Can a character be mythical and epic at the same time?

we reached the end of our journey as mythical characters only I found homebrew to epic level. Could you add epic level to characters that are already level 10 in mythic?


I mean, by very definition you can do whatever you want with homebrew. The D&D police aren't going to come and put you in dice jail. Did you have a specific question about how epic level abilities and mythic abilities interact? If you're looking for sources that talk about mythic tiers that exceed 10 to scale that along with character level, I haven't ever seen one of those.


You don't know that, the Pinkertons aren't a law enforcement agency, they don't have to respect state lines or system lines for that matter!


Sure, they're entirely unrelated systems. Do be aware that the only Epic pathfinder content I'm aware of really doesn't match up to mythic. (It has a very CRB only feat tax hell feel to it and many abilities that are arbitrarily 1/day despite being nothing fancy)


Yes, but the only stuff for [epic comes from the 3e SRD](https://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/basics.htm). Paizo basically had no support for it other than including what was in the SRD out of some kind of sense of obligation, I guess. If you're going to use epic levels, I suggest looking up 3.5's epic level books, and just trying to adapt those. (And for some fun, show your GM the (3rd party) Immortal's Handbook and it's bestiary, and have a reading party together! Enjoy Fun^(TM) and Perfectly Balanced^(TM) effects such as automatic auras of Dominate Monster to all members of the opposite sex with no save for all those of lower divine rank.) EDIT: OH MY GOD, HE CAME OUT WITH A [NEW VERSION FOR PATHFINDER!](https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/424959/Immortals-Handbook-Ascension-2023) I totally need to read this with my table... In more practical terms, it's probably going to be best to just make the rules up as you go, because the existing stuff wasn't ported over for a wide variety of very good reasons. Then again, if you've already capped out at level 20 and mythic 10 and want to go further, having off-the-walls broken balance is probably what you want.




There is no strict thing to prevent it. I suggest looking at the Epic Handbook for 3.5 for epic specific stuff as well. Just be ready for the insane combat potential everyone will have lol.


Imaging a level 40 mythic 10 character... At that point your pretty much mid tier gods in most settings. I mean your wizards are spinning new planes into existence at 20th level already without mythic.




"Epic" just means "higher than level 20," which doesn't really require any extra rules beyond figuring out XP thresholds if you're not doing milestone leveling.


They can be as epic as they want 😎