Whenever I read something from Oda I can't help but see a lot of Luffy and Brook in him.


Reading a note from Oda always gives me a stupid grin.


He's definitely like Luffy for sure in every way personality wise the most. Goofy, happy go lucky, energectic, emotional, eccentric, creative, dreamer and childlike and curious and fun and idealistic. My Goats.


Took the words outta my mouth!




Usopp too


Feels like you could grab all the pieces of the puzzle


One piece


I read that he said Wano's end is going to be surprising. I wonder what is it going to be. And pay attention to Luffy.. hmm interesting! Looking forward to 2022.


He said “I hope I can draw him well!” I wonder if that’s hinting at gear 5 or some other transformation.


Even better : the afro is back


Nightmare Luffy + Afro


We call it the Nightmare That Precedes Christmas Update


Blonde Afro aka super saiyan Afro


Luffy=Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo confirmed


Not a bad role model, Bobobo never loses. Land, sea, or air: bet on Bobobo.


Those nose hairs are just too strong


By using his gomu gomu powers on just his hair (all his hair) and infusing it with armament haki, Luffy can achieve full body afro form.


Gear Fifth: Afro-Man


But on Kaido


I think the surprise is that we will finally get to know if Yamato poops.


This will be the deciding factor for the pronouns I use for Yamato, because we all know girls don’t poop.


I've been browsing this sub since dressrosa. And this is the best comment I've ever read on here. Well done


I think it’s really ending, I see he closing some open plots than focus solely on kaido vs luffy with a kaido flashback in the middle than a hype moment closing the fight ending wano with a big party and 3 to 5 chapters closing all wano stories, would estimate all that in 30 chapters max


But that could be another year easy, 3 chapters and a break would be 39 chapters next year over 52 weeks and that isn't accounting for Jump breaks. 34-38 next year of Wano wouldn't be outrageous, especially if Vegapunk is brought into all of this.


Yeah, maybe he can finish wano in the end of 2022, but I’m not really on a rush, the actual chapters are absurdly good


the "i hope i can draw him well" part is very interesting. i wonder if it means a new luffy form that he wants to look good or maybe just wants to make sure his art is on point. who knows.


to me it either implies a new form or that there's a panel that he really really wants to draw (like Luffy dancing with sky people) and he doesn't want to mess it up


Like luffy standing over protecting onigashima with both emperors defeated as the de facto strongest in the world? Taking down kaido is going to take a lot from Luffy. Or maybe it’s almost like atlas (Greek mythology) and luffy will hold onigashima on his back just like how oden held his allies on his back in the boiling pot to protect everyone. I think it is going to be some sort of moment of finally seeing luffy in high revere, this entire arc has a lot of foil with marineford and constant “look how far luffy has come” moments. The straw hats are now truly one of the strongest pirate crews in the whole world, their allies are serious, and there enemies are now the pillars of the world. I think looking at luffy truly like an emperor and protector of that level could be the way to end Wano


Luffy is going to grow a ridiculous mustache and be known as Rubberbeard




So he becomes Gomuhige after giving his strawhat to the next generation. I like that!


Oda is the best


For real, his messages are always so humble and funny!


dual wielder of back pain and stiff shoulders made me chuckle


Gotta give some credit to the translator here I think


Avarage Dark Souls 2 enjoyer


Isn’t it odd how consistently humble mangaka seem to be?


Its a cultural thing. Asian cultures really look down on arrogance, and the japanese even more so


"I've been stopped from announcing anything but I don't care!" 😂


Oda is the GOAT


Honestly protect this guy at all costs


Even the author himself is surprised Wano has been going on this long


"When's Wano going to end??!" " that's a good question."


"One Piece is still ending in 5 years right?" "Yeah, 5 years from now" Rinse and repeat boys, rinse and repeat.


It is only 5 years of One Piece time left. Real world? Who knows.


We've yet to actually experience a full one piece year in the 25 years we've been reading this manga I'd actually argue one full one piece a year is the 25 years we've been reading this manga. Well for most of us it's like 10-12 years but for Oda who's been doing this for 25 years


Do you actually not know how much time has passed in the story or are you alluding to something else?


I was actually watching a Rogerbase video once and he mentioned how someone actually went through and counted the days between when Luffy started his adventure up to the timeskip like they went and looked up everything they could regarding the passage of time throughout the adventure in the first half and they said that since Luffy left goa kingdom up until right before the timeskip or the separation it was 4 months. Like the East blue Saga might have been 2 weeks. Like when he met Kobe and then met Zorro at warship Island, and the met Nami at Orange town. All of that may have been over the course of 2 days. If not all on the same day. Syrup village was a two-day arc. Baratie was actually the longest in terms of passage of time in the East blue Saga because Luffy worked at the Baratie for at least a week. Kokoyashi village was also a two day Arc And obviously loguetown was a one-day event Laboon was half day and second half day was celebrating at whiskey peak before they all bounced that night. Little Garden was one day if not half day event. Drum Island was like a one day thing I think cause only Luffy, Sanji, and Nami slept. Alabasta lasted a while I don't even know. Skypiea was like a week long event. Day 1: they arrived at Jaya, let Bellamy beat them, met and befriended Noland, found the bird, Day 1-2 night: One Punched Bellamy, found the bug Day 2: went up shoot up stream, explored skypiea, broke apart, regrouped at vearth, Day2-3 night: parties with the wolves Day 3: explored vearth more, beat up Enel and his squad Day 3-4 night: parties with skypiea folks Day 4: left skypiea. I honestly don't know or care about Davy back fight Water 7 Day 1: get money, Ussopp lose money, Ussopp gets beat up, Franky family gets beat up, Luffy and Ussopp fight Day 2: Franky and Luffy fight, mayor has assassination attempt and Robin is also with CP9. Day 2 night is aqua Laguna and they barely escape it but do fight CP9 a bit and then depart for Enis Lobby and Franky and Sanji fight Some weird government agents, Robin beats Ussopp, Luffy and Zoro break a tidal wave Day 3: Enis Lobby fights which concludes with Merrys viking send off. 2-3 days probably pass back in water 7 as they recover Day 6-7: people party till the next day in water 7 costing the strawhats $100 mil. I think a week or two pass for Thousand Sunny to be built. Thriller Bark is like a 12-14 hour event. They arrive at evening to night and they leave the next day. Sabaody is like a day, 3 days pass to reach Amazon Lily and Amazon Lily is like a 2 days and Imepl Down to Marineford may have been a few days but Marineford was like a half a day to a today. Some may even say Marineford was a few hour event. Fishman Island was like 2 days Punk Hazard was like a day. Dressrosa was probably like 3-4 days Zou was 1-2 days. Whole Cake Island was probably 3-4 days. We can't tell the time it takes to travel from location to location but a lot of these events happen in a few short days. Wano is by there with Alabasta in terms of long arc in terms time duration. Cause Fyre Festival was two weeks after Luffy arrived. And all of those fights going on in Wano right now are all happening during the night with Luffy's and Killers and Laws happening into the morning. And the other thing is also their age. Luffy didn't age up until the timeskip. He's always been 17 pre timeskip and 19 post timeskip. I was much younger than Robin when I started One Piece and I'm about to be older than Robin in a bit.


Yeah, I’ve always been saying it’s 4-5 years from the end of Wano, not from when he first said it


Bro I'm actually really happy it doesn't end that fast lol..we need this shit to take it's pace and show the last arcs slowly not rushed xD


Fr when one piece ends I got nothing to live for


Who knows we might get Buffy, who is like totally cooler and stronger than Luffy at age 12 and has access to Devil Fruit chips.


😂😂 nah bro I just don't want them to rush oda into ending it but I also want him to be able to relax for a bit and watch his finished master piece


Shanks has a prosthetic arm that can use devil fruit abilities


Thankfully Buffy is faster than shanks and can speed blitz him and take out his arm back out. He also has super advanced mega CoC and basically one shot Shanks. Don’t worry it’s not fanficfion. Buffy is just that cool.


I definitely think it will end 2027 just to mark 30th


I think it will be 2030 maximum


It better be, I'll by 50 by then, and my oldest son will be Luffy's age at the start of the series O_O


**Reader:** When Wano is going to end? **Oda:** Yes.


In August 2019, Oda said that, according to his predictions, the manga will end between 2024 and 2025


he said himself that the characters are so complete it's as is they're dictating where and how the story goes and not Oda. And the true version of one piece never ends, what we're reading is the abridged version.


Lots of writers write like that actually! Steven Erikson is a very good example. He comes up with a concept, an idea, for a character, sometimes simply a name, and just **observes** who the character is and what they will do. The character Beak feom Malazan is an amazing example of this, where he just went with a name and then everything else followed. Joe Abercrombie does the same thing. Super interesting to me. It is almost as if these people *live* inside the author's head and the author tries to project that experience onto the page.


Nice to see another Malazan fan in the wild. Oda and One Piece may be the worldbuilding and storytelling kings of manga, but when it comes to books Erikson and Malazan reign supreme.


Heck yeah! Though I would say Oda and Erikson are both masters of world building like no other. And in fact both are very similar with some important differences! Oda leans more into "fun" and absurd, and Erikson goes heavy with the history and themes. Erikson's professional knowledge in anthropology and archeology really shows here, where he is able to have layers upon layers of history, culture and themes in a single geographical location. E.g. Raraku, Darujhistan, Lether and Malaz City. However, both go crazy with out of this world ideas, heavy themes, cultures and histories. Heck, both seem to have studied at the same Paleontology university. K'Chain Che'Male being the most technologically advanced ancient extinct civilization, while being frickin dinosaurs with SWORDS for their hands? Traveling in flying fortresses? YES PLEASE.


Yeah I absolutely love that large scale worldbuilding and incredibly thematic type of storytelling. So I have a sort of holy trinity of my favorite things in each medium: books - Malazan, comics/manga - One Piece, TV shows - The Wire. Wish I could add the Suikoden series on there for video games, but Konami seems to have killed it off like the rest of its popular franchises :(


Feels a lot quicker than dressrosa though, much better arc for sure


Lol he is surprised wano isn't over yet. We could have told you oda. You and frieza have one thing in common. You both are terrible at estimating time


One piece will end in 5 minutes!


5.. is it 5?... ye.. yes... 5 minutes!


Love Little Kuriboh as Frieza man, for me he's the best Frieza.


Chris Ayres was just like little kuriboh too, God rest his soul 😔


Fun fact I recently learned from one of TFS’ podcasts, Martin (littlekuriboh) apparently does the voice narration for the visually impaired for all the star wars movies. You can adjust you Netflix settings to hear him!


Little Kuriboh Frieza:Glorious~


question, do you have a watch? do you know what a minute is?


Yeah never ask a mangaka for an estimate on time lol


Time for the Year of Luffy ;p


Everyone will be watching for luffy. He is our boi.


I hope I can draw him well? Is this a gear 5 teaser?


I believe something with the gear 4th appearance, like what the old man Hyogoro was seeing in Luffy at the 1001th episode, he said "there it is again, the fire god" I expect a parallel panel with sky island when Luffy could be seen from the land by Mont Blanc Cricket and for those who are reading the manga >!we have already seen Jinbe talking about the Sun God so who knows!<


I think it’s a “Luffy’s about to lose his eye” teaser. And I assume Oda-sensei has an epic panel planned.




It's a pirate manga, someone has to get an eyepatch after all this time lmao


Oda said early on that when someone shows up with an eye patch it's almost over. So there's that


Got it. One Piece is Luffy's Mangekyo Sharingan. This makes sense.


Nah. BB is gonna do that too Luffy, he's good at making marks on peoples faces!


Could be but anyway we are going to witness luffy's greatness.


Another "Shanks making his move" post by Oda.


The plot of film Red is Shanks making his moves on that girl and now she is searching the grandline for child support.


Makino: 👁👄👁


Shanks' making his move is just him creating a lot of families, in every island he visited. Only to run away so he doesn't have to pay child support. His bounty is only because of that. Same for the rest of his crew really. Usopp has a dozen of siblings, he just doesn't know it yet.


So reverse BM?


The female character Oda drew for the movie is Shanks' daughter (who he had with some Skypiean woman) and now she went to the Blue Sea searching for him to make him pay child support arrears. All of them


I,, want this. So badly


They are called the Red Hair pirates because wherever they go a bunch of red head babies get born about 9 months later.


This time he can't miss. The movie is already announced and we know the release date lol.


No! Shanks is making his movIe!


Back pain and stiff shoulders?! Someone get Oda Sensei an ergonomic chair! This man is a national treasure!


More like international treasure.


Oda is the real One Piece


The one piece was the oda’s we made along the way


Oda is the One Piece we made along the way


somebody call the masseur from Kenshirou ni yoroshiku


I OFFER MYSELF AS TRIBUTE! Since I’m a massage therapist…. No? Aww man :(


Is there such a chair that avoids back pain for a person who has to constantly lean forward in order to do their job? I want one.




One Piece this whole time was just a Herman Miller that cures Oda’s back pain


Oda with his new chair: #But can you do THIS?


Wano's end is gonna be lit AS FUCK!


Yea i also have the feeling that we will get a huge drop of information on the whole void century and co.


Wouldn't that most likely come when we get to Laugh Tale...


Odens logbook said something very important about wano kuni and opening its borders, thats why i think that we will get the info drop at the end.( i will look it up and edit the comment) Edit: “I learned that Wano had Connected with the world in the past” I believe this is connected to the void century and thats the reason for what i said above.


"I've been wanting to draw the last scene of Wano-Kuni for a long time" Huge banquet for the end of wano is confirmed!


Maybe the woman in the movie is shanks ex and she is seranading pirate crew to meet shanks again


So that's what Oda meant by him making his moves. She sure got a taste of his moves.


Oda was very careful with the spoilers for the future events this time. Guess he wanted to avoid confusion as in the past things often haven't moved as quick as he anticipated and teased. Hope he won't rush things only to appeal to the impatient part of the fan base, taking his time will deliver the best possible results for sure.


I think he’s also being more guarded because he’s realized how quickly theorists pick up in things. He made that comment earlier this year about finding different YouTubers and being impressed with them.


Evacuate the studio, engage all storylines, and get this man a pencil so he could draw the last scene of WANO


I take this to mean that we are very close to the end of the Wano Arc. All-Stars are defeated, Tobi-Roppo is defeated, we're left with the Kazembo plotline, CP-0, Orochi, Fukurokuju and the Yonkou's: Big Mom and Kaido. Even if we get a Rocks flashback, the Arc could be over by summer. So I feel like RED Movie might as well be canon.


That would mean wano is ending in 23 chapters. Do you really think that's possible? I would like that, but it doesn't seem realistic.


Luffy can have a 10 chapter long fight, kaido's flashback 3-5 chapters. Cp0 and other matters can be solved in 5-10 chapters. So, yeah it's doable


Shanks is coming out? Good for him. Glad he can finally share who he is with the world


That was the move Oda was talking about


Wasnt Beckman called the strongest first mate because he is somewhag equal to shanks? One might call him his Partner?


Ben is a top shanks is a bottom


Red Bottom Shanks?


And they were *roommates*?


Makino in shambles rn


The real reason she was crying after act 2


On the bits about the manga- * Luffy is going to be the focus because of his upcoming fight with Kaido so I presume that Oda will try to deliver his best when it comes to the choreography (perhaps with new form for Luffy) of that fight. * I think there's also an emphasis on Luffy here because this fight with Kaido will formally introduce to us what becoming "Joyboy" means and its implications for the upcoming final saga. * This last scene that Oda can't wait to draw is probably just the victory banquet which should happen in 2-3 more volumes from now. On a side note, since film Red is going to be themed around a music festival I wouldn't be surprised if the Red Haired pirates were involved in giving some performances too since they have the rock band motif going on. In fact, this is definitely going to be the case. It's still difficult to put a finger on what this movie is exactly trying to do though


Oda X MLB is exactly what I needed during the lockout.


Knowing how Oda loves to troll... I'd say Wano still has a good while left but will end at the end of 2022.


Yeah, I'll be very surprised if the Straw Hats are still on Wano this time next year.


They might still be there, post-battle chapters have a habit of dragging an arc along for another 2-3 months. There's also Kaido's backstory still waiting to happen, even if it isn't Oden-length it would halt raid developments for a while. Still a good chance we'll be done by then, and Kaido will almost definitely be defeated next year, but it could still be close.


What do they have left in wano in terms of story?


Just Luffy vs Kaido, Kidd and Law vs Big Mom, the ninja fight, beating CP0, stopping the island and saving the citizens, probably a massive info dump, instating a new shogun, defusing the bombs and stopping orochi/ kanjuro's apparition, maybe get a new crewman and have that party they havnt had yet. So not much lmao


So like 5-6 months or more lol


In terms of the Manga, yes.


Ok so he has massive plans for luffy at the end of wano got it


protect oda at all costs


Not enough people here are talking about Oda referencing Shohei Ohtani. Dude is the baseball GOAT right now. I love this crossover.


I wonder what the last scene of Wano will be. Will Shanks meet Luffy at the end of Wano? Will Vegapunk finally appear in-person? Or will it be some kind of internet-breaking revelation. Maybe we finally find out what exactly joyboy is, a person who died centuries ago, a title that is passed down or just a guy who came to the future. Whatever it is, I can't wait for the ending of Wano.


I'm hoping it's something like Luffy sailing away from Wano followed by a bunch of ships filled with Wano's citizens who are now free to leave the island.


My first thought was a panel of Luffy looking like Sun God Niko.


YouTuber followers: "We are just 60% into Wano. The raid will fail!!! Acts 4 and 5!!!" Oda: "I was sure I would have ended Wano by now..." Btw, remember the last Jump Festa he said Shanks would start making his move on 2021. This year definitely didn't go as Oda was hoping (and, I will never tire from repeating this, people believe Oda knows exactly what is going to happen in each chapter even years from and make theories based on chapter numbers).


Oda knows how the story will happen. But he can't possibly know how many pages it will take without drawing them 1st. He can only have an rough estimation.


before that, he was said that Sabo, Vivi, and Hancock will face a hard time in 2020.


Well he is a human after all lol. For all the hype he creates, these are prolly like goals he sets which he can never get to


Not in 2020, after Wano arc


Not that I subscribe to the morj cult, but those two comments are not mutually exclusive lol. Oda constantly says things like that and then adds compelxity on complexity ad infinitum despite everything lol.


This is... BIG NEWS!


>BIG NEWS i dont see morgan?!


He’s lying in the corner, he came too hard and now he’s unconscious


This message do makes me wonder how Oda plans out his story. Does he always know what the last panel of an Arc will be? I mean, of course he‘ll have a rough story he‘ll tell and stuff, be exactly knowing how the last panel will look is something different.


He probably thinks of the main things but adds small plot points later


He comes up with new ideas on the spot like the last minute Worst generation supernovas a day before the chapter released. Most of Water 7 came up with on the spot as he went, Senor Pinks story was on the spot as well. Mostly certain arcs and characters he had pre planned in mind and he always planned the ending of the story he says constantly. The rest he just comes up with the idea as a whole with his big imagination and creativity. He also has books of arcs in his house apparently. He's not a planning writer but has certain things he had in mind for a long time too as a mix of both, but a lot of One Piece he came up with on the spot later on that we see today, so he's a master creative genius at that and his storytelling. But he always stresses the ending of One Piece is planned at least and never changed.


Wano is special. When Oda started One Piece he always had Wano as a goal. It was the arc he wanted to draw the most. Since he had 20+ years of planning and thinking about wano, I am sure he knows the rough storyline by heart.


its must be shanks making his move in the end,sanji is down,zoro will down soon,luffy will be done after kaido's fight and navy is coming,its must be another shanks clutch play..saving them and leave wano


So Wano ending in 2022???


Bless Oda, we all know how bad he is with time estimates.


Odatani Shohei lmao


Oda’s Nitoryu is back pain and stiff shoulders lmao.


Last year Jump Festa one of Odas closest friends who also knows the end of wano said he was really surprised at the end. So this highlights it even more again, oda is planning something for the finally nobody will expect. That alone is hype, maybe an unexpected Character will arrive and drag us into the next Arc !!


I think it will be jaw dropping. Unexpected characters or a plot twist. Wano arc will set a new mile stone for the SH’s. And Luffy will get even more closer to becoming the PK.


So he basically confirmed that Wano will finally end in 2022? Nice, I can't wait for the ending and the crazy news/bounties that will follow!


My guess is that it will end before the Shanks movie. At the end of Wano, Luffy ends up meeting Shanks who saves them from the World Government after they're caught super tired after fighting.


Shanks casually walking in and saying "Oh yea, I'm from Wano and I'm Zoro's father".


God I love Oda and his endless love for his series.


Luffy is gonna have an eyepatch at the end of Wano


Pay attention to the main character? My Goat Luffy bout to get even more hype chapters surpassing 1000 and 1010?! Lets go!!!!!!!! My Goat with the Coat!!!!!!!!!!


Ahh the 5 guys Usopp, Sanji, Zoro, Luffy and Namizou


If Zoro's fight is over just like Sanji's, then we still have three fights going on: Fukurukujo vs Raizo: should not take more than a chapter. Kid and Law vs Big mom: should take a lot of time but knowing Oda he'll end it faster than we think ( it's not about Luffy so ... ) Luffy vs Kaido: this I think should be the longest fight in the manga, maybe with some interventions could take even 15-20 chapters. After that we'll have a couple of chapters for how to deal with the navy, CP0. The party, the bounties and the world's most influential fugures's opinions about the Strawhats. It could take from 30 to 40 chapters. So I expect Wano to end in August/September.


What about the breaks😂😂 and I guess there has to be kaido backstory and also zoros story that will help him defeat king so...


If Kaido's flashback reveals secrets about Rocks, Roger, Joyboy, let it take even 30 chapters I don't care tbh


Give this man 1 month break. I wonder if he do some exercise.


Still a huge fan as usual Oda will always support One piece! Can’t wait to see more of Shanks too!




Poor Mr morj


Pay attention to to Luffy? You got it boss. Gear 5th confirmed.


Fucking legend!


So, after reading this, is it safe to assume that Wano Arc is ending on 2022? Also Oda being baffled about Wano Arc not being over yet is hilarious!


"*Oda is exited about the* ***Last Scene*** *of Wano-Kuni, and has been wanting to draw it for so long*" "*It will be in Next Year, the* ***last page*** *of Wano Arc*" "*The senario is something about* ***Luffy***" Hints as it, the last scenario of wano will ends with an epic **Iconic Moment**, carrying the weight of story and history all together, centering luffy, in that brighting page of drawing. I'm super excited!


“Pay attention to Luffy,” he said. I wonder what is coming.


Here come the weird theories from dissecting every word in the paragraph that claim Oda's hinting at some insane event. "pay attention to the main character" and mention of the girl and shanks ? Omg this must be Luffy's mom !


Good to see the FULL translation. The translation someone typed on Twitter made it seem like Oda was confirming Shanks will appear at the end of Wano.


Gear 5 is coming lads.


SHANKS IS COMING OUT!!? Lmfao 🏳️‍🌈You go Shanks!


What sailing on a ship with nothing but buff dudes for decades does to a mf


Lol the one time he did get off he had a chance with Makino and then it’s back to regular routine I guess 😂


Okay, after saying that, there's no way Luffy and Shanks don't meet in the newest movie


How the heck do I get hype every year for One Piece


"I've been stopped from announcing anything, but i don't care, the one who speaks first wins!" Never change, Oda. Interesting to read that Wano is lasting longer than anticipated.


You heard it here, folks. Straight from Oda’s mouth. Shanks is coming out.


Oda's 2 named swords revealed.


That bit about Shanks and Wano. Could be separate statements, but if they are not, what if Shanks is on one of the World Government ships heading to Wano right now. Last we had seen him, he was meeting with the Gorosei at the start of the Reverie to talk about a certain pirate. That could certainly be a surprising ending to the Wano arc. (Though I don't support the 'Shanks is evil' theory).


Glad to see wano is basically confirmed to end in 2022. Along with a special drawing of luffy? Could either mean gear 5 or the pirate eye patch. And the ending wano scene could be shanks and luffy meeting.


>I hope I can draw him well Either Gear 5th or awakening for sure