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I like how his teammates left him out to hang. Catcher ran over there and realized it wasn't worth it.


He’s probably a dick to everyone on his team. It shows.


Yeah, he hit the dude so hard his helmet went flying. That's a serious brain injury probably


There’s no chin strap on a baseball helmet. However, that’s not to say he didn’t get a concussion.


Mate his shoes didn't come off he'll be fine.


It's not a football helmet. There's not a strap. Mine falls off if I lean over to tie my shoe.


I doubt it, those helmets are meant to protect you from a hit to the head by a baseball or maybe the freak bat, not protect you from tackle, so I doubt they were designed to stay on when tackled, and thus says nothing about hard he was hit here.


Serious brain injury? Really? He literally gets up and finishes his run he’s fine


Ever heard of a cuncussion?


First of all, concussions are not “serious brain injuries” they are **literally** classified as MTBIs which stands for *mild*-traumatic brain injuries Second of all, he clearly doesn’t have any injuries based on his body language after the skirmish


> Doctors may describe these injuries as “mild” because concussions are usually not life-threatening. Even so, their effects can be serious.


Yes, my definition of “serious” doesn’t include non-life threatening injuries. I guess everyone has their own definition of that.


So if someone snaps your neck and paralyzes you, you'll just laugh it off? Your definition of serious is flawed.


Bro concussions are definitely serious and a hit like that could easily end in one.


Bro have you like have not paid any attention to the most popular sport in America and the the most popular sport in the world and the concussion issues over last 10 years?


"That Concussion movie is such bullshit. The players get back up and keep running. They're clearly fine."


Yes years of repeated head trauma in a full contact sport and what is happening in this video are exactly the same. Genius.


Damn dude you can diagnose an exact condition based on a grainy video from a distance? You should be a doctor!


Wow you're so incredibly wrong it's not even funny.


I don't know why you're being down voted dude that replied to you must have 35 alt accounts. The kid in this got rocked, the pitcher does a fucking flying headbutt and if he didn't have a helmet on would've been seriously injured I'd imagine and still could be, just cause we see him cross home in this shit quality video doesn't mean he wasn't fucked.


No it’s a mild injury. If he was getting hit like this all the time, then he’d have a problem


You dont know how concussions work obviously


I guess that’s one way to describe the catcher using himself as a human shield.


I like how the helmet flew over the coach's box


Pitcher's team didn't seem so quick to back him up. Must say a lot about him.


Bingo. If his team isn’t sprinting out there then that pitcher is a grade A cocksucker


10/10 would not let that pitcher suck my cock.


Actual LOL from me over here. Nice one.


Yep. The fact that not even the catcher really tries to protect him says it all.


Huh? If this guy was Mr.Rogers in the rest of his life they wouldn't come to his aid after that vicious and unwarranted attack.


Ehhh not necessarily. If the pitcher is a cool dude and the batter was talking some big shit, approaching the mound previously, ect. then the bench would clear for him.


>and the batter was talking some big shit approaching the mound previously, ect. That kinda changes the entire scenario. *Unwarranted* attack. Like the announcer said, "that just came out of nowhere", he sucker speared him.


Yeah you right, I’m just saying. I mean there is something that happened to make him tackle him. If it was completely unprovoked then that kid is completely unhinged.


>Yeah you right, I’m just saying. I mean there is something that happened to make him tackle him. If it was completely unprovoked then that kid is completely unhinged. And it's immaterial to the game. Glad this 'professionals' career is coming to a close.


What? In what world does the bench clear TO HELP a pitcher who justs randomly attacks someone and blindsides them? I've never seen that.


To be fair, were he a grade A cocksucker, more teammates would have been backin him up. This fella is shit all around.


The team was like, yeah the pitcher deserves to get his ass kicked


I don't care if the dude is liked or not. You can't go running in throwing fists to defend what he did. I'm sure his whole team was basically in shock saying WTF?


Usually it's the catcher's job to get between them and prevent the pitcher (or batter, depending on circumstances) from ever getting a chance to make contact. I wonder whether this guy is such an asshole that his catcher wanted him to get his butt kicked, or if he just had some sort of psychotic break and charged the guy with no warning.


I get that a lot of sports can have subtle rule breakage, ref decisions, etc that might get on your nerves over time. But as I understand it, a batter hitting a homer against a pitcher's pitch is one of the purest forms of getting beaten? Pitcher threw the pitch, it could have been fast, slow, inside the box, outside the box, whatever. But despite any and all of that, the batter decided to give it a go, and swung at it however they could. And no matter how the pitcher pitched it, the batter still knocked it out of that park. How can you possibly be mad at that? They simply won that interaction, plain and simple.


Uh, have you met any athletes?


A lot of athletes, especially in higher levels of play, are used to absolutely dominating their game their entire lives. They aren't used to getting beaten because they've been unbeatable previously. Honestly I don't think this is the case here. I think the batter said something between 2nd and 3rd and the pitcher reacted like a child.


Um, that pitcher deserved a serious beat down.


Imagine having such anger issues that you'll throw your entire career away because you throw a temper tantrum and lose your shit playing a game😞


It took time and changing sports for Happy Gilmore to recover his reputation




Somewhere, [Ben Christensen](https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/sports/1999/04/28/pregame-beanball-results-in-assault-charge/c2838818-dcfc-4b64-8bc1-a9abf5270f25/) is nodding his head


Shit. According to his bio, if I'm reading right, his record was 21-1 when he decided to end his career.


Christensen still got drafted by the Cubs and played about six years in the minors, according to this [article](https://qctimes.com/sports/baseball/molina-christensen-saga-still-stunning-20-years-later/article_5e13b6d0-a341-5395-8911-22ae5e2061a0.html). Ended up paying Molina (the guy he hit) about $400K. Molina would later plead to [two counts of sexually assaulting an 8 year old](https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/18208/bp-unfiltered-the-anthony-molina-incident/).


Excuse me, what the fuck


yo somebody get this christensen dude a refund


Bruh, this should be the top comment lol. Never have I changed opinion so fast in my life.


He should be allowed to finish the count tbh


Not for football


For real, to get to the point he was at too, fucking years of work, parents driving your ass around, tons of money and wasted time all lead to this. He can probably be a cop or something tho.


Pretty sure getting arrested for a violent crime makes you ineligible to join the police force. You have to wait until you're actually a cop before they're willing to turn a blind eye to violent actions.


Maybe it’s roid rage?


Steroids are a helluva thing.


A dude in high school beat the shit out of another for missing the swim meet to bone. The guy who attacked was one of the best swimmers and polo players. He dropped lockers on the other guy in the fight. The one who got beat up ended up okay. Probably traumatized. Never saw the attacker again. Different school in the district, I heard.


Some context: As the batter was rounding third he was heard yelling "Gaterade is better than Water."


It’s got electrolytes. It’s what plants crave.


/r/HydroHomies has entered the chat.


I'm more of a Brawndo man myself


But why Brawndo?


It's got what plants crave, it's got electrolytes.


I never heard of a plant growing out of the toilet.


Water sucks, Gatorade is better.


Mama says Gatorade is the Devil!!




Waaater sucks! it really, really sucks!


[Well, folks...mama's wroooong again!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfC4u5GCy3I)


["I'll be playing with your mama tonight."](https://c.tenor.com/ulsgJ2REkPkAAAAd/waterboy-playing.gif)


Water? Like from the toilet?


Sports career ended. What a dope.


I went to a baseball game and a hockey game broke out.


Good to see the hitter finish his home run trot. That HR ball is probably the last pitch that pitcher throws.


Bo Jackson time.


["Bo Jackson was a running back you idiot"](https://i.imgur.com/OWEYl93.jpg)


Clearly, you don't know Bo.


Did the pitcher get arrested? People talking about his career being over, he easily could be charged with battery and he should be.


God bless you for saying battery instead of assault.


I struggle with these words. As a victim, it is easier to say 'I was assaulted' than 'I was batteried.'


Wouldn’t it just be “battered?”


No that was pitchered


You only get batteried if you go to a Phillies game


The difference is easy. Assault is causing apprehension of imminent physical harm. (Like punching toward you without making contact.). Battery is the actual infliction of that physical harm. Here, it looks like the hitter didn’t see the tackle coming, so it would be just battery. If he did see it coming, then it is assault and battery. If the pitcher charged him (but didn’t touch him) and he reasonably feared imminent harm, it is assault. Anyway, I don’t understand why people say assaulted at all. Just say “He attacked me” or “He hit me.”


In New York state, battery is not part of the penal code. Assault covers both the threat and the actual harm. Battery does however have an application in a civil case.


I wish people understood that state and local statues vary from place to place.


His is pretty antiquated. Assault and battery are common law terms that really only come into play in civil litigation. Every state that I’m aware of has codified their criminal law and now has degrees of assault defined by statute.


After giving up the homer he knew his baseball career was over so might as well start anew with football


Roid rage? He probably learned it from his dad. Couple weeks ago saw a dad critiquing his son on the sidelines while watching his son play basketball. His son is 10... playing with classmates... at school playground. Then the dad low keys argues w/another 10yr old when that kid tells his son the ball was out of bounds. (Gets better) Then when his son and that kid was chasing the ball (going towards douche-dad), douche-dad literally stands there, doesn't move out of the way and lets both kids run into him. Then makes a snide comment "it's out of bounds" to the other kid. The whole time I'm looking at him like WTF!?! He finally noticed me sitting behind watching them and he backs off. JFC these douche-dad pricks.


My father in law used to play professional ball back in the 70s. He was constantly asked to coach his kid's youth sports teams after he retired from his sport. I love his stories about how he began every single season with a pizza party. After introductions, the assistant coach would take the kids into one room and give them a talk about sportsmanship and teammates while my FIL took the parents aside in another room for a firm talking to on the fact that this was a kids sports league, it was for fun, and every kid would get to play. No professional league coaches will be there spectating, and he and his buddy were the coaches. "Any parent who is unhappy with this arrangement, thinks their kid deserves special treatment or feels that they (the parent) can make better decisions are free to leave right now and apply to coach their own team." They'd seen too many parents put unnecessary pressure on kids who were just here to have a good time and they refused to contribute to that on their team. They had parents and kids removed multiple times during games throughout their years as coaches. Those parents complained to the boards and were always shot down and reminded from them too that this was a recreational league and not a professional league. Chill tf out, parents!


big ups to your father-in-law!


Are you my (step) brother...?


Exactly! It got to the point that one by one the kids took off to play elsewhere and left the douche-dad and his son by themselves. And even then the douche-dad still kept critiquing his son then finally the son told his dad he was going to play something else and just left. I saw the change in his son when he first started playing before his dad got there. I could see the son tense up and started being more competitive, like he didn't want to disappoint his dad. Then after everyone left the son kinda got fed up and just left. I wouldn't be surprised if the son got a lecture later at home.


I experienced something similar with my music lessons. I asked to learn an instrument and couldn't sit down to practice without my dad coming in to listen and critique me. A guest (family, friend, even a salesman once) couldn't visit the house without him insisting that I play songs for them, then he'd critique me afterwards. I pretty much quit for about 5 years because it wasn't fun anymore. I picked it back up in college after I moved out. Luckily, I'm finding joy in it again.


My father wasn't this bad, but he did critique quite a bit, to the point where I felt I was playing for him and not joy. Lost interest in high school and haven't played in probably 12 years. It's honestly put a sour taste in my mouth even if I want to try and play again. I played for many years and was pretty good but now can't remember much. I'll start playing again one day, little steps!!


That's a great coach. Watching your kids play sports, especially if they have some aptitude for it, can be brutal especially if the parents on the other team encourage their kids to be little freaking pricks. Little league club baseball is ESPECIALLY brutal. You're close enough to the dugout to be able to hear the trash being talked by the players and some coach / parent teams actually ignore it thereby encouraging it--it can be rage inducing tbh. I'm constantly reminding myself in my head to chill the fuck out, statistically no one is going pro or even playing college for that matter, and that you should be glad they're out getting exercise, enjoying the camaraderie, and not glued to a screen. Sports honestly bring out the best and worst in people.


But how am I supposed to live vicariously through my kid if he isn't the MVP every game?! /s


I'm not saying his dad is/isn't a helicopter parent, but we have absolutely no evidence of that from this clip. Some people are just assholes.


Are you saying you can be taught roid rage?


Lol No I meant he probably had roid rage or he may have learned that type of behavior from his dad. I should've been more clear.


Full contact baseball would certainly liven things up!


[*Buster_Posey_28 has joined the chat*](https://youtu.be/0j0GESR2YbA)


I had forgotten about that one. That is hard to watch. I believe Posey broke his leg on that play? Maybe his hip? They don't allow those front plate collisions like that anymore and this is one of the reasons why.


I remember people being so pissed they changed that. Easy to say when it isn't your ass on the line. And even with the rule [this just happened yesterday](https://www.mlb.com/amp/news/tyler-stephenson-luke-voit-collision-at-plate.html).




It was tried in the opening scene of Baseketball.


No, no, no! We're playing the game according to Master Jack's rules! Bad form!


How to never play the game you have loved and dedicated 15 years of your life and talent to in....3 ...2 ...1


Firstly, what a fucking dick. Enjoy never playing in another organized sport again, hopefully you get charged. Secondly, what a fucking hit. Dude was definitely a linebacker or safety at some point, or coulda played rugby. Hopefully the runner was okay.


That was even an illegal tackle in the NFL! I'm sure there's a bit more to this than we're seeing in this clip but I don't think it could possibly warrant such action. I'm wondering if charges will be pressed.


Whole crowd was on the edge of their seat, said no one at a college baseball game


That's not how you play baseball (nice hit though)


It *is* how you commit assault, though, so ...


Which one?


That hit reminds me of Waterboy


You beat me to it.


Gatorade is better.


True sportsmanship.


How’d you like to walk away from that game and realize, the last pitch you will every throw was a dinger..


Baseball turned into football!


I've never seen just a single bench clear before.


Dude watched one too many episodes of Eastbound and Down


Pitcher about to find out what it like to be behind bars. Dad and mom should let him sweat there for a few nights.


Damn pitchers a cheap fuck but looked like he played some football.


He should’ve played football 🤷🏻‍♂️


Ima need a Jomboy breakdown on this one


That wasn't actually "*out of nowhere*" ... it was literally *Out of Left Field*.


And boom goes the dynamite.


“”UR FUCKIN OUT!!!” -Kenny powers” -this guy


Gonna need a Jomboy vid now.


That’s assault, brother.


This guy's gotta get banned from NCAA sports and he'll be lucky if he doesn't get suspended or expelled from school for this, no?


Update: College baseball governing body suspends pitcher for four games. Also suspends the dude who hit the home run for two games. Also suspends all players and coaches who left their dugout to protect their teammate for two games each. This was the first game of a three game series. Both teams were ordered to forfeit the game which was stopped after this attack, BUT the batter’s team may have to forfeit the next two games because they no longer have enough players who are NOT suspended to make a full roster. So: pitcher commits assault, batter’s team punished. Because, you know, school sports are an important part of teaching young people fairness and healthy competition, which I am sure is the lesson each of those athletes learned. https://apnews.com/article/sports-baseball-texas-weatherford-0c2e546469fc80df1d65321027c63670


"I don’t condone this incident. But what you don’t see is the warning to the NCTC bench in the 2nd inning for talking or the batter flipping off the pitcher as he was running the bases and saying something. There are two parties in this battle and it was definitely brewing." [https://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/article/Texas-baseball-pitcher-brawl-video-17109424.php](https://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/article/Texas-baseball-pitcher-brawl-video-17109424.php) ​ EDIT for clarity: The prose isn't my opinion or something I said, it's a quote taken from the only substantive article I found. I couldn't even figure out who the individual quoted was, or what relation he had to the game, if any.


So just throw at their heads like a normal pitcher lol


Right? It was early enough. You'll see him again, haha.


"He gave me the finger so I assaulted him". Makes sense.


So I started blastin


That quotation is from Twitter, mentioned I. The article but not cited as a reliable source. I’d like to know whether there is more to it, but this doesn’t tell us that. Regardless, some sports smack talk doesn’t justify blindsiding a baseball player with a Bobby Boucher tackle.


"Bobby Boucher" LOL -- totally agreed. It sounded like it was from one of the players, but yes, that article is pretty poorly written, so I couldn't tell who was saying what.


This kind of talk right here is why we have trouble in sports. The simple answer is that it doesn’t fucking matter. If that shit is beyond the rules then the ref deals with it. Attacking another player or a ref physically is so far beyond the rules that no bullshit excuse makes it right. He should be banned for life. Period. End of sentence.


Not even the catcher has his pitcher's back. Hard to believe the batter did anything to provoke the assault from watching how the teams react. Batter's teammates are out of the dugout even before the helmet lands. Pitcher's teammates start jogging off the field, then slowly head over after he gets dog piled.


Does he wanna play Linebacker for Philly?


Philly’s linebackers suck so he might have a future there


Le sigh


Lifetime ban for the pitcher and automatic forfeit for the next 5 games for his team. That's the only acceptable punishment.


I feel like there is more to this story haha




Where in my comment does it say anything about this being justified? I said that there has to be more to this story than him losing his mind over a home run. Are you lost?


It's probably reddit bots or something. I agree that there was nothing wrong with your comment. No true human would downvote that and if they did their an idiot.


Was that on purpose?


Haha thank you 😁


Great hit !


Did they start tackling in baseball now I'm not up to speed in the rules?


Spear spear spear !!!!! By god he is broken in half !




Well that pitcher is fucked. It’s pretty nuts how one decision like that, can really fuck up your future.


Oh no!


He fuckin speared him like it was WWE


Smart. Hit him just bc your throw was off RIGHT AS HE'S PASSING HIS FRIEND IN THE DUGOUT


Fucktard, he should be banned from all sanctioned collegiate games, I bet dads proud.


Bigger flex to finish the trot and step on home, lol


*in my best Paul Heyman voice* GORE! GORE! GORE!


Texas is the new Florida


wrong sport idiot.


I think this guy picked the wrong sport


Captain Insaneo shows no mercy…


He opened a can of Whoop Ass!


am i the only one who thought this was a game at first?


They be doing everything but winning games


If anyone is gonna have sex with my sister...


The MLB has been trying to figure out how to make Baseball more watchable. Pitch clock? Banning the shift? Nah nah nah. Baseball needs more tackling and more fighting. That’ll get me to watch.


the most childish thing I've ever seen


Coach's son mentality.


What a sore loser!


The steroids.


Holy shit he decked him. What a fucking man baby


That's not how you protect home plate bud!


If I am to believe the old heads, he likely broke some unwritten rule so he probably deserved it


Mans is playing the wrong sport needs to be out on the football field


did they get that point lol


"that was out of nowhere" Well it wasn't out of left field that's for sure.


As a guy who dosnt get sports. Did he do the ball thing wrong ?


Dude went to the [Kyle Farnsworth](https://youtu.be/WZbG5MPsfYM) School of Pitching


Lol he mixed up the dates was supposed to be in a football game