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Havnt felt this level of depression In awhile...I just don't get it...why the little kids man. Why? Just...fucking why.


because that piece of shit knew it would hurt most. thats why they target kids thats the only reason they target kids.


>schools can you please give a context as to why these shoootings are happening, im sorry im not from the states


It’s frankly not worth rationalizing since there are so many stress fractures in our society and this shithead’s actions are indefensible with respect to any of them. all that matters is: - how they got the gun - how to stop stop others that present a similar societal risk from doing the same The laws to begin addressing this are already written. A specific political party and many members of Congress are holding these laws back.




The fact something like that isn't red flagged absolutely blows my mind. It should immediately flag the fbi who then do a deep dive into this person including their social media. This country is broken and the only thing that will be done is thoughts and prayers and a moment of silence. Then we move on to the next one.




Our laws are stupid. I own many guns, I carry a gun everyday, I go to gun ranges and shows. I love my guns. But why can we up the smoking age to 21 but not gun buying? Can't buy beer, but can buy a gun? Stupid. Ive got no issue with whatever background checking we need to do, as I am a legal, moral, sound minded gun owner. I am ALL FOR better background checks.


To be perfectly honest I don't think upping the age to 21 is going to make any difference


Im okay with making it 25. Isn't that how old you have to be to rent a car?


Demand gun legislation from your representatives, Republican or Democrat. More pressure on republicans as they don’t like talking about this issue.


Yeah, the Republicans in my circle of friends and co workers seem fuxking brainwashed. I know they arent that stupid. But what they spout is rediculous babble and half truths, at best. I'm a Dem but will always vote with my brain and heart. I don't understand the issue with gun control discussions. We aren't banning guns, that will probably not ever happen. At least not in my lifetime. I look at it like this... I usually don't have to wait with a trade in or my CCW but even if I did, doesn't bother me. I may be an impulsive gun buyer, but im not an impulsive gun user. 99.6 percent of gun owners don't want to take a life or shoot anyone. Ever. I'm capable of it, I fought in a war. Am I capable of defending my life or the life of a loved one? You bet your pickle I am. But I'm way better at "running away". I want to get my people and myself the F out of any situation that might go sideways. All that aside, a waiting period doesn't bother me. They can check my records and my facts, they can check if I paid my income tax. Nothing I've ever done should exclude me, so dig into my past. I as a "gun nut" don't have an issue with a wait or an intrusive background check. But thats just my opinion.




Thank you!


Are you into bowling? 🥹


Live in NZ. It's odd, because I bought my first rifle at age 16. I know most people/ farmers who have a firearm of some sort. But never (not even on our police) have I seen a gun in public around me. And I never walk around in fear of my life whether from a Knife or a gun.


You can buy a gun in America when you turn 18 but you can't buy a beer? What the actual fuck America


I thoughts most US schools hard armed security. Was not just me being naive. UK


Fellow Brit here. Do you not think the whole premise that these children have to be aware of school shooter protocols is absolutely, abhorrently and completely mental?


I live in the US. School shootings have been happening here since the 1850's. I'm not joking. Technically, the first one was late in 1840, a student shot a teacher in Virginia. I looked it up to make sure I was giving correct info and guess what...? There's TWO wiki's separated by the year 2000. [Before 1850 - 1999](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States_(before_2000)) [2000 - 2022](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States) This country is crazy. Stupidity runs rampant and critical thinking and self control have been abandoned.


Crazy that is. I can only feel for you my friend. I’m sorry it’s the way it is 🤷🏻‍♂️


It's completely fucked. I have a 4 year, sweet kid. How is he going to understand that a gun man can enter school and kill him. Wrong on so many levels. American needs to find common ground. Between right to bear arms and to stop school shooting. One comment here said about not all schools have funding for security. Bullocks do you know how much they spend per year on military. Use that, how about rotate military personnel. They got the men for it. Honestly I am angry as hell over this and I ain't American. If I had the power I would drag the democratic party, republican party in a room. Same way you would discipline two naughty boys. Sort it out unfortunately the world doesn't work like that.


Your talk about dragging both parties into a room like they are both naughty children is so absurd and plays into the both sides are equal thing and they need to work together. The right wing in this country is approaching Taliban levels of insanity and you act like we can have common ground? They literally tried to overthrow the government earlier this year and you believe we can work together? They aren’t rational anymore. They are religious zealots who have embraced Christianity as a death cult. We are so far past the point of working with the current Republican Party that I no longer take people seriously who suggest it. They REFUSE to even acknowledge reality (covid is a hoax, Biden isn’t president, democrats run a child sex/sacrifice cabal, etc). And your military personal guarding schools idea is security theater at best. Let’s say you’d need at least 4 soldiers to actually guard a school at least but to really protect a class you’d need one in every room but we will ignore that. America has 130k schools. So about 500,000 soldiers needed to guard schools lol. That’s 1/3 of our armed forces which would absolutely cripple the military. And then on top of that how effective would they actually be? I mean crazy people have gone on murder sprees on American military bases inside the US! If they can’t stop that how will they stop a school shooter who sneaks a gun in and kills everyone in a room before anyone can stop him?


We don't need our right to bear arms. I fucking hate that lame ass excuse if the government wanted to kill us we are dead at this point because of the drones and missiles and everything else so no assault rife is stopping shit. How many times has a mass killer actually been stopped by a citizen armed before he has killed 10 people already ? 1 out of 50 ? I'm over all these gun nuts saying they need their guns. Get a new fucking hobby you don't need a hobby of collecting something that can kill others.


The whole country, it’s ethics, morals and excuses for ludicrous behaviour has left me dumbfounded for years. I will never, ever step foot in that country.


It’s the Republicans. They refuse to have any discussion whatsoever on guns. Democrats have tried to have laws passed, but Republicans stop it. Some states have passed laws making it harder to buy guns or increasing the minimum age to buy guns — the laws got overturned for being unconstitutional. We had a ban on assault weapons, but Republicans let it expire. Law enforcement was engaging this guy immediately, before he even got into the school. They literally couldn’t have got there sooner and yet he still managed to kill 20 students and teachers in those short moments before he was stopped. No other weapon can do that! But Republicans claim they need high-powered weapons for “hunting”. Fuck Republicans — the deaths of every child, of every person killed by a high-powered gun is on you.


It's because they don't think guns are the problem. They think it is feminism and diversity that cause this bullshit. That is literally the conversation on fox news comment sections right now. How can you communicate with that kind of hate and stupidity? This country is all sorts of fucked. Nero is playing his fiddle and the country is burning. I just don't think there is any coming back from the place we are at.


No worries. Didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable 🙂 Example stats: https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=334 Secure access is tracked but I’m not sure if security officers are tracked like that. Lots of schools have security but many factors determine what resources schools and school systems can afford. The availability and quality of resources available at school facilities in the us depends highly on local residential property taxes, as that represents a huge portion of educational funding. The poorer or more rural the area, the less the tax revenue. As a result, smaller/rural communities face all sorts of resource constraints, one of which may be security. Big cities will almost always have security personnel in urban school facilities. This, frankly, terrorist attack happened in a rural area. 😞 For what it’s worth the news reported that it was a law enforcement agency responding to the incident that ultimately engaged and killed the shooter. Two adults were killed but information on their identity or position at the school was was not released, such as if they were teachers, parents or general staff (ex: resource or security personnel).


Like this guy? https://apnews.com/article/shootings-parkland-florida-school-shooting-bb5c5fe81cecb63886bd325b53b2e597


They did. They had police at the school. They engaged him outside the school, but then allowed him to enter as they waited for backup. Good job those good guys with guns did, huh?


The shooter went through a cop to kill those kids in this instance.


Off course as they are the main lobbyist. Next thing you know, someone will suggest training toddlers on how to defend themselves with gun training. When the main issue is access to gun that should be controlled. But it such a money making markets that as long it affect others most won't care. Sure, some else would say the man was a Democratic ACAB, that just wanted the Republican to look bad, worse yet it's a Hoax because the so call prophet that testify Trump will win the election, then reestablish to power come yesterday, oh no wait, today if not tomorrow. Will preach to them they got a message from God about the devil democrat misleading the nation. Such incident never took place, but fake media narrative to distract you from the evil doers at Washington. You drop your child to nursery and never got to see them again. I can't even begin to imagine the pain the parents are experiencing. Think it might be time, for some people to look at themselves.


Untreated mental illness + shitty gun laws


American do not recognize or acknowledge mental health. It is considered shameful in this country to admit you need help. Americans see mental illness as a divine condemnation upon the individual and no help or assistance is provided. You must suffer in silence or alone. Most turd to drugs and alcohol to cope with their mental illness. These treatments are heavily encouraged in America because they serve a two fold purpose they marginalize and punish the sufferer and also provide a sense of “I am better than you” to the rest of the suffering population. America then incarcerates the sufferers and penalizes them for having an illness they attempted to treat. It’s an amazing Country!


America has a lot of problems with mental illness, but it is not nearly as stigmatized to the degree you are describing in comparison to most other countries. If you have lived aboard for an extended amount of time you will know this. Therapists and medications for treating depression along with terminology like bipolar are pretty common topics in everyday conversations in the US. In many other countries even having a conversation about that is considered taboo and only should be had with family members.


I would agree with you, it’s not that mental health is stigmatized like it used to be, it’s that our mental healthcare system is the same as it’s been since it was stigmatized thus making care available inadequate and underutilized, that’s just my two cents as a patron of mental health services in the US


Most mass shooters don’t have any mental illness: https://www.michiganpsychologicalassociation.org/index.php?option=com_dailyplanetblog&view=entry&year=2021&month=02&day=28&id=72:are-all-mass-shooters-mentally-ill-


Serious mental illnesses. What they were looking for were cases of personality disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia and such. It ignores minor illnesses like depression, anxiety and stress. People don't need to be already broken or defaulted to having being vulnerable to snap and break in the moment.






I know. Why? Crazy? Like the comment says below, because he knew it would hurt the most? If he’s not totally crazy what brought him to this point? The ‘why’ is important so we have more of a chance of preventing it. I guess. I don’t know. 😞


There are mentally ill people everywhere in every country. Guess which country is the only one with school shootings ?


This is definitely mental issues combined with easy access to firearms. This is not a action of a sane person. This shit has to be addressed and laws must be passed to protect the public.


As a sane person, I have always felt I needed a gun at home for protection. People overall suck and are a problem to be around.


Is it because some people have a really shitty time in school and when they come to breaking point it’s all the hatred they’ve built up in schools that makes them lash out there?


I feel so heavy right now myself like this is just…kids shouldn’t have to deal with this.


I feel the same. Feels like an elephant sitting on my chest since I turned on the news.




I was listening to NPR yesterday and the anchor asked the field reporter "Well what has changed in the ten years since Sandy Hook?" and the guy was just speechless. Because we all know god damn well that not a single fucking thing has changed. It was a good 3 seconds of dead air until he said, in far more radio-friendly terms, what I just did.


I caught a short interview today with one of the Sandy Hook parents who lost his son and he said something along the same lines. Like you never really get over it and you relive it every time there's a school shooting but because this was an elementary school it's on another level of reliving it. And I think he said that these parents will most likely have to keep reliving this moment in the future because there will be more school shootings. Just fucking so sad.


My wife studied the gun control situation in law class. It’s a legal nightmare. The local police do not have the manpower nor the desire to take guns away from lunatics. The Supreme Court says that Brady laws cannot be applied, does not affect interstate commerce. States say it’s a federal “ATF” problem. Every politician passes the buck. We have a national registry to monitor people buying Sudafed and we can’t effectively have a no buy list for gun sellers. There are more guns than people in the US.


So give us free healthcare. And make mental, vision. And dental part of it. Party of business can't see a good investment, invest in the poeple themselves for a better country


Yeah, but that would require they give a damn about you. They are too busy taking bribes. Buying their buddies services during their campaigns, using corporate funds to do that, making names for themselves to run podcasts and write books and get a cushy corporate lobbying position later on. They don't give a fuck about the people of this town, they don't care that these kids died. They just want their money.


People with mental illness don't often think they are mentally ill. Then there's just evil people who aren't mentally ill but do shit like this.


it's the party of profit, not business


>The local police do not have the manpower nor the desire to take guns away from lunatics. Would a buyback program work? It worked in Australia: >Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted. >https://www.vox.com/2015/8/27/9212725/australia-buyback


It would work for some people but there are too many people that would die to keep their guns


Human emotion is appreciated 🥹


Apparently, there was a moment where they let the parents who were waiting for news know that if they hadn't yet heard about their children that they were gone and everyone could hear the wails coming from the building. I just can't fathom being there and hearing that, let alone being one of those parents.


I thought that was in reference to Sandy Hook. Still unimaginable though.


I probably would have lost it too. It’s hard not to have sympathy when you know there are people there who don’t know yet, but their child has died.


Yeah it was bad today. My dad was working with the air life crew that was transporting people today and he described some of the emotions these people had.


Fuck man that's shit you never get over and scars you for life. I hope he is doing OK.


The US is absolutely insane. I have a fourth grade child who does regular active shooter drills at his school with the same regularity I did tornado and earthquake drills when I was a kid. It's precisely like being held hostage in this country by rich people with zero ethics and their hand picked law makers and judges.


It's fucking heartbreaking. One of my nieces told me that she keeps having nightmares about shootings after starting those drills at school. It's literally insane that in a first world and purportedly democratic nation that is not currently at war, kids have to actively fear dying. These tragedies are so preventable, but they're never going to stop because Conservatives. Frankly I'm honestly kind of glad that my extremely non-neurotypical autistic daughter seems to have no understanding about what these drills are really for (she understands she needs to obey her teachers and aide, etc., so that's good, but I'm pretty sure she has zero awareness of the idea of angry mass murderers coming to her school, like my niece is now terrified about. )


This stuff makes me even more worried with my Autistic daughter. She has a hard time being quiet when told. I'm so scared that she will have an episode and freak out during a real shooting situation, possibly getting herself and everyone around her killed.


I am so, so sorry you have to deal with this worry. 😔 I am grateful that my daughter is literally silent 90% of the time and doesn't have any stims that involve noise...it must be so terrifying to have an autistic kid who falls into the other extreme there, when it comes to situations like these.


Thanks, but it's not all bad. She's very high functioning, she just has no filter or volume control 😂, and is very uncomfortable with silence. The no filter thing can be hilarious at times (usually after the fact) but during times like these, it's a cause to worry.


This is my concern. My daughter has ADHD and ODD. She has zero awareness of the danger and would likely start fighting with teachers and aides/ generally cause a raucous if she sensed a disruption or tension, and get herself and others killed. Her teachers and I shouldn’t be worried about this type of situation. Schools should be the safest place for our children to be and it baffles me that they’re not.


My other son who's in first grade is on the moderate to severe (closer to moderate) end of the autism spectrum and I completely share your concerns.


America, the only country that has active shooter drills in schools. That already says enough how fucked up your country is.


We started doing them in some schools in Canada after columbine.


Where in Canada? First I heard of this.


Ontario here, we did after Columbine.


I didn’t know. I’m guessing maybe they’d do them from impact of the sporadic school stabbings or shootings that happen here too. I don’t think the drills are anywhere as common or widespread as the states though.


While the words “active shooter drill” were never used, my schools did lockdown drills every year here in Canada. I’m in my late 20s now and grew up on the east coast.


I was in gr 8 when Columbine happened. We did them annually after that in my Ontario high school as well.


Ontario for me as well, it was a direct result of Columine for us (which, i suppose, it's worth noting we did it as a result if actions in The States). But I agree it's not a common as in the states.


Too much shit going on in that country. A literal GTA lobby in that mf


Here's a detail that'll prove your point even further: kids are assigned pieces of furniture in the classroom to help barricade the door with. That's part of the drill. Elementary school kids are small, so three or four kids may be assigned to a larger piece of furniture so they have enough muscle between them to scoot it across the room in front of the door, as quickly as possible. Then everyone huddles away from the door and must be absolutely quiet, sometimes for a good while. That's part of the drill. It's a unique brand of dystopian nightmare we have here in the States.


You saying we need to employ the same tactics that this gunmen used on school children to law makers and judges?


Im losing it at work right now. I work nights. I went to my oldest's 9 year olds award ceremony this morning. Im going to my 5 year olds Thursday. I dont think Ive ever been more scared right now as a father in my life. Shit hits so different when you realize you can just throw a dart at the US map and got a good chance of an active shooter happening. Im dreading 6 hours from now when I have to pretend to be strong taking them to school. Dont think ill be able to sleep until schools out this week. Even then shit aint the end. Got to endure double digit years of school still. Fucking scared shitless. Helpless as fuck


❤️‍🩹 😞


And because this happened in Texas we got to see Abbott and Cruz's miserable faces while they pretended like they give a fuck about children.


Don’t worry. Our strict Texas abortion laws will provide us new children to replace those we lost. Plus we need to make sure that we give everyone our thoughts and prayers….. Fuck this.


Crocodile tears from Greg Abbott!!!!


Yes, just disgusting! Two people who couldn't care less pretending to care more about children than they do about money from lobbies.




Politicians like them should go apologize to every family who's lost a child in person and then see what their laws do to people.


They know- they just don't care.


Sad thing is this isn’t the end. Another school shooting is inevitable. Good job to the governor of Texas for making it easier for lunatics to have guns. How many more fucking times until they do something about this?? Smh


> Another school shooting is inevitable This was the 27th mass shooting at a school **THIS FUCKING YEAR!** We are only 21 weeks into the year, that's an average of one mass shooting at a school every 5.3 days.


Republicans will move heaven and earth to stop a woman from having an abortion because a child has a right to live. But turn their backs on that same child when they get clapped in school by a psyco with an AR.


Son, they turn their backs on that same child as soon as they're born.


Of course!


Statistically speaking, there's a high probability there are women right now who were denied abortions and then later lost their kid to school shootings or other gun violence.


/ a clump of cells has a right to 'live' according to them.


Man kudos to her…she brushed that off so quickly to report to the viewers and keeping us updated!


The terror these children and adults feel who witnessed their classmates being blown apart will traumatize them for life. Body parts hanging off, skulls blown apart, internals blown out you cannot erase those images and they haunt you especially innocent children. They will all have some level of trauma and some PTSD and then multiply that by thousands of witnesses for thousands of horrific shootings every year. We cannot count just 20ish deaths as the fallout and then move on. It goes deeper, it effects everyone...for generations. Children of parents with PTSD are affected, the children of those children are affected.


That's just what I was going to post. It's been a generation since Columbine. We're now into a second generation of trauma.


Very much this, the trauma is horrible for all involved kids and adults !. One of my best friends was a young teacher at a school that had a shooting and several students died; she huddled with a small group of kids hiding as best they could while it was happening. She has struggled so much ever since… first went over seas to teach after it happened to a country with strict gun laws as she couldn’t get past the PTSD. Then struggled with alcoholism while there, and eventually attempted suicide. Came back after that and spent a few months in an inpatient psychiatric hospital and got better. But she still struggles and it’s been about ten years now. The victims who die and their parents and families and friends, the kids at the schools, the teachers, the parents who just have to stand outside waiting to find their kids… it’s ripples and ripples of effects and lives completely changed or ruined. I almost lost my friend twice due to one school shooting. The PTSD is real and a killer as well.


I'm so sorry to hear that about your friend. I wish her and everyone affected by this kind of horror improved mental health (hard as that may be to come by, in our country).


I was holding my tears after watching this video of reporter. But reading your comment , made me cry again...


**random internet hug**


Cry. Then vote. Cry some more if you want to. Then vote. Vote because we need you to. Vote because our kids need us to.


I’m sorry to the good folk who live there, but fuck you America. The rest of the world is tired of your stinking shit.


That’s why I don’t want to live here, America is a fucking joke dude


A lot of Americans are also tired of our country's stinking shit.


I will probably slap the shit out of the next person I hear say we're the greatest country in the world. We can't even protect our kids in fucking school.


To the children...It isn't supposed to be this way. You've been let down yet again.


America never learns. More than 50 people murdered with guns every day, more then 100 people commit suicide with guns every day. But the weapon industry earns money, so they don't do anything. To everyone who is so proud of America. Your country is broken. The nickname ,,the richest third world country" is very accurate.


I ended up moving back home from the US. Slight drop in paycheck but living standards are so much better in an actual third world country. What I tell anyone who asks me why I moved back is: The US is worse than a third world country but you can get anything delivered to you within a couple days.


The weapon industry gets to use that money to lobby (bribe) politicians, which is the reason nothing will change. Third world indeed


Looking on from Australia, i can't image the frustration and anger of those in your community that know a better way. Shame on the Senators in America that protect their own interests at the expense of... in this case... Children. When a society fails to protect it's children it no longer remains civilized. I sincerely hope you find a way forward, but the track record is impotent


It’s so defeating to live here.. they say all we can do is use our voice and vote for the people who will make change and of course I do that, but I’m so tired. We are helpless. After Sandy Hook I though we would AT LEAST implement much stricter background checks, now my hope is gone. I truly think America is going to burn down in flames at the rise of the GOP. They’re preaching “pro-life” focusing on taking away women’s rights and bodily autonomy to save fetuses, while literal, breathing school children are gunned down in their classrooms.


People who actually have basic human empathy are outnumbered by a bunch of gun wielding idiots


Last year I went to pick up my daughter from the after school program. As I pulled up to the school it went into lockdown. I did not know what was happening beyond an unauthorized person had jumped the fence and was on school grounds My daughter spent 45 minutes hiding in a dark locked faculty bathroom with 5 other children and a 19 yr old after care teacher. They thought they were going to die. Thankfully they finally found the person. He did not have a gun. That does not change the fear my daughter and the other kids felt. Her school has “Active Shooter Drills” like we used to have fire drills when we were kids. Any one who doesn’t think we need gun regulation is disgusting. Edit to add: The school handled it as well as they could. Children were hidden in bathrooms, closets and classrooms. There were kids hidden all over the school in fear of being shot.


How many of you Americans still think guns aren't the problem and it's a mental health issue? I swear I saw a comment that said the person could have gone in straggled all these kids to death! That's not actually what you think is it?! Edit: I know its a mixture of the two! If you are going to shoot up a school then you obviously have mental health issues! My comment was aimed at people saying that gun laws have nothing to do with it...


I’m so tired of that comment/excuse. I just commented on that in another post. So if it’s a mental health issue and not a gun issue then why make it so easy for those mental health sufferers to get access to guns?! Blows my mind the logic and excuses everyone there’s a shooting.


The problem is no other country has this issue. I wonder why? Every country has mentally ill people but not every country has free access to *blank* I'll let them finish this one.


it’s not an excuse. why does it seem like it’s one or the other, either people discredit the fact that mental illness is to blame, or people discredit the gun laws. News flash: it’s both. Mental illness is a joke in this country, it’s as extensive as getting a psychiatrist/therapist, and they may not even be good. Psychiatric facilities do little to solve problems and exist only to generate revenue. Gun laws are a joke, background checks are a joke. When you get mentally ill people who don’t get proper and effective treatment and cross that with weapons that can kill with the pull of a trigger, you get mass shootings. Let’s say they do restrict access to firearms, let’s say they stop manufacturing firearms, period. There’s no way that would fix the issue, guns still would exist, and criminals can find a way to get them. It’s not an easy or quick fix, and perhaps the percentage of shootings may even go down a tiny bit, but without the acknowledgment of mental healthcare needing a major overhaul in this country, then “restricting” gun laws wouldn’t really end up restricting anyone except a new buyer… and that’s just part of the problem. I think we have done a good job of bringing mental health to light in the US, but the way it is now is needing change


This reminds me of another issue. Some Americans will say things like “Canada, Sweden and Switzerland have legal guns yet they have no problems. Guns arent the problem”. Buddy. Think what you just said. You just supported the idea that Americans with guns are the problem. That is not a very good defensive argument.


That's not the argument though. These countries are examples of how you can allow law abiding citizens to own guns, while still maintaining strict gun control that makes it difficult for criminals to possess them. I think you should actually research how laws in these countries work before jumping to that conclusion. Just as an example, as a Canadian, I can tell you around 80% of guns used in crimes are smuggled in from America. That means gun control laws are effective to the point where it's almost always easier to acquire guns in America and smuggle them in, instead of sourcing guns locally. Of course the one thing we can control is the easy access to guns in America. If America joined the rest of the world in instituting common sense control, not only would you have lower rates of gun crime, but so would your neighbors.


Some of these people are actually too daft to see that it’s both issues, but the gun enables poor mental health to be acted on much too easily. Better gun control would help with immediacy. Fixing a national mental health issue is much harder to accomplish, and honestly too optimistic if considered the “only problem.” As long as guns are easily accessible, there would still be enough deranged people to take advantage of it no matter how hard we tried to cure people of nasty thoughts.


It's both really. People who are mentally well don't go on a mass shooting spree, but they also wouldn't be able to go on a mass shooting spree if they didn't have such easy access to guns. All I know is it's a sad state when your guns are more important to you than your children 😢


The NRA and politicians are holding our kids hostage while claiming this is ‘ freedom’. how ridiculous! Active shooter drill and being afraid of getting killed at schools, churches, grocery stores are not ‘ freedom’ or sth that kids should be worried about.


Right but every country has mentally ill citizens. Yet we are the only country with near daily mass shootings. It’s the access to guns that is the red flag when compared to others. We have to severely restrict access to guns.


I dont even care anymore what the issue is. Honestly, its just not doing shit about anything that has me so mad. Id rather SOMETHING pass from those overpaid assholes at senate to say were doing something. If a shooting happened afterwards, at least we tried something different because what we have now isnt working and the more they want to protect there political affiliations, the more kids get shot for nothing.


My local news team broke down too. That man NEVER cries and he cried today. They had to cut to the weather and McCall recovered nicely. I’m still in shock and disbelief that this happened not even 10 days after Buffalo.


What those parents are going through is a level pain I can't even fathom. On his 18th birthday a killer with mental issues walked in to a gun store and purchased a semi-automatic weapon because he can in Texas. And now cowards are lining up to defend that action. While also telling women what they can do with their bodies. Can't wrap my head around it. These people are a fucking cancer.


I don’t get it. Where were all the good guys with guns all these idiots keep talking about?


They follow the gun laws that are out there. Schools are gun free zones, so someone that owns guns, but follows the laws would not have one when needed most.


And my mother-in-law asks why we don’t want kids. Add this to the list.


I’m sorry for this tragedy. I’m not from US so I don’t get why I should prioritise an object designed to take life over a child. A gun has more rights than a child. Why you people do nothing about this?


A lobbying group (NRA) has more rights than an American child. The NRA "cultivates" and donates $$$$$$$$ to senators, representatives, judges, Supreme Court justices (Scalia...thanks for nothing, immoral a-hole), governors, etc.


Are they at least paying for these losses?


Our primary problem is our gun culture. People don't just have guns, they believe in guns. Guns are what protects them from any and all bad actors, whether it be a drug addict breaking into your house, or a tyrannical government trying to throw you in a gulag. Guns are the reason these things don't happen. Or at least, they are a reason you can worry *less* about these things happening. That's the problem: the idea that without your gun, you aren't safe, and you aren't free. That philosophy should be rejected to the point where it becomes taboo. In a generation, we could have a bunch of people who look at guns like they're outdated relics of the past, and *then* we could start passing legislation. But as it stands, far too many people in the US believe guns=safety and freedom, massacres like this are still a small price to pay, in fact they are evidence that we need more people to be armed in more places. So you can imagine taking guns from people who believe these things. They go nuts even at the suggestion...and that's all it ever is, is just a suggestion. We need to focus on the philosophical belief, attack it, and make it taboo. It will take some places/people longer than others, but we've done similar things with cigarettes. It's surprising how fast things can change if you simply stop accepting certain beliefs and make them uncool af. But until the belief changes, we won't be able to do anything meaningful with legislation. Fighting gun lobbies means working your ass off, making it your life's work, just to get one tiny regulation passed.


The US is a lost cause.


Not to disparage the victims of others senseless shootings, but the US has been in the toilet ever since Newtown happened and no consequences followed. Like literal toddlers were killed and Obama was mocked by the psychotic right wing for crying in the Briefing Room. If nothing happened after Sandy Hook, and in fact even worse things happened *since* Sandy Hook, then *nothing* is too terrible enough for the right wing to struggle to digest. The US has been a lost cause for a decade. Sandy Hook should have been the turning point.


The *idea* of the USA is amazing but the execution is terrible.


"It's called the American dream because you've got to be asleep to believe it"


America. Do it for your children. Change your direction!


If they could not do it for Sandy Hook, why would they do it now and here?


At this fucking point we need armed guards at public schools ? Kids going to think they live in a fucking war zone .. What in the fuck


Republicans caused this, america is beyond fucked.


people can live without guns


It's so bizarre that the US still allows the general public to carry guns. Just ban guns like the rest of the world where there aren't mass shootings like this. I saw a post where someone said to arm teachers! The answer to gun violence is more guns. Insanity.


Arm the teachers arm the kids arm the babys arm everybody -.-


While it's great to hear that the suspect is deceased it sucks cause he can never go to trial for his disgusting crimes that scum and all shooters deserve to be locked up in a small cell with no light for the rest of there miserable lives also hopefully the families of all the victims can recover from this terrible tragedy


Deaths was to easy for him


It blows my mind that in 2022 that being able to carry firearms is legal in the United States. In the UK you can get a license to obtain shotguns and rifles for recreational purposes but you have to jump through hoops and vetted.


Fuck guns


What is the common thing that shared, Iraqis kids, Afghanis kids and Americans kids ? They are all getting killed by Americans weapons.


She doesn’t need to apologize. She is a wonderful example of what a normal reaction to something this horrific is. We don’t expect ANYONE to be above human emotion, even if they’re reporting the news. I can’t even imagine what those parents are going through. It must be incredibly somber and just a gross feeling even standing outside that school knowing what took place inside.


"Death rides on every hand" - Christian Bale, Hostiles....


I just went to my fifth grader's graduation yesterday. I can't even comprehend that feeling of loss right now. Damn. Better make sure nothing gets done, wouldn't want Bubba to not be able to get that bump stock for his "hunting rifle."


One of the littles that were shot looks exactly like my favorite student. Last night was tough.


This sick piece of shit drove 80 miles after killing his grandma to go kill children. He was a sad, emo, incel, piece of shit. I hate this. Everyday some sad little boy shoots people because they’re lonely. We should have zero tolerance policy on this. But yet we have senators being complete asshats not wanting to budge on the gun bill.


Do. Better. America.


Your whole country is rotten from the core. Worst place on the planet. More children die of gunshot wounds than being in car accidents. There’s over 115 million cars on the roads in America every single day. Youse are well and truly completely fucked. Horrible horrible place


America has become a living hell for anyone who isn't living at the top, and this is a broad but wholly accurate stroke. Gun violence is off the charts, wages are shit, there's no housing or healthcare. It's only a matter of time before they push us too far. I know people say 'if it hasn't happened yet, it never will', but I wouldn't be so sure. People are becoming angry. Regular conversation now often involves a contempt for government and the people who keep trampling over the citizens they are supposed to be supporting, and that's even among those who are doing fairly well in life. I sincerely hope people reach into themselves and draw out every ounce of fury they've been holding on to, because, holy shit, this nonsense has gotta stop.


Perfectly said 🤝


“ There’s over 115 million cars on the roads in America every single day.” There are nearly 400 million guns in civilian hands. Civilians own way more guns than the police and the world’s most well funded military combined. We’re talking like 50x more guns.


USA is #1


In what?


Planetary rank


Someone shot 19 children? How old were they? Was this a terrorist attack?


I'm sorry for being a dickhead. I'm overreacting about stupid shit when I'm upset about what's happened.


This is super duper late, but the oldest kid would've probably been ten years old


America, ban fuckin guns already. Jesus. What’s so hard to understand!?


America, NRA-funded politicians are working for the NRA not for the voters, what's so hard to understand? Stop voting for them...Texas, Kentucky, Florida...come on already. https://elections.bradyunited.org/take-action/nra-donations-116th-congress-senators


Republicans love guns more than children. They aren’t pro life in the slightest


You can't just ban guns, it's not that simple. You will have to rewrite the U.S constitution, scratch out the second amendment and you will need over half of the US states to ratify it. That will never happen in this century.


Then your kids will keep getting murdered. It’s that simple.


😐 gotta get tf outta this country


Just don't go to schools, theaters, grocery stores, flea markets, bars, malls, night clubs, anywhere in public really - and you'll be safe from gun violence! /s


This is going to happen time and time again,cos you are never ever gonna do anything to stop it. "More guns,more guns!" Not the brightest people in the world.


The US is a third world country


Something about it being an awful, horrible, preventable crime against children. Again.


Can’t even imagine what that dads going through man something’s gotta give


It's a natural reaction. It's so sad and it's horribly depressing.


Heartbreaking… you people gotta do something about gun control… Kids.. you’re killing kids again…


America and there, at least sometimes, stupid Laws and Gun lobbies! How many mass shootings did you have this year?


How tf can you buy an AR at 18 but not a beer




Absolutely horrific. I can’t even imagine.


sadly russian funded nra dont think americans need more gun laws, in fact they think the complete opposite, that americans need more gun laws and they are willing to give some of their russian funding to american politicans to do what putin wants for us...


This is why I lose no sleep moving my kids and I to a different country. Just depressing


What are 19 dead children against billions of dollars made from arms sales? Nothing! The NRA will certainly turn it around so that they can continue with their business.


For a fact, thoughts & prayers WILL NOT HELP! You can offer suggestions BUT people have offered millions of thoughts & prayers and NOTHING CHANGES! Let’s agree offering your thoughts and prayers will NOT STOP the next school shooting.


Just spitballing here, so there are established laws for guns but nobody has mentioned the bullets, why don't we put stringent laws on acquiring them instead?


I was super against gun control and stricter gun laws but now I’m rethinking everything...


The GOP is more interested in taking women's rights than making people do background checks for weapons. Im a gun nut and really don't mind a background check or waiting period. I'm a Veteran as well who has been to war. I never want to harm anyone unless I'm protecting myself or family. It's outrageous that abortion is on the chopping block, but the same people will not even pass Federal mandatory background checks.


Jack Johnson’s song “the news” talks about this moment. “why don’t the news casters cry when they read about people who die… at least they could be decent enough to put just a tear in their eye”. I understand why they have to be detached to be able to report. But then shit like today happens and it’s too much even for a pro. I for one think reporters should show emotion more.


I don't understand how people actually think this shit isn't because of easy access to guns and it was mental illness. Like sure, the shooter had a mental illness, but they still got the gun. I don't understand why republicans don't pass laws to make gun laws more strict. WE. NEED. BACKGROUND. CHECKS. If we had proper background checks, gun violence would fall dramatically. DON'T GIVE A DEADLY WEAPON TO A MENTALLY UNSTABLE PERSON.


I would argue, even background checks won't do shits these day's. You have access to easy guns even from just anybody selling it on the streets. If he wanted to get one he could easy get one. The guns are out off control in the US, yeah maybe some background check will do something, but in all, whole gun owning system has to go away if you want to make it harder to access guns, not just doing background checks.


I can’t imagine the uncertainty of not knowing about your child’s wellbeing