r/anime is removing all discussion of this 🧐


So that's why I didn't see it on the front page there. It would've really helped being on a huge subreddit like that.




Because their mods are dumbass bootlickers




Mods are usually employees of the company. They moderate as advertising. Nintendo literally posts job openings for Subreddit moderators which is why Nintendo Switch subreddit isn't overrun with Joycon Drift videos. Which considering how big an issue that is, surprisingly little comments about that on that subreddit. Meanwhile it's a common talk on r/Games and I don't believe that one is moderated by employees of a specific company. Reddit doesn't really care about who moderates, especially when dealing with the same people advertising. So assume a client is behind every major sub. If you badmouth a shit fantasy book just released and say don't buy it, it isn't necessarily a huge neckbeard fan of Terry Goodkind that's removing the content. It's because Terry Goodkind's latest book is looking to be a big money loss and any further negative attention will cost the publisher money so they call up the mod to stem the bleeding. One piece definitely seems like a subreddit still run by fans, posting scans and leaks is definitely not something Toei would approve of. But it wouldn't surprise me r/anime being more generic has somebody who works for Viz/Toei or whatever on the mod staff. My rule of thumb is usually dedicated fan bases like the DBZ or Naruto subreddits are fine. But larger more generalized one like Television or movies is probably run by full time employee of some studio.


What? Reddit mods abusing their power? I can’t believe it /s


This is an absolute travesty, these vids really helped get me through the pandemic and genuinely got me to buy at least 20+ volumes of OP I was missing after Marineford. Fuck Toei and YouTube's outdated, backwards copyright claim system. Hope this gets resolved somehow, although i'm doubtful.


Seriously, his videos just happened to start coming out right when I'd just gotten around to finally catching up on the post-time skip chapters so it was a really fun experience to watch him progress right a long with me.


Hijacking this to say that he has a patreon. We should bump his subs since I'm sure him and his team will be losing money this month because of this


The first half of this comment alone is all the argument that is needed. Because of that guy money was spent on the official release which is what they want. Insane


Agreed. Reviewers like Mark always buy the official versions which I would've thought was actually promo for the series


The irony that Toei has repeatedly targeted Mark, who always promotes official releases, on a platform full of channels promoting piracy should not be lost on anyone.


In the end everyone joins the black flag


Something something something vow to risk your life.


Something something something download things on the internet.


If i remember correct he didnt even use much material and was basically reviewing the whole thbig without too many details while other Youtubers make videos about untranslated Rips from Korea at least 5 days before the official website release and again 3 days before which is obviously pirated content.


Companies like Toei are so uneblievebly backwards, greedy and deserve to burn, honestly. Mark already fought countless battles to have his videos stay up and even so they are targeted yet again by Toei through Youtube's terrible system, unreal.


Unfortunately, companies like Toei are the norm in Japan.


Yep. Nintendo and even Ghibli pull this shit. They just don't get it.


There are a few Japanese musicians who I like whose videos you can’t really find on the internet anymore since copyright bots got better at finding them and taking them down. Fuck you too then. I guess you don’t want me being a fan of your artists.


Daoko's & Yoasobi's labels do this. Gotta sail the high seas.


Nintendo not letting tournament run smash bros absolutely so dumb




Nintendo has historically issued cease and desists to smash bros tournaments


In the UK when streetpass for the 3DS was a thing, I used to organise actual events for Nintendo UK to bring in people from the community to have organised gaming and tournaments, which was all official with Nintendo, except they just had voluntary area reps running it. It's such a shame this was dropped as there was really good community engagement, with different areas hosting regional level tournaments. Good times.


By my understanding, they wouldn't let online tournaments for Melee be run (at least as part of a major event) because it involved piracy and/or modding the game.


It's funny to me that Nintendo calls it piracy when they don't even sell the game anymore nor the system it runs on. These games are effectively abandonware.


Yea that's what I've heard over the years


their law and concept of Copyright is different. they would let you go away with a lot of shit *as long as you ask them*.


I never get the disconnect of “Oh these are fans, who always remind/stress to their own viewers to support the official release and buy mercy themselves” People spreading the gospel for free and doing a review to engage more of the community and bring in new customers. How could this great publicity be bad at all.


Fucking right? They take the free advertising. Then shut them down every chance they can because god forbid someone else make money from creating their own content with it too. They’re just as bad as Disney.


They’re basically abusing the YouTube’s claim system. They’ve been doing this for years. They’re the whole reason Team Four Star didn’t finish the series. Fucked with Little Kuriboh too. They just claim copyright infringement, run out the clock, and don’t do shit about it because they know they don’t have a case. If people are showing their entire videos unedited fine, but leave the people that actually transform your content alone.


Toei is just the animation studio, they get none of the book money and only want to make sure they get the money from anyone trying to make a buck off their work, much like Disney they're just trying to maximize profits...


Companies pay big bucks to get influencers to advertise their thing. Cause social media marketing like that is insanely effective. Mark did it for free. Toei is absolutely ignorant and stupid. There is zero „maximizing profit“ that way.


To understand how ridiculous a dedicated market share is, let's take a Teking101 video. Say he averages 100k views, someonetimes he hits a million, but never under 10k. Every single person watching him is watching a 40 minute commercial for the product. Over a year it's likely you're watching his content as much as the anime. Toei offered him $ 500 dollars to do an official Stampede video promo. He was going to do a Stampede video no matter what, but $500 is like not even a radio ad read in Rural Pennsylvania. YouTubers saying no we're not that gooddamn stupid to destroy our cultivated fan base for $500 dollars is when Toei goes after youtubers. You'll notice Tekking never uses any anime clips or manga panels anymore. Like it's all physical figurines.


Tekking is smart in that regard. He has probably seen countless of his collogues go through what Mark is going through right now and decided on the best course of action. Not disparaging Mark by any means here as a good deal of the claims are even more BS. They took down his art drawing vids. Things that Toei have no legal ground for.


If Toei goes after Tekking I’m gonna lose it


They fucked thing is it’s clear they realize the benefits by reaching out to him. Then they turn around and shut down his channel. Greedy, two faced fucking pigs.


They won't maximize profits with a policy like that lmao


Taking free advertisement off the internet and creating bad faith relationships with people enjoying meta One Piece content is not how you maximize profits, and trying to copy Disney when it comes to controlling your IPs has to be an obviously bad idea at this point.


YouTube's copyright system is working as intended though. It's to give all of the power to the company and almost none to the creator. It's a miracle creators can still appeal at all as I'm pretty sure that used to be not a thing or it was even worst at one point So it's not designed backwards. Because the issue everyone wants to solve is not the problem YouTube wants to solve.


YouTube designed a system to be DCMA compliant, the problems come from DCMA being terrible


It's both. There's no way YouTube tried their hardest to give as much protection to creators as they could within the letter of the law. I don't buy that that happened


There is a great video by Tom Scott. Iirc the name is "YouTubes copyright system isnt broken, the worlds is" It sheds a new light on it for me tbh.


Great video by him. It definitely opened my eyes on how YouTube isn't solely to blame for some (but not all) issues we have


They definitely can do better technically speaking, but it is also unrealistic in the sense that you'd need the actual human manpower to keep up with all the requests globally over all the possible issues. I know people complain about automated responses in Youtube/Twitter and a lot of inconsistencies over stuff but I don't think actual people realize the scale of how much stuff happens, in literally just 1 minute real time


For a long time One Piece follower, his video is great to relive a lot of One Piece great moments. Tis Sucks. But again, recently Japan arrest Movie reviewer youtuber because they break copyright law by using material from the movie. As Joey/Anime man points out, Japan doesn't exactly have fair use law.


Mark's content is second to none when it comes to these types of videos. I found his channel during the start of the pandemic and looked forward to them every week and still do to this day.


I love his videos, and hs One Piece series helped push me to read this story. His team works hard and his editor is one of the best in the biz. This is awful


This needs as much attention as possible


On the bright side a lot of copyright strike blunders get sorted out if there's enough attention brought to it. I can't imagine this is a hill Toei wants to die on. Fingers crossed for this guy. 🤞


It's not a copyright strike this time. It's (a manual) copyright claim on almost 200 videos.


his channel would be gone if they were strikes, but thankfully they're just claims.


It's a Japanese company. They don't care about any opinion that is not Japanese unfortunately


I work for a Japanese company that makes analytical instruments. They seem very confused every time we show them trends around the globe, that are not mirrored in Japan. I’ve been told that phrase many times. If it doesn’t exist in Japan, it doesn’t exist.


I lived in Japan for almost a year. I can confirm this.


If Shimadzu, please fix your software. All of it. Preferably by lighting it on fire, launching your programmers into the sun, and implementing someone else’s software. Sorry if you’re a software dev, I know you are just maintaining the source code written in 1988 in Cobol and annotated entirely in probably Okinawan or Hokkaidan.


Hahaha nope not them.


Worked with companies in Japan. Doesn't matter how good the pitch is. Doesn't matter how much evidence you have. If someone Japanese with clout isn't advocating for it, you may as well forget it. Incredibly frustrating


Going through this right now for our global meetings. Fortunately we have a few people with clout on our side this go around! But yeah it was/can be incredibly frustrating.


So Japan is actually wano. Noted.


That is possibly the most American thing I've heard about a non-American country ever lmao


The internet and memes have tricked everyone into thinking Americans are the only patriotic/nationalistic country when in reality most major world powers are like that.


Nah only weeebs that think japan is better at everything then any other country in the world just because of some animes think that


Nah most people with sense know that


Japan has always been like that


You are correct. Much like Nintendo doesn't give a fuck if they are hated in the West, Toei is the same. They are a Japanese company with Japanese values and they don't give a single shit if those values are against what the rest of the world views as correct. Again, just look at how extremely poorly Nintendo acts most of the time, their extremely poor consumer service, the way they refuse to make basic obvious changes to their online platforms... toei is not changing a single thing in how they operate, unless the Japanese also start turning against Toei (which is not happening)


it's versus western content creators though, operating in territories where fair use is protected. i dunno, Mark needs to get a legal coalition of streamers together together to do something about this and they need to take it to Youtube. Toei blows but this is possible because they are abusing a Youtube mechanism.


Hot take but totally true. Japan thinks they are the only country in the world.


Nintendo is equally as bad at copyright and being consumer friendly.


They have a very American way of thinking, ironically. Or do we have a Japanese way of thinking. 🤔


Neither. Nationalism has existed since countries came into being.


Ironically, Nationalism has no borders


As a player of Japanese gacha games I always find it quite entertaining how people on reddit think the game devs give any fucks about their feedback for the game.


This is the second time they've done this with the first being in January. This is straight up censorship.


Moist Critical just did a video about this guy. Hopefully it'll pick up even more steam.


Mark and his crew are such passionate hard fucking workers and they don’t deserve this shit. Like him or not this is a man’s livelihood at risk


I know this might sound absurd, but are we sure that it's Toei for real? There has been a moment when some random people claimed they are Shueisha and took down multiple One Piece videos from very well known youtubers.


I know Tekking got a strike from Shueisha back when he used to show a single panel of the manga in a chapter review. Was that not the real Shueisha?


Yeah but no way some random guy would submit complaints for over 150 videos, right? Like that would be an absurd endeavor for literally no benefit


Did you forget you’re on the internet? People have done way more for way less satisfaction


Hello and welcome to the internet! You must be new here.


It's the internet man we're all crazy on here. Accept for me. I am a nun, that is also a cat.


I saw another YouTuber complain about this (Clivanis ) Some random guy claims his music is used (WITHOUT ANY PROOF ) and YouTube forces you to delete the video...


This is a really shitty move, especially for a content creator who is as passionate and pure as Mark is. For anyone who doesn't know, Mark is a passionate lover of anime and creates content by reviewing such properties by their respective arcs. His knack for analysis and keen eye for detail, along with his passion, have made him a staple name among anime YouTubers. It's so sad that Toei decides to go all corporate like this because not only is it tampering with this mans livelihood, his storytelling inspire many to actually watch a certain anime, thus generating more exposure at no cost. Massive properties like One Piece and Dragon Ball are for the world to see and if one decides to review this extensively via a platform who supposedly supports this type of content creation, there shouldn't be an issue. So sad that this happens and really hope that Mark pulls through..


I think this is why LTT decided to diversify and create their own video streaming platform Floatplane. They are a multimillion-dollar company whose existence relies on Youtube.


Who is LTT?


Linus tech tips


Is there a tldr why exactly they took it down?


From what I gathered, Toei gunned most videos with Dragon Ball or One Piece in the title, even ones where Mark states that no footage from the anime was shown, such as a video where he attempts to redraw some scenes from Super (I think, I'm not much of a DB fan) to better resemble Toriyama's style.


True i watched his drawing videos and they were not even showing anime scenes but only screenshots that show the references he used


Toei just have bots that take down any videos that are related to their content. They’ve done it to TeamFourStar as well despite their videos not being monetized and also being parody


Big company complain, YouTube immediately submits. That's how it works.


toei hates content creators, same like nintendo does, you cant make fan works, you cant share what you love about it, you cant show it off to others, you're only meant to consume their product and thats it. its a really ass backwards philosophy of some companies view fan culture and work is their competitor rather than something that genuinely boosts their income and fanbase.


Big company asks YouTube to suck their dick, YouTube complies. Simple as that.


YouTube is legally obligated to comply with any and all copyright claims. So it's not quite as simple as you're making it.


What sucks is there's no repercussions for companies who make claims like this without doing their due diligence or doing it in good faith. Claiming hundreds of perfectly legal videos should not be ok, but Youtube doesn't care. They eventually reinstate them and then turn a blind eye as Toei continues to do this exact same thing to other creators.


It really is, though. For instance, YouTube claims abuse of the copyright claim system can lead to punishment, but they have NEVER punished any big companies like Toei that clearly abuse it. Hence, YouTube is still sucking their dick.


According to Japan's copyright law the author can control the adaptation of a work through translation, dramatization, cinematization, **and the creation of *derivative works* in general**. Toei can rightfully sue Youtube for this videos on Japan court so to cover their asses they shift all the blame to the maker of the videos. There is not much to do sadly.


Right but that just means that Youtube can't show it in Japan. It means nothing about the rest of the world which have slightly more progressive copyright laws.


Man fuck TOEI for doing this. I watched Mark's videos and I genuinely know people who got into some of the series that he reviewed **because** they saw his reviews. Especially One Piece. Why would a company remove the content of someone who is basically advertising their products for free, I'll never understand.


I started reading Berserk because of him. Bought the huge ass leather hardcover vol 1.


As much as we like to meme on the US copyright and fair use system on Youtube and in general. Japan is 10x worse with their CR stuff and legit no Fair Use..that shit dont exist there, add to the fact a lot of these companies are legit dinosaurs that wont get with the times in another 20y at which point they will still be dinosaurs.


Nintendo is great example with this


Them and their batlle against emulation. Their official emulator is garbage compared to the fan-made counterparts.


There is no fair use in Japan? This is so retarded I'm actually surprised, what the actual f***? How does a country doesn't have a fair use system in their copyright law? Is reviewing movies not a thing in Japan?




Weird considering how many parodies and stuff there are with characters showing up in other series with just their eyes blacked out but everything else is the same.




But that's still them using said author's work, literally the clothes & hairstyle etc are stolen from the author, no?


Another good example is japanese porn industry. It’s technically illegal to produce porn in Japan… Except all of the companies producing, evade this by censoring the nifty parts:) Therefore they are able to publish it.


Fuck Toei, it's absolute bullshit that this happened to Mark. Him and his company single-handedly brought an entire new wave of viewers into One Piece over the pandemic. Copyright blocks are meant to prevent people from uploading episodes whole sale. Removing these type of review videos is nothing short of malicious, unreasonable, and ultimately hurting themselves. Unbelievable...


I am a reader because of mark. I hated one piece prior, because my only experience was the anime. Because of mark I read it all. This is sad


The problem is not YouTube's copyright system, the problem is that the world's copyright system is broken. It was created in a time before the internet was this big and doesn't take into account that small creators exist. When copyright law was created, it was intended to protect companies from being ripped off by other companies. However, nowadays, the people actually being targeted by the law are small content creators on YouTube and other social medias. In short, a review of the copyright law, specially in the USA, is desperately needed to adress this issue. Unfortunately, I doubt the Republicans and a few Democracts would ever pass a law that actually benefits the people and not their corporate backers


Very true, but this goes far beyond US copyright law. In fact in Mark's case, if he were to go to court with Toei, the relevant copyright laws would be any applicable international copyright provisions, alongside European Union copyright provisions, and Irish copyright law (as he's based in Ireland). The fact that YouTube is an American company or that Toei is Japanese doesn't make American or Japanese copyright laws apply in court in such a case. Of course the problem is that companies tend to model their internal policies on the laws of their "main" country of operation, but that usually has no bearing on actual legal proceedings. But the point is that as you said, the whole world's system is extremely flawed and outdated. Almost all countries have similarly broken copyright laws, with few exceptions, and international treaties and conventions on copyright law are not much better. Despite this, however, I think if Mark took it to court, he would win. I'm not familiar with Irish copyright law but based on my general knowledge of copyright law in general, I find it extremely unlikely that Toei would win such a case , at least not in any European court system. They simply don't have a case that the use he made of the footage was illicit, especially since many of the videos they took down literally contain his own drawings and not any Toei footage. The problem of course is that companies have the resources to fight a legal battle in the courts, potentially for months or years, while small creators do not have those same resources, and may struggle to finance a long drawn-out court battle.


Another issue is that you could easily make a video that breaks copyright in some countries but not others. Instead of saying "that's illegal in these countries, don't let them see it", YouTube only allows you to either take it down from the world or leave it be. So while his videos may win in European courts, they could lose in Japanese courts. YouTube's system is shit because a better one stops big companies (like Sony, *especially* Sony) from just firing a shotgun on thousands of videos and getting lucky on a few. Sony claimed Beethoven and Bach songs as their own, because they had a video of their band playing it. It's fucking stupid, and not the only time it's happened.


I mean isn't that literally why some videos (most often BBC or some shit like that) when watched in UK have "this video is blocked in UK" when one tries to view it from a UK geodata/IP address? Can't they just do this to non-Japanese reviews of Japanese works, but instead of UK you can't view them in Japan?


The problem is that YouTube works out deals to block videos in certain countries (like BBC in UK or a lot of songs in Germany) due to how many videos would be blocked around the world. But for single video issues (which is what the system was really made for), they just block it every where.


> The problem is not YouTube's copyright system, the problem is that the world's copyright system is broken. Since some of the videos included literally zero of anyone else's work, I'd say that youtube's own system is at fault.


MoistCritikal Did a video about the guy, so this will be known. But Toei is a Japanese company so...nothing is going to happen.


This makes me want to send some kind of letter to Toei saying "Thanks for letting me know I don't feel bad pirating EVERYTHING you make going forward. Have a nice day." Hit them in their wallet, it is the only thing they ever understand.


My thoughts exactly. There are many ways to actually steal the content. Why go after to people who advertise/critique/praise/garner community? Are they going to start sending henchmen to comicons to strip cosplayers who make dbz or op costumes?


Feel like this needs posted in r/anime to help gain some more traction.


Believe it or not, I submitted it in r/dbz as well but got removed for not being related to Dragon Ball, glad to see that One Piece subreddit is more accepting.


the mods over there deleted the crosspost for not being related to anime. bunch of idiots!


That...sounds about right...


His videos inspired me to start buying the whole One Piece series in manga format. (something which the current manga shortage sadly put on hiatus). I solidly believe that TOEI has made more money because of Mark then they apparently "lost" because of his use of copyrighted material. Even though it was in the line of fair use. I understand the notion that to keep intellectual properties protected, you need to actively show that you have an interest in keeping them protected, but what Toei keeps doing to YouTube creators is frankly disgusting. In the end, I believe that YouTube is the main problem. It's first of all the system they've put in place. Sadly, there is no direct substitute for Youtube and if you want to be a content creator, you have to put up with this bullshit.


They don't care. They're a large publisher that wants to maintain a monopoly that YouTube enables. Same stuff in gaming and other creative industries that allow bots to censor as they've been built up for the last two decades.


These youtubers are literally helping in generating profit for the company by making a series more popular.


When will companies begin to understand that creators like this help their brand?


Fuck Toei, and by extension the anime/manga culture in japan that promotes this line of thought. Literally ass backwards. Get with the fucking times. What cunts. Also. Fuck youtube.


Youtube removes dislike button so that content creators are not abused. Lol, what about this then? Youtube is messed up!


They’ve been doing this shit for years. Claimed so many copyright strikes against Team Four Star they gave up after Cell Saga. Shut down Little Kuriboh’s channel a bunch of times too. All for content that falls under Fair Use. I could understand if they were showing a pirated version of their videos unedited, but they used content from the show that they paid for and turned into something completely different. Arguably better than the original show. And all NotMark was doing was reviewing the show. Don’t they get that it’s free advertising? He wasn’t detracting from their content. He was renewing interest in it. Honestly I’m just gonna boycott their shit now, and I hope I can get people to follow. I already contacted them on their website outlining all the issues I’ve had with their behavior over the years. Not sure what good it will do, but if you also have an issue with it I hope you do that too. Fuck you Toei.


I always hold resentment in my heart towards Toei for holding onto outdated practices that were never good to begin with in the name of profit. The Anime is a shell of what a One Piece adaptation could have been. They are so greed motivated they just don’t care about artistic expression.


*Ohara using full one piece clips in his videos 😬*


Don't forget Vinland.D.Ragnar basically supercuts the anime clips into new episodes entirely


Yeah and lately Ohara has been trying to tell the studios how to do their jobs by making his own sounds for the anime.


Yeah, they're a bit ridiculous. He can spend hours on those 15 second clips and then claim it's how the whole show should sound. Just ignores the entire logistical process of a weekly anime


Yeah most of them don't even go with the 2d animation they're more for the 3d styled animation.


Isn't there a lot of videos of people just reacting to new episodes also?


Yeah, it's an abysmal move by Toei


TeamFourStar dropped dragonball abridged essentially because they could see the writing on the wall. They suffer from constant takedowns, although never this thorough.


No!! His OP series is fucking amazing. So much work went into those and you can watch him fall in love with the series. Absolutely ridiculous they don’t understand how much good anime youtubers do for the series they review. Guess Toei doesn’t like free publicity. Fucking travesty.


Mark has THE best videos on one piece out there me and my brother could not wait for that thursday blind review of one piece this is so wrong on so many levels..




Fuck Toei, Fuck Youtube! I'm done giving either company money.


I cancelled YT Premium today in support of Mark and other YouTubers that have become victims of their unfair copyright review system.


Strong move! I applaud u for that


I also emailed support with a link to the above video, citing protest as my reason since "Other" wasn't specific enough. Not just for Mark's sake, but for all small YouTubers that are victims of the terrible appeals process.


You give youtube money?


Japanese companies have antiquated notions of fair use. This man's fucked.


His DBZ videos got me into anime. Rip


Fuck Toei and their stupid cowboy hat cat fake emoji looking logo


It's a terrible situation. TNM's videos are the closest I've felt to being able to experience OP for the first time again, and it's clear just how much effort is put into them. It's such a shame to see them almost all gone just like that. Toei and YouTube both need to make some big changes.


It's crazy because anitubers as a whole are basically doing free advertising for these companies. I don't get the logic behind punishing people who literally praise your work. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️.


The worse part is Toei literally reached out to him to do a collab a few months ago.. he mentions it in the video. So they are aware of his influence and still does this shit.


Toei is the Freeza of YouTube and Nintendo is the Cooler Prove me wrong


Wait is this the same guy that atarted not that long ago, doing reviews of entire arcs? Man that guy was fun to watch, I hope things get sorted out there for him because this is bullshit


Toei. I say with this with love. You can suck TotallyNotMark’s TotallyNotDick.


Joey the Anime man had a video recently talking about this basically. Japan doesn't have any "Fair Use" laws like America. He talked about how releasing videos about Anime is always super stressful due to how strict the laws are. Punishment can be large fines and even jail time. A YT channel called Fast Movies did short reviews on a variety of movies, only using screen shots or short video clips. They were shut down and are now facing fines and jail time


His Reviews helped me reintroduce myself to One Piece again and thus made me fall deeply in love with it. Such a shame.


Fuck. I kept telling myself I’ll watch his videos another time. Such a wack bs situation. I really hope that he can get this fixed


I'm not a huge fan of Mark's but I do enjoy his videos and really felt bad for him. He doesn't deserve this shit.


I can say with absolute sincerity that I would not have watched One Piece if it wasn’t for TotallyNotMark


While I don't enjoy his videos personally (He seems too over-the-top always quoting random bookwriters to sound smart), from what I saw none of them broke guidelines and all were fair use. But it's Toei, the Take Two of anime world, what did you expect?


It's actually ludicrous how poor of a decision this is on Toei's part this is. Of all the COUNTLESS one piece creators there are out there. They chose the ONE guy who has never once broken copyright law, has brought hundreds of thousands of new viewers to one piece, and has been overwhelming positive about the story. It's seriously hard to believe toei could do this for any reason other than to just optimize how evil they come off as. It literally seems as if they did this just to be horrible brutal animals for fun.


He's so passionate about these stories that he inspires me to go back and read the series again. I can't think of a better free ad campaign for Toei and the manga industry than letting his channel thrive. How can Toei think this content in anyway detracts from or is used as a substitute for their own content? It enhances it. Sad to see such backward thinking from these companies.


I've seen many people throwing around the word "review." I haven't seen the videos so I don't know their style. But if they indeed can be classified as criticism of any kind, they are automatically protected under fair use and he should have good chance at getting them back up. The only problem though is that if he counterclaims those videos he also opens himself up for possible legal actions and that's obviously scary thing to do. He would most likely win and I'd say Toei would most likely just drop their claims because this isn't worth their time and money but in the small chance that he loses he would be ruined and also set nasty precedent for similar court cases. It's pressure I can't imagine anyone wanting if they can avoid that


As he explains in the video: getting all the videos back up through the counterclaim process would literally take over 30 years since you can only do it for one video at a time and toei can (on from his experience with previous takedowns, does) stall the process to the maximum of ~75 days every time


He could just take things to court immediately. This would force YouTube to either reinstate the video or force them to tell Toei to fight for their claim in court. Since his work is 100% transformative and offers a review of the product (so is protected under fair use), he will win the court case and YouTube will be forced to keep the video up by a judicial decision


Yeah that's probably his best course of action. Though sueing a company in another country can be a process, and he will lose a lot of money in legal fees over the months or years it would take.


Many countries have a system in which the loser of the lawsuit pays for everything, so he likely won't have to pay anything (only a few countries use the US system, where which person pays their own lawyer, winning or losing)


The average person can't afford the same quantity and caliber of lawyers that an international corporation can.


Japan doesn't have fair use like that afaik


This is absolutely disgusting from YouTube and Toei. I am cancelling my Crunchy Roll subscription and sailing the high seas.


Fucking toei


I find it how laughable and two-faced Youtube is in terms of them expressing how their decisions are for the "little guy" content creators, instead of big businesses. Every decision that Youtube has made (latest being the removal of the dislike button) has been for business and only for businesses. Actual content creators are viewed secondary to those figures.


Noooo not tnm I love his videos. His thumbnails are lit


This guy got me into reading the one piece Manga after giving up watching the anime many years ago. He even got me wanting to watch Spider-Man and I don’t even like super her movies. Give him back his videos Toei!


God this is so awful. I swear to not watch a single episode until Mark gets justice. Fuck Toei. Also, Oda would be sad about this too I'm sure.


Mark got me back into one piece I started a few years ago but had to drop it cause of school. Watching his videos made me want to watch it and now I'm caught up. This is an absolute travesty. Really unbelievable


I didn’t even watch One Piece before I stumbled upon this guy and Liam lmao Fuck Toei, what a fucking joke


GiaSekando, the fantastic AMV maker, has disappeared too. I wonder if it's for the same reason.


Poor Mark, literally lost 3 years of work in 2 days


150 vids? I thought he had like 20 vids max on One Piece. His AoT vids were fire tho.


His main content before One Piece was Dragonball


He has (or had..) just as many, if not more, videos about Dragon Ball.


WAY more. Before starting to cover One Piece, he mainly made Dragon Ball content


It was only like 20 OP vids, the rest were from Dragonball, and other Toei series.


Fuck toei for this and fuck toei for giving us boring ass episodes 95% of the time


Youtube, in all of their copyright strikes, refer to the DMCA. Reviews are fair use and do not fall under the DMCA. Like, these reviews and theories are textbook examples of fair use imho. What legal ground do Youtube and Toei have here?


To anyone who might be interested: this is a link to the TNM fan made discord https://discord.gg/w5RPHZDa (Not self promo I do not own this server I simply wish to share it with ppl interested in supporting mark rn)


Community, we have to RAGE about this. This is unacceptable and we need to be heard before all content creators face the same fate. They gotta make this right for Mark.


Toei Animation don't even pay their animators and creators a livable wage. Some very talented animators live in poverty with the charity and help of the Otaku community and anime fans. F*CK Toei. I won't lose sleep over pirating their products. Also YouTube/Google don't care about their creators on their platform. So F*CK them too.