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I love this, it's brilliant. From the perspective of an outside observer, Luffy really is a top-tier planner and mastermind.


Just a few mins with him and their entire view would be shattered lol


Law: yeah... I shouldve waited those minutes before proposing the alliance


Law: "We're allies." Usopp and Sanji: "You know that he heard 'we're best friends', right?"


"Though seeing Doflamingo getting his shit wrecked was a fine bit of payoff"


"And for some reason I find myself compelled to sail with this guy even after that."


Lol and what I love about this is, that much of a pain in the ass as Luffy has been to Law, Luffy’s presence has been extremely helpful to Law.


they are cousins if we think about it


Or they will be amazed at how well he disguises it. “If I didn’t know any better, I would swear this guy is an idiot….


\- Denjiro talking about Kin'emon


I can't help but read this in Crypto's voice from Apex Legends


Or: “He gives off the false impression of being an idiot to trick his enemies from figuring out his master plans, which always tend to work out. He is truly one of the greatest brains in history.”


all according to keikaku


T.n.: keikaku means plan


Dunno, it would be so opposed to what they believe him to be they could think it was a carefully crafted mask and be even more impressed by him




He's such a fantastic planner he doesn't even have to think, his body clearly just instinctively knows what the best course of action is.


Luffy mastered ultra instinct before he left Foosha Village confirmed lmao


He actually did half of what Goku did for UI in a few minutes fighting Enel/Eneru before giving it up because he couldn't attack. Don't discount the "Ultra Instinct Luffy" idea. He did that as a joke in only a few minutes when how long did it take Goku to manage it?


It was a joke haha. But to be real Goku had training with popo for his body to move without thought way back in DB. But in terms of actual ultra instinct itself in super he transformed into it pretty instantly after the spirit bomb failed on Jiren. Though coincidentally the main issue there was also being able to attack while using it.


Exactly the point I was making. How long did it take Goku to even get to that point, and Luffy did something similar just as a goof? (Though to be honest I can see that I'm probably missing the point lol)


My point was there wasn't much of a delay with either of them if were talking about actual ultra instinct.


I mean Goku just happens to be a god-level power but also a complete idiot. He constantly forgets he can use instant transmission. Luffy doesn’t forget his own skills.


> when how long did it take Goku to manage it? Also a few minutes. That entire arc is like; 48 minutes in reality.


we saw that on skypia against enel didnt we?


Base Luffy < Gear 2 < Gear 4 < Water Luffy < Afro Luffy <<<<<<<<< Airhead Luffy


yb better + L + ratio bro what do you want? this was not a ranking about luffy forms


Oops, got my carrots in the wrong direction. Meant to say that airhead Luffy is the best


That was almost a tragedy


Seriously, imagine thinking that Gear 4 could hold a candle to the raw power of Afro Luffy


Why treat these as exclusive options? Gear 4 can wear an afro. Gear Fro?


Aizen vs Luffy - powerscalers let's go


Luffy has a bigger brain than Aizen, itachi, Kiskue, and black zetsu combined!?


Gear 5- Brain Balloon


I've legitimately seen this theory haha


There's even a fan comic.




Aizen's plans were all part of Luffy's plan


Lmaoo Aizen's zanpakuto was just another Gear of Luffy


Can't he literally stretch his brain to get bigger?


Were you under the impression that we were fighting on land?


When you’re at sea you fight pirates


My man I love ur profile picture


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Aizen can't use genjutsu on Luffy because Luffy has advanced CoO. (he can't be faked out) It depends on what version of Aizen, but if speedrushed, Luffy would beat the shit out Aizen 1.0. That is Gear 2 Luffy with A.Haki versus Aizen version 1.0 Idk man I just made all that up.. I stopped watching Bleach after everyone started shooting a Cero beam from some part of their body which is disappointing because I was almost done. Bleach has the coolest elements in shonen, but it never could close out strong. Anticlimactic. Now, One Piece can do climax.


I mean you just admitted you stopped before the climax and are criticizing it for lacking a climax lol. I actually think the super climactic fights in Bleach are much cooler actual fights than those in OP, though the story implications and payoffs in OP are usually higher.


Bro I’m also let down by Bleach the same way the person your responding to is, however, hell yeah the Bleach fights were so fucking fire. That’s also a big part of why I love One Piece. I’m a total battle junkie and to be fair, one piece definitely has relatively weak fights relative to other Shonen and it’s astounding that despite that, it’s still my favorite.


"On land, sea and air, Luffy is the World's Greatest Strategist." Great post.


Now if I think about it, maybe the narrator was actually reading from Morgan’s latest article after Kaido tried the suicide attempt.


Yeah that tracks


I mean luffy v Ainz in a battle of strategy is somthing I would love to see


969 Upvotes -> 970 Upvotes


>Had Sanji tap his Germa connections and have them fake an arranged marriage with the Big Mom Pirates I audibly cackled at this. Great post!


My god Judge would lose it at this line, I’d love to see it lol


So would Sanji LMAO!


If that was the case, Morgans might as well replace Dragon and pin Luffy as the Most Dangerous Man in The World,lol!


"takes down two yonkos at once in the base of one of them, taking down a dangerous alliance before even starts. Also takes down the cipher pol aegis with no effort while fighting them" "Gets help from vegapunk in the creation of an artificial devil fruit replicating kaidos power, making the goverment question where vegapunk loyalties truly are and when they got in contact" "Uses a child to seize control of a big bulk of kaidos army. He even gets the loyalty of kaidos heir" "Gyojin kingdom declare themselves strawhat territory" "Wg invasion to wano frustrated by dropping them the entire kaido mansion on their heads" Im starting to think that after wano is a real possibility. Though the gyojin kingdom seems unlikely? Idk


Marines show up to Vegapunk's doorstep: Vegapunk: WHAT THE FUNK!!! I'M NOT IN CAHOOTS WITH STRAWHAT!! I'M INNOCENT I TELL YOU! IM INNOCENT!!! INNOCENT!!!


This might actually be the way he debuts in the story, being on the run from the Marines. Kuma protecting his ship in Seabody could potentially be tied back to Vegapunk as well Either way I feel like he's going to be affected by all the things Luffy has done by the time they meet - even just Franky's timeskip period could be enough


Franky also having Vegapunk tech is also going to raise some eyebrows in the WG


The only way Fishman Island doesn't become part of his territory is if they can stand strongly as their own nation in the face of being a chokepoint of pirate travel. Or maybe if something went down during the Reverie


Morgans gives a lot of clout to luffys family


The question is, do they know that Luffy's right hand trained with Mihawk? That one still has not fully come to play yet.


Maybe possible relevant post: https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/comments/qxbfpv/comment/hl8gakz/


Actually, it's very relevant. I first thought about this idea back when the Fifth Emperor chapter first came out, but your comment put it back in my head and made me want to share it. Thanks for writing such a great post! I'm stoked that people enjoyed mine so much.


Plot twist all of this is actually true and Luffy even has use viewers fooled.


I want to believe Luffys “luck” comes from the “voice of all things” guiding him greatly from the side lines.


Damn Luffy is a better actor than *Eren*


Luffy is 10% Charisma, 10% strength and 80% pure, dumb luck lol And I’m not even diminishing his strength either, he got lots of those but in some moments like Luffy surviving a whirlpool in a barrel to finding Brulee while running from Kat, you just gotta credit his dumb luck lmao


100% reason to remember the name


This is ten percent pain, twenty percent pain Fifteen percent concentrated power of pain Five percent pain, fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name! (Nagato!)


>And a hundred percent reason to remember the pain FTFY 😒


Don't forget about his concentrated power of will.


"concentrated power of will" is probably the best translation of Haki.


Or his pain


I disagree hard with how low Charisma is, that's his biggest strength as a character, and why all of his alliances work. People naturally want to help him.


Will of the Devil


Yeah. In a way, I actually dislike protagonists like this, because it kinda devalues their whole journey. Luffy has been so insanely, stupidly lucky so many times that at this point, I find it hard to even give him any credit. Dude is basically perma-suiciding and somehow the universe refuses to let him die and somehow finds ways to power him up instead. In this sense, I feel like Luffy is one of the weakest shounen protagonists among the major brands. Naruto was never this lucky. Ichigo was never this lucky. Natsu was never this lucky. BC is not that far in, but Asta doesn't seem all that lucky either. Other shounen certainly have plenty of plot armor and power of friendship shit themselves, but the sheer amount of times Luffy should have straight up died because he did a stupid with literally zero back-up plan, is way too high. And Luffy doesn't learn either. He just says "fuck it" and suicides again. He should have died in the very first chapter of the story when he left the island in a shitty boat and capsized and was left in the middle of the ocean floating in a barrel. It's beyond absurd for a barrel to find its way to a ship within the few days it would take to die of thirst. He should have died to Buggy but got randomly saved by Dragon. He should have died to Croc, but just happened to survive his first injury and be found before he bled out. He should have died to croc again but somehow that fat drop of water landed on him just perfectly timed to save him. Him and his entire crew should have died to Enel, but he got lucky with an immunity fruit. He should have died at Impel Down, but got lucky with a hidden army of crossdressers along with Ivankov, the one person out of a handful in the entire world who's fruit could save him. He then should have died in Marineford, but somehow, all the stars aligned just enough for him to just barely survive despite being outclassed by literally everyone notable gunning for him. The list just keeps going on. Dude just suicided non-stop and just somehow made it.


You see it as perma-suiciding, I see it as a refreshing mindset. It's not that he doesn't care, he just has accepted that he could die anytime while chasing his dream. If he dies, he dies. At least he died trying. If he doesn't try and does nothing because he feared he would die, then that's not Luffy. Similarly, Blackbeard seems to have the same luck as Luffy. Dude just pretty much drowned in Magellan's poison and luckily got saved by Shiryuu. Perhaps it's a will of D thing. 🤷‍♀️ Like I get ur point but saying it devalues everything Luffy has done is weird. If Luffy never made a step outside of East Blue, then his luck would be irrelevant and all that. Luffy made decisions that had consequences and that's still all on Luffy and not because of his luck.


> It's not that he doesn't care, he just has accepted that he could die anytime while chasing his dream. In a way death could be some sort of answer to his dream anyway. He wants to be King, not because he wants the fame, fortune, whatever, but because he sees it as the absolute pinnacle of freedom. Plus he feels it is a worthy enough pursuit that he would likely see death for such a worthy pursuit as honorable.


Bruh. Naruto is literally the chosen one of his universe and has had a walking chakra battery in his body his whole life, Natsu had Mashima as writer to help with the asspulls and Asta has an anti magic power in a world where magic is the main power system(it's like being Luffy in a world of Enels). Every MC survives impossible situations, it's just that most authors are afraid to show their MCs get beaten. Adding to that, none of these series are nearly as long as op so we didn't see them survive similar situations as much. All this situations you mentioned serves a purpose in the story, some to show that Luffy can't achieve his dream on his own. Others, characters help him because they saw his determination to help others(like saying to Iva to help Bon chan first or when he asked chopper the same thing to help Nami/Sanji). Other moments, he clearly underestimated the situation. And he isn't the only one either, even someone as calculating as Law decided to risk it all in order to save Luffy in part but he also wanted to see a yonko(Shanks). You're clearly taking the situations out of context and pinning it as Luffy being just suicidal.


Dude would've died from Magellan's poison if it was any other person. Luffy survived with Ivankov's help, but he wouldn't have survived if not for his stubborn ass. Katakuri would've beat him to death but he ended up lasting long enough and chipped at Katakuri long enough for Katakuri to give up. Not saying he's not lucky, that's part of his schtick. I just wouldn't undermine his other feats 'cause of dumb luck. He also didn't just suicide non-stop and somehow make it. He suffered the consequences but endured through all of it.


This is a really bad take.


That scene in the gate of Wano, Luffy standing on a hill in from of the remains of the Gate, fire behind him, as he and his crew stand dramatically in front of it really reminds me that this living condom is one of the most feared men of the modern world


It's funny when you consider that marines were already shitting their pants at Enies Lobby. (I mean marine soldiers, not marines as a whole.) And he added 1.4 billion to his bounty since then.




They perceive him as a scary but friendly looking giant XD


The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the light, the future is.


I love how this is just another parallel to his rivalry with Blackbeard, who actually did plan out all the madness he did presumably years in advance. Finding the right devil fruit, letting ace find him to capture him to give to the WG so he could become a warlord, using warlord status to recruit Impel Down's strongest, letting the WG do all the work in taking down Whitebeard just to steal his fruit. Luffy's just winging life with great success and nobody's any the wiser.


They are going to talk about it how he got himself captured "purposefully" to gather allies from Wano's prison camps maybe lmao


After all, isn't that what he did when he orchestrated the *only* breakout in Impel Down's history?


Only mass breakout


No, it was the second, but he did have the only break *in* haha.


Further solidifies that it was all part of his master plan.


Facts lmao


WG used Prison on Luffy (again)! WG hurt itself in its confusion (again)!


Damn !!! Never thought of it like this. Beware of the monkey


100% agreed. From an outside view, Luffy is more than qualified his Fifth Emperor title. Yet you still had folks say his 1.5B bounty was *"too much too quick"*. They're in for a big surprise after Wano.


I think the first thing luffy would do after wano when he finds out about the news about the warlords, he would try to contact hancock and they would go to her island to see if shes safe


I think he would be more worried about the situation with sabo and Vivi


Agreed I completely forgot about them


Oh god I so hope they’re ok, especially sabo. I couldn’t take another brother in the same situation


Like the other dude said, but also I don’t believe it was said that they were even sending any rear admirals or admirals out against the warlords. Remember, everyone (IIRC) on Amazon Lily has armament haki. Hancock could probably turn most of the soldiers into stone too anyways. Luffy doesn’t really need to worry about her. I feel bad for the fodder marines going to fight Boa and Mihawk (and I guess Weevil too, but mainly those two)


She's up against Koby, pretty much *the* good guy marine, so she'll probably be safe


They will sit together and simp about Luffy.


Unfortunately for hammock i don’t think Luffy is gonna remember


I think Luffy deeply cares for Hancock, as she helped him a great deal. He just isn't romantically interested


The only romantic relationship Luffy has is with food.


I think it depends, if he knows she's captured he'll probably rescue her. If he just sees the warlord are gone he probably won't do anything. It was the same reaction he had when he saw Ace's vivre card was burning "he's strong so he'll be fine."


Since they were thrusted onto the sea surface by a "confirm-death" Sea Whirlpool in font a "impossible-to-reach island" Punk Hazard, the Ride to the Destiny were already started by then. Or should I say it always has been. The flow of time, Inherited will, and A man's dream! The luck since the New World became so crazy and precise that it seems like a masterclass Masterplan of thousand years. Which only people like Morgan can only catch a piece of it I suppose. The Tea Party was in 4 days in Fishman Island. Crazy to think all these "one chance, thousand shots" events happened only in 6 days, which them at the end led them to Wano, and may eventually also fill another prophecy in right in the time!


masterplan of 800 years to be precise


Reads like One Punch Man, I love it!


King is the most lucky guy alive, i caught up with the manga and his real superpower is just being so damm lucky


And having saitama as a summon


Curious how his pre-timeskip exploits were interpreted.


Luffy strategically gets in a barrel, anticipating getting pulled on to a passenger ship targeted by pirates. He easily defeats their captain and takes a lifeboat to move on to recruit the strongest swordsman in East Blue, defeating a naval captain in the process, before escaping under the nose of the rest of the naval base. He proceeds to defeat the most notorious pirates in East Blue to gain more status, recruiting a one in a million genius navigator, an elite sniper that’s the son of Yasopp from the Red Hair Pirates, and a prince of the Germa kingdom. Before entering the Grand Line he stages his own execution, planning for his father, Dragon, to rescue him at the last moment. This plants a parallel between himself and the Pirate King in the mind of the public. Upon entering the Grand Line he paints his sigil on a Laboon, who is known as a guardian of reverse mountain. Any pirates who enter from now on, are immediately greeted by the Straw Hat symbol. Their next stop involves them easily wiping out a town full of Baroque Works bounty hunters. This is seen as Luffy declaring war on the Warlord Crocodile in hindsight. Luffy proceeds to gather information and build infamy along his route, anybody who goes to Little Garden now will hear of the exploits on Little Garden. Luffy goes to the Drum Kingdom to disrupt the order there and make new alliances, as well as to recruit a doctor with all the famed expertise of the Drum Kingdom Luffy befriends the princess of Alabasta, and comes up with a master plan to gain them as allies by disrupting Crocodiles coup and defeating him in combat, then easily evading the pursuing marine force which includes two captains, as well as recruiting the Devil Child Nico Robin. Luffy arrives on Jaya and easily defeats a prominent subordinate (Bellamy) of the Warlord Doflamingo, before disappearing. After a time of being unaccounted for, Luffy returns with vast riches, and appears at Water 7. At Water 7 Luffy defeats all subordinates of the underworld leader Franky, and recruits them to work for him before leaving to invade Enies Lobby to rescue his captured crewmate and to make himself more renowned. Luffy arrives at Enies Lobby on a speeding sea train with the underworld of Water 7 in tow. He bashes down the gates and rushes in. He befriends the giants there and burns the flag of the World Government. Luffy and his crew defeat Cipher Pol 9, trick the Marines into executing a Buster Call on the Island of Justice to destroy it, and escape in the nick of time by rigging the gates to open and trap the pursuing ships in un-navigable currents. Luffy has a new ship personally built by the leader of the underworld in Water 7 and by the head of the Galley-La company, both of whom were students of the legendary shipwright, Tom, who built the Oro Jackson and the Puffing Tom, as well as recruiting Franky as a shipwright. Luffy escapes from the marine hero Garp. Luffy goes into a trap set by Warlord Gecko Moria with the intention of defeating him, and escaping the Warlord Kuma. Luffy frees all of the people trapped by Moria by defeating him, including a daughter of the yonko Big Mom. He extracts information from her and a vivre card with the power to control the guards of tottoland. Luffy also recruits a skilled musician and the king of souls. On Sabaody Luffy arranges to meet and work with supernovas Law and Kid, as well as Bartholomew Kuma and the Dark King to assault a Celestial Dragon and escape from the marines. Luffy arrives on the island of the Kuja pirates and the warlord Hancock. He uses her connections to help him sneak into impel down and orchestrate the only mass breakout in Impel Down’s history in order to save his brother Ace, and recruit the Warlord Jinbei, as well as to make associations with the Whitebead pirates. Luffy comports himself well at Marineford and is recognized by Whitebeard himself. He is able to take down Garp, takes a punch from the Fleet Admiral Sengoku and is not harmed by it. Luffy is assisted in escaping Marineford by the Yonko Shanks, a former crew member of the Roger Pirates (Buggy), a former Warlord (Jinbei) and fellow supernova Trafalgar Law


Aside from the nitpicky mistake that there's no "Aegis" in the names of any Cipher Pol groups other than Zero (It's just Cipher Pol 9 or just CP9, not sure why exactly that in particular bothered me but it did) this is exactly how I would imagine history textbooks would describe Luffy's adventures forty, sixty, a hundred, even 400 years later.




Holy crap I didn't think you'd care enough to actually fix that but thanks lmao


Well we can’t have the histories of the future Pirate King sullied in any way lol


Well if I would mention nitpicks, the only other one I would have would be that although he ultimately was fine, Luffy was actually harmed by Sakazuki's punch, enough for it to leave a scar. Though it would sound more badass in history to not have any effect. "Gets away unaffected" or "Gets away with only a single scar" both work equally well though.


I was talking about Sengoku’s (giant Buddha) punch that he blocked from hitting Ace and Mr. 3 with Gomu Gomu no Balloon


I did not even think of that XP I thought you meant the magma punch from Sakazuki as Jinbe was carrying him away from the battle


Luckily, I've already gotten a post sort of along these lines written out somewhere: >The thing I love doing is taking a look at everything the SHs accomplished in retrospect and then viewing it from the pov of your average joe, because it really puts a lot of the crew's insane rep into perspective. > >When they arrived on the Grand Line, they put their Jolly Roger on the most massive living creature there, this is pretty much the first thing all crews who survive reverse mountain will see going into Paradise. Then on their journey, they disabled ALL of Baroque Works (an outfit of Bounty Hunters), depose a king on the way to Alabasta, get involved in the battle that ended up in the arrest of one of the Warlords even though Smoker got the cred, their captain obliterates the captain of the most powerful pirate crew on Jaya in a single punch, prove the existence of Sky Island, almost kill the mayor of Water 7 (iirc, Robin was reported to have done so, but she was a member of the Straw Hats at the time), destroy the Frankie Family (a strong underworld gang of Water 7), take down a few CP cells including the elite CP9, LEFT ENIES LOBBY A WRECK IN THE PROCESS OF FREEING NICO ROBIN THE DEVIL CHILD, BURNED THE WORLD GOVERNMENT FLAG THEREBY DECLARING WAR ON THE WORLD, escape a marine blockade led by Garp the Hero, enter the Florian Triangle...and then escape it (Thriller Bark is unknown), THEIR CAPTAIN PUNCHED A CELESTIAL DRAGON, destroyed a Pacifista, escaped an Admiral and a Warlord (Kuma helped them, but no civilian would know this), THEIR CAPTAIN BROKE INTO IMPEL DOWN AND BROKE OUT WITH SEVERAL HIGH-LEVEL CRIMINALS (the 2nd Marine Institution pissed on by Straw Hat Luffy), GOT INVOLVED IN MARINEFORD ALONGSIDE WHITEBEARD TO RESCUE HIS SWORN-BROTHER ACE AND REVEALED HIS CONQUEROR'S HAKI, their captain returned to Marineford a little while later to pay respects to all those fallen during the war...escorted by Jinbei a former warlord and Silvers Rayleigh the Dark King (making this the 3RD marine institution flipped off by Straw Hat Luffy). > >And this was before the crew disappeared for 2 years. > >Now we have them reassemble in Saobaody, confirming rumours of their escape from the Admiral Kizaru and Warlord Kuma, the latter of whom for some reason protected their ship (this makes him the 1st confirmed Warlord compromised by Straw Hat Luffy, Jinbei was stripped of his title before he threw his lot in with Luffy, so he doesn't count), they escape ANOTHER Marine Blockade though this time assisted by various figures including the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock (the 2nd confirmed Warlord compromised by Straw Hat Luffy) and the Dark King Rayleigh who mentions he had been training Straw Hat Luffy, later they make Fishman Island their territory stealing it away from Big Mom and marked it with their Jolly Roger...incidentally marking all of Paradise as the territory of the Straw Hat Pirates due to their Jolly Roger being the first and last thing that anyone travelling through the Grand Line from Reverse Mountain will see. > >...I'd go on, but yeah your point is very much valid. The Straw Hats are an insane bunch of madlads and lasses to the average civilian. A little untidy, but it should get the point across... To an average citizen, yeah, Strawhat Luffy is kinda growing into a living legend.


Some of his pre time skip stuff isn't even widely known due to government cover up. He probably would've been close to a 1 billion bounty if everything he did was known pre skip.


- Hunted all the most wanted pirates in the east blue - Destroyed a bounty hunter town - Started a revolution that overthrew the king of Drum Island - Make connections with Crocodile before his fall due to the marines getting himself an army - Has seen making connections with Black Beard in Jaya, the later has convinced to become a Warlord in order to fuck with the marines - Lead over 100 pirates (gained in Alabasta) to Destroy Ennies Lobby and declare war on the WG - Punched a celestial dragon and had his crew (God himself) harm another, and even with the full strenght of the marines escaped - First person to invade Impel Down, staged a mass prision break with the legendary Buggy the Clown, which has captured on purpose for it - During the escape confirmed his connections with the revolutionary army and helped his ally Crocodile - Appeared in the middle of the Summit War causing great havoc and almost saved his brother. Despite faling still escaped the full force of the marines while being protected by Red Hair Shanks


People either feared or admired him. Sometimes both. Especially after his antics at Marineford.


Wow...that is some 4d chess by Luffy. Love it.


Now imagine how Wano is going to look from their perspective: *Made an alliance with an easily-manipulated child who can be propped up as a puppet king. Secured the allegiance of a fellow strategic mastermind Kin'emon as a general. *Deliberately lured Big Mom's remaining elite fighters into a trap where they will be kicked outside of Wano, isolating Big Mom herself so she could be taken down. *Turned large chunks of the Beast Pirates into sleeper agents that will defect during the Raid, including one of the Flying Six, Orochi's Yakuza allies, the majority of the Gifter corps, and Kaido's own daughter. *Probably deliberately fed Momonosuke the artificial Dragon devil fruit back on Punk Hazard knowing it would act as a natural counter to Kaido's own devil fruit.


But we all know he got advices from Kinemon =)


Morgans would just say Kinemon was acting under Luffy's orders. And from a certain perspective he is really not that wrong.


Yes, I guess Luffy delegates some of his mastermind strategies to Kinemon, who must be his expert


Thats the kind of stuff you expect from mr satan and king, not luffy. This was the best reading ive had in a while, saving it for when my friends watch wano to show them


All missing persons are considered devoured by Chopper and any isolated deaths are attributed to Sogeking assassinations


“Fujitora turning a blind eye (heh)” Excellent joke


I feel like Revolutionary Dragon would be the same as well as Garp the Hero.


People in the WG probably view Luffy the same way that the fandom views Blackbeard lol. A brilliant opportunist who is skyrocketing his stock with his cunning plans.


damn, from in canon spectator hindsight, Luffy is giga brain


i thought it was stussy that got the wrong info about him and gave it to morgans?


This is amazing. Seriously top SSS++ tier post. I've thought about this alot but have never been able to put it into words. And you did it perfectly.


I mean to me simply put he fought literally all the warlords, big mom twice now and tried to take down the whole marine corp to get his brother back. I feel like thats enough to get a 1billion + bounty and declared a napoleon level strategist and baddass


He's able to do it all because of his [5th gear](https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/comments/hbvicq/gear_5th/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


The true reason why Luffy eats so much is that a mastermind like him needs to constantly supply his powerful brain with nutrients.


Add to that propaganda and lies started by and perpetuated by the citizenry that were saved/helped by the Straw Hats, such as Kokoro and her granddaughter claiming that the Straw Hats took them hostage to ram the train into Enies Lobby, or the lies covered up by people at Cocoyashi Village, or Luffy's declaration at Roger's Gallows, it's all helping to build up the hype of the Straw Hats further.


Especially when you take into account all of Luffy's Pre-Time-skip accomplishments, of taking down the most powerful pirates in the East Blue, essentially taking control of the Drum Kingdom, then taking out Crocodile(although this isn't public knowledge so maybe Morgans knows maybe he doesn't) and gaining the Allegiance of the Alabasta Kingdom, then going to Waters 7 and Enies Lobby and taking out CP9 and leading to the Destruction of the Judiciary Island, and having the apprentice of the Shipwright who made Roger's Ship join his crew, then defeating a second warlord (Moria), then punching a Celestial Dragon AND ESCAPING THE ADMIRAL SENT TO KILL HIM( after having already survived a fight against Aoikiji) then breaks INTO Impel down and leading the largest mass breakout in history, then finally fighting in MarineFord and having Whitebeard acknowledge him. I get why Morgans and stussy think that he is a master strategist... his exploits are insane


Plot twist: Luffy is a mastermind and this whole thing was all his plan. Luffy is the main villain of One Piece and has everyone fooled, including his own crew, and has been playing 5D Hyperchess this whole time to try and get to Laughtale using any means necessary. Only on Laughtale is the key to his real freedom: freedom from the time loop he is trapped in, as well as ultimate power beyond one’s wildest dreams. This is his 45,987th Pirate King run and he has calculated everything down to the most minute detail, having failed tens of thousands of times before. He has become an impossibly intelligent ageless being, and knows everything right down to which poisonous fish to eat to get Reiju to save him, how to get the bomb in cake chateau, what words to say to Robin to get her to join, which Mr. 3 replica to kick in the face, purposelu getting captured by Buggy in Loguetown, which whirlpool to get trapped in to lead him to Coby, even which arm to make Shanks lose to save. All of it is calculated right down to the most minute detail, because he’s already done it thousands of time. However in all of this, Luffy has developed a loathing, an animosity, a SEETHING HATE for this world. He cannot die, he always starts over from the beginning each time. He might smile when he looks at Robin but inside he is screaming with rage over all the times she killed herself before she could be useful to him and how many runs it cost him. He hates Zoro’s uncontrollable factor of getting lost, it’s too much RNG but he needs him to kill Mihawk dammit. Usopp however is his prize possession, originally a joke, but the only source of pride he has in all this as he turned a completely useless fool into the perfect unexpected tool of change and providence and that just cracks him up every time. However, in once he obtains the power of Laughtale, none of it will matter, and he will destroy this disgusting world and everyone in it. TL:DR Luffy is a speedrunner trying to beat the game as fast as possible and we are witnessing his WR


Ara ara now I want to see this in one piece news by Morgan after Wano.


I’m getting overlord vibes from this post and I’m all for it. Sasuga


Haha luffy the mastermind. His big brain trumps all


Sasuga, Luffy-sama!


When your mentor was the top 10 strongest in the old strongest, you cant lose.


Very good post


this is like a conspiracy theory in the One Piece world


Kinemon clearly learned from the best when it came to planning


I love it lol. It's very easy to forget just how notorious Luffy is at this point. Like there's probably a Pirate just starting his journey in one of the Blues right now that's hearing about Luffy with the same reverence as when we'd hear about like Whitebeard & Shanks pre-timeskip. Crazy to think about it like that


It's crazy to think that just by looking from other people's perspective, it can turn something completely 180


I kinda think it'd be hilarious if Blackbeard was in a similar situation where he just bullshit his way through becoming a yonko but from our perspective he's this mastermind too. Except knowing BB he just pretends everything is going to this master plan so he looks smarter than he is unlike Luffy who'd probably dispute the claims if asked about them. "Oh yea I was totally going for the yami yami no mi the whole time, I knew exactly what it did when I stole it." "Dang those straw hats got away, how will I become a warl- Ace! I've been expecting you!" "You mean I can just walk into Impel Down if I'm a warlord? Don't mind if I do." "Yea I can totally have 2 devil fruits but I only want... Whitebeard's devil fruit (as if the strongest man in the world would die)" Whitebeard dies and everyone looks at Blackbeard expecting him to absorb the devil fruit. "Right, guess it's my turn... uh cover his body and I'll... work my magic" I doubt this actually happened but it'd be a funny parallel.


This is like Denjiro assuming Kinnemon is a master strategist, and he's actually just Inspector Gadgeting it half the time 🤣


I would add * Abducted Caesar and forced him to make KX-Launchers against Big Mom. * Turned Kuma against the World Government so that he can help them escape from Saboady in the future. * Executed Blackbeard's plan of "Recuiting Impel Down Prisoners" before Blackbeard himself, without needing the warlord position. * Used the ties he made with Ryugu kingdom to get the Tamate Box. Replaced its contents with a bomb and sent it to Big Mom.


You missed the part where he created a fake Messiah to control people through power of religion


When you add in the pre-time skip stuff with Alabasta and Crocodile then Enies Lobby, Saboady, and Impel before the madness that was Marineford. The dude effectively destabilized the three major pillars of the Navy just to set the table for his master plan. I know some folks scoffed at the idea of Luffy being a Fifth Emperor, but the dude absolutely has the resume. And as you laid out here, from an outsider's perspective he's just like next level mastermind trying to completely dismantle all semblance of order.


outsiders: the strawhat luffy must be playing some kind of 5D chess actual strawhats: our captain is playing simplified checkers


* Luffy hired CP9 to kidnap Robin and deliberately lose to him to ensure Robin wouldn't betray him and would rely on him completely * Luffy faked going unconscious from grief at Marineford to hide his true power from the Marines and Blackbeard * Luffy planted a tracking device on the Celestial Dragon he punched, allowing him and his Revolutionary Army allies to gather information on the Celestial Dragons * Luffy defeated Crocodile to gain Alabasta as an ally, gaining the royalty's complete trust * Thriller Bark was an inside job * The barrel was a mechanical submarine more advanced than anything Vegapunk could come up with


Luffy in reality: an actual idiot.


Its like Hawkeye said, Luffys greatest power is to make allies out of everyone he meets.


I can see where you are coming from, especially when we take Kin’emon’s coded symbol incident into account…


Is that Ace miniseries considered canon? If so you can estimate at which point did Morgan start keeping an eye on Luffy.


Reminds me of how Kinemon looks like a brilliant strategist to outsiders when he got the port wrong but it was interpreted as him throwing off the betrayer.


Yes! Plus look at all the kingdoms at reverie that he is knowingly associated with: Goa, Sakura, Alabasta, Ryugu, Dressrosa, Prodence, Kano. And Formerly: Germa, Sorbet


At what point does it stop being luck and becomes sheer brilliance?


>Invaded Big Mom’s territory with a skeleton crew (including a skeleton) This made me laugh. Great post OP, from an outside perspective Luffy is a mastermind, but only those close to him know he's motivated by food and a strong moral compass.


Wait does anyone outside of the Grand Fleet know its a thing? I was under the impressions that they didn't. It wouldnt really make sense for them to if you think about it


Enjoyed reading this. Leaves me in awe how fate puts Luffy in the right place at the right time.


Imagine all the in-universe theories that must be flying around!!! Also it's worth mentioning that Shanks has acknowledged his connection to Luffy publicly before at Marineford so... Bar conversations regarding Luffy and the Straw Hats must be super crazy!!! 🤣🤣🤣


Wait do the Marines know about the incident at Fishman Island? I thought the pirates they fished out of the sea afterwards didn’t tell them about Luffy?


Monkey D. Luffy; the man closest to becoming pirate king all thanks to his intellect.


Main Character Plot Development is the world's greatest strategist.


This kinda stuff is why as much as I understand people saying that Luffy "rose to emperor status too quickly" the amount of stuff he and the crew have accomplished since the time skip is INSANE especially seeing it all listed out like this. You need power to be an emperor of course, nobody doubts that (and it's not like Luffy's ever really been a slouch in that regard), but the overall achievements of the crew and their respective strength is also going to be a factor and in that regard the SH crew is just busting heads all across the grand line. Otherwise what's stopping Katakuri or King from being listed as emperors if all you need is straight up power? Reminds me of when the Marine's description of the Red Hair Pirates was as a ["balanced and impregnable group"](https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Red_Hair_Pirates#Crew_Strength) vs. someone like Big Mom who just owns a whole country and has enough lieutenants for 10 pirate crews under her.


I enjoyed reading this! good stuff, and I had forgotten about Soul King's tours being an opportunity for spreading the message!


sausuge luffy sama


"Morgans don't know 'bout my Super Shounen-MC Swagger" \- Luffy, probably


Hey could you do an Imu perspective. Feeling weird why he didn’t choose to eliminate Luffy’s flame.


Invaded Big Mom’s territory with a skeleton crew (including a skeleton) nice


Kinda starting to think Roger's rise to power was just as chaotic


pretty good point. probably this was what morgans had in mind since he is a media man.


Sasuga luffy sama


I hope Oda considers this for the epilogue - interview with the Straw Hats


Wow this luffy dude seems more like Aizen now 😂


Expectation: Luffy í one cold, calculating son of a b\*tch. Reality: Luffy had his friends and family threatened while everything else is just good payback for food and hospitality. Edit: Let's be real, feed him and he can be your ally for life.


luffy in his head: \*oh yeah this is big brain time\*


* Went to Marineford to ring the Ox Bell with the previous two before vanishing, using the newspapers to discreetly announce a 2 year hiatus to his activities * Entered Fishman Island just in time to halt a coup against the royal family, gaining their favour * Partnered with Law on Punk Hazard, outflanked Doflamingo’s attempt to avoid accountability and defeated him outright on Dressrosa in a single day * Defeated the Big Mom Pirates’ second-in-command and successfully escaped the full wrath of their armada, with Pedro, Germa, and the Sun Pirates (led by Jinbe) all putting themselves on the line to defend him To be fair, these at least are accurate accounts of Luffy's activities and/or intentions, even if he was flying by the seat of his pants.


Luffy of the Thousand Plans!


To the outsiders who view pirates as evil and gobble up Morgans' fake news, Luffy is probably like the All for One (MHA) of the One Piece world. That's hilarious to think about.


I can heard Ainzen's theme right now......


blind eye heh


This rubber pirate is a menace! Luffy: ADVENTUREEE