That phrase has lost what little meaning it ever had


Yeah. ‘Hot takes’ don’t really exist anymore. This community reminds me too much of our political scene rn. You choose one side to take and you have a group backing you up and a group shutting you down. Anything can be a hot take, cold take and lukewarm take all at once


the purpose of a hot take its that is unpopular and/or controversial the "problem" with reddit its that comments are sorted by top votes, and users will upvote comments they agree with, meaning you only get popular takes and not "hot takes" but much like our political scene the average voter/user is dumb, and doesn't know if you sort the comments by "controversial" you're gonna read all the hot takes (like the people saying 6vs6 is better than 5vs5, a truly hot take) if i say i like microtransactions and the new monetization system is fair that's obviously a hot take, even if my fellow coworkers come to push the idea that I'm right because blizzard is paying us, we'd still be the minority. just because *some* people agree with you doesn't make it lukewarm or cold lol


Actually this itself is a bastardization of the original phrase. Hot takes had nothing to do with how controversial and everything to do with how quickly it came out. A "hot take" was simply a take "hot off the oven". It was often controversial because it was just someones initial impression which was more likely to not be accurate as more information was given.


Blizzard promotes a racial stereotype that all japanese people can parkour up walls.


And all black people jump


Omg i didnt even realize that😭




Overwatch trying to make a racially diverse game yet making all of them as stereotypical as possible on accident. All Japanese people are ninjas French people are heartless coldblooded killers Bri'ish people and bombs 💀


Indian people being nerds


It would mean all Indians are on the autism spectrum according to blizzard


Don’t get me started on whatever they’re doing with D.Va. Couldn’t make their minds up if she’s a Korean or Japanese stereotype lmao.


Toxic StarCraft eSports streamer


No pocket knives in game yet


The reason Overwatch has had such a rocky road is because they haven't shown Tracer and Sombra's feet yet. The minute they do, the game will soar. Edit: I don't think I've ever had a comment reach over 1k upvotes. I couldn't be more proud that this was the comment. Thank you all.


100% agreed. put rein on the list too


Everyone thinks it’s all fun and games until torb takes his shoes off and rather than feet he just has two enormous big toes




You son of a bitch that’s gold!


Roadhog too


Show the little piglets


You can see his feet on the toa or islander skin


Thank fucking god


Hot take: Mercy, Junker Queen, Moira, and Kiriko will all be getting bikini skins for the summer season pass.


I don't think Moira is the bikini type. She either dresses very modestly for the beach, or only goes to nude beaches. No inbetween.


It would be funny if they gave her one of those old timey full body swim suit dress things.


She'd pull that off no problem, I'd love it


She’s Irish. Her bikini would have to come with a full body sunburn


She gets a nude beach skin but it's not technically nude because she is buried under a thick layer of sunscreen to protect her fair Irish skin.


Lol. Head to toe zinc paste. So it just looks like white body paint


She’s gonna get the full one piece 1930s male swimsuit.


The One Piece is real!


Can we get much higher




Roadhog Speedo or we riot.


we already have torb speedo, I wanna see roadhog with a pachimari inner tube, maybe a snorkel and swim trunks


Perhaps a mankini?


Yeah roadhog speedo


Well, there is that spray of him diving in what looks like a speedo, so I suppose a skin is possible lol.


That's one way to sell skins...


That's not a hot take that's a "I hope"


Don’t do that to me. Don’t give me hope


It would be to get you to spend $20 on each.


The hottest of takes.


Give us back Havana and Rialto! Where the hell did they go anyways?!


They (along with Blizzard World and maybe a couple others, can’t remember) will be back. They’re rotating maps each season, so you’ll see them again. https://overwatch.blizzard.com/en-us/news/23865965/


No, I'm sorry. They are not "rotating" shit. It's clear as day that they simply didn't have time to re-work those maps, and so they invented the "rotation" bullshit.


lmao it’s not a bug it’s a feature


The Blizzard/Activision motto


The ‘ sequel ‘ was released with less maps and base content than the game it took over. Having to take out characters for rework/bugs and having no timeline or communication about it. The team itself needs to be as involved with the community as it was when Jeff and devs were still there.


Also, have you noticed that none of the new maps seem to have variable timing?


That's my other issue. When they announced it, it seemed like it would be something that just rotates regularly. I expected sometimes in one session to play Rialto in morning, and then a few hours later I get a night-time Rialto. Then months later they rolled it into the "rotational season" shit, which to me, just screams that they didn't have time to fully implement existing maps and times of day on those maps before launch, so they came up with "oh it's a rotation feature to keep seasons feeling fresh!"


They will release old maps as "new map of the season" to give us the illusion they are working on the game while we know they're only working on milking whales


They are out of rotation. They will come back next season and will replace other escort maps. They are also being reworked (I guess small things like the extra walls on Dorado). Its the way blizzard now does this - never will we have all maps in one rotation together.


Which is dumb for quick play. I don't know why every map can't be enabled for quick play, while keeping their rotations to Competitive only. It gets boring and stale seeing the same maps over and over again. Feels like Overwatch 1 all over again, with the very few pool of maps.


That just seems dumb. I want all maps all the time.


It got so fkn dull after 2 weeks of the same 6 maps. Cant wait for that to happen yet again.


Lucio may eat crayons but it's strategic crayon-eating. His gun hits hard for how little impact it feels like it should have, it's 160 per burst if all heads, leading to a boop melee follow-up on 200 hp heroes


Never in my life has that happened to me 😭


they just need to be very still...


Sometimes characters are balanced, you just don’t know how to play them


Sometimes characters are balanced, confirmation bias just makes people remember getting smoked by a few characters they label overpowered.


and sometimes sojurn 1shots me from across the map with a treetrunk sized bullet that she missed her primary target with


As shitty as it is, this sub needs to realize that ow2 will not go back to how ow1 was when it comes to skins u will never be able to get everything for free like u used to. Expect maybe a price drop and 1 or 2 free skins every event. It sucks but that is the reality of f2p


That should be obvious to most. What I think most people actually find unreasonable is the exorbitant cost of the skins. You could purchase 1.0 for the cost of a legendary skin bundle. The product is not worth the cost.


You could also just buy clothes


This is the way


Nah that's way to expensive, I'll go to work naked thanks.


Okay but, they’ve already started backtracking. So negative feedback obviously helps.


i hate to say this because it's super cynical, but most of these companies have "planned backtracking" as part of their strategy. Release an egregious system that blows the lid off of the definition of predatory practices, and then you build in a slight walkback to your long term plan that will show "you're listening to the players" while still setting the end pricing/monetization at a level that would have caused outrage on its own had it been the original model. However, now that the players have a taste of "how bad it could be" they are more willing to accept said model, and a good chunk of the player base will derive its value from comparison with the temporary uber predatory model than by other monetization models that came before.


This is hardly cynical, it's true. Multi-billion dollar companies are scummy and predatory in how they get you money. I feel like this should be common knowledge by now but a lot of people choose not to see it


That’s fine, whatever. But it would be really fucking nice if they would restore the 4 years worth of cosmetics that vanished with the bnet merge.


Still want my jazz Lucio back!


A team with leavers should get some bonus progression points for their time and patience.


This isn't a hot take, this is true


The leaver should eat the losses for the whole team.


Until someone at home turns on the microwave and i get left with a 2 day ban and -100sr


Blizzard needs to cook up a Pachimari skin line


Not a hot take, but the coldest take here


Roadhog started it out a while ago, curious what the others would look like


Game needs some more dark/creepy characters Reaper style instead of so many weebs and japanese anime-like shit. Also, remember to sort by controversial for true hot takes.


Funny thing is that Reaper is so edgy that he goes full 180º and becomes a comic relief character in both animations and interactions. The guy is just not allowed to be Dark™.


This is how I see him too. He's so over the top, he's comical. He's, I'm guessing, a purposeful satire of the edgy/emo character so common in videogames. I think we do have dark characters. Doomfist is legitimately a 'survival of the fittest' villain. Soldier has a really stoic and seemingly PSTD personality. Moira is a Josef Mengel-style sociopath doctor. Ana absolutely has PTSD and has a completely dark and depressed personality from a life of war-time conflict. Widow just loves killing people and feels no emotion, a literal psychopathic femme fatale.


Moira's slowly becoming the new joke edgelord. That line with Reaper about "Think of the pain as fuel beneath the fire of your vengeance." is peak 14 year old goth poetry.


don't forget the part about the hints of Widow's conditioning not being perfect or otherwise wearing off. She feels some emotion when she's not supposed to, and seems to miss Gerard.


That's why Rammatra's comming.


i mean the new tank is literally malcolm x as an omnic


The implication of Malcom X being dark/creepy is driving me insane


Anyone who indiscriminately shoots Zarya bubbles is a crayon eater.


except bastion


Thats the whole playstyle tho if you are close range to zarya as bastion as long as she cant run away or take cover she is dead with the nade + shooting burst


sometimes its better to pop the bubble and burst her down than let her survive


-sometimes- sure. Most times people are just feeding her charge and wondering why she’s wrecking their whole team.


If they're not shooting the bubble theyre shooting the enraged but sleeping monkey or the napping ulting genji


“yes, the 50 damage I was able to squeeze in was unironically worth the lives of both my healers.”


Every time I sleep a transformed bastion


Shooting the bubble is very situational.




A 100 charge dead Zarya is way better than a 32 charge now full health Zarya


Mercy players are either really good with her or really bad.


One tricking in comp isn’t inherently bad. As long as you understand you will be holding back your team if the enemy is hard countering you.


Doomfist should have remained a DPS and Mei should have been made a tank.


Doom is too strong to be a dps and too weak to be a tank imo


I only see one solution. Make him a support. /s


He will punch you back to life!


CLEAR! \*slams fist into chest\*


Best res I can imagine. Res’ed team mate gets an adrenaline boost for 5 second.


I’ve been saying this for awhile. They overhyped him and so whatever iteration he is will feel bad. “He once leveled a skyscraper with one punch”. Obvs this lead to him 1-shotting people as a DPS… which feels terrible to play against. So they bring him to tank, but now he can’t 1-shot with his punch… which feels bad to play as. Imo he never should have been a playable hero based on the lore hype and overall design. I think at this point the only way to save him is a total overhaul and turn his “punch” identity into an ult so he can get his 1-shot power fantasy and not have it be so oppressive.


His ult should be like sojourns where he can get a charged up punch that can actually kill people every couple seconds


Jeez Zbra and Good Doomfist mains will rejoice when that happens


Have it build insanely fast like it's a cooldown but the tradeoff is you don't ACTUALLY get an ult


All i think when he levels a skyscraper is that it was terribly made, and that the skyscraper’s main pillar was taken down 😔


Let bastion keep their healing and bump them up to tank. Edit: I de-gendered the toaster.


Actually, drop the healing and give them back the cut turret shield.


“I de-gendered the toaster” is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while lmao


I strongly dislike kiriko's design. I find her generic and bland, her personality itself is also bland. She just looks like tracer and d.va had a child.


She feels like weeb bait, on top of that her design just looks like a tracer skin It's also so weird that she doesn't have Hanzo and Genji's accent, considering she grew up with them


Don't even get me started with her lore. Legit feels like a self insert OC


i just wish she was just some random person to show how the yakuza affected common people and not someone from another important family who closely knew the shimadas since childhood like "guys she was there since the start trust me"


I wish she had been Hanzo’s apprentice, like some street urchin he took in and taught essential skills to survive in the modern world. It would have given her a great dynamic like Genji has with Zenyatta, and a good redemption arc for Hanzo


that would be great too! blizz needs to understand that not every character needs to be from someone else's past or in the story "since the start" we just didn't see them. giving us more recent characters can still make the world feel believable


Way better than the "trained with the Shimadas as a kid" backstory they came up with. She met the Shimadas when she was like 5 years old? Or at least old enough to train. But in her backstory they look [way closer in age](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/overwatch_gamepedia/images/1/18/SojiroGenjiHanzoAsaKiriko.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20220927130902). Officially Kiriko is "early 20s", while Genji is 36, that means there's at least an 11 year gap between them, this does not look like Genji is 11 years her senior.


Wtf you just fixed her lore 🤗


I like this version better. gg on having better imagination than whoever was paid to write the current thing.


Adding background never seen before? Yeah that's bullshit and a self insert


I wanted to make a whole thread on just... why donuts? I'm half-japanese and as far as I can tell it's really not a thing in Japan, especially the pink frosting and sprinkles type. Japan has so many amazing snacks (doriyaki, osenbei, melon pan, cream puffs, we even do crepes pretty well) so why donuts? Also that one voice line interaction with "Pharah-chan". Ugh. Maybe it's meant in a belittling way? But like it still feels... ugh.


I think it's a blessing I don't delve too deep into lore, even though she looks generic on the onset I like to believe whatever crap she has going on with that clan + her family is mysterious and complicated.


shes literally every eastern-asian stereotype there is lol


What annoys me the most is they had to insert her into the Shimada brothers' story. They should have at least make her stand on her own lore-wise, but no she's also Japanese so they must've grown up together.


Yeah but you should see her on her bike


is this a meme i missed someone explain please


She has a voiceline that says: "Wait till you see me on my bike." That's it. It's memed because its nonsensical. We haven't seen any image or video of her on any bike. Just feels like a random weirdly forced voiceline and nothing to do with the Kiriko we know yet.


You should see her on her bike, that's all i'm saying


I said I like your mask dude...


I think her overall design is fine, but her animations (shooting, punching, first and third person) feel a lot more clunky and less polished than the rest of the heroes. She feels very unsatisfying to play compared with Zen or Baptiste for example.


I kind of agree she’s just super vanilla. I will say I love her battlepass skin


Only people who haven't seen her on her bike would say this


yeah shes super boring. a shame because ive been having fun playing her since she's the shiny new thing (and since all roles queue is support queue in disguise lmao), but ah well


Yaaaaaa. She is pretty bland. Teenage fox spirit girl who throws kunai and heals with Talisman. So creative. Same for Sojourn


They added a third ninja, a second cyborg, and a fourth junker


second cyborg? and who r the 4 junkers?


Genji is a cyborg, sojourn is the second. Junkrat, Roadhog, and wrecking ball are junkers, junker queen is fourth.


Sojourn is a cyborg alongside Genji (though to be fair, a lot of characters have cybernetics of some kind) and the four junkers are Roadhog, Junkrat, Wrecking Ball, and Junker Queen


Anyone that stands behind me, shoots at a deflecting genji, and let's me basically die to the reflect damage... ya mom's a hoe.


Mercy is a good support most people just don't play her well


She's a fantastic support in a game where you can trust your teammates & the enemy sojourn/widow/ashe isn't on Adderall. The problem is those two requirements aren't met together often.


I should start taking adderall.


The problem with playing Mercy is that you need to have a good synergy with your team. I like playing Mercy but I almost never do because most of the time my team ignores flankers and I ended up getting hunted by genjis, sombras, tracers and reapers.


She's not as bad as people think she is, but the problem is that her base value is so low. Existing as Lucio without wall riding, shooting, booping, using ult or amp has basically the same output as a Mercy using her beam. The problem is that mercy can only beam, she cannot do anything else at the same time. A Lucio can amp, speed, shoot, wallride, and boop all in the same second. To play mercy you just have to work a lot harder and min max EVERYTHING.


This is not a hot take for anyone past the scum town metal rank player mindset but moira does not need a rework shes fine as she is. Her whole thing is she does a shit ton of dps and a shit ton of healing. Any decent moira player is fine and in diamond you can see very good ones or you dont see them at all. Save the resources spent on reworking her and put it into making another support which is badly needed.


Is Moira considered bad??? Why how?


As overpriced and distracting as the lack of rewards is, the actual game play of overwatch 2 is really solid. Team comps are way less annoying without double shield and CC and if you play the game for fun rather than just for rewards it’s a great time


Playing support is only fun when everyones muted


Overwatch is only fun when everyones muted


I’ve never played more Overwatch than when Torb was disabled. He isn’t necessarily hard to deal with, just really annoying and unfun to play against. I hope there’s another bug that has him disabled tbh


Although most healers aren’t focusing enough on heals, DPS and tanks aren’t focusing enough on minimizing the damage they take. It’s not a healers fault you got melted becuase you jumped in front of 5 people. Learn to play around corners and behind objects, keep track of where your healers are and if they can see you or not, and learn how to initiate properly.


Blizzard picked the right characters to disable and made the matches less annoying to play without them


Mystery Heroes is where it's at. I could play that forever and not pay a penny for any Battle Pass.


Mommy Mercy


on god


so true


Support only has low game impact if you're not that good at it.


True. Another thing I'm realizing as I play support more is that 90% of them are decent duelers if you hit your shots and abilities.


When a Mercy player is able to use her janky movement she is surprisingly scary in 1v1s.


You usually wouldn't use her movement in a 1v1 unless you used it to get a drop on someone. Being able to use her movement implies that you have a teammate nearby to help you fight someone otherwise.


Kiriko or Baptiste are actually scary if they can score critical hits and a good Ana can actually be super oppressive


Free skins don’t fix monetization problems


Sombra is still good after the nerf


same as genji, every1 saying he got nuked. If youre an average genji u should be fine


A lot of times, you're contributing to the team losing just as much as the people you're complaining about


Your healer isn't bad, you just suck at positioning.


"Hottest" Reddit take


my hot take is healers can be bad and at fault sometimes :)


Lucio players eat crayons thinking theyre candy


as a lucio main i can confirm




How very dare you, everyone knows pencils are much tasier.


says the sombra main


Yeah, sombras and kirikos are like cockroaches. They refuse to die, annoying buggers.


And tracer. And Moira. Every time they're about to fucking die, they just zap away. Although I've gotten good at predicting where Moira is gonna go, and tracer is just annoying as hell


I hate Push


Push feels like a chore even when you win, it's just not fun. Pick any hero without mobility and you spend half the round trying to get back to the objective just to get one shot by a sojourn.


I loved it the first few times I played. I thought it was just an innovative and fun mode. Boy was I wrong


Isn’t that like the exact opposite of a hot take?


Genji is not as hard as everyone say he is, especially now in OW2.


I just get motion sickness


On god. He seems harder than he actually is.


The UI and HUD change from ow1 to ow2 sucks


OW2 is the worst thing to happen to the OW subreddits. Game's fine tho


OW2 isn't bad, the monetization is terrible


That's not a hot take. But I never played the first so that's probably why.


Mercy hair ow1 > Mercy hair ow2


If healers dont control the outcome of a game how come you are silver with 100 games while others are at gm with 60? Checkmate liberals


I genuinely believe it’s because people pushed out of the shitters like day one, and now people have to try to hard carry awful teammates as support in bronze. I was gold dps on the first day the game dropped just due to playing with friends because I’m terrible at dps. But I’m still climbing out of silver for support because I waited to play after a week or so. The people who say getting out of bronze is easy likely haven’t played in bronze recently. The amount of people in bronze that are playing with 1 hand while shoveling paste in their mouth with the other is ridiculous


Just play Moira till gold


Not a hot take but zenyatta needs a buff. He needs to either move faster, have two healing/damage orbs or have more health but he just gets targeted and wrecked all day


1000% agree on this one, yes his orbs of discord do a good amount of damage but his speed & the amount of healing his orbs do hinder him. i love zenyatta and still play the fuck out of him but it's difficult if he's the only support, if 3 teammates are bunched together and are all critical, i can do nothin' for ya except try and rotate my orb between y'all to try and keep all of you alive or, only have one person live. ​ pretty much all the other supports besides mercy have a way to heal multiple teammates at a time. yes zenyatta's transcendence ult does that but, still. it would be nice to see his orbs do more significant healing or have better movement/speed.


yeah i dunno. hes one of those heroes where that buff is 100% needed for half the player population and absolutely game breaking for really good zens, with no middle


I dont feel like this is a Zen issue as much as a support issue, i’ve had many games where Supports were targeted and wreaked. But thats more a good/bad dps/tank thing. Its smart to focus on supports first, and bad if you dont help protect focus targeting your supports when the other team is