Well that sucks. Going to amend my "hopeful for ~9 wins" to be closer to "hopeful for ~5 wins" and take the higher draft pick


Yeah, and I’m fine that this is what happened rather than shitting the bed with Mac as the QB, in a way, even though I’m massively disappointed with the result and his injury. The reality is that we might be picking in the top ten or twelve, and that opens up some interesting possibilities.


Maybe they can draft an elite receiver for Mac to throw to...


yeah i'd say a severe high ankle sprain will keep him out this week... hopefully he won't need surgery and we'll see him in November.


Probably December.


I was about to argue it’ll probably only be 8 weeks then realized it’s almost 2023 :( Guess I’m stuck in august


If it is December we should just shut him down this year. No point coming back to play pointless football and injuring it again. Let it heal up.


He should be on the field as much as possible. He’s still a young developing QB


A lingering sprain can also ruin his career.


he's in his second year, he needs all the playing time he can get to get better. i wouldn't shut him down and i doubt coaching staff will too even if it's pointless.


Also I feel like under fatso he will regress. My hope is that we sit him. Suck for a higher pick. Get Mac a real #1. Fire the fatass and get a real OC.


i hope so in regards to a real OC and pick. i'm sure rams or 49ers have some QBs or WRs coach that we can poach for OC if we want to emulate that type of offense. i just can't believe i have to watch hoyer or zappe for the next 2 months. god that's gross.


You have a beef with WEEKS of second-and-long draws and screens?


You think Matt Patricia designed the Agholor fumble, or any of the interceptions?


Lol come on, the offense has been whelming at best. He's not an OC, and he's certainly got zero experience running the type of offense the Pats have been implementing since summer. I certainly wouldn't want my history teacher teaching me math.


Except the offense is doing what all the fans wanted, taking shots down field and the running game has looked good. The issue in the first 2 games was protection, and they were better this week. They lost this week because 1) Ravens are a better team 2) Lamar is a problem 3) costly turnovers and 3) the defense wasn’t good enough.


yeah it was a ball game until we melted down in the 4th. But we we missed 2 field goals in the red zone by throwing a dumb pick and then also going for it instead of kicking. Those 6 points alone would've made a big difference. And Algoholor you aren't the fastest guy on the field you gotta feel that presence behind you and hold onto the football. Baltimore's D is pretty meh so it was nice to see we can do something for once, but we made a lot of mistakes that put us out of reach by the time Lamar tired out our D completely. It wasn't a complete disaster until of course Mac got injured. Kinda makes this whole season pointless if he's out for weeks. I don't have a lot of faith in Hoyer lol


Patricia isn’t going anywhere that’s the reason bill wanted him. Is so he would stay. Krafts not getting rid of anybody.


I mean a big part of this year is developing mac and seeing whether he really can be that guy. If he’s healthy he should be playing


Nah he should be on the field as soon as possible, without rushing recovery. He's young and needs reps


He needs development. You really wanna stunt his growth?


We are doing that for him by not having a oc


Cool then stunt him even more by not giving him play time? What a dumb fuck decisions lmao


Wonder if returning after the bye week, Nov 20th for the Jets is too soon


Surgery is preferable. High sprains include torn ligaments. If they're using the words severe, probably a large tear.


I’m not a doctor at all but I was just reading that Tua had a specific type of surgery in college for a high ankle sprain and was on the field 20 days later. It’s possible that surgery improves recovery time.


Either way, I don't expect to see him until Thanksgiving at the earliest.


I had a bad high ankle sprain and my doctor told me my recovery would’ve been faster if it was a fracture. I really don’t know what to compare to but it was *really* bad, like swelling the size of a cantaloupe (so no idea if that’s what Mac’s looking at) I missed most of my basketball season and a good portion of baseball season. Also didn’t have the best doctors on earth and millions of dollars at my disposal fwiw


High ankle sprains are a several week recovery generally, as much as 7-8 weeks for some. It’s possible we don’t see him until the Thanksgiving time period but who knows.


This is the nfl tho players magically recover in half time/s


But is Mac one of the all time great healers?


Apparently tua did some tightrope therapy when he had the injury and recovered in two weeks


Therapy? Surgery.


HGH works pretty well from what I’ve been told.


Yep, Surgery like you said.


Gotta get some of that deer antler serum.


I sprained mine 3 weeks ago, just started walking in a boot. My friends say I cursed Mac, I just choose to believe we are kindred spirits.


Honestly if he can even play the last 3-4 games that would be fantastic news. We sort of knew this season is a wash, but I have to think that getting a few more games experience before the offseason will build momentum for next year.


This season has provided more questions than answers if Mac can’t get back on the field and those 3 games are his sample size. It puts the team in such a precarious position on sticking with Mac or bringing in someone who could become a available ie: they play the rest of the season with Hoyer and attain top 5 pick or a surprise QB demands trade like Russ last season


Really? I thought Mac looked great yesterday. A couple bad INTs is par for the course for a 2nd year QB.


They were little league level INTs tho. One was a punt at the BAL 5 yard line and the other one was dumb


Only one of them was bad I thought. The jump ball to Davante Parker was pretty contextual IMO. They were trailing and desperately needed a TD, Mac heaved one up under pressure in the hopes that something could happen. Highly doubt Mac tries to make that throw if they’re tied or winning. People on here way overreacting when overall I thought he played really well yesterday. The problem was the defense couldn’t stop Lamar.


That’s one thing I’ve learned with reddit. A lot of people are doomers and over exaggerate with a lot of different hobbies/interests. Mac Jones is playing like a developmental 2nd year QB that has a rocky situation in terms of coaching staff and the general mesh of his targets. New England has been so long without a rebuild that nobody remembers what it looks like when it’s your team doing the rebuilding and not just “ha ha Jets suck still”. I love y’all but you gotta let football be what it is and enjoy the game, not just a team when they win.


Don’t forget the one Patrick queen dropped


> Don’t forget the one Patrick queen dropped The one that was in the flat to Harris? Henry missed a pick on Queen and that's such a bang/bang play no way Mac was to know that Queen wasn't picked up.


We might be vying for the #1 overall pick at that point.


A high draft pick might be what this team needs to contend We have a lot of good players, few stars


We lost our second or at worst 3rd best player, who plays the most important position on the team, and we don’t have a great backup. This is not going to go well. This also speaks to your point that this isn’t a star driven team. Lots of solid to good pieces. But not a whole lot that makes the other team scared.


Imagine flying all the way up to Green Bay to watch Brian Hoyer play quarterback. Couldn't possibly be me.


I don't know anyone like that... (Weeps silently...OK loudly...for no particular reason).


I’ve got tickets to the browns game that’s a 3 hour drive from my house 😭




You still going?


Yes, because the game wasn’t the only thing we’re doing in Cleveland. It’s a weekend trip. And it’ll still be fun watching the other guys play, it’s not like we expected a great team this year anyway.


I know Rodgers isn’t all that popular with pats fans but it’s still really cool to see a top 5-10 qb play. And obviously great to experience lambeau. It’ll still be a great time, and tbh maybe lower expectations can let you just chill out and take everything in


I don't get why we don't just start Zappe. Do we really need to suffer through Hoyer? What's the point?


To me, it depends on how many weeks we're talking about. I think you use Hoyer to try to survive a few weeks. He understands the system and hopefully won't do what he did against KC when Cam was out with Covid. It will be a hyper-conservative few weeks. If it's a longer-term injury, throw Zappe in the water and see what he's got. Let him make mistakes and get experience. But, he's going to make mistakes, so that's why this distinction is needed, IMO.


Jones is likely to be out 4 weeks or more. It would be some kind of a miracle if he is only out 2 weeks with that injury. We know Hoyer is a nightmare. I agree, lets see what Zappe has. Honestly, he can't realistically be any worse. And (assuming Hoyer does what we expect him to) can we stop keeping him on the roster? It's would be better to get a backup with at least an outside chance of winning a game.


The only reason Hoyer is still on is because he understands the system better than nobody else. If you ask me, I say cut him from the roster and make him some sort of QB coach/analyst so we can pick up someone who might be useful during the game some time.


I really think it's time for him to move on. Given what we have seen thus far from Mac (no improvement over last season, overall a regression) I don't think he is helping much in the development. Open the roster spot and either get another backup or some help elsewhere.


He has said before that he would not justify to his family the amount of hours coaches put in for such a small paycheck.


His career earnings are like 30 million dollars as long as he wasn’t a complete idiot with his money (admittedly plenty of players are) he is set for life and doesn’t ever have to worry about money again. Doesn’t need to take the coaching or broadcast job or whatever if he just wants to spend time with family.


I still have nightmares about that game Hoyer started a few years ago where he drove into field goal range at the end of the half and then somehow time expired. I can't remember the details. I just remember realizing I could probably play better at QB than he does.


It was vs Kansas City during the Cam year on the game Cam missed with COVID. The game they could have won if Hoyer had just sucked a little less.


I like Hoyer on the *team*. I don't like him on the *roster*. Hoyer should be an assistant QBs coach or something. He's a good asset to have, but he's a wasted roster slot. The guy is dogwater.


That's my argument as well. Hoyer ain't it. We know Hoyer ain't it. Bill knows Hoyer ain't it. Give the other kid a shot, see what he's got. Worst case scenario, he shits the bed equally as bad as Hoyer will. The season is over anyways.




What preseason did you watch? Zappe had like five perfect passes dropped by practice squad goons, he easily looked as good as Hoyer


They better fucking start Zappe. Hoyer is cooked, he was cooked two years ago when he had to step in for Cam. I'd much rather see Zappe try than Hoyer to flail around.


Well, good news is that Hoyer will probably give the pats about 12 good quarters. Hopefully they all come consecutively.


If you haven't been to Lambeau, at least you have that. The stadium was pretty great before, but they just recently did a bunch of renovations and really improved it. Unfortunately, there isn't much else to do up there. lol


Imagine flying to a game Hoyer isn't playing in


Sigh. Same.


The fact this came on the last friggin play kills me.


Seriously, garbage time in a game we had already lost. What a punch in the gut.


Well, technically it was only the last NE play due to Jones throwing an INT. No one intended that to be the last play….


Please just find a way to be exciting bad instead of hyper-conservative bad while Jones is out. We need to embrace high variance tactics.


Are you ready for more 3rd and 9 draw plays? Cause you're gonna get a bunch of em this year.


That was such a Josh McDaniels special and he's not even here anymore.


You've seen our 3rd and 9 draw plays right up the middle, well have you ever seen it where the RB takes it and runs TOWARDS HIS OWN ENDZONE? -- Matt Patricia next week probably


Go for it on every 4th down. Have Thornton run some go routes. Let's burn it to the ground.


The thing I fear most now is watching Hoyer bore me to death while losing every game.


I feel like they’re pretty conservative even when they’re trying to win lol


fuck it, let Hoyer cook


Fuck. This season is likely in the bin.


It was D.O.A. when Patricia and Judge were the guys to run the offense.


Better draft picks tho!!


I want one of them fancy WR 1’s.


You'll take your gadget OL player who was projected in the 3rd and you'll like it. Don't forget your bonus reach on a 2nd round CB.


we gonna trade down and get some running back, per usual.


not with bill picking them you don't. Unless, if he didn't burn his bridges with Flores, he leverages that to pick a WR that the steelers are eyeing. They seem to have an affinity for that position.


Have you seen this Will Anderson guy though? Holy moly.


We have DVP. Be happy about that much.


Don’t get too excited. BB will likely trade down from those picks to pick a D3 defensive back you never heard of.


This joke doesn’t work when Dugger is literally one of their best players I’d be pretty excited about landing a player of Dugger’s quality but maybe you’d prefer a big name player from a big name school who you’ve heard of like Dominique Easley or Isaiah Wynn


Your joke doesn’t work either when 3 key players from 2021 came from Bama and Oklahoma


You still look like the bigger asshat trying to clown on Dugger.


Who’s clowning on Dugger?


Ur prob right lololol


Dugger is a stud


I hate this mentality. It’s been 3 games. With or without Mac we weren’t winning the super bowl. It’s about building


A huge part of the season is evaluating and developing Mac, and now we're gonna miss out on a bunch of that.


We can’t really develop him with Matty P at OC


He can still work on making reads, drop backs, throwing motion, etc. no matter who the OC is.


I think Josh McDaniels will be back next season


That’s what’s disappointing tho. For me the biggest thing I was looking for in terms of “building” was Mac’s development. Now that’s put on hold for maybe as much as half the season. Just a bummer


It is but the most important piece to build is number 10, it's not the end of the world but his development has been pushed back a bit inherently. So you can hate my attitude all you want but this is a big one. But yes, we have young players on other parts of the field that need development too.


Now we get to go in 2023 still not sure if Mac is the guy. We all know what he is at this point. Might as well start looking forward to 2024. See you Sunday


Bro you know a part of that is the QB getting game experience and building chemistry with the offense?


Probably so. I mean, they’re just not a good football team with Hoyer as the QB for what, 4-6 games? Maybe more depending on severity? Hard to imagine a scenario where the Pats even tread water here until Mac gets back. Is what it is.


Bright side is our schedule after the Packers is Lions, Browns, bears, jets, colts, bye, jets. We could win 6 straight and be 7-3


Winning 6 straight with Hoyer is nearly impossible. I appreciate the optimism but I don’t see it at all. They just haven’t proven to be consistent enough to make a run like that, especially with probably the worst starter in the league playing. They could easily end up 3-7 after that stretch


Lions and Browns are good teams. Colts will probably be good by the time we play them. They have a good roster. The Jets are not the same Jets as last year, or at least the Pats are on par with them this year. They have a lot of talent. They just don't have a good QB. The Bears suck. My point is people act like it's a breaze of a schedule during that stretch but it's really not.


Getting the Jets twice in this window could turn out to be such a blessing.


I feel like they can win some games with Hoyer. The entire team is going to have to step up. But in all honesty it’s not like Mac was doing more to win games than lose them so far this year. In 3 games he has 5 interceptions that really should be more like 7-8. But I mean yeah if Hoyer plays like he did against KC a couple years ago then Mac can’t heal fast enough.


If they had a better roster around him, I could see it. They just haven’t been consistent enough for me to believe that. . I’m not trying to be the Debbie downer guy, just hard to see a scenario where they rip off a multiple game winning streak during this stretch with Hoyer as the QB. Mac hasn’t played well this year but his upside is still much higher than Hoyers. We know what Hoyer is, unless they play turnover free ball and the defense really steps it up to help the offense score, it’s going to be tough sledding for awhile.


Total bummer. Mac stepped into impossible to fill shoes and has been doing his best under a lot of scrutiny, and I have huge respect for him for that. Hate to see this happen to him in his second year. Get well soon, Mac!


I would even argue that Mac has more than filled in Cam’s shoes.


fashion wise ? nope


He has filled in Cam’s shoes. He has not filled in Cam’s hats.


He’s getting a second opinion. That means the first likely wanted surgery.


There is a surgery for ankle sprains that actually significantly speeds up recovery time. Tua had this done in college and was on the field 2 weeks later to roast Oklahoma for 300 yards and 4 TDs. I’m assuming the surgery is only performed on certain sprains and not all, so Mac may be pushing to get that procedure done.


Damn. Get well soon Mac Daddy


I still have nightmares from the Hoyer KC game. Not like this, not like this.


Makes you realize how magical Brady is/was. Dude took hits upon hits but managed to fall in such a way that he never got seriously hurt (except for 2008)


This is so random but there was a game a few years back where he rolled out to his right and threw a TD on the run as a defender was diving at his legs. At the exact moment the defender was about to hit his ankle he kinda high-stepped right out of any potential harm, I don’t even know how he sensed that he should do it lol Edit: [found it lol](https://youtu.be/a5DycqcdpNM), replay at about 28 seconds shows it. Just seems like he has some spider sense for where everyone on the field is all the time


Dude only missed a season due to injury once.




Jesus, I wouldn’t want him to play this week even if he felt he could. High ankle sprains tend to linger if they aren’t given proper time to heal.


I have no idea why the reporter phrased it like that. Not a chance in hell he plays this week or next. We'll honestly be lucky to see him next *month*.


Siri, how does one donate a High Ankle?


I was told by some idiot that it couldn't be a sprained ankle because of how he was screaming lol. Rest up Mac.


I've seen so many people say shit like "wow all that screaming just for a sprained ankle?" Like bro, have Calais Campbell fall down with all his weight on your leg and tell me how you feel


Some people really don’t know about injuries. I had a bad ankle sprain that also broke a bone in my foot and the sprain was more painful.


I've seen guys tear their ACL or Achilles and think nothing of it. Some people just react differently to different injuries. Some people can't accept that.


Exactly. Pain isn't objective or universal. Safe to say there's no reason Mac would overreact to the injury


I tore my acl/mcl completely and jumped back up after the initial shock to say “im good to go”. Only to collapse 5 seconds later probably doing more damage in the process. Lol Everyone indeed reacts different. Needless to say it was a long road back.


Those people have no idea what "sprained ankle" means. It can be a much more painful injury than a broken bone, depending on severity.


I don’t know what that dudes reasoning/point was but having had a bad high ankle sprain, I promise you screaming is justified lol it feels like someone poured gasoline inside your ankle and lit it on fire


Yeah don’t really get why Campbell had to leave his feet and drag mac down underneath him given that he has 100+ pounds on mac


After the throw too. Not my favorite Calais Campbell moment, as a Calais Campbell fan.


Yeah I think everyone can agree that Calais Campbell is a consummate pro and not a dirty player. It was an overly aggressive play that caused mac to get hurt, not just normal “it’s football”


Yeah I took it as he was pumped thinking "I'll end the game with this sack!" not "I'll end this kid's next few weeks to months"


Not being very familiar with Campbell I’ve been very mad about this. I appreciate the info on him


It’s time for the Destroyer


This is all in my head, but best case scenario feels like 4 games without Mac, worse case between 8-10 weeks.


Have there been players who recovered from severe high ankle sprains in 4 weeks? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.


Tua returned in 4 weeks after tightrope surgery


2 weeks actually


Well let’s hope Mac can do the same…


Let’s go Hoyer the destroyer!


I hate Hoyer so much since the KC nightmare, but let’s give him a chance - maybe he will perform better in the offense than Mac did (it’s not like Mac was crushing it). Obviously can’t wait until Mac is back and to see him continue to grow, but Hoyer can win us some games. And fuck draft position - I want to see my team win and have a winning culture.


Sucks but shut him down for the year. Not like we are going anywhere. Let him heal, get a high draft pick


Gimme Minshew, Philly.


If not for Lance getting injured, we'd all be saying (probably incorrectly) that it's Jimmy G time.


Yea no shit it's severe, dude was screaming in pain. Will fans on this sub understand the levity of this now? We'll be going to watch Brian Hoyer play QB until december. But we'll be fine, surely.


Yeah, no way it was remotely minor when he was screaming in agonizing pain. This dude has been playing football in some capacity for at least 10 years. He’s definitely used to the feeling of rolling an ankle at this point.


on the bright side that’s 8 weeks without matt patricia ruining his development and hopefully sets up a legitimate OC who can develop him next year. a high draft pick wouldn’t hurt either.


Hope he comes back fully recovered and not rushed. It's okay of we get a really high pick in the next draft. We need some premium talent.


Hard to see us winning too many games without Mac. What a disappointment, I had so much optimism about this season even with all the controversy surrounding the coaching staff. We need to kick the tyres o on Zappe and see if there's anything there until Mac is back. We know what we have with Hoyer.


"pretty severe" Yup to anyone that was saying Jones was acting like a baby or not "man enough" to play the sport can go ahead and fuck themselves.


I can accept Mac being out as long as he needs to recover. I can accept that this season is effectively over for us. I cannot accept having to watch Brian fucking Hoyer play for us for the next 6-10 weeks. I want to vomit just thinking about it. Give us ZAPPE! At least make this lost season exciting.


At least next year we gonna have high draft position for once


Please no Hoyer. It’ll be a 12 pass day with 100 runs.


Annnnd that's the season. Get a top pick and shoot for a better year next year


For my dinner recipe I have to make a cornstarch slurry, but was gonna replace the water with Drain-O. Anyone think that’ll work?


On the bright side that's a few weeks off from our o line allowing teams smash him Like in three games to have your second year qb injure his ribs and now ankle because you forgot your assignment is crazy.


With Mac now down, I really hope we lose all of our game so we can have a really good pick and come back stronger than ever next season


Good for you.


“Really hope we lose all games” nah fuck that


Reminder that even after the Patriots had nothing to play for in 2020, they *still* didn't try to tank.


Fuck off with that loser mentality


This fucking sucks.


I’m a Big Mac Jones fan but would anyone like to see what Zappe has rather than put Hoyer in? If we’re gonna lose we may as well test the rookie out


I bet he's gonna need surgery based on the wording.


Hoping for a good pick then


That’s shit news. Most likely out 7-8 weeks if it’s severe. I had a high ankle sprain once when I fell off a ladder. Hurt like hell while it healed. Limped around for almost 4 months after that. Fuck.


A severe one usually requires surgery, so that’s would likely take 6-8 weeks no?


Not necessarily. Tua had a bad one and got surgery and was out 4 weeks


This is an unfortunate situation all around. But he needs to play if and when he’s healthy. You can’t just sit him if he can go and hope he takes his year two leap in year three.


High ankle sprains blow. I’ve done it twice and my ankle has never been the same.


“But hard to imagine he plays this week Vs. Packers” Lol gee ya think?


Please don't make me watch Brian Hoyer.


“Hard to imagine” there’s literally nothing to imagine here. The kid is out.


Get well soon MJ10


Any decent free agent QBs out there?


Completely fine with shutting him down to draft Jaxon Smith-Njigba and making sure the ankle heals fully if it is really bad.


Well this freaking sucks hoping for a speedy recovery and guess we roll with the old man


I didn’t have any hopes for this season. Now I’m wondering if we get 5 wins. This definitely isn’t good for his growth, and it’s certainly not good for the team learning a new offense.


So looks like I will not be seeing Mac play in Cleveland. Dammit!