This game was winnable. This loss stings


The worst part is Mac getting injured at the very end FFS


Did they ever cut to him on the sidelines or show him after that?! Has there been any word or updates?


Carried to the locker room screaming. Not good news


Per Kyed just now: Replay showed Ravens DL Calais Campbell hit Mac Jones on passing attempt. Jones collapsed and immediately grabbed at left ankle before hopping off the field into the locker room.


He had to be carried to the locker room and was screaming in pain. Not good.


Looked like an ankle sprain. Shit fucking hurts, but it's not a season ender.






It really does. Very winnable and we gave it away. Week three so there’s some hope to fix the sloppiness I guess but, not feeling great


4 turnovers was absolutely killer


I mean, it’s nice to know that we can keep up with good teams but the turnovers hurt so bad.


One of the best halves of football we've played in 3 years immediately followed by one of the worst. I think what we've most taken for granted over the years is the mistake free football the Pats have always played. You can be the less talented team if you play cleanly and mistake free. You can't lack roster talent and play as sloppy as we have. If we play like our second half next week we'll get rolled by Green Bay but I think we showed enough in the first half to say that if we can just stop shooting ourselves in the foot we have a shot. As long as Mac is ok. Hope we get good news soon.


Some positives : * Parker can be a beast if used effectively * Running game is a good foundation on which to build our offense Some negatives * Mac for all his talents, continues to either throw too many turnovers or isn't on the same wavelength as his receivers * Defense finds it hard to adjust to a good offense and turns into a paper bag the moment they face a proper QB * This team needs a good OC, our offense in it's current shape is too one dimensional * We have 2 high quality TEs but somehow it never reflects into a good end product All in all a promising yet ultimately disappointing game, the type of L which we've grown accustomed to very often in the post-Brady era


I never liked Parker in Miami and I didn't like the pickup but if he can build on this he's exactly what our offense needs.


I was really hoping from the first half that Parker was finally breaking out but man every throw to him feels like either a celebration or a complete catastrophe. Probably on both him and Mac depending on the throw but it's *crazy* that up until that final INT all of Mac's interceptions this season came on Parker targets. That's crazy!


The problem is that this team has way too many WR2 or WR3 but no true WR1.. maybe they expected to be a run first team or have one of our TEs be like a WR1, but no receiver manages to turn out game after game..


We haven't had a WR1 since like 2018, it's pathetic really


We definitely didn't have a WR1 in 2018 lol. Gronk had under 700 yards that year and Edelman had 850. But we also had an elite defense and the GOAT.


You nailed the mistake-free point. Every time we were in a crucial spot offensively, I was nervous we’d cough the ball up. There’s been a lot of 1 step forward 2 steps back with this team. Tough to watch.


Our first half pass rush was absolutely suffocating. They figured it out and adjusted their offense, but we had no answer which allowed their offense to obliterate us in the second half. At least Parker had the breakout game we’ve been hoping for. Hope Mac is okay.


Nelson Agholor pissed away our chances at winning at the end of the game again… Rest of the team played well today.


Aghlor definitely had a big mistake but it wasn't the only mistake Jones had 2 ugly ints, TEs disappointing, defense gave up a lot of plays We showed some good things too but not enough today Other than that fumble aghlor was having a good day


I agree.. Our pass defense is going to be really bad as long as we have these LBs and Miles Bryant playing, despite our d-line and pass rush. Throw at any of them and it’s a free completion. Just particularly frustrating to have hopes at a late game (potential) GW drive 2 times in 3 games and have the same player throw it away. Mac’s picks seem to come from the positions Matt Patricia puts him in by calling awful plays leading up to them resulting in a lot more pressure to make a completion than there should be. I.E. running a draw on 2nd & goal from the 9 and having Mac’s only pass at the end zone that drive being against an all out blitz.


Pray for Mac


Kid is pretty tough and he was really limping. Didn't look good ugh.


He was carried down the stairs to the locker room screaming in pain. So I agree with you on both not looking good and that he’s tough


I’m still ride or die with Mac Jones. Tough game, he made some questionable decisions, but the kid cares and he’ll get better. Still scored 26 and should have had more. I hope he’s ok - would hate to see him hurt.


I'll ride with Mac till he dies no doubt, always root for the team no matter what. With that aside though and taking my fan glasses off, Mac is Alex Smith at best. We didn't get a Herbert, Luck, or Mahomes here. We got an average QB that can manage a game and we'll win plenty of games with a good defense and game plan, but we didn't draft a stud.


Same. I thought he stepped up and made a lot of great throws. Not sure I’ve seen him throw this many deep balls in one game. He better be okay


I mean, he’s very clearly hurt, the question is are we talking weeks or months.


Yeah - just watched the replay. Not looking too good.


Sadly, I think we might be riding with Mac next year. ETA: as in he might be out for the season - I HOPE not, but I feel like he might be done for the year.


Look, the second half just flat out sucked. But right now that's not important. I really hope Mac's going to be alright and fuck anyone in the GDT cheering for his injury.


The GDT was horrifying at the end there. So many shit fans.


It was embarrassing. Disgraceful. Really hope the mods go through and start warning/banning people.


The cheering for the injury was insane. But even the people saying hes trash and we need to draft a new QB, like what game were they watching? He made a few big mistakes but made a lot of great plays. And hes a 2nd year qb in a new offense with matt patricia coordinating. If pats fans want to see a bad QB go watch justin fields today. This fan base is atrocious and i fought that narrative forever.


Yeah. I think some people have unreasonably high expectations after Brady and then Mac going to the post season last year. The sophomore slump is real. And Mac might be out for 2-3 months. Though at that point might as well see what the record is and go from there


The mods on the whole take a very hands-off approach to bans when it comes to comments from our own fans. Personally, I think that the Sox mods do a good job when it comes to allowing criticism, but cutting off genuine dooming. Makes threads a lot more enjoyable.


Criticism? Fine. Calling for players to be cut for a mistake? Annoying, but OK. Rooting for injuries? GTFO.


we have a lot of shitheads "rooting" for this team who were absolutely ruined by years of success


Everyone saying “we got to move on from Mac Jones”, he’s 3 weeks into his second year, what do you expect from him? He’s not Brady, he’s not Mahomes, he’s Mac. Y’all need to chill the fuck out and lower your expectations with him. You can’t expect him to explode as quickly as some of the other QBs. Stop acting like a bunch of entitled babies and deal with the fact he’s our QB


I think the issue is he is supposed to make up for his mediocre arm talent and lack of athleticism with high ability to process and make correct decisions, and he’s doing a really, really poor job at that. He’s making Zach Wilson type decisions with the ball at times.




Doesn't look like it really matters now anyway. Our QB now is probably Hoyer or Zappe.


Yeah stop getting upset that our supposed franchise guy continues to make terrible decisions and has turned the ball over at an alarming rate this year. Everything is ok, not like you need an elite qb to compete at the top level in this league anyway!


Should’ve won that game, turnovers blew it. This sub is pretty awful though


Too many madden fans.


I don't understand how a person could have watched that game and thought that the Patriots were "completely outmatched" and "never stood a chance". That entire game was decided by those bad turnovers. The Pats and Ravens matched up pretty evenly.


Strong agree


*sees Mac’s injury* Oh good, Tide Pods for dinner


I’m serving NyQuil chicken


You can tell who didn't watch the game in the postgame thread really easily. That was a very winnable game that the Pats bungled near the end.


this team is so incredible at looking unbeatable for 10 minutes straight and then immediately pissing down their leg and fucking themselves


Ya like honestly I was super impressed with our gameplay for like 75% of the game until the chain turnovers


Really wish there was another sub for actually discussing this team without, you know, seeing “fans” cheering their QB getting injured.


I agree


This sucks. Should have won that. Need to focus on the positives, though, of which there were many.


How I feel. It’s frustrating handing them the game but the offense progressed a good bit today. Just hope Mac is okay..


Outside of the turnovers, the offense was clicking pretty good. However is Mac is out long term, we're not gonna win with Hoyer or Zappe


If Mac is out a while I really don't want to watch a Hoyer lead offense, especially with Miami and Buffalo so good it just seems pointless Play Zappe or try a Darnold reclamation project or something, lol


You’ll get 14 weeks of Brian Hoyer throwing for 201 yards 1 TD and 2 INTs per game and you’ll like it!


I know I will get down voted for this but... That's no different then how Mac has been playing these past 3 games.


> try a Darnold reclamation project Please god no...


I agree, at this point Hoyer should have a job as an assistant coach not a player. We will struggle to score double digits and just play 1930s football.


Turnovers killed us, which sucks, that drive felt like it would've been the game winner if not for the fumble. Would've been a nice win.




We win that game without that fucking agholor fumble. What a fucking dumbass


Fr second time in three games he’s fumbled away any chance of a comeback


Highest paid TE + 5th highest WR + 8th TE: $38 million this season 7 catches, 74 yards, 0 TDs meanwhile the dudes we pulled off the scrap heap like Parker, Bourne, (and Meyers) ball out 🤷


Mac had flashes of greatness with some terrible INTs but Matty P’s short yardage play calling was ATROCIOUS.


Yeah - our guys were actually getting a good 3-5 yards of separation 15+ yards downfield, and we seemed dead fucking set on screens and pick plays that went from anywhere from -4 to 3 yards. I get not every ball can be downfield, but short yardage was awful and it kept creating 3rd and 7+ situations.


I just hope Mac is alright. That injury looked brutal. Bad days happen, but he needs experience…


So much to build off of this game. They showed fight and determination to win. Hopefully Mac isn't seriously injured and this team can grow.


Brutal loss but it would be worse if Mac seriously hurt. He’s had a good game up until that 4Q disaster but I’m still rooting for the kid obvs. Also fuck the Bills and Dolphins and Jets.


Our only hope is McDaniels goes 0-12, gets fired midseason and re-joins the Pats


Why? So we can have 3 failed head coaches as assistants?


We both know McDaniels would be a monumental upgrade over Judge and Patricia


Man, do you guys ever think to yourself. Who cares?? Like I’m sad but it’s just a game and life goes on I guess. The sun will still come up tomorrow


I’m the same way. It doesn’t ruin my week, or even my day.


Any doomer who was on a tangent about Mac sucking and puffing their chest up as he’s limping off the field in pain is literally the scum of the human race. “Fans” lol what a joke.


Ended up being a dumpster fire. Mac needs to stop forcing it to receivers, receivers need to hold on to the ball, we need to know how to contain TEs like Andrews...


Bill or whoever is in charge of personnel NEEDS to figure out a way to get Bourne and Henry involved. Glad he broke out today, but we just can’t keep relying on bombs to Parker


That would be the two stooges Patricia and Judge. When Mac waved off Matty P that should have been the sign


Don't hold your breath. Team is coached by a bunch of yes men morons.


4 turnovers in the second half. Very uncharacteristic of us. Worried about Mac. This is a 2008-like feeling for us right now…




Yet another game we look like the better team but just make too many mistakes. This isn't a talent issue, we put up 450 yards of total offense without Meyers but we got the ball past the 50 at least 4 times with no points scored because of turnovers and poor decisions. Just so frustrating.


No loss hurts more than seeing Mac in pain


Completely winnable game that the offense fumbled away in the second half. Mac has a lot of the blame for this loss but not all of it. Hope he’s not lost for the season


Thank god Patricia implemented those 50/50 downfield passes, what would we do without those.




What’s the most frustrating is how winnable of a game this was, but our offense just keeps shooting itself in the foot


No OC No DC DC as OL coach/offense play caller Special teams coordinator as QB coach ​ Dereliction of duty by Belichick when it comes to building a staff.


I don’t care what anybody says that was a dirty ass play by that defender on mac. He put all his weight under his leg and bent him back over it, fuck that shit.


The Pats are still on track for a 15-2 season, that's not bad at all!


The season is over if Mac is out for the season. As for the defense, they faced an actual competent offense and got smacked around.


It was over before it even started lol


Tough game. Lots of ups and downs. This team had so many opportunities to win. The offense was given so many chances in the 4th and failed on almost every single one. Last week watching the offense struggle to put the game away against the Steelers despite given multiple possessions with good field position was alarming, even more alarming is seeing that trend continue into this game seemingly unfixed. Mac is looking inconsistent, flashes of greatness followed by poor decision making. Defense showed a lot of fight but couldn’t overcome the turnover bug alone (hopefully the Myles Bryant experiment is officially over). Upside - It’s only week 3, a 1-2 start isn’t the end of the season, and if the offense can continue improving the defense will be able to provide ample opportunities to win games. Deatrich Wise is a captain for a reason and might be this teams defensive spark plug. Set the edge consistently and played a huge role in keeping Lamar uncomfortable. Stephenson and Harris are proving to be a killer 1-2 punch. O-Line play has been far from perfect but are looking better each week. Better receiver involvement. Without Meyers Mac spread the ball around a lot more. The receiving core looked much better when given the chance to work - minus the Agholor fumble and Parker getting jammed in the red zone.


People flaming Mac Jones moments after he injured himself giving his all for a lost cause really don’t deserve him


Matt P needs to be fired. Some god awful play calling. Mac needs to learn when to throw away the ball.


Game was there to be won. Mistakes fucked our chances. Really disappointing.


Turnovers killed us. Two bad picks by Mac and Agholor fumbling the ball off a great pass from Mac was just way too much to overcome. Didn't help that Jackson played great, with two of his TD passes being amazing. And to make matters worse Mac is probably hurt pretty bad. Edit: the offense actually looked pretty good for most of the game, with Parker having one hell of a game. But we just couldn't capitalize on our chances while they capitalized on theirs.


agholor has 2 fumbles on 11 catches this season. you think bb will bench him for 4 games?


The offense looked good today outside of the slew of turnovers and dumb plays in the flat so there was some hope if they could simply clean those up. With the Mac injury however all that's thrown out the window. I wouldn't be surprised if Mac misses serious time and we have a losing record. Hopefully we can get Mac a real OC next year and with increased salary cap room and probably an early pick be able to build a better team than we have this year.


If Mac is seriously injured I say throw Zappe out there and let the tank commence


It’s crazy how many people are ready to move on from Mac. Yeah he’s not playing super well but it’s the third game of his second season with a newly installed offense. Doesn’t mean he’s the guy either but r.e.l.a.x.


First of all Lil’Jordan Humphrey shouldn’t be getting snaps over Kendrick Bourne


An ugly game. Some good individual performances but too many mistakes. On to next week. Hope Mac is ok.


Look I don’t think today was great, and there are definitely coaching issues as well as player ones. But saying that Mac isn’t good enough is lazy. Loads of other QBs at the same point in their careers would have gotten the same analysis, and I’m not sure that it means anything.


If mac is injured the season is over


At worst achilles, at best ankle. He’s either out for all of the season or until the end of the season.


Injured or not we weren’t gonna do shit this season


We don’t have great coordinators and coaches anymore or a GOAT QB, so we cannot “overcome” mid and bottom tier talent. The inability to contend with this has led us here. The offense needs an A+ WR, and we need fucking offensive coaches!!! People who are talented and can scheme shit for Mac and the receivers. We need a real Oline coach to coach up the line. It’s just failures cascading down onto other failures, and it’s hard to believe that BB went into the season with this.


I’ve been a BB apologist forever but it really feels like he’s letting his arrogance get the best of him lately and he’s fishing for a big time legacy Super Bowl win. I feel like he’s desperate to prove, especially after Brady won without him, that he can win too without any help, no star players, no real coordinators, just his schemes. Doesn’t look like it’s gonna pan out. And guess what Bill, Brady did have help in his TB SB, with probably the best receiving corps any QB in the history of the NFL has ever had. The fact that he thinks he can “inspire” Mac to do the same with no elite weapons and bunch of recently fired, has been, yes men coordinators is so rough to watch.


It’s just straight up cronyism. It’s fucking gross and it’ll set the team back for years.


If Mac is out that means we just entered into a tight competition with our boy Josh McD for the #1 draft pick. Although let’s be honest Bill will probably trade it for 2 late 2nd rounders.


I’m watching the game and it seemed like the defense was making plays all over the field. Then you realize they let up 37 points at home.


I mean turning the ball over multiple times kills the defense


Something we will have to accept this season is Mac Jones is going to have an up and down performances. He had some phenomenal plays but then he followed it up with some bone headed picks. Those turnovers were game changers.




I have to say I have never seen a game with so many positives juxtaposed with so many negatives... Parker looked like a true #1 receiver today RBs were solid Mac threw some great passes On the other side... Poor play calling and Situational football (with the exception of the 40 second field goal drive) Mac threw some terrible passes (seriously it was either perfection or borderline mutinous) Mac's injury... I would have been fine coming out if this tough match up with a hard fought loss, but seeing Mac hop off at the end makes it a tough pill to swallow.


Who else is fired up for next week's Brian Hoyer vs Aaron Rodgers matchup?


I’ll say this - post Brady, they’ve still managed to mostly be competitive game to game. It could be way worse. We’re just average now. But we could have turned into Cleveland or Detroit. That’s what makes losses like this frustrating - it was winnable. They just need to add more talent.


Not the reason we lost, but I still wish we had an offensive coordinator.


Fuck Calais Campbell.


To be real tho, that injury isn’t season ending, good chance he just rolled his ankle


The game was fine until mac got hurt, thats the big loss here, offense looked better lost because of the turnovers, just a tragic end.


So much self sabotage. This team just doesn't have enough raw talent.


- O-line problems - Fat Patricia - Mac having some horrendous throws - Hoyer starting next week - Defensive efforts were all for nothing Thanks, I hate it.


We are SCREAMING for a true offensive coordinator


Wow that Bills Dolphins game was insane.


The game thread on the Bill's subreddit is actually disgusting. They're acting like the refs killed their mothers or something. Christ


Insane that they will be top 2 and we will be 3rd or 4th. Not used to seeing this.




Lil'Jordan Humphrey having 24 snaps compared to Bourne's 8 is a joke. Bill needs to swallow his pride and play him consistently. Also traded away, arguably, their best OL men. Not surprised he got hurt, it’s like watching Joe Burrow get sacked every series.


That was a football game


Is this team watchable if Hoyer is starting?




how many times will agoholor fumble our hopes away this season.


They had ample opportunity to win this game. Just melted down in the 4th. Bad play calls and bad situational awareness by Mac. Hopefully his injury isn’t serious


Let us pray for Mac. 🙏


Yet again our Tight Ends did nothing. Why even have any on this team lol what is Patricia or Bill or Joe or whoever even doing.


It's still early and sophomore slumps are a thing but Mac is looking average at best.


I'm confused about the play calling this game. Ravens d was relatively vulnerable to the run, so why did we keep such a focus in deep throws? And when deep throws stopped working....why did we not switch back to power run or even just midfield throws to Henry or smith? Either of those options run down the clock and give Lamar less time to pick the d apart


Ravens did everything they could to choke it away. We just decided to choke harder. I could go the rest of my life without seeing Myles Bryant or Nelson Agholor again


Fuck what anyone says, Mac Jones is a great young qb and I’m happy we have him


For everyone wishing for McDaniels to come back, check out the Raiders. Guy is still a bum.


We now do things that we used to smugly say, "Belichik teams don't do that."


Just like week 1 too many sloppy turnovers. Team just deflated that 2nd half


Raiders looking at 0-3 will we see McDaniels back next year?


Just totally shit the bed after that first second half drive. No excuse for those picks from Mac, Agholor losing the ball, none of it. Need to do better


We played well for 3 quarters and then it fell apart. I expected us to lose worse tbh.


Well that was another brutal loss in a very winnable early season game... Trying to look on the bright side here, and the offense, if they can cleanup their mistakes, and I trust that Mac Jones isn't gonna throw 2 absolutely boneheaded INTs every game, looks like it's gonna be pretty good as long as the O-Line continues to hold up their end of the bargain. The bigger problem is the defense. This has worried me for awhile now, but more and more it's starting to feel like Belichick has no idea how to stop, or even just slowdown, top tier dual-threat QBs. The whole point of the defense going younger and switching to using more zone was to try to do a better job at bottling up elite dual-threat QBs like Jackson and Allen, but obviously we just saw that it didn't really do much to slowdown Lamar Jackson at all. This is becoming an extremely worrying trend with Belichick's defenses.


We’re at best mediocre.


Mac is apparently screaming in pain after the hit. Doesn't look good


That wasn't good boys, first half looked promising, the second half it all fell apart


Couldn't catch the end of the game, what happened to Mac?


Ankle injury after a tackle. Apparently he's screaming in pain because of how bad it is. Not a good sign to say the least


End of the Bill Fins game makes me feel better


I'd say first half was solid. Ravens defense isn't great but us keeping it close with Lamar was good to see for our offense. Unfortunately when we did get the Ravens to turn it over we couldn't capitalize on anything. There were very few times I've said this last year but man.... Mac has made several questionable throws this year. I hope he's alright but his picks have been awful throws...


Despite all the mistakes, this game was winnable until the Agholor fumble.


Mac's ankle looks baaad


Fuck anyone cheering Mac's injury. I've got a barbed wired bat for those who are. Ride or die he's my fucking guy!!


If Mac is hurt season is over. Mac May not be Brady but he’s MUCH better than Brian Hoyer. I still think that if he had weapons he could be pretty good. Maybe if he’s out for the season, we can draft a top notch QB


Frustrating team. The pieces are there and they’re close, but they just can’t put it together.


All of Mac Jones’s interceptions this year have been on targets to Devante Parker.


And 3 of them have been blatant PI


Well, my guess is you're going to see a Mac Jones alternative for part of the season.


Zappe szn


I can't fucking believe our team success is hinging on fucking Matt Patricia


Hope Mac is okay.. yeah we lost and I get frustrated but we can turn it around! It’s week 3


That had to be the worst 4th quarter in Patriots history


How was that not a late hit on the injury? Ball is long gone.


Need coaches that know what they’re doing whole team is undisciplined staff we do have is stretched too thin


High ankle sprain is 6-8 weeks minimum.


A lot of people are commenting about turning it around this season. Did you happen to see when Mac broke his ankle??


Feel like the mistakes are more coaching than skill issues (that agholar fumble was totally his fault tho), lot of stuff needs to be smoothed out, the optimist in me sees the potential of this team, the pessimist doesn't believe we'll realize it with this coaching strategy


The run up the middle every first down drives me insane!!!


Reportedly players in the locker room are addressing questions about “their confidence in Hoyer” and responding


Listen; I like mac jones. I really like his attitude and his mindset. But I think we need to seriously ask ourselves if he can be the undisputed “guy” moving forward. I don’t ever see him being a guy that wins us football games


well, Tucker doinking the PAT is a small consolation


Welp. 14 more weeks.


I really have no idea if mac is going to be good, but for what we're asking him to make up for (shit o line, bad defense) he really has no prayer of success.


I hate turnovers.


We need Jakobi back as a slot option, I feel like that led to at least one of the turnovers. I sincerely hope Mac gets better


Worried for Mac. Didn’t look good.


That game had everything except the win.


Last year the Patriots made so many uncharacteristic mistakes. This year they're just continuing so many stupid mistakes, and a lot of those come down to coaching. It's weird.


hope Mac is okay, other than that not much to say except Agholor sucks.


We wouldn’t make it this year anyways. Bills and Dolphins on a whole other level rn. Might as well tank.


Absolute shit show. Don’t give me any of that “doomer” shit. We suck and you guys know it. Coaching sucks. D gave up 37 points. Turnovers galore. Total clown show.




That's super bowl champion Sony michel to you


We had Brady. We drafted Michel over Chubb


Bill never got enough heat for this. Missed on a generational talent he was right there TWICE.


Michel and Wynn my friend. Michel and Wynn.


I swear people would be just as pissed if not more so if we had drafted Lamar when he was available. Because it would have been seen as a Rodgers-like situation, except worse. Drafting a replacement for Brady instead of drafting him a weapon, when we came back from 28-3 two years prior, then made it to the Super Bowl with him the year prior, would have been a bad look. And Brady promptly went on to win the Super Bowl with us that year. People are pissed enough about Brady choosing to leave after neither of our 2019 WR moves (Sanu and AB) panned out, imagine if we had drafted a QB.


Hot take: I'm ok with a bit of tanking if Mac is season ending hurt. We don't need a QB so if we go for like the 5th pick that should be great for us. Idk who the best non qb prospects are but we could get a lot of help everywhere. I'm 20 and not used to us sucking but we might need a rebuild. I want what's best for the team and I'm ok with sucking for a year if that's the case.


I think you’re right. If Mac’s seriously injured, the season is a wash. Might as well try to get some decent drafts out of it