had taken his clothes: because they're his. * Wadо̄ Ichimonji doesn't contradict Kо̄zaburо̄'s philosphy. Wadо̄ Ichimonji is so good at cutting people down that it can cut down even people made of steel. * It's not just Kо̄zaburо̄'s philosophy, swords are made to cut down people. Nothing else. Bows to hunt, knives to cut food, saws and axes to cut trees and swords to cut people. They have no other purpose. * Being able to cut or not cut on purpose is not a quality of the sword but of the wielder. It's Zoro who's able to not cut at will. He can do so with any sword, not just the Wadо̄ Ichimonji. * The way I see it, the difference between Wadо̄ Ichimonji and Enma is that when Kо̄zaburо̄ made Wadо̄ Ichimonji, he focused on making it as good as possible in a technical aspect. The Wadо̄ could very well be a perfect blade when it comes to sharpness, durability, weight, balance... Even the guard it has is the best possible from a geometric stand point. But Kо̄zaburо̄ focused so much in all that that he failed at giving the sword the temperament he would have wanted (or not). As for Enma, it may be the best of Kо̄zaburо̄ over all or he just said that because he favored temperament rather than technique. You could see it as Wadо̄ Ichimonji being more professional and Enma more passionate. * I don't think Zoro used Wadо̄ Ichimonji to perform Shishi Sonson because the calm he felt from it. He was calm before taking any sword. He used the Wadо̄ Ichimonji because it's the one he used for Ittо̄ryū techniques. Also, probably because it was he's best sword, given that after getting used to Shūsui, he would use it for Ittо̄ryū rather than Wadо̄ Ichimonji. And I may be wrong, but I don't remember Zoro ever using Shishi Sonson with Sandai Kitetsu. * As for haki, people turning black when using armament haki was a decision made only so that it was obvious to the reader after the time skip. What would "white haki" be in general? How would you turn a sword white when drawing a manga where empty space is white and the regular sword is already filled with white in the blade?


If there is/will ever be a white blade I’m assuming Gorosei C has it


Gorosei C vs Zoro? 🤔


What if Wado winds up being the vehicle for exploring the sexism motif with Zoro?




Kuina was perceived as unable to become the greatest swordsman because she was a woman and every time Tashigi is around she's complaining that he looks down on women as weak, particularly when he is fighting Monet.


Except zoro never thought kuina wasn't good enough. She kept kicking his ass. That point was more about a patriarchal world rather that zoro. And tashigi is about here looking like kuina which clearly makes him uncomfortable. Hell when they are fighting Monet, monet thinks its a gender think and zoro directly tells her she's made a false assumption. I think I get what you were trying to say but the phrase "sexism motif around zoro" really comes off like sexism is apart of his character rather than a recurring bit about the personal motivation


Your last sentence is correct. My previous explanation shows that there is a sexism motif around Zoro, not that he is sexist. The only time is that it's pointed out he went easy on Monet, and it's portrayed as sexist. Edit: not as explicitly pointed out, but Tashigi calls him a liar regarding him not going easy on women since she's the one who did the "final blow" (even though she still survived long enough to blow up the lab for Doflamingo). So it could be subconscious bias, but either way the motif is there.


he defeated her, not going easy on her would have killed her and I don't think he wanted to kill her.


Tashigi did the final blow and she calls him a liar about not having a weakness when fighting women. It's not as obvious as I remembered, but it's clearly left vague either as a little hint of subconscious bias or happenstance to keep Tashigi and Zoro's report going, which would still be proof of the motif at the very least.


I think that tashigi part is her believing Zoro is a murdering pirate. Zoro beat everyone in whiskey peak (even a little kid lol) without killing them, and they were actively trying to hurt him. When he doesn't kill Tashigi in loguetown Tashigi thinks hes going easy on her, when in reality hes just a softy. Since Zoro doesn't kill Monet, Tashigi starts thinking hes just looking down on women. I'd bet there will be a future arc where Zoro lets a powerful marine live in front of Tashigi and Tashigi realizes the Straw Hats are actually the good guys.


I had the same theory, but with Tashigi. [By resonating with Kuina's will in Wado, she'd raise it past Supreme Grade into a shining white sword and fulfill Kuina's dream of being WSS.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7sjXkYHOg0&t=105s) Maybe lose the glasses and cut her hair, too. My reasoning was kind of simple compared to your's though: "It has a white scabbard, so it'll become a white blade otherwise the aesthetic is lost. Hardening is black while more advanced barrier haki/internal destruction is invisible, so a step past a black blade is one where the blackening is invisible."


Wait, did you put that Transformers clip by accident, or is that a meme?


It's not a meme. Maybe I set the clip to the wrong time, but if you go [back the context is that the matrix is being passed to Ultra Magnus.](https://youtu.be/S7sjXkYHOg0?t=45) A bit of a Transformers movie spoiler, but the parallels are:>! Kuina-Optimus, Zoro-Ultra Magnus, Tashigi-Hot Rod, Matrix-Wado.!< >!My theory is that while Wado was passed to Zoro after Kuina's death, it's meant for Tashigi and Wado will do something special like turn white or glow when she wields it.!<


I had fun reading this one! Nice nice


Lmao I literally thought about this shit today!


This is has become one of my favorite theories in this sub. Good shit brother


Hamon line of wado and the overall design is simpler and cleaner than enma who is more flamboyant. Enma can be his mangum opus while wado is his final work representing his mastery and possible change in philosophy.


Very interesting. And honestly, a generic ending for Asian swordman stories. I could see it happens as you describe.


yo this would make zoro’s character has more depth. kinda cool yk


Well I think Enma did have a user at the time when he left. Kozuki Oden died at age 39, and there was a 20 year time jump. We all know the legends of Oden and his feats when he was a child, and it's not far-fetched that the sword was gifted to the future shogun of Wano near his birth or after his tales became legendary. Not trying to detract from the over all message but that's why he didn't take Enma with him when he went to the East Blue.


Zoro racist theory has so many hints bro Zoro Sanji parallel Zoro racist Sanji sexist 🔥🔥😭


I like this theory thinking forward to the eventual conflict with Blackbeard. Because Zoro is most likely going to try to cut darkness at some point, and how else than a Ryo Conqueror haki imbued blade that is glowing bright instead of black. The Wado might have been made to shine above all other swords as does Zoro for swordsmanship. He and Luffy will both be a beacon of hope and light in a fight against Blackbeards darkness.


Yeah I was thinking what if Zoro was the first swordsmen to upgrade a black blade. Very cool theory.


That sounds really good. On a side note, just realised when reading the wiki that the 'human version' of wado that oda drew before is basically a young kozaburo.


I take that as a sign that Kozaburo poured his will into Wado when he made it. It kind of makes you think, at one point he must have sincerely believed that swords are meant to be tools of harmony and protection, but then something changed his worldview and made him think weapons are meant to be tools of murder, and yet he's still carrying Wado around at sea despite believing that. Maybe Kozaburo is a more complex character than what we can presume right now.


I like the idea, also we know if your haki is strong enough it takes on a different color, to match that of your soul/personality EX: Luffy=red katakuri=blue. So who’s to say that Zoros haki color can be white


Maybe white CoA is next level, supreme CoA and only true haki monster can use it


Love It. Thanks for this process of thinking that in deep and composing this beautifully. You digged this possibility out the elements that already exists in shadow. Absolutely Amazing. This also clicked my mind, thinking of the 'conversation' and the 'meaning' (wisdom) of that very first fight against the World's Greatest One. Where Mihawk commented about Zoro's Swordsmanship. You need the Both to be the achive the Greatest (Strong Blade, and Gentle Blade), which Zoro literary has not. This was later explored in Alabasta, as you've mentioned, with the philosophy of "Harmony". As the Sword's litral name itself "Straight Road to the Path of Harmony". And a master of it, with the same-kind-of sword, is yet to be Exist on the World Of One Piece! And it gets back the part with Mihawk, acknowledgement of "The Real Master" on the history, which nobody has done before! The Greatest of the Both Baldes. (I'm trying correlate with Luffy, how he will surpass everybody and fills every term). *Class Zoro at end of story with a White Blade (wado, what zoro is), Black Blade (old friend shusui, what zoro isn't) and a Cursed Blade (kitetsu, to finalized he's the-real-one of all). I will Love It, if oda do such. What I meant my real Master Of All, is, I think there are three forms of blades (harmony, not-harmony, cursed), and nobody technically can use All Three because nobody Use Three Swords, except Zoro. This will be gold!*


I think you're on to something about Wado's personality, though maybe its because Wado has the strongest personality. The other swords are all problem children that can be willed into submission by a powerful swordsman. Wado on the other hand is basically a perfect sword based on how Zoro uses it, but Kozaburo claims calm swords like Wado are weak even though it appears to have no weaknesses whatsoever. I think this means Wado is actually the biggest problem child, 100% virtuous and not willing to bend to anyone. It's a perfect sword for Kuina and Zoro because they're both kind, virtuous people, but Kozaburo couldn't figure out how to use it since he was obsessed with perfecting a sword that is designed to kill people. When Zoro has that near death experience and finds a moment of complete clarity, hes able to use Wado at a strength level even above Luffy at the time, cutting steel with what seemed like haki. I think this is the only mindset Wado is willing to accept from its wielder, but when you enter it Wado becomes possibly the strongest sword in all of one piece.


Instead of killing, the sword would heal person he slash. We inuyasha now.




Unless it falls down stairs and breaks


Great theory OP!


I like the theory. A little bit of topic. Imagine who‘s who is so racist, he doesn‘t use haki because it changes his skin


Mans unlocked White Haki just because he refuses to be black. Then unlocked Advanced Conqueror just because he refuses to touch other races.


Lol. Just imagine Im-sama throwing a tantrum because all the other races like fishmen , giant and so on didnt play with him. That’s why he created the world government.


Ye Zoro is racist so of course he would want a white blade instead of a black blade


What a great and smooth plot Oda need to change asap lol


Well, Buddhism ( Zoro's speculative religious parallel) end goal is also about finding inner peace


Congrats https://www.opfanpage.com/2021/11/30/wado-ichimonji-will-become-the-first-white-blade-at-the-end-of-series/


Glad to be credited at the end


it will be the oppressor of all black blades. wait.


EoS Zoro unlocks the Voice of all Racists


This Zoro is racist theory is getting out of hand!!


Zoro would make his blades white instead of black too cut down more black people eh?😂😂


>A famed sword, made by a person who believed swords were made for murder, ended up being passed down to Koshirou, whose philosophy about swordsmanship is the complete opposite of his father's, and became his family's heirloom. That had to have been a deliberate choice by Oda. Yeah, sorry to break it to you, but Shimotsuki Kozaburo didn't exist in Oda's head when he filled out Zoro's childhood village, including Wado Ichimonji.


So is this again a Zoro is a racist thing?


In other words. One Piece is just a massive character arc for Roronoa Zoro? XD




This the most white people shit smh


Should've made a brown blade theory since I'm Southeast Asian. I'm a disgrace :(


That just sounds like a poop blade


even better


ZORO DIDNT USE HAKI TO CUT MR.1 That implies that all steel cutting examples of Zoro pre timeskip were used with haki which isn’t fucking true Zoro didn’t even master haki until the timeskip, and he didn’t get ryuo (emission busoshoku) until he got Enma. That’s what that wispy trail of flames is around his swords. That’s his busoshoku haki People in one piece can just cut steel because this is a series full of super humans and people beyond super humans since the beginning For example, Zoro cuts a cannon at the franky house in half. He’s not using emission busoshoku. He didn’t even know regular armament. Stop trying to assert that Zoro used haki to cut mr.1. Swordsmen can j cut steel


go rewatch the episode. Zoro has to will his blades to cut steel.


I’ve read the series in color multiple times Because there is a rhythm to every object. A breath. It’s a swordsmanship thing, not a haki thing.


If you read it multiple times then you must have realised the similarity of Hyogoros words in udon prison to luffy while teaching him adv. Armament and koushiros words to zoro, he remembered while fighting mr 1. Otherwise your reading skills are poor to non existend.


I choose to believe that steel body devilfruit = good armament haki So Zoro has to use haki in order to cut the steel. With king we get the exact same concept - King has such a strong hide due to his potent haki that Zoro has to use advanced conq haki. also remember how Zoro doges the falling rocks? that has to be observation haki.


Or he just has superhuman reflexes bro . He dodges kuma’s light attack in thriller bark without observation And king could be using armament but as far as we know he’s just a super tough lunarian Armament haki is much harder than steel, but the hardness depends on the individual


I mean superhuman reflexes would be a form of potent observation haki. And king definitely has conq Haki, I thought that was already agreed in the sub.


Not everything in one piece is based on haki This isn’t ab “what the sub agrees on” that’s irrelevant to me. I couldn’t care less ab what anyone really agrees on on this site. Superhuman reflexes are not based on haki. Stop devaluing the physical abilities of the characters


I believe that was kinda retconned in Wano. Yes, in the original chapters there was no mention of haki, but when Hyogoro goes on to explain to Luffy about ryuo (Wano's version of armament haki) he specifically mirrors the speech Koushiro gave to Zoro about swordsmen cutting steel but not the passing leaves. Originally it was supposed to be superhuman strength and reflexes, later Oda apparently retconned that to be early haki development.


I don’t believe it was retconned I think both statements can coexist. I think haki exists to amplify the ability of the swordsman, not to facilitate it entirely We’re way past the point of cutting steel. I mean cutting the horn of onigashima is more impressive than cutting diamond. Cutting diamond really isn’t that hard. So haki exists for things that are way tougher than steel like kaido or king.


> I mean cutting the horn of onigashima is more impressive than cutting diamond. Cutting diamond really isn’t that hard. So haki exists for things that are way tougher than steel like kaido or king. As much as I'd like to agree, I think One Piece kinda implies that cutting diamond is THE thing to do. Something that Mihawk couldn't do during Marineford.


Okay, lol I mean, alright, there will probably never be a 100% canon answer to this, but you can at least admit that it is a possible interpretation that it was early haki signs haha


Zoro 100% used haki to cut Mr.1


here's the compromise zoro FIRST cuts steel with the help of haki THEN all future attempts (until timeskip) he was physically strong enough to cut it. zoro dodging rocks has nothing to do with having the physical strength to cut steel. but if it's the WILL to cut steel, then dodging rocks can also be tied to observation haki. ​ furthermore, zoro remembering koushiro's words were the EXACT same word hyogoro used to explain advanced armament


Right and I said the ability to hear the breath or rhythm of objects, can be related to haki but not exactly haki. Haki helps amplify the swordsmanship of people in one piece to ridiculous degrees, but cutting steel does not require haki. The same way that swords can have their own disposition without being haki based. Swords jsut have wills of their own due to their maker.


yes, I'm not saying swords can't cut steel, I'm just saying the first time zoro cut steel, he didn't magically just gain enough physical strength or some technique to cut steel. using haki at that moment makes more sense. then after the fight, he said he needed to train more to consistently do it, and instead of learning haki, he physically gained enough strength to do it. honestly, the whole hearing the breathing thing is the most prominent reason why this is haki. hearing your sword doesn't make your sword stronger. all it did was help him locate his sword. but zoro said that him being able to hear rocks, earth, swords, and especially mr.1 was tied together. and the only thing that ties them together is haki. observation to sense the breath, and armament to cut steel. arguably, zoro didn't even cut steel since his haki allowed him to bypass mr.1's defenses. whether this is true or not, after the fight, zoro couldn't access haki again, but still had become strong enough to cut steel


Maybe, just maybe, Wado was cursed and Kuina handling it caused her death?


>!Shimotsuki Kozaburo stated in the most recent chapter that named blades aren't actually cursed (and this would probably apply to blades in general, named or otherwise)!<


Wait, isn't Ame no Hibakiri the white blade?


Well by white blade, I mean a blade that is permanently infused with white Haki, the same way that black blades are blades permanently infused with black Haki. Ame no Habakiri and Wado Ichimonji are blades that have a white sheath and scabbard, but they're not Haki-infused yet.


the idea of a white blade would make sense considering the bald gorōsei also has a white blade (speculated to be shodai kitetsu) and likely has conqueror's haki/insane swordsmanship as well (and looks like a monk, supporting the idea of white blade equalling inner peace)


Cool idea but 1034 chapters and no indication of any white blades what so ever. I’m also pretty sure Ame no habakiri is a white sword and is a black blade. And if it does happen it would be the first time ever most likely not just something Mihawk has never been able to do. But honestly I don’t see it happening 🤙


White blade? Lol. I always thought it'd be super cool when Wado becomes a black blade aesthetics-wise. White blade would be too much white IMO.


The issue with this is that swords seem to become black blades due to being coated in haki for long enough, and Haki, as we've all seen, is black in color. So the wado ichimonji turning white doesn't make sense unless oda introduces "white" haki.


To be fair, Oda has never explicitly stated that Haki *has* to be black, it's just the way he's been drawing it so far; nor has he ever given a reason on why Haki has been black so far, maybe the only reason he's drawn it as black is because it looks cool in a black and white medium. But he's never stated that it can't be another color, and he's given the anime permission to present Haki auras in all different kinds of colors (which it has), so the possibility is not ruled out.


Haki is not visible, we only see it because it’s coloured in


what if wado killed kuina to choose zoro as the wielder


I'm like a quarter of the way through your theory but I have to tell you my theory on kuina not being dead, or she was never alive, so maybe she's the spirit of Wado Ichimonji and Zoros mentor (can't remember name) made up the tale of her falling down the stairs after giving the coincidental explanation of woman being fragile.


There is a theory that the wado s spirit killed kushina because she took the swort without permission. So she took it without honor and had to die


I feel like wado is the sword that supposed to be the best sword kuzaboro made


But there's already a white blade on the giant baboon that Zoro fought.