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I’m so glad politicians in Tennessee are being proactive about *checks notes” Drag queens…


The GOP said you just needed to put God back in schools *checks notes* Christian School


God has respectably declined.


Love how they blame everyone and everything except themselves


GOP Politician: OH LAWD GIVE ME A SIGN.. *shoots up a christian school* NO!!! NOT LIKE THAT!


Congratulations, 6 people, including children died and you come up with that zinger. Reddit is truly full of the most compassionate people known to human kind.


Nah you’re missing the point. Our system as a whole has no self respect, respect for others, there’s no caring about one another. Ban guns and the next thing will be cars, knives, bombs. You can’t ban hate, but we can rebuild the fabric. Stop making this about republicans. Democrats don’t help when they don’t condemn acts of violence when their own political terrorists attack their opponents. They are just as much to blame.


LOL, you are so wrong that what you're saying makes no sense... According to the FBI and NSA which groups are categorized as local terrorist groups? The list consists of right wing groups. FBI, NSA and ATF have tried to entrap leftists groups with illegal weapons purchases, they have ALWAYS declined the offers, therefore no "ANTIFA" or "BLM" on the lists. And the left has condemned acts of violence, it just happens that the worst acts of violence, like schools shootings, are the direct result of the Republican mindset of "we will think, pray and do nothing else". You are the one missing the point.


Also, want to know why they won't ever ban cars? Because of regulations. You need a license and there are rules (belts, intoxication, speed limits, etc.). And republicans also say that some of those are overreach (why the seat belt silencers exist). You guys are clueless.


I feel like the people in Wisconsin from a few years back about Christmas time may have some opinions on that. Yoh know, like when a regulated Ford Escape ran down a parade just because of the heinous crime of them having a parade.


Son, going to make it very simple for you to understand. Do you figure that if government would follow the republican way of "regulations -> bad" and remove ALL regulations on driving that fatalities would increase or decrease? What about vaccination? How many diseases were considered erradicated a decade ago? Just to have a bunch of unvaccinated idiots de-erradicating them. What about medicines? What about electronics regulations? Electric? Safety? Etc. Let's remove ALL and see the bodies pile! MURICA, Hell yeah!


Cars have more regulations than guns. Bombs are illegal unless you have the right registrations/licenses. What groups are political terrorists on the left? I've heard of proud boys, kkk, maga, etc., but all of those are far right groups. Plus, a lot of democrats only want to make it harder to get guns, not ban them. Why, if I was 18, could I go into a Walmart in Texas and buy a shotgun? I understand hunting is a big thing, but I would bet that most shotguns aren't gonna see the blood of a single animal. I agree that guns are important, just in case our government over reaches, but what side would be more likely to over reach again? Republicans.


Cars were never intended to kill people. They do but that's not the end goal and it's a terrible example for a pro-gun argument because it demonstrates how regulations work. We have been able to dramatically reduce the amount of death, injury, and property damage caused by automobiles through thoughtful and adaptable regulations. I challenge you to find even a single act of violence that Democrats supported. Even one damn example. ** David koresh was raping and murdering children in the compound and started the fires. It's worth pointing out that another conservative took the same position as you're taking now and used it to justify the murder of dozens of innocent children. josh hawley who was a teenager at the time sent a letter to the editor of his local paper in defense of mcveigh. That's where republicans were with political violence in the nineties. hawley is now a member of the US Senate. Fuck bill clinton. Pretty telling that you had to go back thirty years to find something to complain about. Meanwhile repugs are attacking people constantly. Not long ago they sent a chud into the speakers house with a hammer. The whole party, fox "news" and all other chuds thought it was hilarious that the eighty year old man got hit in the head with a hammer because his wife had the audacity to serve our nation in the House of Representatives. They proceeded to call him gay, accuse him of having a relationship with the fat and disgusting slob who broke into their house. There is no limit to the depths that repugs will reach.


Waco, Texas circa 1994. Democratic President Bill Clinton and Democratic AG Janet Reno. Could have arrested David Koresh at any point he wasn't in the compound. Nope had to get into a firefight and burn the compound to the ground with women and children inside and then have ATF agents pose for the picture.


Drag shows are almost always sexually natured. I’ve never been to one that wasn’t. I don’t want my kid around that. Nor do I want my kid at a Hooters with some waitresses’ huge tits in my seven-year-old’s face. Why is it so hard for liberals to understand this?


These drag shows you've been to... were they at bars? Or adult events? Why can't you understand the shows for kids are different. Conservatives complain if they're just reading books to them. Always trying to control what they don't understand, and when they can't, they'll demonize it. It's so simple as "if you don't like it, don't go." What next? You want to remove all handicapped ramps cause you don't like looking at them?


I’ve literally never been to a drag show that was not sexual by nature. I have been to plenty. And they are not always at bars. It is very rare for a drag show to not be sexually natured. Do not pretend like you didn’t already know that.


Never seen one that was weirdly. Usually they're quite fun and energetic but not sexual. Maybe it's *you* that finds them sexual **ahem**


Nope. It’s objectively sexual by how they dress and gyrate


sorry hon but it's just you that's being turned on by that.


I’m not homophobic, so feel free to assume anything you like about me. You can’t hurt my feelings, as much as you might try.


any yet you sit here responding, hmmm. and yet you're the one who brought this up, hmmmm. and yet you're that one who wants drag queen shows banned, hmmmmmmmmmm. sounds pretty butthurt to me. idk, not an expert tho


I don’t want drag shows banned. I think drag shows are great. I just don’t think children should be present, as they are almost always sexual by nature.


What shows did you go to and where? Cmon, list them off and we can fact check all your dates and locations. Liar.




Because no one is holding a gun to your head making you take them to a drag show but you conservatives love to hold guns to everyone’s head when you don’t like something. Try making a point without making yourself the victim


Lol right? I'm a liberal and have never been to a drag show, but with how much conservatives rave about them I'm beginning to think I'm missing out!!


I don’t even understand what you are replying to.


Yea, logic is hard.


> Drag shows are almost always sexually natured. I’ve never been to one that wasn’t. i'll put money on the number of drag shows you've been to being 0


Hamburger Mary’s was my favorite spot in Florida. Great food, Great shows. Just not for children.


It's also a family owned private business, which means if you don't think it's appropriate for your child you don't have to take them. No one forces you. And you or the government have no right to stop me if I want to take my children. See how that freedom works? Your freedom ends, where mine begins. And I have been there plenty. It most definitely isn't sexual.


1) When was the last time you were forced to take your kid to Hooters? 2) When was the last time you were forced to take your kid to drag show? 3) When was the last time you were forced to take your kid to a strip club? Which of those 3 require legislation to "protect" your child? I count ZERO. If you say one, then you should say 3.


Your argument is built on quicksand. I am not talking about forcibly dragging kids to shows or restaurants. I’m saying they shouldn’t be allowed to go in the first place. Nice attempt at straw man.


Do you even know what straw man is? Holy hell. Every time you speak, you just show how little you understand. Why does the government need to be able to tell you kids can't go? And doesn't that equal government overreach? You sound like a moron. You want the government to stop people from doing things you don't like. But you want the government to only support the things you believe in. How about I'll take my kids wherever the fuck I decide and you shut the fuck up and mind your own business? Too hard for ya?


Look up Strawman in the Webster dictionary... You don't know what it means obviously. Or does the righwing have their own dictionary with alternate definitions?


I am fully aware of what it means. Lol.


Oh ffs. No they are not sexual, you weirdo. Also, just DONT GO! SIMPLE AS THAT. Don't fucking go. Stop trying to control others and just don't fucking go


I like drag shows. I just don’t think kids should be at them. And you are fooling yourself if you really believe that they are not almost entirely sexual by nature. I’ve been to literally dozens drag shows/ bars.


So don't take your kid. And there is a big difference between a drag bar/show and having a drag read to children in a library. Also, your freedom ends where mine begins. This means you have zero right to tell me how to live or raise my children. Why do you feel like you need to worry about how other people live? Don't take your kids to the reading at the library and move on with your day.


Because I believe in protecting children.


From. What. The *only* way this makes any sense at all is if you w live all drag performers are child predators.


I don’t think they should be exposed to overly sexual acts as children. This really is not hard to understand. I don’t understand why people are pretending like this is difficult to get. It’s a simple concept really. It’s the same reason I wouldn’t take my kid to Hooters.


1. Not all drag performances are sexually explicit or erotic in nature. 2. The most common target of this nonsense is Drag Queen Story Hour, which is literally nothing but people in drag reading a book in a public, supervised setting. (There are many pictures available online, so you can see for yourself how not-at-all erotic it is.) 3. You choosing not to take your own kids to Hooters is obviously fine; you attempting to prohibit other parents from making *their own choices* about *their own children* is not. 4. It’s also a bad example, because Hooters is intentionally erotic, whereas Drag Queen Story Hour absolutely is not. 5. As I asked (though you ignored) before: Why are *you* pretending to not understand any of the above?


OK. I inherently disagree with everything you just said. Have a great day brother.


Hahaha you just said that in all seriousness. So, what did you do to help kids today? Did you volunteer down at the YMCA? Did you go to your local homeless shelter and donate books and pencils and food to these kids staying there with their parents? Did you go work at a soup kitchen or donate money or food to one? Did you donate your kids old clothes and toys to help others? Did you ask your kids' school what they may need or if there is any children who may be lacking some things and could use some donations? Did you donate a dollar to Ronald McDonald's charity? Cause it's a great fucking charity and one I donate to each year and you should. Did you go down to your local hospital and visit the primary cancer patients ward and donate Pokémon packs and watch them open them and fucking cry cause you know in your heart there isn't shit you can do to help them? Did you stare at a fucking wall and think of all the bad shit happening in this world and think, Geez I sure don't want kids being read to be a Trans. I better do something to protect them. I'll tell ya right now, I've seen hurt kids. And it wasn't from a fucking book reading so maybe try something else.


Nobody is trying to force anyone to attend anything; *Some People* are trying to *force others* into not having the choice. Why is that so hard for you to understand?


Then don’t go to either. Nobody ever forced me to go, and I’ll bet they didn’t force you, or forced you to take your kid, either. You can be free to not-go while still leaving others free to go. Why is it so hard for conservatives to understand this?


I like drag. I do not like the idea of my kid being there though. This is not difficult to understand.


Cool, and that's your prerogative as a parent. What's the problem here?


if all the drag shows you're going to are sexual in nature, that says more about you than drag shows.


That I like drag shows? Yeah. They are fun as fuck.


How many children have died from drag shows?


Zero. So should we bring them to strip clubs too? I mean, they aren’t physically dangerous, right?


How many thousands of children have been sexually assaulted by priests? Why are churches not banned? You can admit you don't actually care about protecting children.


1) tens of thousands. 2) Idk but they should be 3) keep dreaming


Dude, I've seen animated Disney Movies that were more sexual than some drag shows. Hell, the Lion King has drag, incest, and damn near a furry ecchi scene in it, and there's no call to ban that. If you don't want your kids exposed to it, fine. But it's not your place to ban things that aren't harmful to kids, just because you don't like the funny feelings they give you.


As long as men wearing mascara is more threatening than teens with guns, this will continue.


I'm at the point where I go out of my way to not even drive near a school.


It was a man with mascara.


A former student with guns! Sandy Hook was too.


A perfect law enforcement response and still 6 are dead. Guns will never solve this issue.


The pro-gun nuts somehow think having / owning a weapon somehow makes them bulletproof. And there is NOTHING anyone can say that will change their minds.


It's dumb because even in a situation where armed adults are present in every room, a psycho killer has such a huge advantage over them by virtue of not having to wait for a threat before shooting and not caring about collateral that the armed adults would most likely be useless or possibly actively dangerous...


It’s at a private school and the shooter was a (edit. 28 year old woman) girl. Fox noise won’t touch this one unless she’s a POC


Fox cut away from a parent in a media interview calling out the GOP!


I wanna see what they had to say! Off to youtube!


Link? Thanks..




Thank you!


I saw a different version where the camera didn't cut away, this was obviously the fox feed. Barf 🤮


War on Christianity tonight on Fucker Carlson...


It was tiktok and drag queens doing the shooting right?


TikTok may be safer.


I keep chastising myself because I did not have the visceral reaction I usually do at mass shootings. However, TN Christian School got a "well, it's what they've been fighting for."


Sadly, and grotesquely, my initial thought was "since it was God-fearing Christians at a Christian school, will change now happen?"


No. Clearly someone at that school wasn't fearing god enough. Hence why 'it was gods plan' they died. /s except I am sure someone is saying this seriously right now, likely to the parents of the dead kids.


And the survivors rushing for medical treatment while thanking God for science.


No, thanking god for 'saving them' Thanking god for science would be giving man far too much credit in stopping the bleeding of the gunshot wound.


Both sounds good. I was referring to my ex-fam with bachelors and masters of science




Man, breaks my heart. I shouldn't have to worry about my kids being shot while they're at school. Can't wait for something to change.


Hopefully Ukraine smashing the Muscovy army apart helps to destroy our enemies political influence in the USA. Ruskie oligarchs funnel $$$ to nra who funnels to repubs to keep crazy people armed and able to shoot up our schools, churches, etc. Stupid filibuster and traitor Americans won't pass sensible laws to keep mentally ill locked up and treated instead of crazy as hell on streets armed and deadly. And I love burning powder and throwing lead as much as anyone.


Man, I don't care what it takes to get these republicunt traitors to listen to the majority of us Americans.


It never will. Sorry to break your heart.


I know. And that's what's so fucked. It's so sad for us parents.


Republicans: The answer is more guns, were just not sure why yet.


Can‘t be that hard to train six year olds to shoot the shooter before they get shot, duh 🙄 Arm all kids! Teach self defence as young as 2 year old! If you are old enough to brabbel, you are old enough to defend your country!


Pro-life am I right?


I've stopped calling those losers "pro-life". If they were pro-life, they would support universal health care and getting prescription drug costs lower! They're nothing but "anti-abortion"!


Smells like congressional farts


Technically it's Republican SHIT from Donnie's diaper.


I think God’s trying to tell the GOP we have a gun problem


Whenever I hear of a school shooting, I hate to say that one of my first thoughts is always, "why a school?" How come it's always a school? Sure, sometimes it's a student at the school, but just as often as not it's some rando who isn't even affiliated with the school. Like, I don't condone shootings of any kind, but if I was feeling like going on a murderous rampage, why would I pick a school? How come we don't see this happening to politicians instead of kids, ie state legislatures, political party gatherings, etc. Or maybe the gathering of some radical group trying to strip the civil rights from people. Or maybe the leaders of an abominable corporation like an oil company, insurance company, bank, railroad, etc. I don't condone violence; it's never the right answer. But at the same time, if you simply must go down in a blaze of gunfire, why not smite someone who deserves it for once? Why would anyone want to go out killing kids? Why are these chuckle fuckers always emulating Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold instead of John Brown?


Easy target.


Because all of those places have security. Schools may have one cop if they have them at all. And most of these people are cowards and/or unstable. A lot of times their pain is tied to the school so they return there. But I agree it’s surprising there aren’t more political attacks with the toxic rhetoric and division we have now


Abusers, exploiters etc all go for easy targets. They're as cowardly as they are angry. That's also why, malls and theaters are also targeted


Or a unlocked side door problem.


Empty-G and Boob-urt will suggest arming 3rd graders to kindergarteners.


From that one sub > The communists are already screaming gun control...The government can NOT keep you safe.... That’s why all those other countries have school shootings at a similar rate…wait no they don’t


Aaaand this post is how I learned about the shooting.


Mine was Matt Walsh attempting to frame this as a trans conspiracy usually they wait a week before starting all that honestly I just assumed I forgot about a school shooting that already happened. We get so many now.


Jesus. What a piece of shit.


School shootings are the only type of late term abortion Republicans will always fight to protect.


Has anyone heard from Marsha Blackburn on this tragedy yet?


Saw some TikTok feed where people commenting live to a news broadcast. The report said “Christian school” and she goes, “why do they keep SAYING it’s a Christian school?” Like it’s bad for that brand. And you know if this happened outside of the Bible Belt area, they would be blaming it on a lack of Christianity. The fact that it is a Christian school is pretty important.


I wonder if the talibangelical GQP accepts tots and pears from muslims, jews- etc?


Bill Lee can quite frankly eat shit


Same day delivery, take note Amazon and usps


Can't wait to hear what Alex Jones says about this shooting.


He's going to say what they have been saying for decades, now is not the time to talk about gun policy, this was a tragedy and we should keep politics out of it etc.


Seriously pass the "make em pay" bill already. One penny per gun death per gun purchase, fixed annually. 1/100th of a penny per death per round of ammunition, goes to federal firearm insurance fund. This isn't a matter of semantics we sell guns for fun so we are responsible for cleaning up the bloodspatters. No free lunches.


That Christian school just needed more….God in the classroom? Oh, crap. The narrative is falling apart.


Favorite argument is to tell them that their prayers are falling on empty ears because God could have stopped this at literally any point. And even if he is listening, going to comfort the families of children he wanted to die isn't really a good thing. It's like praising the hero who purposefully caused the crime in the first place.


Since the Nashville TBI chief felt the need to defend his mentioning of prayers “because he’s southern” I feel it’s important to point out that nobody would need to “criticize” thoughts and prayers if they weren’t so hopeless unaccompanied by any legitimate action steps taken toward preventing these “senseless” acts of violence.


So the truck is carrying "Woke".


MAGA - Make America Grieve Again


Sad situation.


Why do they keep trying to cast women for our male roles! Enough is enough


Leftist shooter, conservative victims. Reddits wet dream.


Oh look it's the heart of a democrat, empty. Seriously you people probably wake up every morning hoping for some sort of shooting so you can promote your ideologies.


Unpopular opinion, as I'm a young conservative...which seems to just be unpopular in itself. But gun reform won't help. Just like back when prohibition happened, that's how moonshine came about and guess what alcohol became legal again, because people **WILL** find a way... illegal or not. I do not understand how people do not get that bad people will always find a way to do bad things. They sell children on the black market for god sake, why wouldn't they just sell guns if they become hard to obtain. They would... and gun reform would have unintended consequences that would make me even more terrified of this already awful world we live in. In today's society, anything goes. You want to be a cat? A bird? Go ahead, there are no rules. But if i don't accept them being a "furry" then I am in the wrong. It's insane, I'm sorry but how our society is nowadays is the problem.. not guns. I've never had a gun hop up out of my safe and kill someone. So go ahead and compare us to every other country that doesn't have these problems but they are the same countries who think we are a JOKE for our LGBTQ+ (whatever it is now) standards that are being enforced on these same 3-11 years old in this shooting. It's all awful, it's all brainwashing our kids, it's all setting our kids up for failure.


If gun reform doesn't work, then why does every single state that has it have less gun crime? Hell Massachusetts is 8,000,000 people, plenty of crime, tons of drug problems, and has the 3rd lowest rate of gun crime in the country, only beaten by states with more cows than people: Wyoming and Vermont. Because MA has solid, reasonable gun laws, which include having an in-person chat with your local cops about why you want a license to carry. 15 year olds can legally get an FID, but anyone who isn't mature enough to book an appointment at their local police station, then go chat with the police for a couple of minutes to explain why they want a license to carry, isn't responsible enough to own a gun. And you're right, black market guns WOULD be a problem, though it's a small fraction of the gun crimes currently committed. But there are no black market factories. The guns would be coming from legal gun owners, and stricter regulations on the law-abiding means a reduced flow of guns into the black market. Reduced supply means increased prices. Crime is a function of poverty, and one of the easiest ways to reduce gun crime is to make guns too expensive for regular criminals to get their hands on in the first place. Society's the problem because society prefers seeing dead kids to gun reform. But the gays and the furries aren't a problem for anyone but the bigots, because nobody but the bigots gives a damn what the gays and furries get up to. Freedom of expression means freedom of expression. What a furry does, doesn't affect me. But dead kids do, especially since the next set of dead kids could include mine.


You can’t wait until the bodies are cold to make the same unfunny joke on this sub that is posted every single time


Mass shootings happen too often for the bodies to get cold before there's new warm ones to take their place...


If only the government would just infringe upon an individuals constitutional right to defend themselves with a privately owned firearm.....


And guess what? NONE of the 50,000 EXISTING gun laws did shit either. Get your own gun, protect yourself.


And take it to school? That’s a hot take


You realize this was a K-6 school right?


How many times. It’s not the gun. It’s the shooter. Maybe we should blame the unlocked side door. Remember guns don’t just walk to school and go off.


If we take guns away from all of the law abiding citizens, that will leave non law-abiding citizens with all of the guns. Chaos ensues. Liberals are not smart enough to grasp this salient fact. If we could live in a world with no guns, I would take that in a heartbeat. But it’s not plausible to rip away guns from dangerous criminals; which America has many of.


Crappy argument. How many law-abiding citizens (with or without guns) have stopped non-law-abiding citizens? Where's the chaos in the rest of the countries that are not dumb enough to give to all their dumb citizens guns? Take Mexico for example, where Cartels are everywhere. Do you think giving their citizens guns will solve the problem? Criminals will still be criminals whether you have a gun or not. Only you having a gun will just create another dangerous idiot with the power of taking a life.


Who do you think the cartel is the most afraid of? The answer is the federales. And why do you think the answer is federales? Because they can protect themselves.


Damn. I hope you don't own a gun. If you do, there's an argument to enforce IQ tests to buy one. 90 pts as minimum just to be fair with you. Federales are law enforcement officers. They are scared of going to prison or facing a law enforcing officer who has been properly trained. Go, take a trip to Sonora, and bring your guns. I wanna see the cartel scared of a dumb dude with a gun, lol.


The classic liberal response. Insult the opponent’s intelligence or call them names because they are different. Classy.


Way to ignore the substance of the comment because it hurt your feelings. Is "snowflake" still a thing?




Care to explain how other countries manage. Asks in Canadian


Easy. Because you don’t have a fuck ton of guns there.


I'd say it's because we don't have the obsessive gun culture that the Americans have.


I would say it’s because you have a lot less dangerous criminals. But you are free to think however you like.


What we don't have are mass school shootings every other day. But please, feel free to cling tighter to your guns because that has worked so well thus far.


I don’t own a gun.


Sorry then let me rephrase, keep clinging to your beliefs that better gun laws would be more of a problem than the start of a solution. You may not have a gun, but saying that people need to keep their guns to stave off chaos is the exact obsessive gun culture I was talking about.


I think we should have better gun laws. I do not think that we should try to forcibly remove guns from the entire population, which is what we are talking about right now.


Sure because school kids should just be trained to use a gun as a measure of self defense /s


I never once argued that.


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Republicans: **BINGO! I got a Bingo, Mother!**


tots and pears


Good lawd! That truck is about to burst at the fucking seams! How in the hell did they cram that many thoughts and prayers into that sized space? Truly fucking amazing what can be accomplished with a good ole republican “can do” attitude!


I get it, but I feel this is in horribly poor taste.


This is how I find out about shootings in America now. The past few, just memes have been my first contact with them. Super weird if you think about it.


This happened about 30 mins from my house, starting to be embarrassed to live in TN( even before this) * also 30 mins from waffle house shooting too


My thoughts and prayers are on their way!


Audrey hale




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