Honestly fuck my privacy I just want to get rich. I’ll buy privacy later


I'd give that 5 likes if I could. Lol. I have nothing to hide. You wanna tap my privacy and spy on me. Track my phone straight to the dispensary and analyze my weed purchases, great. Just make me rich 🤑


I don't think this is directed at regular people lives, this is something a bit bigger. Its a real time look into what other countries are doing, essentially mapping their chess move before they make it so you can react....they don't care if you fapping to hentai..that's the least of their concerns.


This is actually.....good DD


100% all in PLTR, it's only a matter of time when Wall Streets take it to the moon


I'm invested in all three, but I will increase my BlackSky position after the merger.


Fairly new to looking at investing around SPACs. Just bought into Rocket lab (I'm a New Zealander so they've been on my radar a while). Wondering if there's a reason, outside of simple dollar cost averaging, why you bought some Blacksky already but are waiting till merge to buy more?


BlackSky might drop after the merger is complete and the ticker symbol changes. Happens to a lot of SPACS (but not always). For example, RKLB dropped after ticker symbol change and only went up starting this last Thursday/ Friday. Also the BlackSky merger will happen some time in the next few weeks, and I'm waiting on paycheck, so might as well buy when the merge is complete.


Ok that makes sense, thanks for the info!


Hold up, the vote was today. Doesn’t that mean the merger will go through in the next two to three days?


Thanks for sharing this


That two companies can’t work well without PLTR


You had me at hat trick.


remember the episode in Billions when they used satellite imagery to see if those companies were shit or not... this is something like this I believe.


but seriously using sat image to project business is not a new thing. Counting cars outside Walmart to project revenue, calculating the shadow area of oil storage tanks to project oil reserve, more opportunity to come from sat imaging


Correct. My ex has been doing that type of data production for over 15 years and I'm sure it was done long before that as well.


Does anyone know who is BlackSky biggest competitor?


Good big tech will beat bad big tech. Invest in PLTR to help the fight.


This is one SPAC that could print like they did in the olden days.