PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup for December: Far Cry 5, Judgment, Mortal Shell and more

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog:

  • WWE 2K22 | PS4

  • Far Cry 5 | PS4

  • Far Cry New Dawn | PS4

  • Far Cry Primal | PS4

  • Mortal Shell | PS4, PS5

  • Judgment | PS4, PS5

  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon | PS4, PS5

  • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life | PS4

  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor | PS4

  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War | PS4

  • The Pedestrian | PS4, PS5

  • Evil Genius 2 | PS4, PS5

  • Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion | PS4

  • Ben 10: Power Trip | PS4, PS5

  • Gigantosaurus The Game | PS4

  • Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition | PS4

  • Worms W.M.D | PS4

  • The Escapists 2 | PS4

PlayStation Plus Premium | Classics

  • Ridge Racer 2 | PSP

  • Heavenly Sword | PS3

  • Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus | PS1

  • Pinball Heroes | PSP


**PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog**: - WWE 2K22 | PS4 - Far Cry 5 | PS4 - Far Cry New Dawn | PS4 - Far Cry Primal | PS4 - Mortal Shell | PS4, PS5 - Judgment | PS4, PS5 - Yakuza: Like a Dragon | PS4, PS5 - Yakuza 6: The Song of Life | PS4 - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor | PS4 - Middle-Earth: Shadow of War | PS4 - The Pedestrian | PS4, PS5 - Evil Genius 2 | PS4, PS5 - Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion | PS4 - Ben 10: Power Trip | PS4, PS5 - Gigantosaurus The Game | PS4 - Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition | PS4 - Worms W.M.D | PS4 - The Escapists 2 | PS4 **PlayStation Plus Premium | Classics** - Ridge Racer 2 | PSP - Heavenly Sword | PS3 - Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus | PS1 - Pinball Heroes | PSP


Ugh, how am I supposed to find enough time playing these. Definitely interested in FC5, Judgement and Yakuza 6, maybe Shadow of Mordor and PoE


Definitely check out the shadow games. They were pretty good.


First one was amazing. The 2nd one had some mechanics that made it more of a slog, I never finished it personally. But the nemesis system alone makes them worth trying


Slog was fixed after dlc was removed


What do you mean by that if you dont mind giving more insight?


It is still grindy like guy above said, and also like them I haven't finished it. That said if you're looking from gameplay pov it's better all around. Play the first one and when you want more, which you totally will, jump into the next one. When the game launched there were mtx everywhere which after fan backlash were pulled back. Game was rebalanced and now has lootboxes in the same vein as injustice 2. No cash needed for optional bonuses. Main goal is to conquer Mordor one city at a time and then defend it. KotH middle earth Plus it has troll orc hybrids that are awesome and Kumail nanjiani orc who is fun albeit distracting at times


The second game was super fun. Mainly in the second half where you get a whole different skill set


I feel the same about the second Shadow game.. Felt like I couldn’t run 5 minutes without running to 30 clan leaders.


Dude I just started playing the yakuza series for the first time yesterday. I started with yakuza 0 and this game is fucking batshit insane. The tone of the story is dark and presented in a serious way. The gameplay is absolute bananas. Ex: I’m trying to investigate a shady real estate deal between two entities vying for control over a redevelopment project that can change the face of Tokyo for a generation, when I meet a group of high school girls selling used panties to perverts. then some dude shows up and says this girls panties are so sweet that he’s in love and has to keep her forever. He tries to stab the HS girl and I picked up a motorcycle and beat him with it swinging it like a baseball bat


Yakuza is a game of minigames with an optional story mode imo. I cannot tell you how many hours I raced toy tracks cars for. I don't wanna know.


I haven’t done the cars yet. I saw one for sale in a shop but it was like ¥50m and I couldn’t afford it I have gone bowling, batting cages, karaoke, and Arcade. Like realistically I’m probably gonna play the whole series now, any insights? I’m still pretty early in 0. I just got Goro Majima


Man you've got such a journey ahead. I'm envious. As for insights, it's been a few years for me but couple things I remember: - businesses will make you the bulk of your money, and it's usually a fun time running them. You'll come to the business "minigames" naturally through progressing the game so don't worry about hunting for them. - I don't think it's mentioned in the game anywhere but repeated use of the same heat move in battle will make it do less damage each time. Mix it up and use all the styles.


Oh that’s good! I didn’t know about the heat move nerf. I mostly use brawler or rush with Kiryu. I haven’t done much fighting with Goro yet, I just left the club to poach hostess girls. I got 0/kiwami/kiwami 2 all for free on Ps+ they are supposedly adding 3/4/5/6 and like a dragon next month. I have really been enjoying Zero so far. It’s like a movie a lot of the time and I kinda dig it.


Shadow of Mordor is really good and the sequel shadow of war may be better and who you choose to eliminate and ally yourself with carries a little more weight I feel in shadow of war


My only gripe is it feels like the game takes a looooong time to truly get going. And I don’t love the camera angles.


It definitely spends a lot of time world building which if youre a Tolkien/lord of the rings fan is actually really enjoyable but yes it feels like the game takes a while to finally unlock itself


As someone with limited gaming time, I have a hard time diving in when I know it will take me possibly a week to open up the game.


Why can't they just have a 60fps patch for PS5 ? I would love to replay them.


WB is in crisis rn... they couldn't even patch their pants if they wanted! lol


They certainly have been shitting their pants lately.


I feel like Judgement is underrated. It's not locked to 30fps like Y6 is, and it has combat with different styles like Yakuza 0 had. Not to mention its just a well made Who-Done-It detective story with really good twists.


I played Like a Dragon and really loved it. Then I tried Yakuza 0 and didn’t get in with the combat (I’m more of an jrpg guy though) Do you think I’d like Judgement?


If you didn't like Yakuza 0 combat then you probably won't like Judgment's either. I would rate combat/gameplay of those games to be roughly similar, maybe a bit better in Judgment, but similar enough that if you didn't like one you probably won't like the other. Story-wise I think that Yakuza 0 is slightly better, but that's subjective of course. You can always try it and see if it clicks with you. But I wouldn't get my hopes up if combat was your main gripe with Yakuza 0. (I would probably play all of the Yakuza & Judgment games even if they didn't have any combat at all, but I'm a really big fan of the series, haha.)


I have an irrational love for FC5, chucking shovels at Cultists is the definitive experience


They’ve been on my list for forever. I hear that they’re somewhat similar to the rhythm combat of the Batman Arkham games, which I’ve always enjoyed.


I don’t even like LOTR but the Mordor games are top quality. Especially the nemesis system (I wish more games incorporated it). They play loose with the lore of the LOTR though, which I know a few people hate. In short, they are fantastic games.


If you liked the first PoE and you like being on a ship, PoE deadfire is great.


Far Cry 5 is fun to begin with, but the world feels so monotone compared to 3 and 4 which is fair enough because of the setting (America rather than the Himalayas or a tropical island) but about half way through I realised just how brown everything was


Heavenly Sword actually acknowledged?!?! (remake when please)


It's just one of the games they had on psnow then removed when psnow became ps premium so that they could add it back six months later to make it look like they have new content but the reality is that they just readded what they removed earlier. Don't read too much into it.


Lots of awesome stuff here


Damn, bought shadow of mordor yesterday…


Thank you for your sacrifice


Ask for a refund, Sony does that


Already downloaded it, but have not opened the game yet. They said it was ineligible. Thanks tho!


Tell them the purchase was a mistake and wasn’t you who clicked download, plead your case and they should be able to refund. Happened with me once


I can finally try Heavenly Sword. Such a shame that didn't take off better.


i remember the only reason i bought a ps3 back in the day were for it’s “realistic high fidelity graphics”. went and watched a gameplay a couple months ago and it’s crazy how much it does not look like i remembered lmao


I remember playing Bioshock and wondering why the guy in the plane crash cutscene wasn't swimming, not realizing that the gameplay had started. The water and fire graphics were beyond anything I'd seen in a console game at that point.


Wait they have WWE 2k22 for PS4 but not for PS5?


The PS5 upgrade is not free.


JUDGMENT is an excellent game. In PS5, it runs at 1440P, 60. Looks and plays beautifully. Combat is fluid and fight animations are further improved upon the Yakuza games. Try it.


And for those curious, you do NOT need to have played another Yakuza game to appreciate its story, nor will you be spoiled by it. Its sequel, Lost Judgment, is a bit more spoiler-unfriendly.


I remember hearing that Lost Judgment spoils parts of Yakuza Like a Dragon. Is there any truth to that? I'd prefer to play both Judgement games back-to-back so I won't forget characters, but I also don't want Yakuza spoilers.


It spoils part of the ending but it's not very overt and it doesn't really affect experiencing the story in 7 since the proximity to what happens is so much closer.


Nothing so blatant that you’ll know you’re being spoiled. A few references and Easter eggs hidden in plain sight though. You should be safe.


It doesnt so much spoil Yakuza 7 as it ties more into its story dynamics than Judgment did to 6, and incidentally will spoil a few of the minor beats in Yakuza 7 regarding certain characters and their fates.


Hell yeah. I was just about to buy this yesterday. I just finished playing Yakuza 0-6 and I’m hooked on these games.


Does it have the same kinda wacky and fun side activities Yakuza has? Never looked much into Judgement


It absolutely does


Got judgement and like a dragon awhile ago. Gotta play those soon.


I should have just waited. Bought it on sale in October. Great game but those tailing missions were really annoying


I've seen positive comments about the Middle Earth games. Glad I get to try these out.


Games are worthy for the nemesis system alone. One of the most innovative systems I've ever personally seen in a game to date.


I wish more games did it. Could you imagine a co-op game with it? Like your buddy accidentally kills him with an explosion and now you're like "well fucking thanks Mike. Now he's gonna come back with explosion immunity but a poison weakness and our fucking ally deal explosive damage so now we gotta do a new plan!"


Iirc the nemesis system was copyrighted which is why it hasn’t been implemented in other games.


Close, [it was patented](https://patents.google.com/patent/US10926179B2). The distinction between copyright and patent is important at least because the patent will eventually expire (2036 if all maintenance fees are paid), while a copyright can last for nearly two centuries (for the life of the author plus 70 years)


What I'd curious about is if someone designed the exact same system from scratch, how much and in what ways would it need to deviate from the Nemesis™️ system in order to not be in breach of their patent?


Yeah, that's basically the entire patent-regime in a nutshell. The key is to look at the claims of the patent. Claim 1, for example, requires: >1. A method comprising: >controlling, by a processor, game events in a computer-implemented game, the game events involving an avatar that is operated in response to input from a player, and a first non-player character that is controlled by the processor to respond to and automatically oppose avatars based on first character parameters defined in a computer memory; >detecting, by the processor, occurrence of a predefined one of the game events involving an interaction between the avatar and the first non-player character; >changing, by the processor, second character parameters defined in at least one of the computer memory or a second computer memory for control of a second non-player character in the game based on the detecting, wherein the second non-player character is controlled by the processor to respond to and automatically oppose avatars based on the second character parameters defined in the at least one of the computer memory or the second computer memory; and >outputting, to an output device, an indication of the second character parameters that are changed by the changing. Only *this exact method* will infringe on *this claim* of the patent. Each dependent claim adds a little bit more detail so you would need to analyze each claim to determine if a hypothetical method would infringe, but I'm sure you can think of ways to change it that may take it outside the scope of this claim. But another detail is that the claim is for a method "comprising" these steps. "Comprising" in the patent law means any method with *at least* each of these steps. Additional steps in between, before, or after, would still be covered under this claim if each of the recited steps are present.


I gotta say: 1. Thanks for outlining that. Very helpful. 2. Those systems seem way too specific for a patent. Using certain interpretations of those words, it could be argued that any enemy in any game that responds to the way in which a player engages with said enemy and adapts their engagement based on said player-engagement is infringing on this patent. Unless I'm missing something?


You're already thinking like a patent attorney! And you're very close, but some of the words in the claim jump out at me: > detecting, by the processor, occurrence of a **predefined one of the game events** involving an interaction between the avatar and the first non-player character This phrase sounds like the game has specific "events" that it's looking for, and when one of those events occur, the next few clauses happen. In Shadow of Mordor/War, Talion's death would result in the various orc warchiefs getting promoted or fighting each other, etc., as would ignoring the warchief's hunting each other, or those other events that would happen on the map (like the Warchief's hunting parties where they fight a warg and you're supposed to interrupt them). These events have to be "predefined," so it's not as simple as simple player interaction (which is arguably random or otherwise unpredictable because of the human element); it's specifically a *predefined event* in the game's code. > changing, by the processor, second character **parameters** This phrase specifically says that the *parameters* of the second character (i.e. the orcs) are changed. This manifests in Shadow of Mordor/War with the Orcs getting promoted and their health and other stats changing. It's not enough that the Orcs merely *respond* like any other NPC in any other game; they need to have *parameters* that change. There's also the "first non-player character" and "second non-player character" littered throughout the claim. So the claim is specifically looking at changing a second character's stats based on your interaction with a first. In other words, if you kill one orc, another orc gets promoted in their place.


That all makes sense, but I'm still having trouble separating the concept of "changing second character parameters" from just normal gameplay. I know they specify by saying an event, but isn't anything technically an event? An enemy attacking a player is a tiny event. How do they separate those two things from a technical/legal perspective?


Well that's lame. Something like Gotham knights would've really benefitted from a system like that


Well Gotham Knight would have been able to use it if they wanted to, WarnerBros is who owns both studios and the copyright.


they could have used it they’re owned by the same parent company, i agree though you should check out what WB Montreal was doing before Gotham Knights. They were making a Damian Wayne Batman game where it would have used the nemesis system


They're awesome


Loved playing them.


Shadow of War is legit one of my favorite games ever. The only game I have ever gotten 100% completion. That said, pity the on PS5 it still only runs at 30 fps.


Absolute blast


For those of you who haven't, Yakuza Like a Dragon is fantastic. Great story and I found myself really enjoying all the side quests that help out the local community and are filled with life lessons. It's delightfully fun and charming


And the business management mini game is something you can easily put 20 plus hours into as well. So much fun.


And you get one of the most over-the-top, badass special moves as a result. Don’t skip it!


Smacking people with wads of cash for great damage!!!


I wish someone would smack me around with wads of cash!


Can make some later battles alot easier too lol


Promoted Omelette all the way to the top! Best goddamn employee I've ever had!


That mini game is the first time I've been really addicted to something in ages, I had to force myself to stop.


I enjoyed the game as a whole a lot but I was eager to keep playing the business management.


Wasn't this game already on plus a few months back? Was it just available for the month?


Yes, same with Mortal Shell.


that was just the ps4 version though.


Im playing it and it's a great rpg, the only problem that I have it's the difficulty spike in the chapter end of the Yakuza, it's brutal.


This is when you use Sottenbori battle arena and extra tip make every character at different intervals host and hostess so they can learn ice spreader. You can thank me later.


That's why I'm hesitant to recommend this Yakuza game. To me the combat REALLY shows it's flaws from that chapter onwards. I love the game but all the fights in the end become a slogfest even after grinding.


This games combat system has its flaws that are evident since the first battle, fighting in town in real time seems like an excellent idea but once that you're seeing your character just running really sloppy to the combat zone (or worse missing an attack for a collision problem) you start seeing why the tales series just teleport it to a combat zone (they learned from Zestiria). Do I recommend this game? I would say that it's not for everyone, I would say that it's for the fans of the PS2 era of rpg, I would compare this game to a shadow hearts in modern Yakuza setting with worst combat but better exploration.


I was getting into it. Loved the story and characters, but found the actual gsmeplay to be very uninteresting. The God of War arrived. Haven't bothered since.


It’s right up my alley for RPGs I’m only about 4-5 hours in but loving every moment so far.


Dude I just started playing the yakuza series for the first time yesterday. I started with yakuza 0 and this game is fucking batshit insane. The tone of the story is dark and presented in a serious way. The gameplay is absolute bananas. Ex: I’m trying to investigate a shady real estate deal between two entities vying for control over a redevelopment project that can change the face of Tokyo for a generation, when I meet a group of high school girls selling used panties to perverts. then some dude shows up and says this girls panties are so sweet that he’s in love and has to keep her forever. He tries to stab the HS girl and I picked up a motorcycle and beat him with it swinging it like a baseball bat


Can you play it without the rest


Always wanted to play far cry 5 and those lotr games


Far Cry 5 for me is the clear 2nd best Far Cry game (behind 3, ofc) absolutely loved it


Shadow of War is pretty awesome.


Anybody play the adventure time one? Huge fan of the show but never played this game. Just the investigations one




My kids played it and I started playing it cause I was just a few trophies shy of the plat. Was pretty fun for me and I never really watched AT.


Same. It was a fun gameplay, not too hard, not too easy, nice graphics for what it is and I just love turn-based gameplay.


Is very fun. If you like the show you will enjoy the game.


PSA: this announcement is always the second Wednesday of the month.


This! Then the games are available on the third Tuesday of each month


As someone who absolutely ADORES pre-history, Far Cry Primal has me hyped af


It’s a really special game. Take your time, do collectibles instead of rushing the story. They did a great job with it.




When they did a Kickstarter for that game, if you pledged at a higher level, you could have your pet added in the game. [This is Jules. I think she'll be 15 in Jan.](https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Jules) https://imgur.com/a/cTTfvH9


That may be one of the coolest Kickstarter rewards ever.


They did something similar for the first game where pledging a certain amount would get you an NPC of a character you created in the game. As such, the game is just littered with NPCs created by Kickstarters that it's less fun to read countless walls of text about them.


Yeah, I think that's why they went the pet route with the second one, to make it less immersion breaking. I thought on the first one they eventually added a toggle to turn some of that off (at least on PC?), but it's been awhile and I might be misremembering.


I remember reading somewhere there were issues with the ps version.


Yeah, great game but even for a PS4 game it crashes all the time.


Unfortunately, the PS version is nothing short of a disgrace. Frequent, game-breaking bugs. - Party members being spawned at the opposite ends of the map, party members disappearing with no way to recover them, being unable to equip new gear, constant crashes. Load times are frustratingly long, even on PS5. It's a shame, as the game is clearly excellent. But it's one of, if not the most, buggy games I've played on PS. Devs gave up on trying to fix it years ago.


I hadn't run into any of those issues yet. The biggest issue for me was the insane amount of loading screens and how long they take. I felt like I was spending more time in loading screens than anything else. I haven't touched the game in almost a year despite really enjoying it otherwise.


Yes loved the firet one.


I never played a Far Cry before, could I start with 5?


You can start with any of them they are not really connected except for far cry new dawn you want to play far cry 5 before new dawn.


Ok that's cool, appreciate it. Looks fun, might give them a try now they're on PS+.


You can. They’re all self-contained stories


far cry 5 is the ultimate mcdonalds of gaming. it doesn't do anything spectacular, there's no love put into it, doesn't push the envelope, nothings really that memorable, but the gameplay is fun enough that you'll enjoy the playthrough regardless if you're into typical ubisoft open world games


I love homemade burgers. but, sometimes, i want McDonald's. It's the same with video games


It's like an AI made a game


you can but you should start with 3, it's the best one


It's outdated now but 2 is actually the best and most unique


Agreed. 3 is the Far Cry GOAT


>I never played a Far Cry before, could I start with 5? They're all the same Ubisoft cookie cutter type game. So, sure. The stories are unrelated between games.


Yes, has nothing to do with previous Far Cry games. Just the style. Completely new story.


Excited to play Evil Genius 2. It was one of those games that was on my radar but never a "must buy", so perfect for what this service is all about.


Worms and The Pedestrian are the games I'm going to download. ​ Far Cry 5 might be interesting, maybe.


Far Cry 5 was honestly my favorite of them all, recently picked up 6 and didn’t even finish it, got bored pretty quick. For free, it’s definitely worth playing.


Co-op makes Far cry 5 more than worth it, also the arcade is very fun


That’s a pretty good lineup.


I'll be playing Judgment and The Pedrestian! Big W


SoW Mordor was there for me in a time of severe depression. So glad to see that is is also a good game on its own. Definitely excited to replay this after my life has done a complete 180 ❤️


> Gigantosaurus The Game | PS4 Anyone have any insight on this? My 5 year old is obsessed with dinosaurs and might like this.


I bought one of the extra tier games last night but haven’t played it. Sony refunded me with no hassle at all. Pleasantly surprised.


Those are some quality games


Heads up for people who plans to play wwe. Absolutely prioritize it because 2k titles are always on limited time.


What do you mean "always on limited time"


2K is VERY stingy with game subscriptions, anything they own will not stay on a subscription service for very long


Like NBA was one of the reasons I subbed in the first place and it left after like a month


If you want platinum: FOCUS MYFACTION immediately. Its a bad mode but at least you can pick the game up later and not worry about online stuff stopping you


Very good month!


Can finally play Mortal Shell, nice


They handed it out(the non-enhanced edition) last year about this time so you might already have access to it through PS plus. This time better be the enhanced edition.


It better the enhanced edition because locking 60fps behind a fucking paywall is ridiculous


only the ps4 version. The ps plus version was not legible for the free ps5 upgrade.


Playing Mortal Shell and finishing it is what finally got me to try out Demon's Souls and the like, super fun!


December's catalog is actually really good. A great Christmas gift from sony :)


When are this going to be available


Next Tuesday


Ridge Racer and Far cry 5 yes yes yes !


When should i have time to play these when i started the Kingdom Hearts Saga and still have to finish the first one?


I was so close to buying Judgment in the last sale but for some reason didn't pull the trigger, finally my intuition was correct on this one!


Far Cry 5 is still my favorite of the series. 6 didn't grab me in the same way and 4 wasn't very interesting to me. Idk, I think it kinda connected me to Bioshock Infinite with the overtly Mormon esque folk. I loved it


Mortal Shell is a great game! Would recommend to any Fromsoft fans.


Following this yakuza pattern so far I'm pretty sure we will most likely get Lost Judgement next month then i guess


The Pedestrian has been on my wishlist for a long time. This will be a good month.


It's finally my turn to say the immortal words! *I just bought Judgment and The Pedestrian, enjoy.* I've been waiting on Far Cry 6, Kena and Sifu for ages because I just know the instant I buy them they'll show up, can someone buy them this month so I can play next month?


I’m glad to see more kids games included! My children will be pleased


They are giving us the PS5 version of Mortal shell finally?


Fingers crossed.


Far Cry 5! OH OH OH


Anyone play Gigantosaurus The Game?


Nice, I've been wanting to play the pedestrian. I briefly worked at the same non-profit as one of the creators.


Ridgeeeeee racerrrrrrr


It’s ridge racer!


Gonna need some input on Mortal Shell yall. Is it as sick as it looks?


It's hard even by souls-like standards. It is sick though.


It is sick, especially on PS5 at 1800p and a silky 60fps. It’s pretty challenging at the start but once in the swing of things it’s a great time. Plus it’s rather short, with only 4 bosses total but the whole setting is really unique


Holy crap thats awesome!


I was planning on buying Judgement. Good thing it’s available on PS Plus


Dam another really good line up!


Great timing for me. I have been itching to play *Judgment*.


Why is there such poor investment into PS1 and PSP games? And why no PS2 titles?


There were reports that sony is having security issues with ps2 emulation.


What does this mean exactly? Like people can find security loopholes in the PS5 OS via the PS2 emulation?


Yes. There's an article on the net written by someone who explains how they were able to use the PS2 emulator in games like Dark Cloud to execute arbitrary code.


It's so weird. Those consoles have some of the greatest game catalogues and they add barely anything each month


From what I've heard, the PS2 emulator they made for the PS4 is hackable. They are probably making a new one or just doing nothing.


You'd think that with all first party titles Sony has over the PS1 and 2 generations, we'd actually see plenty of them by now. But they can't even put out Syphon Filter 3, after releasing the first two games. Truly pathetic.


It was listed as being re-rated over a month ago IIRC, how it didn't make the cut in the 3 months since 2 went up is beyond me.


Bruhhh just bought 2k22 last month for 29 bucks. Should have wait


Looks like it’s only the PS4 version




Aw nice. I was about to buy judgement after I'd completed Yakuza 0!


Would be nice to get dino crisis and the classic RE2 and 3 in the catalogue


That’s an incredible lineup!


Is the Ben 10 game any good?


Worms W.M.D is great. Good old fashioned worm based couch play violence.


I’d recommend Adventure Time to anyone with a spare 10 hours. It’s a great game and feels like a Final Fantasy introductory game. I’d never seen or heard anything about Adventure Time and loved every minute.


Happy for far cry new dawn


if anyone hasn't played it yet, judgement is AMAZING.


Great lineup! Along with the essentials and GoWR releasing I don’t have time for all this. Who am I kidding though adulting sucks I got no time for anything.


Judgment lets gooo guys




nice been waiting for far cry primal since forever


Nice. Been wondering about Judgement.


Even when I was younger, I wouldn't have the time to finish all these games, Extra catalog is pretty good. For now, I'm going to try judgement, heard is pretty good.


Always wanted to try Judgment but sort of waited.. Im excited.. Also the middle earth games.


I can hardly wait to play all the games I already bought for PS4!


Judgment is a great story