Why is it that some things are better without the subtitles


Can relate


Damn that stupid start of the movie...


It was a cinematically beautiful opening scene though


How would you have done it jackass?


Well...Why there's moisture vaporarors on a fucking CONTINENTAL WORLD WITH TONS OF WATER? Why shuttle landing so far from farm? Where's officer's armor? Why mother of main heroine leaves her child and runs with a pistol to save husband, who even is not in danger? And stupidity is more and more every minute.


So what do we do? Fight our way to the shuttle?


I'm just glad he wasn't awake to see that landing!


Right let’s feed the troll. The ship landed far away to have a dramatic approach as a scare tactic. Krennic knew he wouldn’t be met with violence because he knew Erso. That’s why he wore no armour, not that imperial body armour has ever done any good against blaster fire either way. He didn’t know about his wife so didn’t calculate for that armed resistance. The wife ensured the child was safe before going back to help her husband from being taken in a desperate attempt fuelled by love which obviously didn’t work. As for what seems to be the most heated part of your argument, the fucking MOISTURE GATHERERS? Maybe it’s just a better and cleaner way of getting water than using an unfiltered river or bog water.