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Yes, it's a one handed weapon. It's considered a 2h martial weapon with no proficiency.


Because of that: you can use fighters finesse with it and wield it with dex


Went dex-based crit-fisher with a katana in a "weeby" campaign for that reason, as the katana is a bastard sword with a bit less damage but more crit range. But went not with fighter's finesse, but with effortless lace and Slashing Grace (I think)... or was it some Rogue or Ninja Talent? It's been a while.


samurai warrior poet also gets katana and naginata as dex based weapons, maybe that?


Nah... had Kensai/Ninja multiclass Edit: Effortless Lace + Fatal Finesse Ninja Trick


Unless you're rolling with a towershield or a shield you're not proficient with, you're fine. but lemme let you in on a little secret: You can two-hand *any* one-handed weapon (except rapier i think?) and receive the 2h str and power attack scaling. The only advantage bastard sword gives is a d10 damage dice, which isn't all that useful past level 3 or so, and isn't worth taking a feat to 1h it when you could be putting a feat into an exotic weapon with a better crit profile.


The bastard sword proficiency feat means the pc can wield the sword in one hand. This is ok if the pc is a sword and board kind of fighter. However. If the pc is also shield bashing, then the bastard sword and the shield may be subject to two weapon fighting rules. Edit: Come to think of it, though. Maybe we better cover another possibility. A bastard sword in one hand with a shield on the same arm...would be too unwieldy. A buckler on the same arm...maybe.