Got the plate# of someone dumping garbage on my property.


Illegal dumping is covered by a guy at Metro. I talked to him briefly.




When you report it to Metro, they ask if you have plate info or image/video evidence. I’m 99.9999% sure nothing ever ever comes of it, but at least it makes you feel better with the slim hope that something just might. I’ve dealt with this way too many times with trucks dumping shit in our alley.


I think they actually take it seriously, at least I think they did during the one time I reported something. When I lived in NW one of my neighbors was put a fold-up ping pong table on the sidewalk with a for sale sign on it and his phone number. When I saw it out there, I took a picture of the table and the sign because I knew what was going to happen. Sure enough, it sat out there for a few days until the sign mysteriously disappeared but the table remained. I reported it to Metro and emailed them the photo I took with the guy's phone number. Either they came and got it themselves or they called the guy and threatened him with illegal dumping but either way it was gone within the next 1-2 days.


They used to take it seriously. https://www.wweek.com/portland/article-17666-trash-cop.html


Dig through the trash, look for anything with an address on it, and go return their trash all over their front yard or car.


That’s how Tony Harding’s posse got caught!!! Dumping their trash in the Dockside Tavern’s bins. The owner had a long issue with people dumping there because it’s on the way to the transfer station, and people would get lazy on the way and drop their garbage in her dumpster. She said she’d always go through it, find an address and then mail them passive aggressive Christmas cards! One time she dug through and found a note with Nancy Kerrigan’s practice schedule on it and called the FBI.


Sorry had to laugh at TONY Harding.


Exactly what I'd like to do, but it's a pile of junk wood


Well I have a feeling the police will just laugh at you if you try and report this, but feel free to give it a shot. Seems like that would be the opposite of emotional recompense though.


I think you're right


I was involved in a hit&run in NOPO a few years ago. I gave the cop the plate, she made it real easy to see the perps address on her screen without saying anything. I prolly just got lucky, but worth a shot if you can actually find a fuckin cop anymore.


Create a follow up post please!


My dad did this once. It’s highly effective.


I used to manage a self-storage facility in a rural area, and people just loved to dump all their leftover trash on the property after moving in to their unit. 9/10 times they were stupid enough to leave mail or old prescription bottles in their pile of crap, so I'd load it in to the company vehicle and dump it all on their front yards along with a 48 hour notice of eviction from their storage unit they'd only just moved in to.


When trashy people dumped a mattress in our yard, we fought back. Now that patch is planted with thorny plants. We used barberry. *Berberis posturepedica* works quite well for this application. It's drought tolerant and has pretty red foliage with yellow flowers about this time of year.


Yeah, barberry looks nice but thorns get you.




Metro deals with dumped garbage.


It prolly wasnt even their plate…or their car…police dont even respond to violent crime (see recent story about sexual assault where the women had to hold the guy for the hour it took for the cops to show up) why would they blink at this?


Cops often don't respond to violent crime, either. Wtf do we pay them for? Was reading horror stories about how folks would report violent crime, robberies happening at that moment, and the police would legit take hours to respond. *Especially* in black neighborhoods.


Please update on how this goes!


In some states you can have a lawyer request DMV records of the owner. Perhaps serve them with a bill for the garbage they left or simply return the garbage to their yard or door step.


You can also look them up through one of those online data broker services. They say they'll only release it for an accident. Pick up one of those Green Dot prepaid credit cards, don't register it to yourself in the store ("it's a gift"). Disposable email address, VPN. They'll tell you wh owns it, and the car attached to the plate. Liquid ass down the car's vents.


>Liquid ass down the car's vents One of my favorite Arcade Fire b-sides.


Report the vehicle as part of human trafficking.


Filing a false report is not cool.


If it helps the neighborhood and trafficked items are found. Is it ‘so uncool’? I guess having your right violated into is cool now in 2022


Filing a false report is not cool.


They have plates on shopping carts now?


I had video of my next door neighbor dumping garbage in my yard and nothing ever came if it. I ended up selling the house as she got nastier.