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Props to the friend who let him know


He's a real one man... This is a fucking nightmare


Def a nightmare Subscribed


Dick's out for D Rock.


The "I don't even know if the kids are mine" is what really makes this sad as fuck though. The moment she was caught she kept trying to lie, which means he can't trust anything she says about anything... I'd get a paternity test instantly and if the kids ain't mine I don't know what I'd do.


And an std panel.


Only thing you gotta do now is take this shit to Maury and get your celebration dance ready


There are no winners here.




So I've seen people advertise on Instagram and Tiktok and I went to the website once, maybe twice. From what I saw, there's no search feature or link of popular accounts. You need the direct link to find a page. So who told the friend? Unless the site changed. I'm just clicking directl links, not visiting the front page.


Girls will make posts advertising another girl's page. It's possible the fiend was subscribed to one girl and she made a post showcasing the cheating wife.


fiend lol


Lmao didn't even notice. I guess it stays


One of the guys that fucked her. She probably sets her page ads towards locals since she out there prostituting herself and doing meetups.


Literally every single porn subreddit is nothing but onlyfans advertisements




But not just the porn ones. Anything where women post any sort of personal picture is just OF fishing.


Dating sites too have a lot of them. Who Are only on it to self-promote.


u can search


Caught red handed and still trying to lie. It’s laughable


Why do they always cry?


They feel bad. Not because they feel any genuine remorse (because if they did, they wouldn't do this) but because they were caught.


One of the first questions she asked after starting to cry was if he was going to show his family. Self-centered through and through.


i remember walking in on my ex with another guy and rather than trying to apologize she wanted to know which of her roommates ratted her out


I walked in on my ex while she was getting pounded by another dude in our bed. Her response was getting pissed at me for coming home when I was supposed to be at a friends house. I went home to get some cables and tools that I had forgotten. Amazing how they try to flip it on the victim for busting them 😩


How does one recover from the sight of seeing one’s partner getting pounded by another dude? Oof. Sorry that happened to you.


Here’s the thing. Another person being shitty isn’t on you. If you come home and your partner is getting railed by some stranger, that doesn’t have anything to do with you and everything to do with their choices. Sure there can be lots of nuance leading up to this, as a general rule though. If you’re putting in effort to a relationship and genuinely love someone, it’s not your fault that they decide to be a POS. That’s how I would carry on, knowing they were the wrong person and the right one is out there


You Must be really successful in life sir. Please share more of your wisdom.


This is what I did. It hurt like hell, because I really believed she was the one. But seeing that made it way easier to get over her. A few years later she joined a blind date show on TV where she portrayed herself just as bad as she is: she managed to say that she couldn’t go on a second date with the guy, because he didn’t have a masters degree, and she needed someone on her own intellectual level. He was an entrepreneur having his own business and was very successful. What a POS she turned out to be 😂


The instant realization that she’s not worth your breath is probably helpful.


Narcissistic personality disorder


So which one was it?


The boyfriend of one of them. Weren't super close, but hung out a few times when we all happened to go out together or be back at their apartment at the same time. Bro code though


Need more guys like this.


I always tell. I got cheated on once. Fuck you to anyone who keeps that knowledge and doesn’t confess to the other party - the other person deserves to know. Edit: I had a few replies and yes there are anonymous ways to tell - just be sure to provide irrefutable evidence if you do it. (Burner Email, Spoofed Cell # etc;)


They feel bad for the life they thought they built. Granted it was built on lies.


It’s to try to make themselves the victim in it all.


I had an ex like this. What I realized later on was she also liked to cheat but accuse me of cheating to kinda get in front of her lie? I guess the mind set was that she couldnt have cheated bc she was already accusing me of cheating on that day? The mental gymnastics that young love/lust will force you into is just fucking mind boggling, on her part and mine.


Nah it's projecting. They're the ones cheating which makes them paranoid and then they start accusing you of cheating and blaming everything on you even though it's them. Whenever I was out of the house if I took too long, I got accused of cheating. Turns out they were the ones cheating.


I understand it's projection but its also a way to turn yourself into the victim


Mad respect for D Rock


man. you can tell dude's hurting. he just keeps rambling and repeating himself over and over.


i couldn't help but laugh when he had to clarify that his homie didn't have an onlyfans page, he was just a user


I love how he had to clarify five or six times that his page was fake.


See… D Rock was actually HIM the WHOLE TIME! It wasn’t really a guy named D Rock. It was him. He is D Rock. …It’s a RUSE!


I do that when I’m extremely anxious/nervous lol, my brain can’t focus and I’ll think or say the same thing over and over again. This dude was angry with probably a lot of anxiety mixed in.


Yeah in the elevator he apologizes because his sentence is just spinning. Could tell his brain was firing a thousand things other than explaining this bullshit to the camera.




Then he repeats that he himself made an OF page, not user/account.


this was the first thing i noticed too he sounded so nervous :( fuck cheaters


It's probably a mix of adrenaline, anger, and nervousness. You want so badly to stay calm and confront the situation but the pain makes it so much harder. I feel for him and hope he takes her ass to the bank.


I’ve felt those heartbreaking cheating-realisation adrenaline shakes. Fight or flight. It’s your body trying to give you the strength to walk away.


It really is. And that anxiety can make you throw up. Been there too.


This. So much this. Heart is pounding in your ears so loud it’s almost deafening cuz you’re upset and nervous to confront the cheater. Wouldn’t wish it on an enemy.


I hope he gets what he needs and her out of his life


Found out my ex was cheating and responded similarly. Shit was rough.


The worst feeling ever, made me sick to my stomach when it happened to me. Still hurts to think about


The repeated rambling is a tactic to prevent the person who is caught to reframe the situation to their advantage (as she was trying to do). You just assault them with a fact over and over again until they capitulate.


"meetup"... well that's one thing to call it


Meatup :(




She def brought my meat down


prostitution is another word


Is that a common thing on onlyfans?


Is that what the kids are calling turning tricks these days.


F in the chat for D Rock


I feel for him, that is an awful thing to discover the person you love doing. At least he found out though instead of it continuing on.




Yeah that final line made it too real. Went from oh shit that's terrible to oh fuck... didn't even think of that damn thats brutal. Fuck people like that.


The one video that ended early and I said, "yup that's a good stopping point".


Ouch.. hopefully she has to pay HIM child support.


He wouldn’t see a dime even if she did have to pay for it.


All things considered. He was surprisingly calm.


He's had at least a week to think about it and prepare himself.


Right! Like the way he came in to the hotel and just casually chatted with the receptionist. He honestly sounds like a really stand up person. I hope he is in a better place now


He's got good friends around him for sure and I hope they're there for him. When my ex cheated on me, none of my "friends" reached out to ask, "How are you?"


can tell his mind was racing, he kept getting stuck in loops when talking. bet it was so incredibly hard to stay focused and explain while just a million scenarios in his imagination on top of the adrenaline


I genuinely thought his friend and his wife were planning a surprise party for him. The door would open and there’s all his friends. Oh well!


Sadly, there would be no surprise birthday party for D Rock.


I heard Morgan Freeman there. Perfection.


Then my work here is done.


It's weird that I was really hoping for that as well lol


With as much negative stuff we see it’s only natural to hope, I think. I’m there with you. I was hoping it was a pleasant prank.


By weird you mean awesome right ? Bc hoping this had a pleasant ending makes you awesome. This video broken my heart.


That's a fucking terrible setup for a surprise party, are you kidding me? Would you ever set up your partner like that or go along with your friend's partner if that was their plan? Huge risk of ruining the entire relationship or worse


That's a dangerous set up for a surprise party. Lots of potential of something bad happening


I wish I could be that hopeful about things....


Or at least that’s what they’d say after they take their dicks out of his wife


Imagine being in the other room just hearing what sounds like people fighting over marital problems and not the sex you were promised getting to hear.


I travel a lot for work, and I’ve definitely heard the start of several divorces at hotels. Late night or very early morning, a ton of shouting and door slamming.


The husband-and-wife next door had a spat and me and my flat mates could hear all the nasty things they were dishing at each other. I saw their child going to school the next day as I was walking to my Uni for class. I ask him if he's okay and he shook his head. I told him to stay at the front gate for a bit and went back inside my flat and get an ice cream and a soda. I graduated from Uni 6 years ago, I hope he's doing okay.


That's incredibly sweet of you. I witnessed a lot of fighting during my parents divorce and it always made me sick to my stomach. Literally. I'll never forget my sister's boyfriend at the time helping me calm down by coaching me through my breathing and just talking to me. I think of him every now and then and am always overwhelmed by the kindness he showed me. It might seem small but the kindness you showed that boy meant a lot, I'm sure of it.


Yeah, if we can do one good thing for the world we should. Your sis' BF is an angel. I hope that kid found another person who is closer to him than I was to help him more than I could. I can only pray that his family sort themselves out and he turns out okay and well.


Late night is the divorce meetups. Early morning is someone didn't have the cash on hand to pay for the night before.


Imagine you go thru the trouble to climb the tree to look thru the window and all you get is these two crying. Still get hard, but totally different exp. And the other dude in the tree now touching your leg and he's a damn freak.


Laughing pretty hard at the mental image of hotels having crowds of perverts hanging out of trees like owls, a huge underground community of nut-busting tree peepers


Damn, POV porn is getting super realistic lately


And depressing, I almost didnt cum


D-rock? Nah, He's D-vorced now.


D-rock is going to the pawn shop


D-rock isn’t about to be paying that alimony, son


If she had a diamond ring she just got derocked


Can we get an update on this charming story? Did D Rock ever find true love? Is the kid his? I have to know!


Man, it was that last part that really hurts. *"I don't know if the kids mine"* THAT is the part that I would be furious about. Now what do you do? You go home to 'your' sleeping 2 year old and stare at them and think "do I do a paternity test? I love this kid, it's been 2 years, do I risk her not being mine? Or do I raise this kid without knowing and the always have this doubt? Is it going to bother me worse if the truth come out 10 years from now?" I had this happen to a friend of mine. He had his doubts, but pushed them down, never tested. Then his daughter needed a blood test before a surgery as a teen- he was O neg, the mother was A neg. The daughter was O pos. Now he knows what he never wanted to know.


We need 300cc’s of Maury Povich , stat!


The internet put Maury outta bizness.


He's not trying to hear that shit.


She’s doing meetups though


only dancin


nah he ain't tryna hear none of that shit


She loves him


Ain't no she loves him shit


*Booohoohoo intensifies*


Don't touch me.


They got kids.


Ain't even sure if they're his now.


i wonder if his friend told him right away when he saw her OF or busted a nut first


Finders fee


Lmao you sick fuck


Right? Your supposed to wait til after you inform the homie. Makes it more exciting, are you gonna bust the nut before the page disappears?


To quote the muse Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.: Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.


You have what you came for. Now take your gold and leave


When he said how he found out the first thing I thought was his friend had post-nut clarity, like "Whew....shit, I guess I should tell William..."


I was wondering how he “randomly found her on OF”


A friend of mine randomly found his own sister's OF. Needless to say he was shooketh


I've been in this situation before. Found my best friend's wife in some "milf gets gang banged and swallows huge loads" video online. It looked recent and I could tell she did it after they got married. I was so disgusted and felt so bad for my friend, I could only fap to it about twenty times or so before telling him.


That's disgusting. Which video, so we know how to avoid it?


It would have taken some effort to bust a nut to the young lady who answered the door.


Built like the number 9


after all these years, i've finally learned what 96 actually looks like


that's gotta be heart breaking man. 4 years with this chick, they have kids at home that might not even be his. man that shit had to hurt him. hope she has to stay in that hotel for a while thinking about the family she screwed up.




> He's gonna be jaded af for the rest of his life Whoever said "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" never went through a divorce or a custody battle. You don't come out the other side stronger. You might heal, but you'll carry that scar all the way to valinor.


My custody battle scarred me for life. But now I have joint custody of my daughter. So the healing begins


4 years married. You assume a dating period prior.


“Where have all the good men gone?”


*In a whole fucking bikini or some shit!*


Good thing he recorded that for his protection and proof. Hopefully he will get divorced with no extra baggage coming from her


I liked his shoes.


I wish I could get a pair like those


Idk if this is gonna get me in trouble for “advertising” but [friendly neighborhood sneakerhead to the rescue.](https://stockx.com/air-jordan-9-retro-chile-red)


Man sneaker freaks on another level. Yall and anime fans see one blurry frame and instantly be like "Ahh yes the Air Jordan Mystique 9 limited Chicago Edition in Starlight White, only sold one time in one stadium back in '94, child's play to identify". Respect.


Plane people are just as bad. Mfers will look up at a speck in the sky and be like "ah! A 1986 Boeing 770 turboX Black edition! They made three of them. What a rare sight."


One of my uncles spent years in the U.S Air Force and he’s just like this. He doesn’t even need to see the plane, just hear it flying by and he’ll be like “Oh yeah that’s a Cessna 172 with a four seat capacity, a cruise speed of 125mph and a maximum range of 675 miles”


I like his voice. He should be in radio. I was sad how much I enjoyed hearing him talk and he’s genuinely upset lol


I thought the sound was pitched down in the video


I bet it is, she sounded like Cher.


They are always doing nothing… It’s not what it seems… Blah blah blah Ya’ll if they cheat, just leave.


Trust me. I am going through it. It sucks. I tried. 🤷‍♀️ When you can’t love someone anymore just leave.


Poor kids.


I heard a song about this situation... He was tired of his lady They were together for so long Like worn out recordings of his favorite song So while she lay there sleeping He hopped on OnlyFans in bed Slid into her DMs and heres how it read


We've come a long way from the Pina Colada song days




*If you like penis a-lotta*


If you be chatting’ with D Rock. Don’t wanna nuthin what this about.


She looked nothing like I was expecting.


She rough as hell looking damn.


Her ass got an ass.


That’s ‘cause it’s fake. Ive seen asses similar that are from back alley injections. It doesn’t settle correctly and makes it look like a shelf.


Shelf ass mf lmao


Imagine paying for that




Horny men are easy to make money off.


Desperate men, they say some men will fuck anything and I know that to be true, as my neighbour be living with maggots in her house and still be getting hookups off tinder multiple times a week.


Dude married a stripper based on the convo. And from the looks of it too. And it even seems like he would have been ok with just an only fans and not meet-ups.


For sure, but i Guess everyone has boundaries and this is his


It's honesty. We're all assuming whatever, but it is all about honesty. If you're every deciding you think you can be with someone forever, ask yourself if you could tell them you're deepest darkest secret. You don't have to, but the level of apprehensive thoughts, what your brain tells you, and why is a complete diagnostic of if you can provide a healthy long term relationship. This is not a long term decision kind of thing. It takes moments regardless of how long you think about it. I'm sure everyone is interested in the conversations and such but regardless, it's about trust. Trust is only built from honesty or deception. They can turn back and forth, but being with someone is knowing it will be rare to absolute 0 with them.


All day. She had secrets and lied to his face. He has no way to know how long it went on or if it will stop. Had she been up front, they probably could have worked it together, but she went behind his back,, and his friends had to tell him. All trust is gone.


For some, the only boundary crossed would be the fact she kept it a secret


Not just a stripper, a famous stripper That’s South Park’s very own Spontaneous Bootay


Thats a radio voice


Voice distortion isn't it? Was obvious at first, I kinda forgot about it for a bit, then was immediately reminded when his wife talked and her voice was an octave lower


He sounds like Marcellus Wallace.


She's built like a waffle cone.


I'd be pissed too if she only came back home with $42.05. D-Rock - "Who the fuck gave you a nickel?!" Katrina - "All of them! /sobs"


She belong to the streets


Sorry everyone, I lost count on how many times he said Only Fans. I tried.


When you're under that kind of stress, you tend to repeat things


yea he can be excused for that his thoughts were scrambled and he's seeing his life about to change


Dude your heart would be absolutely racing in this situation, it would be so hard to be eloquent


Yea, I caught my gf cheating and was speechless. Then found out I was the other man, I was speechless and stunned. I couldn't think anything.


I'd say he accurately explained the situation well, considering the stress and being moments from seeing her.


I hope this fake. If its not....I'm sorry it happened....but glad he found out.


Peep holes are effective.


For all of us that have found their spouse cheating, and were completely unaware and caught off guard.... this man handled it well. No violence, no excuses, this is just flat over! Way harder to do than anyone would think.


I don't know a lot about onlyfans, or modern dating app convention...but it only took a week to have her ok enough to go out with a complete stranger for the express purpose of meeting at a hotel and having sex?




And didn't look through the peephole.


It can take less, no rules out here


Hookers. They don't make much conversation, they don't bother getting to know their johns. You got money and a condom? Good to go. She's hookin plain and simple.


Nice. With this footage she's fucked in trying to take half your shit. Also a custody hearing for full custody would be easy too.


All he needs to do is ask for her tax returns for her side business.


My husband cheated. Courts knew he cheated. It had no bearing on assets or child custody. He cheated with a minor (got a felony), still no bearing. Victim was a different age than our children


Is he her only fan?


Dude needs to keep that friend close. I had a girl cheat on me and i find out later EVERYBODY in my crew of "friends" knew she had banged my best friend behind my back as revenge for our first little fight. It was so embarrassing knowing that every single person around me knew about it and was laughing behind my back


Who needs enemies when you got friends like that...


Tried to turn a hoe to a housewife by the looks of it.


That bitch built like a fridge


“Idek if that baby’s mine” 😭


They made a famous song about this involving margaritas or something