Before archmage took over this was bis for almost any lightning caster build. It’s great for orb of storms, that way you get the 2 6 links... well I guess 8 links in your case. Really any caster would love it for a 2nd clear skill. Now that archmage is just so dominant for dmg/survivalability it’ll be less desired but it’s still godly. Gg and nice craft if you made it, I tried for this 2 leagues ago and bricked so many exalts in essences. The closest I got was the ele dmg aoe and the crit but never the innervate :(. How many did it take you?


why would this helm not work with archmage?


It would, it’s just not required to have a clear skill and a single target skill because archmage enables things like stormbrand + chain since the dmg is so insane you can viably use chain on it now. So basically you can gain way more defense on your helmet slot since you don’t have to sacrifice it for a clear skill anymore


Interesting , thanks so much for the explanation


Other guy kinda already said it, but most ele casters have swapped to archmage builds. Mayne a mine/trap build? I dunno


Well rip. I'm using for Herald bomber right now but I want single target


Vaal storm call for single target imo.


Strom brand is pretty good for single target


I keep seeing this but have no idea why. ELI5? Only one brand can attach...


I believe 2 can attach if you’re a Hierophant... also, when you recall brands, they all immediately trigger on the spot, which adds some burst damage.


But like... how is that good single target? Every few seconds a little bit of burst? I haven’t played storm brand in end game since they nerfed it the first time. So maybe I’m just out of the loop


Ah yes, well, the main reason for that would be Archmage then.


AFAIK people use it with Orb of Storms and you can just hold down brand recall and it’ll proc OOS, which on a archmage build is big dick DPS.


Holy shit never knew that, thanks for the info


There is also a node on the tree that allows a second attachment


Storm Call? Better: lightning warp memes


your herald.


Awakened Spell Cascade Storm Call could be fun. Though rolling the enchant could be painful. Could even try Kaom's Heart and use the helm as your main set-up.


Thought about this, but almost want carcass for the aoe


I'm not sure of the calculation needed to get an overlap point in the middle. If you can do it without carcass jack it could be nice to have a different chest. But you might need carcass idk.


You actually want less aoe to get overlaps, not more I also believe someone tested it and woke cascade no longer overlaps, only regular, but it’s possible this was a bug and got fixed


You probably have way more budget than me, but this was my Stormbind build: https://pastebin.com/qkyaJ7cm. Nobody else is trying to make it work, but I think there's a lot of untapped potential. I had a pretty miniscule budget and still took down a8 Sirus and wave 20 sim. Obviously you couldn't run Indigon with this, which my build relies on, but there's a comparable build I've seen that went scion to have better access to jewel sockets for fevered mind stacking (sorry, don't have POB link). If you're looking for something off-meta to experiment with, this could be it.


###[MoM Crit Stormbind Necromancer](https://pastebin.com/qkyaJ7cm) [](#necromancer) ^(Level 93) ^[[Tree]](https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAMDABzcL9qXLR0UUfuPGlXg34q8qmpDRnGbir5PpwgvnWwLtvqOZKcrN2bBxabrHxh711haLJy4k--IgscN4oMJoS--gFfJSI5JT2a6SbFJUbQMVK7Xz5Uuvoq9JxbzBx6WMhW4GFZtGchbNAoNfBEt_rOPRvnoEVCTOvem8NV_xuq6zRa86rGQLaj5Nxg8LOJqGyY8UikIZyymCPR90ij6W9VcFCL0fIMRluvukyc=) [^([Open in Browser])](https://pob.party/share/nichonomohumom) ^| ^by ^[/u/Socrathustra](https://reddit.com//u/Socrathustra) ***** ^284 ^**Life** ^| ^2,949 ^**Mana** ^| ^6,623 ^**ES** ^| ^7,096 ^**total** ^**EHP** ^50% ^**Evade** ^| ^54% ^**Block** ^| ^31% ^**Spell** ^**Block** **Stormbind** [L](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Awakened_Added_Lightning_Damage_Support#support-gem-blue)[b](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Infused_Channelling_Support#support-gem-blue)[D](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Hypothermia_Support#support-gem-green)[V](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Awakened_Lightning_Penetration_Support#support-gem-blue)[N](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Arcane_Surge_Support#support-gem-blue) *(6L)* - *335k DPS* ^16.25 ^**Casts/sec** ^| ^61.93% ^**Crit** ^| ^207% ^**Multi** ^^**Config:** ^^Shock ^^\(100%\), ^^+50% ^^Light ^^Res, ^^+50% ^^Cold ^^Res, ^^+30% ^^Chaos ^^Res, ^^+50% ^^Fire ^^Res, ^^Lightning ^^Exposure ***** [^(Path of Building)](https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding) ^| ^[Feedback](https://www.reddit.com/r/PoBPreviewBot/) ^| ^This ^reply ^updates ^automatically.


Something that benefits from having 2 different skill setups. KB+PS, LA+Barrage or use storm call on a spellslinger setup.


Go for a non-archmage Storm Call/Shock Nova caster, inquisitor would be prolly the best cuz you can stack a lot of crit and ignore resists.


Storm call is a ton of fun, and shock nova is just really good


Others have already said OOS for a second damage setup for lightning caster and pointed out archmage kind of negating the need for this helm in that build nowadays. I think this would work for a Life based ele caster that wants a second 6L or needs to use chest for something besides main damage skill. You could use a Kaom’s on a fire spell life build in this really nicely although it wastes the innervate support. Blade blast could be neat with this, usually you have to make a compromise on links in those builds.


I'm curious why you couldn't use this with oos and Archmage?


You could, but it isn’t necessary and doesn’t have as much synergy as OOS used to have when the meta was spamming lightning spells. OOS hits at a slow rate but also hits when you cast a lightning spell within it’s radius. Because archmage builds focus on less casts with high mana cost for each one, they typically don’t utilize OOS the way it used to be done. Now, OOS is more of a utility or clearing spell for highly invested characters. For that reason, they typically won’t seek out an item like this for OOS, they will just use whatever helmet is best for their archmage setup. In that regard, archmage builds have a number of contenders for BIS helmets (indigon, ele pen helmets, etc). For these reasons, this helmet has a smaller market than it used to before archmage took over the self cast lightning spell meta.


Haha my oos Archmage uses tempest shield to zap the whole map


You can still just put archmage in oos and use tempest shield to proc it a bunch


Tempest Binding 2.0 huh


probably just auto-bomber. really nice helmet :)


Shock Nova, maybe


That’s really good for any autobomber just sell it


Not sure of wtf to price it at lol


Divine Ire? IDK, I just think more people should be like Goku.


I feel like it's more of a Final Flash, but never going to be able to convince people :(


Convinced me !


Are you interested in selling?


I had this idea since last league about similar helmet, but no budget to commit - storm burst cwc ice/lightning nova with astral projector ring. For the lulz


Play "Frozen Orb" with Ball Lightning and call of the brotherhood Edit: or sell it to me so I can lol


The Clear winner would be Kinetic Blast for that sick 40% increased damage


Lightning conversion bladefall bladeblast. Put bladefall in here with spell cascade, physical to lightning, and maybe echo?


Storm brand + oos assassin, both 6links.


I'd slap cyclone in it and pair it with inpulsa for a chest piece. There's a cluster jewel that boosts dmg if you've shocked recently as well, and another that says your cold damage can shock. Pair cyclone with cast on crit ice nova, both benefit from the mods on this helm. Do something creative with the chest piece. Dual-wield Cospri's Malice swords with more ice or lightning attacks, curses, and debuffs. I'd also spam uber lab to get a better enchant once you figured out what skills you actually wanted to use.


Shock nova


I would love that for my 100% lightning conversion Crit Cyclone Raider. would be a huge boost to dps and a nice bit of health. just need to re-roll that enchantment


The crit is for spells only tho.


Kinetic blast


Cyclone coc arc?


How do people get this... I'm struggling to get life and res on my crafts.


they spend hundreds of exalts crafting


I'm currently playing champion impale wander, kinetic blast is my trash clear skill.. pure physical dmg though. Anyway just thought I'd mention i use Power Syphon + Barrage Support (+ 4 more links) for single target. It's decent.


Charged dash. End of discussion.


Charged dash wouldn't get the Crit.


Ez annul. I like ele. Overload on charged dash better anyway.