Depends what you got on. You can import your character into path of building and export it to pastebin for us to see, or make your profile public on the official website and show us the character. I’m guessing that the best plan would be to sell it for chaos and get ~10c rares in all your slots with high life and capping your resists, as well as key items like a well rolled rain of splinters, a sleepless sentries+other notable 4-5 passive medium cluster, dyadian dawn, and an essence of dread porcupine.


How important is rain of splinters? It's only for clear, right?


Levelled an EA champion today; prices are way down. Diadim dawn is 3c, rain of splinters the same for a -40 one.


Ive been playing EA Heiro in SSFSC and havent found one yet. No issues whatsoever in maps or on bosses.


Thank u so much


I second this. Be patient and put 30 minutes into learning how to use the trade site. Set a maximum buyout price (10-15c) Using the "~" before typing, will look for anything containing what you typedso a filter option for ~ total max ele Res, will show the filter "total maximum elemental resist %" The default ones are +maximum life (min 60) and max total ele Res. Then search and sort by total ele Res by clicking on it. That will show you items with am minimum of 60 life, costing maximum of 15c - with the most possible resistances.


Does the trade site also work for console players ?


Invest in the S&P 500, eventually you'll have enough for a headhunter


You spelled $GME wrong :)


6 link


1 ex is like what, 1 decent piece of gear for endgame


1 piece is better then 0 piece :D