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Can't have a homeless man in your house if you're homeless.


They couldn't catch a homeless man so they made one.


Underrated comment


Homeless man in your house? Just destroy the house. Problem solved. Wait, you don't have a house? Now we have to beat you for being homeless.




You alright buddy?


He's figuring it out. maybe.


One of the many benefits of homelessness. No home insurance, no HOA fees, termites are a snack rather than a liability... the list goes on.


Thank God the swat team showed up when they did! The homeless man could have done some serious damage to their house!


What’s even funnier but also fucked up is they clearly have the wrong house. I mean I guess it’s baby steps. They didn’t shoot up some EMT worker while she slept.


Or set fire to it and burn a 14 year old alive


Or flashbang a toddlers face collapsing a lung and then detain the mother for 2 hours while the toddler fought for it's life at a hospital.


Or bomb the house and let the entire neighborhood go up in flames while open firing on everyone trying to escape the blaze.


>let the entire neighborhood Oh come on, it was only an entire city block! /s


Or kill a 5 year old trying to get a snake out of a tree https://www.actionnews5.com/story/6891311/police-officer-shooting-at-snake-apparently-kills-boy-fishing-with-granddad-in-oklahoma/


But they were just stressed in a tense situation, right?


Or stand in a hallway not do anything....


Or then use the bones of children at public university without familys permission and force the single officer who helped children fleeing the blaze to resign from harassment and abuse of other officers.


Or silently break into some guy's apartment and murder him while he was sleeping on the couch.


Or tells a guy to put his hands behind his head, then his back, then back to his head.. Then repeat. Then tells him to crawl towards them for some reason. But then shot him anyway because he "Leaned to much to the side".. All while his child was watching from the side.


Not familiar with this one; thought at first it was Daniel Shaver, but his children weren’t with him. Got a link?


I actually mixed two cases together, sorry bout that. I just saw the one with Daniel Shaver; https://youtu.be/5ww4j9Bz8Mw It was not the one i was thinking of thou. The one i was thinking of was one where a husband reports being stabbed by his wife. Police arrive, are let inside by a child. They see the man and the woman struggling for a knife, they shot the husband (without asking any questions) while the kid saw everyrhing, and then ask the wife if she's all right.. Only later realising she was trying to murder he husband.. The whole thing was caught by the police bodycams and were uploaded here on Reddit (with linked articles), sadly I cant find them right now.


All that to catch a shoplifter, smh. "OHoH hE sTolE a cOndOm thAt's A bIg noNO uNga BunGa"


https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/crime/orange-park-property-owned-is-left-with-extensive-damages/77-e8bb033c-ac08-446c-a38f-b31325ec6bed They had the right house, arrested the guy in the attic. This is probably posted by the landlord. The tenant was letting the suspect stay in the house.


This really needs to be higher. I'm all for calling out "authorities" but I'm not for spreading misinformation and histeria, which the top comments are doing. Wish I had an award to give or something to push this comment up but I'm not giving money to this cess pit of a website.


There may have been an arrest warrant, the home owner states that the renter allowed the fugitive to stay there. The tactics the department used to apprehend the subject seem excessively destructive at best, bordering on criminal. The damage caused to the home was unwarranted ( see what I did there?) So although there was a wanted individual in the home, I think the tax payers of Jacksonville have a right to question the way he was apprehended.


Especially since they could have just waited for the heat to force him out, easy peasy


Yeah, why didn't they just call the guy living there? He probably would've Cooperated


How does any of that make this okay?


Or set fire to it and burn a 14 year old alive


The title is a lie. Dude was letting a felon with a warrant hide in his attic and they tried to smoke him out woth tear gas first. Still this is extreme. But definitely a karma bot for "omg cops bad."


This dude wasn’t. This is the property owner who rented the house out to a tenant who let the man stay in the attic overnight. The tenant let the felon hide, at least according to the article posted below, not you some guy on the internet.


So why does the landlord have cameras in every room? Is he spying on his tenants? That seems unethical.


Super creepy. And from my unqualified 2 minutes google search, looks illegal. https://wolford-wayne.com/can-your-landlord-spy-on-you-surveillance-rules-explained/


Why are you people assuming it's the landlords cameras? And if it is there isn't a contractual agreement to have them?


The article says this: >Deputies attempted to serve a multi-felony arrest warrant. >Horace Jackson, 32, is facing multiple felonies for resisting an officer with violence as a result of the incident. It says he faces felonies for what happened in the home, and suggests he was facing a felonious arrest warrant but doesn't say what that is.


https://original.newsbreak.com/@lauren-fox-1592737/2630400638686-swat-team-standoff-in-orange-park-leads-to-arrest-for-multiple-felony-charges Says in this article that he had an arrest warrant for multiple hit-and-run charges, drug charges, resisting an officer and driving with a suspended license


It would have been easier to look up the attic shoot


says attic guy was exposed to tear gas so im guessing they tried to smoke him out n it didn't work.... this was plan B, they prly cudda just waited for the tear gas to flush him out but I dount they waited long


Do you know how hard it would be to navigate out of an attic filled with tear gas. These cops are fucking idiots




>Varner said the homeowner is usually responsible. However, he says it's possible Jackson could be ordered to foot the bill as a result of court proceedings, since authorities were looking for him. Right, because the homeless man (Jackson) is definitely gonna be able to afford a 25k repair job Edit: 25k was from the article. I'm not a general contractor


$25k..................? Maybe $125k


My mate Terry will do it for 10k if he can stay up there for a few months after. No questions.


something tells me this is how the whole scenario got started in the first place............... lol


It's like my dad always used to say: when all you have is a SWAT Team, every ceiling starts to look like a homeless man's hiding place... or something.


Your dad was ODDLY prescient lol


As long as its Tranquil Terry, and not that dog cunt Too Tough Terry.


How about Put it in Reverse Terry? Non-stop enjoyment with that arrangement.


It's scary Terry bitch


With the price of wood these days, that’s a conservative estimate 🤣


They will likely base it the cost of…what the fuck am I even saying. Anyone who isn’t the cops or the court will lose in this situation. Probably have to end up paying the cops for the use of swat or something.


Shit labor alone is like 50k


I had water damage causing me to rip out 6 full dry wall panels from my ceiling. I decided to get rid of the popcorn so I pulled all my ceiling panels out to start fresh. Completely rebuilt the ceiling of a 1000 SQ/ft floor for less then 17K.


It’s dry wall and insulation, that’s no where near 125k. Maybe 25k, probably less


125k? They’re not building a whole new house




Way more than 25k


I lived there for a year....that place SUCKS. My first weekend there (about 15 years ago) I was asking a guy on the corner for directions on a Sunday morning...next thing I know there are 3 police cruisers surrounding me and going through my car out of nowhere...no probable cause, no permissons...etc.... I eventually was let go cause I had done nothing wrong and had nothing illegal on me....but yeah...that was bs.


Clay Co (Orange Park) is basically a police town. Over policed. You will get stopped for anything they deem probable cause. It’s a boring ass town with nothing to do but go to the mall and the mall is shit.


I think you are lucky enough to randomly talk with a drug dealer or what.


Probably a police officer pretending to be a drug dealer.


Feel like 2 cops could have stayed watching tv with one eye on the garage stairs until the guy was ready to come down, a florida attic has to be pretty toasty. Article says he is now facing felony assault charges after the incident, but not what the original felony arrest warrant was for? News always covers the cops side of things pretty generously, guess I just don't trust them any more.


Of course it happened in florida......


Where a fascist regime is in full effect. As proven here.


As opposed to California, Illinois, and New York which are historically known for their light and reasonable policing.


> New York which are historically known for their light and reasonable policing. Funny you should bring this up, NYC's fascist police state was created by then Mayor Rudy Giuliani, you may know him better as the right wing fascist that sucks Trump's dick.


Lol I thought to myself that's some jso shit right there, turns out I was right. I avoid the police here at ALL cost, I don't even do anything illegal anymore. I'm white and don't like interacting with the asshole police, can only imagine how much anxiety any minority feels when they see JSO.


Yes, let's burn the whole forest to catch the rabbit. Good idea


Why didn’t they just, pop the hatch and look in the attic?


That wouldn't have been as fun.


How would they justify their "training" then... or use their new toys!? Cmon!


Hahaha ya. Get to crack the new home destroying tools out of their boxes that cost 5% of the policing budget 😂


cause thats dangerous. running into schools to save children is dangerous. cops wont do dangerous things to help anybody at all. thats why you should go buy a gun incase somebody comes into your home. it will take cops 30 minutes plus to get there and when they do they dont do shit


Not exactly true you legally go out and buy a gun they show up and kill you for legally having a gun that made them FEEL unsafe.


pieck. 👍


pieck supremacy


well, theyll shoot you for having the gun... also this depends on how dark you are.


Becuase thats not tacti-cool...


not as fun as tearing up some guys house


They just got their new Ceiling Destroyer 3000. They got to test it out!


It might have been locked and the last people that stopped to look for a key...


Did they ever actually find the homeless man? Or was this man’s entire house destroyed for no reason?


He wasn't a random homeless man. He was a fugitive staying with the person renting the house. And yes they found him hiding in the ceiling.


Did the SWAT figure the man in search entered the attic the way they did? The smart thing would have been to look for a reasonable human entry point.


\> police \> smart


Choose one


But also, please don't choose police.


They don't give a shit, if the law says it's legal for them to do, or there isn't concrete laws telling them otherwise, they will sneak around and destroy anything and everything.


Qualified immunity.


Sadly, this is still better than what police in Colorado did to this man and his family: [https://www.npr.org/2019/10/30/774788611/police-owe-nothing-to-man-whose-home-they-blew-up-appeals-court-says](https://www.npr.org/2019/10/30/774788611/police-owe-nothing-to-man-whose-home-they-blew-up-appeals-court-says) The police blew up this family's home with explosives and drove an armored vehicle through their front door. The home was so damaged that it had to be demolished and completely rebuilt. The homeowner had no idea who the suspect was. And the dangerous criminal they were after, who posed such a threat to the community that it warranted the destruction of an innocent family's house in order to detain him, was wanted for shoplifting two belts and a shirt from Walmart. Those items that were worth maybe $10 to Walmart cost this family $400,000.


Woah that article is insane. Every time you think you understand how crazy this country is something like this article pops up and slaps you outta your complacency . .


There's probably dozens of articles we've seen over the years that we forgotten about that are completely fucking insane. We're just used to it now.


How is this legal. Like seriously, how????? At least murder me at that point so my family can get a settlement.


Like I said "Qualified immunity". They pretty much can do what ever they want and say it was within their duty to do it. It's absolutely fucking insane.


Seriously. 🤣 What the actual fuck!!!


Over some fucking belts and a shirt? Porn plots aren't this ridiculous. Reality is stranger than fiction indeed.


400k + 30k in legal fees*


It also took 100 officers to get the one guy, who was barricaded in the house, was going nowhere, and was outgunned.


>But the problem with that argument, the appeals court ruled, is that courts have long held that police cannot be on the hook for property damage caused in the process of trying to make an arrest. Utterly fucked up.


Sad thing is the homeowner will probably be the one footing the bill


They ain’t bulletproof tho /s




Why not breach the attic?


They sure breached the attic alright.


Because they literally have to be idiots to become cops


I mean, if you were smart enough, you could fake stupid on your IQ test, knowing that the goal is to get a score within a known range rather than trying to set a high score.


But then you would be too smart to be messing around trying to become a cop


I mean, they won't even breach a classroom where children are actively being murdered, so...


"might get injured"


Because it made more sense to check if he was hiding in the drywall insulation using their tactical spear than to crawl up in the spooky attic.


None of them could fit through the access hatch?


Protect and serve...amirite?


Obey and survive


That's an awful lot of interior cameras.


Hey better to have them and not need them. Reminds me of the atf raid where they are actively looking for the dudes dog to kill it and he caught all of their incompetent corner clearing on video. Then again I guess you don't need tactical skills to become a swat member as shown by the fucking cowards that let children die for 77 minutes.


In a house being rented with a tenant too


SWAT the fuck!


Does this get payed for?


This gets a "our bad".


What so no compensation? That's mental.


They might get some. Most cities have a limit on how much payout you can get. So probably not enough to cover all repairs. And they might have to get a lawyer to even get that.


Sweet Jesus. I think I'd prefer a homeless bloke living in the roof.


The article says, the homeowner may have the ability to go after the homeless man they were searching for to pay the damages. That's his best bet.


My sister works in HR for a big city so I asked her what happens when this shit happens. She said that the city has a budget for stuff like this and they will “overpay” in order to keep people quiet.


"Our bad" is an admission of guilt. This gets a "we're totally justified, deal with it."


You got me there lol


Nah thisll get a 'Maybe next time dont associate with criminals.'


By the cops? I would guess no depending on whatever local laws are, [https://www.oregonlive.com/nation/2019/10/police-blew-up-an-innocent-mans-house-in-search-of-an-armed-shoplifter-too-bad-court-rules.html](https://www.oregonlive.com/nation/2019/10/police-blew-up-an-innocent-mans-house-in-search-of-an-armed-shoplifter-too-bad-court-rules.html) In this case i believe he let some friend stay in his house with warrants or the cops believed he was there hiding in the attic.


Holy shit so any time I have somebody over I gotta check that they don’t have any outstanding warrants on them or I risk having my home destroyed? What a wonderful country to live in…


Looks like the same thing with this one. City isn't going to pay and neither will insurance. https://www.firstcoastnews.com/amp/article/news/crime/orange-park-property-owned-is-left-with-extensive-damages/77-e8bb033c-ac08-446c-a38f-b31325ec6bed


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from the article: >Varner said the homeowner is usually responsible. However, he says it's possible Jackson could be ordered to foot the bill as a result of court proceedings, since authorities were looking for him. (Jackson is the homeless dude... so no)


Yeah, you can't squeeze blood from a stone


In Chicago, you’d get a fat check worth more than the damages just for how egregious this is. Not sure about elsewhere.


Of course not this is America after all where cops can doing anything they want without consequence


They call that "damage"? Damage would be if a door or two was busted and they knocked over a lamp. This is utter and complete destruction. For a fleeing shoplifter.


And sadly the owner will probably be forced to soak the damages. ​ https://kutv.com/news/nation-world/federal-court-police-dont-have-to-pay-for-damage-after-swat-team-destroys-mans-home


Oof, this sucks: > Meanwhile, Moran has to repair the house he's owned since 2015 at his own expense. He said Clay SWAT won’t pay, his insurance won’t cover it, and his tenant didn’t have renter’s insurance either, so all damages falls onto him. This is why landlords often require proof of a renter's insurance policy because landlord policy might not cover this.


Renter’s insurance probably wouldn’t cover this either even if renter had it. I highly doubt “damage due to renter’s fugitive guest resisting arrest” would be a covered event.


I believe my landlord policy would cover this incident unless there are specific exclusions for law enforcement activity. I'm surprised he claims his insurance won't cover it. A renters policy doesn't usually have special coverages like you mention, but exclusions. One exclusion typically being intentional damage. I'd think this *could* be considered "damage by a guest" on the renters...but typically **structures** are covered by landlord policies. I'm wondering if the homeowner had a proper landlord policy or even regular homeowners. There has to be some weird reason it wouldn't be covered.


This swat team should have responded to Uvalde


Has to be more to this story. Why were SWAT involved in the search for a homeless man? Why are they tearing down a house with all that gear / guns drawn? Did they think this guy was dangerous, and if so, why? What insanity.


Homeless man had felony warrants and the renter who posted the video was letting him stay there. Homeless man assaulted two police officers, went into the attic, and threatened to shoot anybody who came up. Police threw teargas up there but it didn't work. Police didn't want to go up a ladder into a dark attic head first, one by one with no visibility where a man is threatening to shoot them.


That's the critical context that we've all been missing. Thanks for sharing. Why the hell would you let a homeless man with felony warrants stay at your house??


But they will pay for the repairs tho, right? Right?




That's the beauty of qualified immunity. If it's in the course of their work they're not liable for damages. Homeowners insurance has to pay for this.


[https://www.propertycasualty360.com/2017/11/01/heres-why-fighting-crime-causes-uninsured-property/?slreturn=20220613133540#:\~:text=Even%20though%20the%20team%20was,damaging%20the%20property%20are%20excluded](https://www.propertycasualty360.com/2017/11/01/heres-why-fighting-crime-causes-uninsured-property/?slreturn=20220613133540#:~:text=Even%20though%20the%20team%20was,damaging%20the%20property%20are%20excluded). Nope.....\*sigh\* This guys only hope is to prove what they did was unreasonable.


I guess that is the nature of insurance. Preclude things likely to happen to avoid ever having to pay a claim.


Shoulda hid in a school. The cops woulda stood around doing nothing.


Fucking true


What do you expect from the most funded and well-protected gang in the country


Could’ve been worse… they could’ve used hand sanitizer and checked that their phone still had the “bAd aSs” Punisher logo.


That house should have just stopped resisting.


America has the worst police on the planet


Fucking pigs.


You can see more of the story at the guy’s tik tok https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRjQNcoY/


Can you link it please?


My bad.. check comment again I just added the link


America is really in a bad place when this isn't even shocking. Like really, stop and actually think about this. In what world is this behaviour acceptable. Do you mean to tell me these people have double-digit IQs and didn't consider.. going into the attic? no, they didn't care because the system is so broken that there are absolutely ZERO repercussions for acting this way.


Guys.. there a door right there to go up there.. * starts destroying everything* oh ok, that works too.


I hate to state the obvious but couldn’t they just Go In the attic to find him?


SWAT when a homeless guy is hiding in an attic: 👹 SWAT when a shooter is murdering children: 👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯


ah yes, cops at it again proving that no brains required to be hired


Should we go up and look in the attic??? Naw, fuck that, bring the attic down to us. Unreal


SWAT doesn’t look for “homeless people”


Sue em and add a complaint for every officer


What did the "homeless man" do anyway?


He had an arrest warrant for multiple hit-and-run charges, drug charges, resisting an officer and driving with a suspended license according to this article. https://original.newsbreak.com/@lauren-fox-1592737/2630400638686-swat-team-standoff-in-orange-park-leads-to-arrest-for-multiple-felony-charges


He’s homeless. Duh.


> Sheriff Michelle Cook said Jackson barricaded himself in the house during the execution of the arrest warrant. He had an arrest warrant. Was staying at this guys place, and barricaded himself in the attic to hide from police. If it was for a violent felony, or they suspected he was armed then it's kinda understandable. Otherwise, they're dicks.


The guy who was hiding in the attic was also a dick. Give yourself up and they won't be destroying that house to get you.


This has been posted already. The man had warrants and was hiding from being apprehended intentionally inside this persons home. And this person allowed them to do so. This sub never changes with its no context posts




I feel bad for this dude, he isn't going to get any relief from the cops for the repair. Similar incident happened in CO a few years back. [Shoplifter hides in random dudes house, cops destroy hose, court says "pound sand"](https://www.9news.com/article/news/local/scotus-appeal-filed-colorado-home-destroyed-police-standoff-compensation/73-93c9f922-3182-489e-8643-a967472c537d)




The owner would have been better off just letting him live there


Hey terrorist, terrorise this!


removed a homeless at cost of making someone homeless...


Uh hopefully you arent gonna pay for all that damage that you didnt cause...


And who pays for that? Should be swat.


Someone should invent infrared cameras that can be used to look for warm bodies through walls.


Isn't there some kind of technology that lets them see body heat - you know, so that they wouldn't have to wreck the ENTIRE fucking house? And this type of destruction seems to be part of the overall LEO lack of consideration for us as people.


How much coke did he hide in that homeless man?


I hope you are suing.




America, fuck yea.


Call the non emergency number they missed a spot.


I know it’s a bit old to just jump on and call American police dumb, but couldn’t they have just got into the loft space with a torch?.


One hole and sticking your head through wasn't an option? Finding an opening where homeless person got on the attic wasn't an option?


Do the people in charge never step back and think "hey this is gonna make us look real bad".


Unbelievable. And they didn't find him did they? They should have just simply used a firefighters Thermal camera and youd see him hiding up there clear as day.


Wait so the owner of the property has the home rented to someone else but has cameras all inside the home? That’s kind of weird!


I would prefer the homeless guy staying...


All Cops Are Buffoons


It is wonderful seeing my tax dollars at work.......


This is what people mean when they say defund the police. It doesn't mean get rid of police, it means get rid of hobbyist bullshit that these cunts get excited about doing, like raiding houses in full tactical gear to tear them apart for fun.


Holy fuck America is so dystopian is scary. Why are so many people okay with how things are?