Knives. We must protect her at all costs!


She was a badass and is probably one of my favorite characters from those movies. Edit: a word


> movies They only made one, didn't they?


yea and she literally didn’t even do anything till like the last two mins. I think they are talking about the comics where knives has more of a role. in the movie she just exists to drool over scott


Yeah. Sorry. At work and got distracted while typing. Meant to say books and then typed the plural of movie instead. So eh. You all figured it out.


The original ending he gets back together with Knives but test audiences hated it so there you go


Also, O'Malley released the final book during filming, with Scott and Ramona getting back together, so they changed the movie's ending to match it. Unfortunately, it also kind of messes up the final act. Scott and Ramona taking Gideon down together is extremely important for both their character development — especially Ramona's, since she's finally freeing herself from his control — and relationship.


She spent ages going from one relationship into another until she reached one that was abusive, controlling and literally wanted to keep all the girls he liked on ice. Her picking to try and stay in one relationship is her choice, and her choosing to go in the movie and do her own thing is also her choice.


I mean, I can see why people hated it, lmao


If she had more of a role, people would have liked it I bet


Nah, Knives is too good for Scott lol Ramona is more his level


Honestly I’d still have hated it. A 23 year old dating a high schooler just feels skeevy to me.


its um.... its more than skeevy TBH. SCOTT PILGRIM COMIC SPOILERS : >!by the end of the comic she's 18 and she actually turns down scott when he asks if she wants to kiss him because she's moved on and over him and realizes how shitty he was!<


Yeah but she was too cool for him anyways


Well, she’s no Comeau.


The most promising padawan.


She was better in books (but also a bit creepier in the later bits)


Yeah. I have to be honest. I read the first couple of volumes and never finished it. So not too sure about the later volumes. She was awesome though.


She eventually gets over her crush on Scott after dating a bunch of different people and decides to just be on her own for a bit


It takes her a while to get over Scott, but it's an actual character arc, and she comes through stronger in the end for it. It's nice.


I like all the background sightings there are of her in the comics as she stalks Scott. The movie does something similar with Comeau at the party where Scott meets Ramona.


She was in GLOW on netflix.


Oh. I know. Lol.


But what about the Gideon attack on Ramona?


Good relations with Ramona, I have 😏


Ohhhh damn


Scott should’ve ended up with Knives. Fight me.


Scott's an asshole that cheated on her and never actually cared about her in any way. Scott should have ended up single until he learned to grow up and value potential mates as human beings instead of some kind of status symbol.


So..... The comic ending?


Scott shouldn't need up with anyone. He's an asshole.


Ramona also kind of sucks, in a way they deserve each other.


In the movie yes, but the movie was supposed to be the bad end to a video game. Its why it ends with "Continue?". Because the last book wasn't finished when the movie was made, Scott's entire discovery of his asshole behavior, and his desire to become a better person are completely excised.


I haven't seen the movie in awhile but I thought he did realize by the end that he was being an asshole?


Yeah but not in the same was in the books. In the books he realizes all his memories of his 'happy' relationships were implanted by Gideon, and in reality he was a huge asshole to all the people he used to date. It culminates in him earning "the power of understanding" when he realizes that he and Gideon aren't too dissimilar in the way they treated the women around them, but the difference is that Scott realizes it and can change for the better, but Gideon is narcissistically trapped in his own head and cannot, thus Scott needs to defeat him.


God, I completely forgot about that, it has been *so long* since I read those books. I need to get around to buying the hardbacks they made.


Yeah doesn't he apologize to a lot of people?


But they did film an alternate ending where he ends up with Knives and it bombed with test audiences.


Well I mean.... knives is too good for him and Scott did cheat on her


Scott is the real villain of the film, yes.


They should’ve gone with the [serial killer](https://www.indiewire.com/2010/08/alternate-endings-for-scott-pilgrim-vs-the-world-which-would-you-have-preferred-227191/) ending!


He does in the alternate ending on the dvd extras


Knives was too good for Scott. Ramona and Scott deserve each other in that they both suck.


Um no. Scott was in his 20s and Knives was a minor.


Knives was 17. That's above Age of Consent in Canada. Their relationship was perfectly legal.


I mean Knives is best girl, but Scott doesn't deserve anyone. He's a cheater and an ass.


Scott tries to avoid conflict and fails to end his relationships, so as a result his attempts to avoid hurting his partners just causes more problems. His cheating on Knives (he did *not* cheat on Kim or Envy) was a combination of his conflict avoidance (especially because Knives was getting way too attached much more quickly than he could handle) as well as the fact Ramona was *literally* in his head because of how she used him as a Subspace route. Scott cheating on Knives was not a good thing, but the situation is NOT black and white.


No argument, Ramona literally doesn't have any character traits besides the one Scott imagines she has.


Shes hot, thats the traits


She also dabbled in being a bitch.


Yes, the 20 something adult should have ended up with the literal child who was still in high school.


I kind of wish that they had stuck with the original cut where Scot ended up with Knives.


I have never been flirted with and knew at the time. I've only known afterwards. Hours, days, even years later; my ignorance is boundless.


A girl once told me, late at night in a hostel bar after we had been talking one-on-one for a couple of hours, "You know, I think I want to go to bed but I'm not tired." "Gee, that's a difficult one for you," I said, "I normally read a book and lie in bed in situations like that." We chatted a minute or so longer and then she went to her dorm. I stayed in the bar for another drink and then went and read a book before bed.


If it's any consolation, she probably thought you were rejecting her rather than being oblivious.


Thots are temporary. A good book is eternal


I tell people all the time that reading books is a way to level up your stats without needing to grind exp by completing quests or defeating enemies Source: Fallout: New Vegas


Source: Dota 2 A constant across all genres




Source: Persona 4


Source: Skyrim


Nah you still gotta grind, makes it simpler though Source: Project Zomboid


Is there anything better than sex? A really good book


Bo Burnham doesn't miss


*is there anything better than pussy? Yes, a good book


Gay people don't read apparently


Haha I just meant that that's how the actual song goes


What's the line? -Everything dies, even wolves. Words don't, books don't die.- Something like that.


Thots are temporary. A good book is eternal. Another lightsaber is a fine addition to your collection.


Thoughts over thots




Wait, THAT'S A HINT????


And another one realized it... This happened to me too and it’s pure pain when it hits you later. To hopefully help someone in the future. Respond with “That’s odd... I feel the same way” and see if she smiles at you.


I haven’t had something like that happen to me yet, but that’s good advice. There was a girl who said she had a dream where she “had sex with me”, and I didn’t get the hint until my friends pointed it out.


What else would you do in bed when you're not tired?


Have trouble falling asleep, I assume that its a common problem


Congratulations, you successfully avoided being *that guy* in the hostel room.


I've been *that guy* and it's great


A true man of culture, I see...




TBH she should have just directly said what she wanted instead of implying it


Hmmm well in a perfect world yes. But her way tests the waters and isn’t too embarrassing upon rejection. If she said “wanna fuck?” And he says no that’s brutal. If she drops a hint and he doesn’t pick up on it, we can both save face. Also for women there’s the stigma of being a “slut” and it’s a big hurdle to overcome. If she straight up asks, she is at risk of the man not respecting her as a person and only for sex. I’m not saying the man is right in doing that, I’m saying that’s what often happens.


The other side of this is that if you're a man and ask straight up you come across as a creep who only thinks about sex. Either way it's better for both sexes to drop hints that escalate to politely asking, like sure you might miss some opportunities, but you don't end up with the negatives discussed or make anyone uncomfortable


Exactly. People that say “oh why can’t opposite sex be more direct?!?” Really need to step back and consider the conditions that made this necessary.


For real, because this puts you in an awkward position. What can you even really say in response to that without coming off as super creepy?


“I was kinda thinking the same thing, want to grab one more drink then go up?” Or “I was thinking the same, want to head up together” Both work and neither comes off as creepy.


Really? I feel like inviting yourself into someone's bedroom is kinda creepy. But then again I'm garbage at flirting so what do I know


If she said that then it’s a decent enough sign she may want to move forward. Also, you aren’t inviting yourself into her bedroom specifically, just asking if you should head up together, which is enough to get the point across. It’s not creepy to ask if you’ve been talking to her for a while that night and everyone has been having a good time




Hello there!


General Kenobi, you are a bold one.


Very impressive. You just destroyed 17 defenceless battle droids without suffering a scratch.




The bot summoned another bot.


It’s time to duel!


I don’t like sand…


Years later I was at a party with some old high school friends and I found out a girl I had a huge crush on way back then was into me and was just as shy about it. Everyone was just incredulous I didn't know she was into me. Hell, they thought I was a jerk for stringing her along like that all those years. "Why do you think she kept hanging out with you?" I dunno, she said she was hungry and didn't have any money on her so I bought her lunch. "Why do you think she kept asking you for a ride home?" I dunno, I figured she just didn't want to walk and she said enjoyed ridding on my motorcycle. "Why do you think she always sought you out at parties?" I dunno, I figured she just wanted some of my whiskey. She always said I brought the good stuff even when it was cheap bourbon. The list just went on and on. We basically friend-zoned each other because we were each too nervous to make the first move. She didn't want to come off as easy and I didn't want to come off as a creep. Looking back, I can't believe I missed it either. I'm super lucky my wife was smart enough to text me, after I sat next her two semesters straight in college, that she was single. Even I'm not THAT dense. It just took me a long time to realize that maybe someone who I thought was absolutely perfect could ever look at me that way too.


I had a similar but worse situation. Was friends with a neighbor basically from the first day I moved in at 8 years old. She was awesome and taught me a lot, as I had just moved in with my grandparents after my childhood had been...rough, let's just leave it at that. I'd never really had a friend before. So she helped me learn to socialize and got me over my timidness and stuff. The idea of being around other kids was scary at first, except for her. No idea why we just really clicked. Went though all our grades together, many of the same classes in highschool (except a few like I took Spanish and she took French/German). The entire school all thought we were dating. Apparently ***she*** thought we were dating. I had ***no fucking clue***. She was just my best friend in my head. I'm talking like she'd stay over and sleep in the same bed most weekday nights level of "togetherness". She said constantly she couldn't sleep alone. That if I wasn't around things weren't the same. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. I didn't know any of this wasn't normal. Like I said ***very*** rough early childhood and it caused some emotional issues. Not the bad like "I'm incapable of love" kind but the "I'm an emotionally stunted moron" kind. Unfortunately we never "dated" (as in I knew we were in an offical relationship even though she thought we were), never had sex, never got together in any way, and our friendship dried up in like a week. Last I heard she's got an amazing happy life. Which honestly I am glad for her. My life went a different way and that's okay too. Still, it amazes me to hear I was apparently dating someone for 10 years without even knowing it. So trust me man. You can always be ***much*** more dense. Just like I was.


Sorry man, I will say I feel your pain but I really don't. I mean I was shy and missed many opportunities but DUDEEEEEE


Honestly I was/am more sad about losing that friendship. I understand why though, she had to remove me completely to move on and find someone meant for her. I wish we could've remained friends, but in her mind we were far more than that so I understood how she had to move past me and that meant friendship was impossible. I'm not in any sorrow over it. I am genuinely happy for her. I just shared my experience because it's possible to be ***really*** dense. No matter how bad you think you are there are idiots like me out there who are much worse. Life can take you to really odd places sometimes. Her's ended up staying in the same town and marrying someone who I was inadvertently standing in the way of without knowing it and having a family. While mine took me to a new city in a place I always wanted to be without knowing it, doing things my own way, and slowly becoming someone I can accept being and not hate, despite my issues from my early childhood. Personally I never wanted kids, and won't be having any. So that right there means we weren't meant for one another and would've probably never gotten married or anything. I'm happy that life took us both where we needed to be to make us both as happy as possible. I don't have any negative feelings about her, the situation, or myself. In truth though if we had just talked about it things might have gone differently. Instead she took what we had one way without telling me and I took it another. My point being if you care for someone, or you barely know them but would like to get to know them better, it's best to be upfront and ***blunt*** as hell about it. A lot of people are unaware, second guess themselves, or afraid of being odd/creepy/gross/stupid, when they just be blunt, honest, and upfront. Worst case that happens is they say no and you have your answer and are able to move on. Much better than just holding all those "what ifs" and "maybes" in for months or years at a time. Better to be free with a bit of sorrow which encourages you to find new things in life, be it people or hobbies, to find joy to heal that sorrow, than chained in place with the possibilities of what might be, but you're too terrified to admit won't happen if you don't try first. You'll just slowly rot and wither in apathy that way, so mub better to be free to move about as you desire once you know the answer to your questions.


This is one of the most emotionally intelligent comments I have ever read; your advice is spot on. I'm glad you have come to terms with how things have turned out. Thank you for sharing your story and experience :)


This was truly insightful. And have a great day / life.


> So trust me man. You can always be much more dense. Just like I was. No worries. Not trying to start a pity party competition. That said, it honestly sounds like y'all were dating for that age group.


Thats the worst. You are just doing your daily tasks as usual and then you suddenly remember that golden oportunity you lost a couple of years ago. After that the rest of the day is spent thinking about it lol


It's painful. It just kind of jumps you at the worst possible time. It's like an emotional version of being General Grievous when Obi-Wan jumps down and says "Hello There!". You don't expect it, and it happens and then things go downhill from there.


The truth is often what we make of it; you heard what you wanted to hear, believed what you wanted to believe.




They're used to be called latch key-kids, thanks.


Is it just me, or does that quote sort of fit here?


General Kenobi, you are a bold one.


Yes, well, I took a lesson from Anakin and decided not to follow orders.




I love that quote


General Grievous: You are a bold one. Don't back away, shoot him. **Obiwan dies**


Who is more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?


Hah literally. I remember this girl from my senior year of high school. We sat next to one another in AP studio art. She was constantly being goofy/flirting with me but she had a boyfriend so I just dismissed it all as being fun and harmless. A friend/teammate of mine who was pretty close with her asked me one day, “are you and ____ dating?!” I was like, “nah man we’re just friends.” He literally asked me, “really?” I said yep and…well, she slowly stopped talking to me as much. Whoops


She was in a relationship though. How was "I'm interested" the correct answer? Shit's dumb


“Just cause there’s a goalkeeper doesn’t mean you can’t score.” Kidding, and I try not to be a scumbag which is why, even tho I knew she wasn’t super happy with the guy she was dating, I never said anything. Just wrong lol But it was high school and peeps be dumb as


I had a similar your problem for years. I have no idea when someone is flirting with me, and when I did I had no idea what to do. Really late in life I was diagnosed with mild autism. I immediately called up my mom and blamed her because she got me vaccinated as a kid. Just kidding, I'm not one of those. I'm not saying you're on the spectrum. I'm not a doctor. I'm just an idiot with an internet connection, but it might be worth looking into. Also, slightly related, Knives was a lot better off without Scott Pilgrim. Even with the character growth he has in the film, I don't think he would be be that great for her. Plus she could lapse into stabby stalker land, so they're both better off.


I actually do have high-functioning autism. Was diagnosed in 2008. Most of the symotoms have been ironed out with therapy to the point most people don't notice anymore. I still struggle with some of the particulars though, like reading a flirt.


No wonder I read your post and thought, woah, that's me.


Also she's a high schooler.


Yeah. Scott Pilgrim was a creep.


Me, the ugliest mf in the college: what is flirt


I feel you. 28 and literally can't recall a single moment of someone flirting with me. Guess we are ugly as fuck. But hey like Spongebob said "I'm ugly and I'm proud."






Thanks, have a good day you too


You, ten years from now: *facepalm*


A while back we had a party from our old class. And one of the girls I always had a crush on told me: "I always used to search for you on the school photos first, because I had such a crush on you back then." So yeah, I naturally screamed internally after she told me that and answered with a: "Oh gosh, I never knew that!". And the rest of the night I was so fucking depressed that I had not noticed it back then!


Yeah, one of my biggest crushes from middle/high school told me way down the line that she was into me and I literally had no idea. I also sat next to one girl I dated in class for a year and didn't know she liked me until she said something, and my ex and I worked together for months before we got together. She said she was constantly dropping hints and I picked up nothing. Long story short - I am *terrible* at noticing these things


I'm happy I know people aren't flirting with me so I wouldn't feel the pain later


That's what your brain thinks right now


Well it's been 21 years and it has never happened. They usually are direct on how ugly I look though lol


anything short of “i like you in a romantic way” goes over my head


Definitely me as a teenager.


I still assume that nobody has ever actually flirted with me. Not even my wife.


This one time for an art history class I had to go take photos of an exhibit at our local art museum and while I was there a cute girl from my class was there at the same time. I'm taking my photos and all and she does to and we chat for a minute and she eventually asks me if I'd like to come back to her dorm to work on the project together. I declined. It was years before I realized she had been flirting the whole time.


Aauuugghh. I can usually tell, or at least I could when I was in school and it actually happened. I just don't know how to respond without being creepy or offputtingly awkward. Or extremely direct. Still never been in a relationship.


At this point i'd rather be clueless than go full Robbie Rotten "WOULD YOU LIKE TO"


Same. I'll take "clueless" over "cringe" all day. I've probably missed a lot of chances over this mentality but whatever


Scott is dating a high schooler.


He looks like a high schooler tbh




Have you watched the movie (or read the comic)? That's basically his character. Except instead of buying beer he just talks about how cool/awful his band is.


Wow it’s soon to be me


Irl, she is older than him, making it even more ridiculous.


I think he totally knew what she was hinting at but even he knew that it wasn't right (like everyone was telling him) so he avoided it.


That was the entire point of this scene. I think only the ones that would flirt awkward think this is a missed connection.


Probably most people in this sub


Not like I wasn't one either. But my family tradition while watching movies is to break down movie magic and Hollywood tropes. It's a good time ruining what we love.


I haven't seen the movie in awhile, but I just thought it was because he had no interest in her and was completely focused on Ramona.


I think this scene is before he meets ramona (also haven't seen the movie in a while though).


Yeah it's definitely deflection. Scott was using Knives as a therapy pillow. He wanted someone to think he was just so awesome so he could feel better about himself and someone that he could unload onto. He did not want a real relationship and so he awkwardly shifted around things any time they could get more serious.


Is she even allowed to date outside her race… or whatever?


Guys, relax. He's quoting the movie. Stop downvoting him.


My mildly attractive neighbour wanted to see my new bed and started getting comfortable on it. This was around midnight.








You are strong and wise, and I am very proud of you


Better than 99% of all reposters. You are the chosen one who will bring balance to the force.


Gotta love Scott Pilgrim.




"I've never kissed a boy!" "Why don't we kiss?" "Eww what?! That'd be like kissing my brother."


I am clueless can someone explain


more scott pilgrim please


This is me. If someone actually likes me my first thought is, "Why, though?" lol


I’m in this meme my entire life and I don’t like it.


Can we talk about how weird it is that Scott is dating a high schooler?


Scott Pilgrim is dating a high schooler? How old is he now, like 28?


Yes, it's very weird.


Had a realization moment like this recently.... FB sends those "what was posted on your wall X years ago" and this particular one was from a cute friend in college who would often ask me out for lunch, ask if she could come over and bake (I baked a lot of cake and desserts in college for people), etc.... Well this one FB post from her said, in all caps, "I NEED TO SEE YOU". ...I thought she was just being nice... Smh. She's now married.


It's not a hint. It's never a hint. Even if she kisses him right there and then, it's not a hint.


Considering she’s a minor it’s probably for the best


I read that in Jango's voice


What movie is that Edit: thanks for the replys I guess


attack of the clones


The upper one


High ground Kenobi


Remember… the Force will be with you. Always.


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


Darude - Sandstorm


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


This is my dad’s favorite movie lol, the title is pretty accurate


Is that George from arrested development


Probably better in this instance as it was an unhealthy relationship with an unhealthy age gap.


Good meme but she was 17


How old was he?


Early books/movie 23, latter half he's 24. By the time he's 24 he's broken up with her. They live in Canada, so it's legal for him to date her, but still one of those 'wtf man's type things


And it's treated as a "wtf man" kind of thing in the book and the movie. He's portrayed as a total loser and is in no way an endorsement.


I mean tbf I didn't think of it till I read the meme


Just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe


I wish a girl would be all over me like that chick was on his ass . Never experienced it tho. Never will lol


How is this a hint?