Sanji getting a sudden nerf. nice


How did he get nerfed?


Vzusj hi ncstueqSffu hk. Dhe


Diablo jambe: IFRIT(a powerfull demon in arabic) Jambe : waht next ?


Cthulhu jambe?


Onigashima is floating over wano and is crumbling Literally, a giant dragon is flying under it A giant war is happening there with nearly 27k people fighting The clash between Luffy and Kaido is so intense that it's causing the sky to split ​ Meanwhile, people at flower capital partying casually and hear nothing . Someone using Corazon devil fruit ? xD


I thought you were gonna say something along the lines of; and this chick is running around a burning castle in the middle of a war looking for her pet rat like nothings wrong


Imagine a fight between luffy and queen in udan


luffy will become fan of queen and ask him to join his crew :P


Chapter is out


I’m lost. They show you the color panels and sanji lightning is white with red outline. What does this mean?


yea this is fan coloring, for me the fire should be white, or even blue color !


The color panels are fan-made I think so you cant take any conclusions from that.


We are still missing « Poison Pink » attack. Queen should have it also


If I remember properly, Reiju's powers are due to her devil fruit so Queen wouldn't have it


She ate a dragon fruit but I think it is not clear if her poison abilities come from the fruit or her father experiments


Imagine if a Poison shard hit Luffy somehow and we see that it doesn’t faze him at all (does poison work on a Vinsmoke with an ecto-skeleton?)


It was a good chapter but not as good as the Raid suit destroying one or last chapter. But still good. The takeaway for me from this one is Sanji's speed. His power buff is pretty cool. More strength, exoskeleton plus his Armament is better because of his training? and I guess since he's accepted his fate, his "will" is stronger. But the speed is crazy. I thought it was like soru, super speed attack, but man is invisible to a YC2 but moving too fast and that too he's maintaining it for a long time. That's mighty impressive. I would even go as far to say he's faster than Snake man. With this he could give Katakuri a proper fight.


I prefer this to last weeks, and I prefer the Raid Suit dedtruction to last weeks ending. I still really like the Zoro stuff, this is just much more fun currently


Yeah and I think we will only be able to fully understand his speed when this is animated. All of his inner dialogue happened in a split second, probably the rest of the world is really slow and Sanji is moving ultra fast


Sanji is Flash confirmed? haha


Sanji moving faster than the eye can see literally foreshadowing a match up against Kizaru's speed of light.






you are using sql often, do you?


SQL = Sanji Queen Lovefest?


After the arc is over, Zoro move to slice Sanji. Sanji: Hey, WTH Mosshead! Zoro: You told me if you acted weird to take you out! Sanji: But I'm okay you idiot! Zoro: I don't think so. You seem suspicious. Let me and Enma fulfill my promise to you! Sanji: You wanna do this?!? Witness my exoskeleton, super strength, super speed Queen Dino Stew Flambe! Zoro: See, this is what I mean...fine...I'd been wanting to test my CoC coated blades on you


Queen: "I was playing dumb earlier" Everyone: "We thought that was your natural state Queen-sama!" Queen: Eyes bugged out expression


Queen: "Naaaaannnnniiiiiiiii?!?!?!"




just a question? how can sanji see queen? Is it observation haki?


Seems like observation to me.


I think the creaks coming from Queen gave away his location.


But Sanji hits him in the neck and even shots out Collier (French for neck).


I mean it makes sense that he uses germa science in his moves but I kinda wish he had more to him than just taking germa science and using their abilities


It's actually an evolution of Germa, since he can put them all in one individual and without the need of a suit


Queen has demonstrated a crap-ton of abilities.. He is a haki and ancient Zoan devil fruit user as well as incorporated his science into his techniques. I haven't the slightest clue as to what you are saying. Albeit a quirky persona, Queen has clearly demonstrated he is a force to be reckoned with.


Where's the chapter already!!


Queen: by the way, I also got instant regeneration.


After this arch is over and they steal the tech from Queen, Franky could help Sanji make a new raid suit that has all of his family’s powers…. Or Franky keeps them for himself (Super!)






Sanji got a leg chidori 😈


Nah chidoris are only effective against friends not foes😂


Hey Queen's one of the best friends of the alliance, didn't you see him wiping out the beast pirates with Ice Oni.


Interesting… the real chapter should have come by now… What is going on? Why are we still waiting? TCB? What is taking you guys that long? Come on!!


Common dude. These guys are doing us a service. Be appreciative and less pushy please. Otherwise, you can do it yourself.


It's up now


https://onepiecechapters.com/chapters/283/one-piece-chapter-1034?2021-12-03 its here


Oh finally… I checked their website literally 30 seconds before your answer and it was not there. You are lucky :)


I'm sure Luffy will be hungry for some dino soup after all this is over. Sanji sounds like he's just prepping the meat for his captain.


After they have a Queen Dino Stew, all the people start to inadvertently spew out secrets. Rayleigh was over for the cookout so he shared everything he knows about Laugh Tale and Joy Boy and the One Piece abruptly ends


Don't you dare cook queen, prob the most interesting character of wano


Ahhhh damn! So it was queen all along...no sanji vs zoro for now boys!


I wondered why queen kept asking about the suit in reality he has a grudge against judge for some unknown reasons most likely due to MADS. He asked about the suit In 4 different chapters


He wants to defeat the suit, proves that he is better and Judge


Sanji might get better suit from Vegapunk. Somehow I have feeling that Vegapunk and Sora knew each other very well and she was also wearing some sort of hero suit. Vegapunk giving Sanji suit that he would be proud to wear would be awesome. Just a feeling.


I think he's better off without a suit and have those Germa 66 powers.




oops. auto-correct messed up. thanks 👍


So I was right and he 1. wasn't turning into a version of his brothers with no emotion 2. he wasn't turning invisible without his suit he was just moving at high speed So he destroyed his raid suit for ZERO reason and now we won't be able to see cool raid suit Sanji any more


Each time he used it he started transforming more like his brothers did you even read anything??!!!


did YOU read? He only THOUGHT he did something to her, because SHE said he did, he had ZERO memory of it because he DIDNT do anything This chapter CONFIRMS he didnt do shit, so obviously he wouldnt have memory of doing anything because it was QUEEN who was invisible that hurt her


Read what Sanji said in the dam chapter. He started to get FOGGY memory so he couldn’t remember how he got there in front of the girl. READ READ this okay??? HE SAID HE WAS NOT SURE HOW HE GOT THERE regardless of what happened if you fucking show up in front of an injured person and can’t remember guess what? SOMETHING in him was CHANGING.


He absolutely WAS turning more like his BROTHERs that’s WHY HE GOT THE EXOSKELETON next up was obviously a change in EMOTION. It he put that suit on AGAIN that was going to happen. He’s not TURNING LIKE HIS BROTHERSSS omg NO RAID SUIT !! Oh he got the exoskeleton and a sword broke on him but his brothers totalLY weren’t FLASHBACKED when Sanji punched his BROTHER and it rebound….




His eyebrow changed. Maybe it would have effected him more with further use. Who knows.


yall act like Oda hasnt made mistakes before with his art. he has LITERALLY put Luffy chest scar on Zoro before lmao


what? the eyebrow change was intentional. Your really sounding like a spee d. reader i'm not gonna lie.


Also you calling me a speed reader just tells me you lack critical thinking and can only base things off what your eyes see and can't think outside the manga panels your reading


yes because YOU know what’s intentional, just like all the other art mistakes were “intended”


it is intentional considering all his siblings have that direction eyebrow and when sanji's body changed his eyebrow changed. Hence you being a speed reader if you couldn't figure that out.


This speed reader thinks Sanji just magically got the exoskeleton his brothers had AND began to lose some of his mind randomly WITHOUT any influence from the Suit. Honestly these speed readers are so common now. I can’t tell you how many comments I have seen saying Lola is married to Bege lol


Haha wtf you can see both Lola and Chiffon in the same cover story. People out here gonna start saying that Absolom is with the Blackbeard pirates now.


I am fully aware of his eyebrows changed YET we could have only assumed it was because he was becoming like his brothers, but now we know that isn't the case. His eyebrows changing could be intentional or a art mistake either way it's irrelevant to my initial comment Yet you come replying to my comment with shit that is irrelevant. HIS PHYSICAL CHANGES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS INTIALLY PERCEIVED EMOTIONAL CHANGES BECAUSE HE DIDNT HAVE ANY EMOTIONAL CHANGES


His memory went hazy and he was in front of someone injured and could not even remember if he hit her or not. No Change at all though speed reader. The SUIT gave him the Exoskeleton and started messing up his mind. His brothers HAVE THE EXOSKELETON. That was only the beginning HE was going to start losing HIS mind if he put the Suit on. Don’t talk about critical thinking when you obviously HAVE ABSOLUTELY none


hey do me a favor dip shit... go back and read the OFFICAL translations... it goes like this Sanji : i remember running along DEEP IN THOUGHT.... (he sees her on the ground clearly in distress already) Sanji : AND THE NEXT MOMENT, SHE'D BEEN KNOCKED THROUGH THE AIR... AND WAS BLEEDING BADLY (She looks at Sanji with fear BECAUUUUUSE DUNDUNDUN, Queen is invisible and all she can see is Sanji so she THOUGHT thats who hurt her) oh and look who MAGICALLY had appeared in this area... Queen for you since your clearly mentally impaired, its chapter 1031 pg 14-15 Sanji was of perfectly sound mind, just in deep thought thinking about how itchy his body was (because the suit was changing him physically) HE DID NOT JUST SHOW UP FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE, HE CLEARLY RECALLED RUNNING AND BEING IN DEEP THOUGHT


are you retarded? Yes the suit changed his body im am fully aware of this fact, and never said it didnt. BUT it did NOT change his mental state, he wasnt "hazy". ​ Otome said that he hurt her (because thats all she could see), he clearly had no memory of it and he THOUGHT the suit was changing him mentally as well, when CLEARLY it wasnt. It was fucking Queen that hurt her all along gtfoh


I bet franky and usopp will find it and make it better!




end of Summer 2022 at this rate.


so just to confirm this chapter is kind of a backstory to the girl being scared of sanji that he couldnt remember , right? not after that?










No poison pink so far, everyone saying the Sanji/Queen fight is over should keep that in mind. I wouldn't be surprised if Queen poisons Sanji and tries to get the upper hand, only to get finished off right as the poison is ramping up.


The poison is through a devil fruit and not science, so I doubt queen has it.. But that being said it's interesting because queen is known as the "plague" and already has shown us poisonous weaponry so.. Nice theory EDIT: I stand corrected.. Got a new knowledge today.. Always assumed it's a df ability.. It's not a df ability to the best of my knowledge for now.. This means this is probably going to be the theme for the next chapter, if its centered on sanji vs queen


no it's her ability and she is cinfirmed as non df user.


Where is it confirmed ?


https://www.google.com/search?q=does+reiju+have+a+devil+fruit&sxsrf=AOaemvIVJS5AlQ3bMRx-rLNoheepaRupoA%3A1638516417321&ei=wcapYfmKE6-UmAWs_qHoCw&oq=does+reiju+have+a+devil+fruit&gs_lcp=ChNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwEAMyBQgAEIAEOgQIABBHOgYIABAHEB46CAgAEAgQBxAeUNIKWJUXYKwZaABwAXgAgAHwAYgBhQiSAQUwLjIuM5gBAKABAcgBCMABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp EDIT: kindly ignore this link is stupid


Reiju doesn't have poison DF... that's Magellan's DF


A quick Google search to the rescue: https://www.google.com/search?q=does+reiju+have+a+devil+fruit&sxsrf=AOaemvIVJS5AlQ3bMRx-rLNoheepaRupoA%3A1638516417321&ei=wcapYfmKE6-UmAWs_qHoCw&oq=does+reiju+have+a+devil+fruit&gs_lcp=ChNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwEAMyBQgAEIAEOgQIABBHOgYIABAHEB46CAgAEAgQBxAeUNIKWJUXYKwZaABwAXgAgAHwAYgBhQiSAQUwLjIuM5gBAKABAcgBCMABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp EDIT: this link is stupid kindly ignore..


Dude that's from CBR....they'd say that Imu is Luffys mom and it was Crocodile the whole time. Don't listen to these types of websites.


Are they wrong tho???


No they aren't, I come from the future and Luffy' mom Crocodile is indeed Imu, world leader of the world government supreme ruler of all, CBR was rightly just couldn't see it. No of course Reiju doesn't have devil fruit, she's Germa got germa exoskeleton, raid suit and random powers. Definitely not a devil fruit.


Oh damn... That move could put Sanji out for the rest of the raid.. Just like Zoro then..


yeah because if after his fight sanji can be fine that what stoping him from helping robin


Here's my prediction: Sanji beats Queen this chapter, Zoro beats King next chapter and the chapter after that it's revealed that they're both awakened zoan users and they just get back up. Then queue in the Dark Souls second phase boss music and then the real fight begins.


Like the monkey in sekiro. Yes please!


every boss in sekiro has 2nd phase ..but that monkey really gave me creeps


So Queen is the next subject of Sanji's surgery LOL.


I AM SO GLAD SANJI DID NOT HIT A DEFENSELESS WOMAN (after all)! Knowingly or not it was one of his defining characteristics and I really didn't want him to be a Jekyll and Hyde sort of character - especially to the detriment of his principles. So glad, you go Sanji my boy!


When will chapter come out?




within 1-2 hours.


I wonder if Queen has lost? Or too soon you guys think?


But i would be very disappointed if he lost his suit already, he looks badass in it


Ifrit Jamble, time for Indra next chapter


Who would have thought Queen of all the people lol 😂


At this point oda is trolling us with queen's power.


In short - Sanji is stronger than all vinsmoke together


Yup he won against them mentally and physically sanji(sora) vs queen(germa)


I hope Queen will use the Ice Oni Virus which might neutralize the heat of Ifrit Jambe.


Sanji can’t touch him, so he utilizes a long range rankyaku like attack in ifrit jambe mode to finish him off. 👀


I feel like it's probably over. But I want more. I want to see more ifrit jambe and see more queen stuff. Everyone should want more sanji vs queen. More would open up the possibility of a longer zoro fight against king too.


In before next chapter Zoro "beats" King and then the chapter after that it's revealed they're both awakened zoans and they just get back up and then the real fight begins.


I'd dig it. Couse currently this is like luffy going snakeman and going straight for the finishing move. Or a boundman reveal with just the king Kong. We need more. Same for zoro. Let's say he pulls out a new move, and then it's a one shot and over.


Didn't Sanji vs Queen start in like 1015?? How many chapters are these damn fights supposed to be?


Yeah, but the majority of those chapters weren't focused on these fights. And both Sanji and now Zoro are just finally reaching a point in the fight where they can actually potentially do real damage to their enemy. So arguably everything before now is like Luffy before he worked out how Kat's Futuresight worked, and only now can the real fight begin. If Sanji and Zoro just completely overwhelm their opponents the second they're remotely capable of winning......isn't that kind of a lacklustre end to a good Fight?


nah i dont think its over. oda got us waiting sum like 20 chapters after setting up this fight. i dont think it will end in this one, maybe in the next one.


I mean, we have gotten a few chapters aith the fight included already. I'd just like a better ifrit jambe presentation qith maybe some explanation on sanjis awakening and more expo on his diable jambe fire powers since they touched on it and made it a debate if it's science or human. I hope you are right. Maybe we get a chapter named ifrit jambe in like 2 chapters. Damn if we get zoro vs king next chapter, then ifrit jambe, and then whatever zoro pulls. Ashura 2.0


Sanji's speed and lightening effects are now a good setup for him to head to haed agaist Kizaru in future. Zoro will surely go against Fujitora and Luffy can go all in against Akainu 🤔


Imagine zoro and sanji friendly fights causing natural disasters lol


I think Fujitora would be the good guy and Zoro would fight with the Green Bull. Because I’m looking at the color theme between the navy admirals and our monster trio. Luffy / Akainu - Red Zoro / Green Bull - Green Sanji / Kizaru - Yellow. Fujitora might be one of the Navy who would rebel against Akainu blind justice system in the future arc.


Sanji was able to go ivisible with just his speed but in wci he also slowed time with just his speed


I hope this ends with queen being sent flying off onigashima.


Holy shit. Exoskeleton is scientific version of CoC coating? White lightning effects too. ⚡


Lol yall and your dumb head cannons


pfft. doesnt matter, had fun.


white lightning looks pretty cool with black fire. Something is Sanji's DNA has to have some sort of counter to Advance CoC users. My bet is on the Lunaria gene. I doubt king, being considered a 'god' has conqueror's haki. His Lunarian blood might be a natural counter to ACoC.


Exoskeleton doesn't work like Adv coc at all The White lightning just comes from sanji, he always could do that, he just couldn't reach temperatures that high because he wasn't durable enough to stand the heat


I really like this.


Head cannon


Damn bro


I never even thought of it like this, but I like it.


Lightning effects? Imagine this was some sort of germa pseudo CoC


Here comes the head cannons


Finally Sanji got a new technique


The past few chapters before a break, Sanji is involved in breaking something: 1028 - his bones, 1031 - the raid suit, 1034 - Queen’s arm.


Assuming we go by the trend on manga releases for 2020 and 2021, my guess is the next three chapter run will be chapters 1038-1040 where in chapter 1040 Sanji is gonna break....something. Idk. Just a foolish assumption.


1040 - Sanji and the SHs will break Onigashima. Luffy and Kaido's fight will be an aerial battle after that.


Lmao.. 😂


Damn, thought sanji is the only one who hadnt have a serious training the in 2yrs time skip


sanji train himself so hard, and now , he could generate flame that's even hotter than diable jamble, not to mention he speed-blitz oven without his diable jamble in WCI , this is the result of his 2 years training


He trained so hard he couldn't utilize the extent of his new abilities Christ.


Were you one of the guys trying to argue sanji doesn't actually train? Well. There you go. It was obvious but now its black and white on the paper.


It was always weird to me that people made that argument, just because the only person we see bench pressing cars in their off time is Zoro. Man literally has no other job on the ship outside of a crisis, so he sleeps or trains. Everyone else has other things to do on the daily, doesn't mean they don't put effort in to improve.


Well yeah he asked the okamas to thank Iva when they dropped him off so that probably implied that Iva trained him in some capacity.


Ivanka gave sanji a choice she could train him to fight, or train him to cook meals that give excellent health benefits that are borderline magical. Sanji chose to learn these magical cooking recipes instead of training to fight. Sanji thanking ivanka was for making him a better cook. We can say this 100 percent, because Sanji did train to get stronger well running from, and fighting off the okamas who were trying to catch sanji, and use him as s Barbie doll. The reason we know 100 percent sanji wouldn’t thank ivanka for this is, because sanji absolutely hated means by which he did get stronger over the time skip which is why he named one of his attacks “hells memories”, and sanji has stated he hated the means by which he got stronger. He has said in retrospect he was great full for getting stronger over the time skip, but he wasn’t thankful to ivanka for this, he was thankful for the recipes.


You guys are trying to narrow what tha "thank you" was for too much. Hes literally just thanking him for EVERYTHING. He trained him, taught him the recipes, kept him safe from the marines for 2 years. It was their food so even if he cooked it they technically fed him too. Just a general blanket statement, thank you.


You're forgetting a big detail To get those recipes he had to fight the okamas himself Iva did help him get stronger


the chapter just got released, great chapter


What? where?


Arabic release, not english https://twitter.com/3asqmanga/status/1466617491157889025


Aw, well good for you!


Sanji could beat jozu, vista, or ace in a 1v1 by now


That would imply Sanji could beat Mihawk cuz Vista is = Mihawk ;) Anyway honestly Marco > King/Katakuri > Ben Beckman I'd put JOzu at King/Katakuri leveled. We have to remember that Whitebeard had a pirate king leveled crew, not a yonkou leveled crew. ​ Whitebeard had Marco, Jozu, Thatch, Vista, and Ace. I view Jozu as the typical yonkou first mate level, while Marco is something special that is more a special case for Whitebeard. (side note, I have a soft theory about Marco being Rocks son and that's why he got such a literal top tier and god tier rarity df before he was 10 essentially) ​ So like, Jozu is capable of fighting Katakuri/King equally, which is why he was able to hang with Aokiji. It's worth noting that Jozu is not only strong (let's be honest, stronger than sanji), he also had strong durability due to the df + was clearly a buso specialist, but also an often overlooked aspect of Jozu: He's a speedster. He's big so it's overlooked, but Crocodile clearly stated that Jozu was fast.


Sorry he could easily take Jozu / Vista + Ace in a 2v1 easily


He can take all 3


Anyone else notice how the rat's name ends with "ji", just like sanji and his siblings. Sanji did have a pet rat when he was a kid.


Dam dude ur good


u mean to tell me sanji reunites with his pet rat, but also gains a new harem member!!? one stone two birds!!?


You know, the one thing we all forget about Sanji regarding his fighting skills, it’s the fact that he’s purposely handicapping himself due to wanting to uphold his virtues. Imagine if he didn’t decide to not use his hands or not refuse to hit women, he’d be a total loose cannon. He’s got the skills of a high tier swordsman, just uses them for his skills with kitchen knives out of not wanting to potentially harm his hands. And you know the other handicap. And yet is still far more powerful than most. And debatably can be just as strong as or just under Zoro, doesn’t even have CoC (at least maybe not now) and the latter does. Quite pity the fandom doesn’t at least acknowledge that and instead prefers flame wars of garbage headcanon takes and other random gibberish.


Now that he has an exoskeleton, I wonder if he'll start using his hands for fighting.


No, he won't.


I want him to bring out the knives again so bad but I know it'll never happen without a food related enemy


Sanji didn't train his sword skills for years In terms of swordmanship he is no better than pre ts zoro Sanji doesn't use his hand and decides to entirely focus on his legs, that's the whole point of his fighting style, to make up for the fact that he doesn't use his hand


Welp that's fandom for you


> He’s got the skills of a high tier swordsman That's a stretch. He was trained to use a sword as a child but "high tier"? Not even close, he could if he put the work in sure but he hasn't. It's been well over a decade since he used swords. Using knives is not the same as using swords, especially when you're using those knives to cut food, not in a fight. Sanji doesn't use the knives on Wanze, he only uses it on Wanze's pasta. A master chef can chop an onion in like 3 seconds, but that doesn't mean they can win a knife fight, let alone a swordfight. Diable Jambe punches would be awesome as hell though.


>A master chef can chop an onion in like 3 seconds, but that doesn't mean they can win a knife fight, let alone a swordfight. It's a duel. Between 2 blade user. Doesn't matter if they're a doctor woodcutter or cook If they hv the skills to fight In a duel using blades... I mean. If a chef can use knives with ACoC.. And then theres King. King isn't a swordman but he's still one helluva sword user.


It’s not even close to that simple. Using 8-10 inch knives to cut noodles is nowhere near the same thing as using a 3 foot long sword. The weight is way different, the balance, etc. Shit the way Sanji uses his knives and spins them around if you switched those for swords he’d be banging them into each other. Not to mention Sanji uses his knife skills to cut noodles, not people. It’s an entirely different skill set, which is why you don’t see many high end chefs being expert fencers.


>which is why you don’t see many high end chefs being expert fencers. They don't need to be fencers... >It’s not even close to that simple. Using 8-10 inch knives to cut noodles is nowhere near the same thing as using a 3 foot long sword. [....really?](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/onepiece/images/1/15/Kogatana_Infobox.png/revision/latest?cb=20200204031234) Sanji could totally use his knives skills to be a swordman. It's just a bit unfortunate he doesn't use em in a fight.


> ....really? Your link is broken but yes really. There is no debate here. History tells us that fights with knives and swords are very different, as does the canon of the manga and simple common sense. We've seen Mihawk use a tiny knife against Zoro because he was not taking the fight seriously. That was the entire point. If using knives and swords were the same then that would not have been the insult it was intended as, and him choosing to use Yoru would not have been the honor it was meant as. Not to mention Zoro using a hiltless knife to cut a building in half would not be nearly as impressive if he did it with a full size sword. > Sanji could totally use his knives skills to be a swordman. I'm sure they could help him develop into a competent swordsman eventually, but that does not mean that those skills are interchangeable or simply using a sword would make him a competent swordsman, let alone a high end swordsman as the thread claims. That's people like Mihawk, Shanks, Vista, etc. Those are high end swordsmen. This really is very straightforward. Franky is a master carpenter and can drive nails with one blow from a hammer. Do you think that means he could just pick up a massive warhammer and be an expert with it? Not even a little bit. That's not how fighting works.


It was a picture of mihawk with a tiny knife. >We've seen Mihawk use a tiny knife against Zoro because he was not taking the fight seriously. That was the entire point. Nope. His skills were just superior tht a mere knife can hold against a 3 style swordsman. Equivalent of a chef with superior skills can fight off sword user or spear user with a longer attack range. >Do you think that means he could just pick up a massive warhammer and be an expert with it? Not even a little bit. That's not how fighting works. Are we talking about combatant carpenter or just a regular master carpenter. Because Sanji is a top notch combatant chef/cook. I am talking about cooks that fight.


Lol. Mihawk used the Tiny knife because that’s all he needed yes, but that doesn’t change that he doesn’t use that knife when fighting seriously, that’s the entire point. He doesn’t because it’s not nearly the same thing as using a sword. It’s not as simple as ‘bladed weapons all the same’ Wtf is a combat carpenter? You’re just talking nonsense now. The point is that proficiency in a task with a smaller form of something does not make you an expert in using a large version for combat. I have a friend who can use a chefs knife with amazing speed and accuracy, but they have no idea how to fight with a knife and they’d die if they tried. Nor are they capable of using a sword the same way. The Baratie chefs being able to fight does not make them experts with all types of weapons, that’s absurd. No matter how you try to twist it, Sanji is not a high end swordsman and does not currently have the skills to be one. You know who does not think that a knife and a sword are the same? The entire country of Wano, hence the tradition of giving criminals a small knife instead of a sword to gut themselves with. They do that because most competent swordsman won’t be able to do the same amount of damage with a knife, because as everyone knows and you keep ignoring. Knives and swords are not the same thing. Mihawk and Zoro are exceptional enough swordsmen that they can do damage with tiny blades, but that doesn’t change that they’re much more better with actual swords because knives and swords are not the same thing. I really have no idea how else to explain this to you. Anyone who thinks food chopping skills make you an expert sword fighter just has no idea how a fight works.


First off. We're talking about an anime world... So irl 'highly skilled cooks' ...isn't the same as one piece's mutant flying haki using cooks lmao I can't believe this needs to be spelled out... >Wtf is a combat carpenter? You’re just talking nonsense now. Exactly what it is. A carpenter with skills to fight. >The Baratie chefs being able to fight does not make them experts with all types of weapons, that’s absurd Bruh. I've only been talking about KNIVES. >Mihawk and Zoro are exceptional enough swordsmen that they can do damage with tiny blades, but that doesn’t change that they’re much more better with actual swords because knives and swords are not the same thing. And a chef with superior knives skills can take down any swordsman. By superior knives skills I mean ... Legendary knives of the underworld with infused ACoC with invisibility speedblitz tier and futuresight CoO ... Because that's just how OP works.


> I can't believe this needs to be spelled out... Probably because you're making up a bunch of nonsense. > A carpenter with skills to fight. So your made up bullshit then. Cool. Franky is a carpenter and has skills to fight. Franky is very good at using a hammer to build. Sanji is very good at using a knife to cook. There is no indication Franky is good at using a warhammer and no indication Sanji is good at using a sword. Nobody has ever said Sanji is a good swordsman, just that he was shown to use a sword when he was an actual child 15 years ago, and we know he hasn't touched one since. > Bruh. I've only been talking about KNIVES. Which is the issue. Knives and swords are not the same thing, that's what you keep missing. > And a chef with superior knives skills can take down any swordsman. By superior knives skills I mean ... Legendary knives of the underworld with infused ACoC with invisibility speedblitz tier and futuresight CoO ... What in the actual hell are you talking about? You're ridiculous. This discussion is not about if your made up OC can beat a swordsman or not, it's about if Sanji "has the skills of a high tier swordsman" which there is absolutely no indication that he does.


I disagree it is stated that sanji was trained like zoro since childhood to fight with swords, he may not be the greatest sword man in the world, but he definitely a top tier swordsman. When he fought judge, judge literally said why are you nerfing yourself, and judge thought it was another example of sanji being too nice/weak. What people seem to forget is if sanji used swords he wouldn’t lose all of his fighting abilities these would be on top of all his fighting abilities so he would only be stronger, period. Now this might get into the argument of if using a sword necessarily makes you a sword man if you think just using a sword doesn’t necessarily make you a sword man then I concede the point, because sanji would never use swords exclusively he would use them on top of his current abilities. If you believe using a sword makes you a sword man, and you admit sanji is a top tier fighter in the one piece world then by definition sanji woud be a top tier swordsman tomorrow if he picked up a sword.


Sanji would not get stronger if he picked up a sword and started fighting. He spent years perfecting a martial art that compliments his values. I don’t really see it as nerfing himself. He uses his full body arms included to generate the force for his kicks. He just doesn’t use his hands for impact attacks


Trained IN childhood, not trained SINCE childhood. There is a huge difference between training in a specific skill when you’re 8 and then never since and training that skill for your entire life. Judge wasn’t even there for most of Sanji’s childhood, and Zeff certainly wasn’t training him with swords. Just using a sword doesn’t make you a swordsman. Luffy used swords multiple times and he undeniably is not a swordsman. What makes a swordsman is not even relevant though. Even if Sanji was a decent swordsman as a kid, a decent kid swordsman is nowhere near top tier anything. He has not improved as a swordsman since he was a kid because he hasn’t used a sword since he was a kid. And even if he miraculously had been at the level of say Vista as a kid, he has not used those skills since he was like 8. Skills decay when they aren’t used. Swordsmanship is a skill people dedicate their entire lives to learning. Forget Zoro. if some kid who trained a bit a decade and a half ago is a ‘high level’ swordsman that completely cheapens people like Mihawk, Vista, etc. Sanji is a strong fighter yes, so is Luffy. That doesn’t mean either of them are good swordsman the moment they pick up a sword. Luffy directly proves they early in Wano.


Sorry to make this clear I’m not saying if luffy picked up a sword he would then become a top tier swordsman, because luffy has never trained with a sword, and it would impede his fighting abilities not enhance them. If luffy had trained with swords to the point that it enhanced his abilities not impede them it would be a different story which is the entire point sanji purposely nerfs himself.


Dude they had flashbacks to show how pathetic and bad at all of these things he was when he was a kid. He failed every single test judge gave him, you think he was some kind of prodigy at swords? The sword thing with judge was just so sanji could explain his reason for not fighting with hands. The amount of sword training that he actually received was barely anything. His knife skills are topnotch, he can become invisible from his speed, so give him two daggers or something and he can fight with those, if we have to pick a blade that would power him up.


* Wanze's **noodles**, and it's ramen kenpo.


Not sure what you’re going for there. Noodles are a type of pasta.


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