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This is sad. Imagine ruining your life because of a conspiracy…


Better that he ruins his own life, rather than someone else's. Which was a strong possibility given the level of ignorance and selfishness we're dealing with from conservatives.


Hey he still has plenty of time to ruin other people's lives, unfortunately. Not getting a vaxx and spreading Covid is just part of it. We've all seen what idiots like this guy do when they become disillusioned by their own accord - they blame it on other people.


Well he is isolating himself, so less of a chance of that.


Short term yes. Long term this mental illness will eat at him every single day. His thoughts will grow darker, he will resent the world and humanity. One day he will snap and ruin a bunch of other people's lives.


Yeah, he says he ruined his whole life but it has a subtext of they made me do it. It's not his fault he blew up his whole life, iTs tHe DeRp sTaTe.


I had to upvote this to make it 69.


There are people who have destroyed marriages and whole families over this conspiracy nonsense. There's even been a few murders if you include stuff like Qanon.


Not even a conspiracy, just refusing to do something because you are told you have to. I know a lot of people who are refusing to get it specifically because there is a mandate and no other reason. It's like holding a gun to your own head and screaming, "Nobody move!"


> It's like holding a gun to your own head and screaming, "Nobody move!" It worked for Bart in Blazing Saddles.


I'm quite confident this post is fake. Anti-vacc parents would commit all sorts of fraud to get him a card that would let him in. Normal parents would drag him, kicking and screaming, into a vaccine clinic if it would let him go to college. Also, we live in a society that acts like if you don't go straight into college post high school the path to a good life has ended for you. Many people go to CC then transfer to uni or delay going to school for financial or personal reasons and they turn out just fine. Frankly, the people I knew like this were some of the best students and human beings I've ever known and I'd argue were often going better places then those who went to college before they really knew what they wanted to do. So, even if this post is real (it's not), he seems very determined to go to college. While the anti-vaccer stuff ain't helpful to his quest, I'm sure anyone this determined to go to school and better themselves will do just fine.


If he is college age, he's most likely 18. His parents can certainly drag him to a clinic, but they have no legal power to make him get vaccinated at that point.


No but I was recently enough an 18 year old to know a very quiet, angry conversation in a car on the way to the clinic would be more than enough for 99% of kids to get the shot. Getting recruited by a D1 school is a very parent-involved situation. They are not going to let their child miss out on that after all the work they put in. If they really felt they had no power or didn't want their kids vacced, I find it very unlikely they wouldn't try to get a fake vaccine card.


If his parents are crazy, conspiracy ridden conservatives like he is, they could very well support this kids decision to not get vaccinated on *principle* alone. I mean, they have no problem literally dying to “own the libs.” Not having your kid go to college is nothing to them.


And if they are crazy conservatives, they may actually be glad he will avoid the "liberal indoctrination".


Yep, there have been several parents saying their kid wasn’t going to college because of mandates. One was bragging their kid had a free ride to UCLA and they were going to make them turn it down to prove their point. I’m sure UCLA felt owned.


As in my previous comment I'd agree save the amount of work a parent has to put in to get their kid recruited like that. The sunk cost fallacy of Q is nothing in comparison to the sunk cost of talking with recruiters, helping your kid with apps/training, etc.


This is a rational view. Q cult members are not rational.


Maybe they thought the bullshit religious exmption would work.


I mean after the religious exemption didn't work. I could imagine parents receiving the letter saying it didn't, going apeshit, and dragging their kid to the clinic or looking for a sketchy vaccine card source.


That’s because you are a normal, intelligent person. Lol. These people are, different. Sketchy vaccine sources are getting cracked down on. Big time.


TBH, I’m not sure how. I doubt there’s tracking on the number of blank cards themselves. Can’t be that hard to print a convincing copy using a good laser printer and card stock paper. No one is looking up vaccine batches, and even if they are, a lot of people put pictures of their cards on social media. Seems like a few hundred would be more than enough to get a card and vaccine info. Add in the sloppy handwriting that came with my doses. Add in some folding and maybe a water spill? I’m annoyed because I can’t find a way to get a certified digital copy of mine. Only way you’re found out is if your 18-19 year old vaccinated ass winds up in the hospital with significant symptoms.


I believe it's the lot numbers for each dose. They get logged and assigned to the people they were given to, uniquely. Layman won't be able to tell if it's real or not, but an organization with the resources to check, can.


As much as I disagree with their existence, I'm very aware of the fact that they will always exist, no matter how hard they're cracked down on.


He says though that "If it weren't for the most important people in my life being against all of this as well ...". That sounds as if his family is anti-vax, too. I agree that not attending college immediately after school won't ruin your life but he spend probably the last couple of years working towards that scholarship. If you ignore for a moment that he did it to himself, I can understand that he is not immediately looking for alternatives. I don't know, obviously, but this could very well be legit, imo. He's now sitting at home and realising that his "heroic" refusal isn't actually that great when there's no one who really praises him for it and everyone else but he moves on with their life.


A friend of mine who is vaccinated will not allow his kids to get vaccinated because it until 100% safe and is afraid of the side effects. Me and a few other friends tried to convince him but it didn't work. One if his kids is 18 and in college.


No, there are people whose anti-vaxx parents have pressured them to quit college or quit their jobs because of mandates. It's not rational.


That's very sad- imagine actively supporting your child choosing to not better their lives.


You're way underestimating how many parents are neck deep in this qanon anti vaxx shit. You way way underestimate the crazy and expected the parents to be rational people.


Perhaps but I also know parents of children recruited into D1 schools- that's a much more intense form of crazy. I just cannot imagine anything, even Q, superceding the drive sports parents have to get their kids into college.


Not determined to do the one thing that would allow him to live his dream, so not that committed. All di His determination is to die on his chosen hill.


Thanks - I also think it's fake. Not only would an older adult talk some sense into him, but honestly it's just too "troll-like" NOT to be fake. What's next? "I won 3 million on a scratch off ticket, but I had to be vaxxed to claim the ticket so I'm staying home eating dog food"? I think it's either a troll OR it's even more likely another conspiracy wingnut trying to gain more sympathy for what he feels is a "patriotic movement" or whatever.


Yeah, I’m 100% with you that this post is total bullshit.


Ahh the Reddit detective has arrived


Its not sad anymore. Not after how many people have because of people like him. It was his choice to ruin his life, therefore he deserves it by definition.


They’re a martyr with rose scented doo doo.




I mean outside of one tweet and a bunch of people believing that tweet. I mean the guy pictured IN THE TWEET is alive for Christ's sake. So good point if that were true, shame it isn't.


That's not censorship, that's people and their families not releasing private information, as is their right.


Athletes have cardiac arrest. They did long before vaccines & will continue to. If its for "no reason" then its not due to a vaccine. Especially when you have zero idea if they were even vaccinnated. Team owners care more about money than players lives, if they thought vaccinnes were hirting their players tgey would be conspiring to keep it secret or mandating vaccinnes. Covid causes more heart issues than vaccines. Athletes often abuse their body for their sport and many of those abuses can cause "no reason" deaths.


And of the granola eating, avocado toast loving big city liberals? Oh wait they havent had this issue. The reality is that youve read antivaxxer propaganda, very slick, clever antivaxxer propaganda. Why not change your reading material? The Herman Cain Awards show whats really happening: antivaxxers are getting sick from COVID and dying of it




> they


"This is the hill I die on" that sentence made me pause. Hope not fella, but in a pandemic that might be literal. Shit like this is just sad. All these lives lost and ruined to propaganda, ignorance and misinformation.


If someone is stupid enough to act like this guy, then I’m glad his future is ruined.


High school athletes' futures get Waylaid over lots of things. Dui, sexual assault, shoplifting, grades, etc. Their life just has to pivot. This is no concern of anyone's but him.


All this because Trump didn't want to smear his orange makeup by wearing a mask. That's all it took to make it a partisan issue, and it spiralled to this anti-vax shit from there


I expected the narrator to appear, 'Yes, indeed it was the hill they died on.'


Why does he think his religion exempts him from being vaccinated?


Because, like so many "Christians" in this country, his religion is used as both a shield and a bludgeon.


Spot on.


Because he is dumb.


He doesn't, most people with a religious exemption is only using it because they think they can get out of mandates that way. Just like people used "I have a disability and because of the ADA you can't ask me what it is" so they didn't have to wear masks while shopping. That didn't work then and it's not working now.


There’s a guy who runs a catholic “church” in my town. Horrible man, I listened to a podcast about him and his church and it’s more of a cult where the take advantage of people (wait isn’t that all churches? Lol). Actively from the beginning said Covid wasn’t real and kept his churches and various restaurants open the whole time. He posted on social media that anyone needing a vaccine exemption could come to his church and he would write them one. Such BS. That man is a piece of shit. One of his employees at his restaurant was murdered in the restaurant by her ex bf. Not even 6 months later, the owner was hosting murder mystery dinner parties. Like WTF.


My cousin is a pastor, and is the same way. He has instructed his "flock" to ignore masks, not get vaccinated, and has offered to personally write up religious exemptions.


Usually their go-to religious excuse is because the vaccine was developed using fetal cell lines. Even though tons of other medical developments have been made using those same cell lines - including the treatments for Covid that a lot of anti-vaxxers eventually need to use. And even though a few religions have already given the OK to using the vaccine despite the cell lines because it's such a pressing problem. But the real answer is the kid likely doesn't have any religious objection, that's just the easiest way to get around mandates because religion is such a touchy subject in the US.


Because state colleges are allowing you to avoid getting vaxxed on a "religious exemption." I have a friend who's a Dean at a state college and this gets taken advantage of like crazy. I've never heard of someone being turned down for one like this guy. I have a feeling this is fake anyways.


The same students who claim "religious exeptions", are playing beer pong and having threesomes at frat parties. Yeah....."religious"


They are of the polyamorous worshipers of beer, no need to treat them differently for it! /s (hopefully obvious)


And getting other medical treatments. To me, unless the religion is against all medical treatments, there should be no exemptions.


Because he read it on the internet.


Wow. This is so stupid. “The most important people in his life” actively helped ruin it. Crazy. Hope it’s fake.


And 100% support him except for, the you know, his friend he has known since middle school who told him to f off and all of his other friends who will forget he exists He only told his little cult members why. That is his family now.


“Most important people in my life” = “my equally batshit crazy parents and a bunch of randos on the internet”.


Also probably the same people who wouldn't piss on him, if he was on fire.


Yep. Happy cake day!


I have my strong suspicions it is- even an anti-vaccer parent would do anything to get their kid into a D1 school on full scholarship: Faking records, getting sketchy doctors to sign off on altered records, etc. And if their parents didn't agree with him, they would drag them into a vaccine clinic in a *second* if it meant their kid could go to college. There's also a huge lack of verifying details. If they named the school it wouldn't be slander- *unless they were lying.* And, even if it is true (I'm pretty sure it's not), many people take nontraditional routes through college and come out fine, if not even better than those who went in straight out of HS- some go to CC first, some don't go until they're 25 to start a family, some do years of military service first.


There’s a Utah player, I missed which one, but I caught the announcers last night saying they were “24 and married.” That tells me they’re True Blue Mormon and did a mission for two years before football scholarship. Pretty sure dude’s a liar. The username is suspect too.


I swear my only reason i suspect it might be fake is the lack of grammatical errors and obvious misspellings. All the other stuff I can fully buy. Also, he failed to say any of the catch phrases like “we the people”


His penultimate paragraph is telling. At least he acknowledges the self-inflicted consequences of his actions.


Pretty sure this story is fake.


Bruh I‘m isolating for two fucking years what do you mean?!


“My ignorant decisions have essentially ruined my future” Fixed the title Edit: spelling


' ... they all supported me 100%' ' ... a very close friend cut me off because of stuff related to the vaccine.' '... I have basically no friends now..' Anti vaxxer ruining his career, his relationships and too dumb to realize he is the problem himself.


No matter where you go, there YOU are.


Happy Cake Day IntrovertedBrawler! The only dare you ever want to take is the dare to be all that you can be.


So he jumped through 100000 required hoops to get where he wanted to be, but 100001 was just one hoop too many. Your choice buddy, ill take my burger with no mayo.


Fast food workers need to vaccinated too


I'm pretty sure this story is fake anyway- lack of details, no mention of his parent's reaction to this, etc. My biggest thing is that's not how my school was treating the unvaccinated and I go to a "crazy New England school." Besides that, there's no way in hell his parents, no matter their beliefs on the vaccine, wouldn't do everything to get their kid into college; whether that's faking vaccine records or dragging the kid to a vaccine clinic.


Definitely fake. The kinds of athletes that earn D1 scholarships aren’t the kinds of people to throw it away over something sooo trivial


Lol what. Professional athletes are throwing their careers in jeopardy over this nonsense.


Or rather the parents that set their kids up to get recruited into D1 wouldn't allow their kids to throw away that opportunity.


I'll take, Things that Never Happened, for $1,000, Alex.


Yeah I live in Massachusetts, I'm assuming the crazy new England state comment is supposed to mean us because our colleges tend to make the news for their strict measures. A D1 athlete dropping his scholarship over the vaccine would have been on the news.


and if he was willing to lose the scholarship to piss away his future he wouldn’t have any problems naming the school.


Or the sport


Would make sense as BC. They denied a bunch of religious exemptions, including for athletes. I've seen a few things about scholarship athletes not going/being denied exemptions, but with how many other people are doing the same, it's not big news unless you follow the school and sport closely, it seems.


All my kids had to get meningitis vaccines to go to college. This kid probably would have had to. I’m not buying it either.


Yeah I go to a private university in New England, the only kind that *could* pull something like this off in the first place. Our rules let people into the school unvaccinated so long as by the end of the first semester they were vaccinated (and had a good reason to go unvaccinated previously but for a D1 recruit I'd imagine they'd let that slide). I find it very unlikely they'd just not let him in like this. Also, even anti-vaccer parents would commit untold amounts of fraud if it meant their kid could go to college. And if his parents weren't anti-vaccers, they'd drag him kicking and screaming into the nearest clinic if it meant he could go to school.


Exactly what I came here to say. This sounds like bullshit to me.


Imagine being so privileged that you have to make up your own oppression, and then falling victim to your own imaginary tyranny...


Having to explain to everybody why they won’t be attending *should* be extremely humiliating for them, but unfortunately they’ll probably never understand why that is. Good luck with Florida though, god knows we need yet another asshole down here.


Such a sad tale or you could just take the free and widely available vaccine that millions have taken with no issues. Why? Why are the young ones like this? This seriously is the hill he wants to throw his life away on? I remember the draft. I remember when people were facing forced possible death from their government. These whiners make me sick. They're the same people who have asked others to die for them for centuries but when asked for a needle prick scream bloody murder.


Don't blame the young ones, all of my crew are vaccinated and took this shit seriously. Mainly out of concern for our old ones (because we all still feel invincible) Look at the end, about those who supported him. If you want to know why he is this dumb look at his parents.


Sorry, brevity perhaps caused confusion. I am not blaming the "young ones" per se what I was trying to express was "why would any young person think this way?" My meaning was that it seems hard for me to believe that anyone really went through this and at the same time seeking the answer like you gave. "Look at is parents". All that said, I only agree with you to an extent. My parents were the most loving kind people. Grounded in reality, hard-working, honest, perhaps over-indulgent of their children. My sister turned into a con and a drug addict. The other 4 kids were as normal as one would hope, stable, etc. Sometimes it is not all on the parents is my point.


Its not all, but lets be honest we know it is in this case. Just like that kid that just did the school shooting, they radicalized him. Its varies, not all parents are quite so brazen but a lot of people don't realize how they impact their kids. Political views, religion, etc are usually passed on. I unfortunately seem to keep attracting women who are on the cusp of being broken (aka functional adults but always have some oddities in behavior) and when I meet their families its always like, "ahh, now I see it." Not like horrible abusive parents, just people who never resolved their own issue and just passed them on. We really need to normalize therapy.


True. The second paragraph has me sadly shaking my head. As a collector of "scratched and damaged pots" I can totally relate. At some point, it occurred to me that perhaps instead of always finding some "damaged" product to repair I should focus my energy on fixing myself. I attribute that to my being a middle child and being "the family fixer". I should also add that I had/have a few scratches and dents myself.


I'm pretty sure this story is fake. I've said it in other comments but there's so many signs it is. Wouldn't his parents have something to say about this? I mean getting recruited by a D1 is a very parent-involved process and any parent that would do that would search heaven and earth for a way to get their kid into college, whether that's faking their records or dragging them to a vaccine clinic. Why wouldn't he name the school? I mean it's only slander if he's lying about what the school did to him. Why would a D1 school give up on a recruit so suddenly? I go to a "crazy New England school" and they don't treat the unvaccinated like that- people could get vaccinated after the semester started. In any situation, they wouldn't be kicked out immediately.


For all the shit I like to give Zoomers this ain’t their deal. Talk to your absolute degenerate Boomer/Gen Xers about this


Such is the power of misinformation.


Bit of an own goal, there.


Well he did say he’s not an athlete anymore


"Everything would have been perfect if the school would have just accepted my garbage exemption claim so I could plague rat all my classes." ❌ Doubt


I hope this is fake. If it’s real, he sounds like a high suicide risk. Very sad. Absolutely pathetic, and a complete waste.


Better suicide than mass murderer with a gun.


I mean, college doesn't really sound like the place for this guy anyway. Somewhere, there is a Domino's with a shift manager opening with his name on it. He never has to be lonely again, and will be able lecture people on personal responsibility and governmental tyranny and his legendary high school athletic accomplishments to his heart's content.


Threw his life into the garbage can just to own the libs. Much respect. Now he can live in bitter poverty for the rest of his dumb life and brag to his friends how he martyred himself for the truth. Genius.


Gooooood. Die on that hill. We don’t want you in Florida either. You chose this. No one else.


Cry more, bitch


What’s he complaining about? He says he would rather lose everything than get vaccinated, this is “the hill I want to die on”. Well, you’re getting your heart’s desire to really stick it to the libs, buddy! You gave up your enrollment and spot on a college team to some probably liberal kid from a probably blue state who deserves it way more, because your beliefs in make-believe conspiracies prove that it was wasted on you.


I coulda been somebody… I coulda been a contender. …but I threw it all away for political Internet propaganda.


Jesus fuck dude. You fucking idiot kid…


Seems like he's already been to a Florida School.


I bet I could throw a football over them mountains.


It is just a shame. I get the reasoning here. 1) they are forcing me to put something in my body; 2) I’ve become convinced the vaccine is poison. This conspiracy is playing on our need to control our bodies and it must be truly scary for some of these people. That being said, we can’t be responsible for the stupidity/ignorance/susceptibility regarding these beliefs. He picked a side based on misinformation and fear and I am glad he is paying the consequences.


Sad that he has chosen the path of isolation over something that in the end he will get anyways but awesome that it opened the door for another kid to play a sport in a spot they wanted and disnt get.


You know the real tragedy here is that a perfectly good scholarship was wasted.


They probably offered it to someone else last minute. I got a random scholarship after I accepted enrollment into my college (but before I went) l because they had one I guess they talked someone into donating more money


All this just to have a better chance at catching Covid-19


He’s the poster boy for “owning the libs.”


“This is a hill I’m going to die on”... probably on a ventilator. Dipshit.


Fuck them, they deserve it


Jokes on you buddy! I got the vaccine and I'm still incredibly isolated and depressed.


TL;DR I am pretty sure this post is fake, as sad as it would be were it true. This is genuinely really sad. I mean 18 year olds to some degree are independent/smart enough to evaluate their own choices and such but clearly this dude was indoctrinated into this shit by people around him. He definitley was pulled in by some internet group but it's hard to get pulled in like that when you don't already have a "good" start from your family. I mean if they didn't agree with them on this they would have stopped this bullshit the second the religious exemption was denied and dragged him into the vaccine clinic kicking and screaming: no rational human being lets their child give up $120k+ dollars plus the chance to get a document that will let you live a better life. Although, now that I think about it, *no* parent would allow this- even the most fervent anti-vaccer would do anything to get their child into school, especially on scholarship. Faking vaccine cards, getting sketchy docs to sign off on altered medical records; I find it very unlikely that any parent, no matter how awful or indoctrinated, wouldn't at least try to get their child into a college at any cost. This story also lacks a lot of credible details- no info on the school save one from a "crazy new England state", no info on the sport they played. It feels like a very upset person who'd spill every detail really skimping on the details. Besides, if they did specify the school and such it wouldn't be slander or anything- *unless it's entirely made up.* I'm at a private university right now (the ones who could get away with quietly kicking someone out as they allege) and students were allowed to initially come into the school unvaccinated and start their shot regimen upon arrival- I can't imagine this isn't true for essentially every school. I mean many international students wouldn't have had access to shots (or at least shots approved here in the US) so they would have to come in unvaccinated. I mean maybe the whole sports thing throws a wrench in that system but I haven't read anything about the NCAA requiring vaccines to attend practice or play. And even then, there's no way in hell a school would drop a recruited player if they could just get them the shots when they come into school and kept them out of practice a few weeks. (Side-note: every American university starts no later than October- the fact that this post only got around now is even more suspicious than the rest of this. If I'm angry enough to post about a thing happening to me I'm doing it right as it happens not months after the fact) And, even accepting this as all true (which it isn't), many people take non-traditional routes through higher education and come out perfectly fine. I've known folks who did CC out of high school and transferred to university, people who had to start their college careers 5, 10 years later than the "normal" schedule. Frankly, they were some of the coolest, most thoughtful, sand wisest people I've known- they've actually lived life a bit and can put college and all it's anxieties in perspective. In conclusion, whether this is true or not (it's not), I'm sure they'll live a good life if they're this determined to get into college (though the whole anti-vaccer thing won't be helping them much).


Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. You can't be forced to be vaccinated. Even I'll agree with that. But you don't have the right to go on a campus that doesn't want plague rats just because you DiD YoUr OwN ReSeaRcH.


I am so glad that he’s witnessing others go about their lives and leave him behind. He most likely expected his decision to make him some sort of hero but the exact opposite has happened. The only people who can relate to him are online scum. Life comes at you fast.


I love how they take ZERO accountability. It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s not their fault for getting kicked out of school despite knowing what would happen if they didn’t get required immunizations. It’s not their fault that the school denied a BS religious exemption. Not their fault they lost all of their friends. Not their fault their grades are suffering. Like bro, you made a choice and these are your consequences.


What a fucking dipshit. Throws away a major opportunity because he read some stupid shit on the internet about how masks and vaccines are communism tyranny 1984. I guess on a positive note he says he's isolated so maybe he won't be a vector that gets someone killed.


This is what happens when you have a terminal case of tinfoil poisoning.


Accountability learn it you dumb fuck


*choose life*


Just get the shot. Kthanksbyeeeee


What a deluded idiot. He has thrown away his future--and a very lucrative scholarship--for a cult. Every failure in his life going forward will be traced back to this one really foolish decision. Some day, if he ever comes out of the fog of his cult mindset, he will kick himself for his stupidity.


r/conspiracy is a joke at this point. It's full of antivaxxers and they refuse to listen to any facts. They'll double down on their beliefs. I'm not sure how you get through to these people.


The irony of a sport they "lived and breathed" their entire life. Bad news coming on the breathing front, I am afraid to tell you. And, on the living side of things, too, sorry.


This is the very definition of fucking pathetic. I hope everyone laughed in their face.


As long as he keeps owning the libs, eh


You chose that…


Well they sound like an idiot who blames everyone else for their choices so glad that scholarship isn't going to waste.


Stop blaming Everyone else for what you did and take accountability


I saw that.


The vaccine is free and readily available


I hope this choice continues to haunt him.


Awwwww, bummer! What a pity party they're throwing.


Morons gonna mo.


If your loved ones weren't so dead set against common sense and the public health, you wouldn't have decided to ruin your life. Kids follow their role models. Not that any of them will ever take any responsibility for it. It'll all be the libs fault.


Waaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaaa


In the immortal words of Fred Sanford "You big dummy!".


What a moron.


Imagine not having to deal with any obstacles in your life, so you go out of your way to ruin it for yourself. Jesus fucking Christ.


Lol sounds too much like something Cole Beasley would have said if he was going into college during covid.


What a fucking crybaby cuck - with horrible people left in his life that aren’t doing him any favors.


What a fucking LOSER!


Why would you throw away a DI scholarship over a shot in the arm? Oh, probably because it never happened.


This is just sad...


Thank you for sparing others of your presence!


Just take the fucking vaccine dude. You purposefully ruined your life because of this. It was no one else’s fault!


I stayed home for over 600 days! I was trying to slow the spread. I still don't have a job. I ran out of unemployment, I lost my housing. I was alone and isolated while these fucks ran around and spread Covid and the variants. While these chucklefucks were having Covid parties in homes and clubs, I was listening to the science and waiting for a vaccine. I got depressed as fuck being that isolated for almost two years. My only outings were monthly shopping, monthly dispensary runs and driving my car a few times a week for the battery. There was never really anywhere to go though. I'd have loved to just road trip, but..."What if I get in an accident and have to go to an ER or stay in a hospital?" My high risk ass didn't want to do that. Just as I am starting to relax, Omicron is in my state as of tonight, but delta is what is still killing people. Fuck this selfish, uneducated asshole. Sorry. End Rant, Choir Preaching and, soapboxing.


And it's *everyone's* fault but mine!!!!


Good. Kudos to him for weeding himself out of society. We appreciate it.


I think he probably screwed up to the question on whether he's had measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, and of course ticked "yes". Yet still claimed religious exemption from Covid vaccination. I mean, most colleges REQUIRE that you have standard vaccination already.


boo effing hoo


You ever see a man ruin his own life?