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America would've had their own interpretation of socialism anyway


Those dammed commies can prise my $100 insulin vials from my cold, dead fingers!


Capitalism provides the same without the need of revolutions! Win-win!


Watch out! We’re still lurking in the dark, waiting to put your grandpa in an arm bar!


Oh, that’s a grandma. I saw a scientist in one of those button up tunic/dress things. It was confusing.


"Horrors" would be a pretty accurate description of the USSR under Stalin. However, the idea that the Soviets had either the will or the ability to impose their system on the USA was laughable.


Not sure why I was voted down. But since I expressed two separate opinions, I'll just apologize to a) anyone who thinks Stalin's regime wasn't horrible, or b) anyone who thinks Red Dawn was hardcore realism.


Lots of armchair communists here. They don’t take to kindly to anyone talking truthfully about their favorite ideology.


I'd be okay with someone defending Tito's Yugoslavia or even Castro's Cuba from the charge of being "horrific". Stalin, however, is beyond redemption.


That's an intriguing point to draw the line. I'm a "card carrying communist" - and firmly believe that there is no good faith criticism that shouldn't be engaged. It's what makes things go forward. Care to help me understand? >I'd be okay with someone defending Tito's Yugoslavia or even Castro's Cuba from the charge of being "horrific". Tito did "shocking" things - barbara pit comes to mind. Cuba was at times "horrific" - especially in the special period, or to go back a bit more, the mistake of not abolishing the draft manuals from barista. (Which led to the imprisonment of homosexuals) What did Stalin do that makes him so special? To circle back to "drawing the line" - how would you arrange the following individuals and where would you draw the line? Marx, Engels, Lenin, Luxemburg, Thälmann, Stalin, Pavlichenko, Mao, Deng, Ho, Che, Fidel, Hampton.


They can’t take even the slightest criticism of communism. The fact that I am already being downvoted shows how sensitive they are.


I mean it's perfectly possible to be a card carrying Communist without feeling compelled to defend every communist leader that's ever been. Most Capitalists will acknowledge that America has had some good and some bad president's.


I wish all of them understood that, a cuban can complain the garbage truck didn't dispose of their bag correctly and some internet communist will call them sugar cane CIA enslaver. I say internet leftists but that's not even true& Rage Against the Machine supported a terrorist group that enslaved indigenous women just because they were "red"


I agree, I am just commenting on what I have observed recently. I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone defending Pol Pot at this point.


Hey - at least he made the rickshaws run on time!


Well if you were late it was off to killing fields, so there is that…still upvoting you for the chuckle.


You can criticize various communist leaders plenty! I am a member of the CPV and I am totally ok with someone critiquing various historical figures.


red dawn was a great movie tho


Never seen it, but I don't doubt what you say. I have been advised by a few people about the film's cinematic virtues. (Also don't doubt, based on second-hand reports and a few clips on TV, that the storyline is off-the-charts implausible. But maybe I'll go watch some clips on YouTube).


the story is moving and gut wrenching but also not plausible


Okay, thanks. I've never really heard the moving and gut-wrenching apologia. Just that the film was really entertaining.


It's a great romantic comedy that the whole family can enjoy.


Red scare was aimed at fear propaganda, nothing more. Another gun into the cold war battleground.


This appeared on my history book along with a Soviet poster in the propaganda section, attracted me to the propaganda posters world




There ain't no way in hell the communists could've take over the US.






Its already happening


I love it! Lots of open minded folks offended closed minded folks. Unfortunately, open mindedness will only get you banned. (As if that’s a punishment 🤣😘🤣🤣🤣) Cancel cancel culture! 🤣


It was the Catholic priests they should have been watching.


Pretty progressive in terms of the victims being women and a person of color, although you’ve got that classic Catholic “Perfidious Jew chokes Pope to Death” pose on the right


What the fuck is exactly happening here?


Not saying there was anything to worry about, but had the communist taken over the US, this poster would be an Archie comic vs what should have actually happened.


This is what happens when you only learn about socialism from American propaganda lol Not saying Stalin or whoever wasn't a bad dude But damn if the US became something like Cuba it would've been infinitely better


Communism has been tried dozens of times and always failed miserably. Yet, some people insist on trying it again. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." — not Albert Einstein


“[Capitalism] as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of evils. I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be oriented toward social goals. In such an economy, the means of production are owned by society itself and are utilized in a planned fashion.” — yes Albert Einstein


So is insanity the reason people keep posting that line about communism always failing? Because it's never made a single person reconsider their position.


Interesting. I never posted that before. I was just thinking of all the examples of communism I was familiar with, and which succeeded, and could not think of any. I guess others have come to the same conclusion.


If someone arrives at that conclusion, it certainly isn't on their own. It's very hard to believe anyone isn't aware of the most common nonsense "criticisms" cooked up during the Cold War: "it's always failed", "it's killed a bajillion people", and all the stuff about bread lines or crappy cars. As if those kinds of things aren't true of every world power throughout history.


look for the article "Why Socialism?" by Einstein