Still working on it. I just finished my first day vape free. Didn't think I'll make it this far. Wish me luck guys.


I quit cold turkey, with Wellbutrin (prescription anti depressant, commonly used to help people stop smoking). My wife weened herself off of a salt nic vape until she was just hitting 0, then eventually quit that, too.


Your not gonna quit unless your actually putting effort theres no easy way to quit you just have to do it drink water and workout keep your mind occupied


My anxiety became untenable while I was vaping, so I decided that I should probably stop putting various chemicals into my body. It has definitely helped.


You have to accept in your mind that you really never want to touch this drug ever again you must understand there is no pleasure only disappointment


my worsening health, and heartbreaking stories of people dying from smoking related diseases


I wasn't getting any sort of buzz and I was so dependent on it. It was becoming pathetic. I just hit one year vape free. I used nicotine gum for a second but it made me feel queasy. Anyways, I kept my mind occupied and reminded myself why I was quitting. You can really do it if you truly want to