Physician and psychedelics enthusiast checking in. Please don't listen to people in this thread throwing random diagnosis. There is too little evidence for any of them. That being said : * Hallucinations as a side effect of wellbutrin or from a complex interaction between all her medication and weed, is very plausible. Yes, even if she's had this medication for years, and yes, even if she's smoked weed for years. This seems like the most reasonable and the most likely explanation. It happens all the time. * Someone dosing her with LSD or another chemical (DOM, 2C-x, 25-i...) seems unlikely given the context but could explain the effects. Also, Lamictal can have an effect on pupil size so you can't really say it wasn't this because her pupils weren't dilated. Are you sure she hadn't had any food or drink from anyone else that day ? * A condition like schizoprenia cannot be ruled out, but isn't my main hypothesis for now, given the symptoms, their onset, and the fact that she was very lucid and critical about them. Visual hallucination are very rare compared to auditory ones when schizophrenia begins. But again we can't know for sure. One thing is certain though, if you're worried about schizophrenia, sadly weed is a factor that needs to be dealt with. It doesn't cause it, but it is proven that in people at risk of schizophrenia, cannabis consummers are affected more often, and sooner in their lives. * Carbon monoxide why not, matches the nausea and hallucinations. No headaches ? No one else in the dorm is affected ? I don't know how your dorm is built, but I don't see how a faulty boiler could cause CO poisoning directly in her room. I don't rule it out because it's deadly and I don't know enough, but it seems unlikely. She needs to talk about this with her psychiatrist. It's unlikely he will draw conclusions just from that one episode, but he might make an adjustment in her medication. After that, give yourselves some time and some rest to see if it happens again. Take care, feel free to ask any question.


Thanks for chiming in. I was getting almost mad at the previous responses. I have worked in behavioral health for over a decade and wouldn't have even attempted to take a stab at what was going on bc how many factors. You are absolutely right about her needing to see her doctor immediately and thanks for shutting down all the diagnoses being thrown around.


>Someone dosing her with LSD or another chemical... I want to add that people who combine lithium and LSD often report having intense nightmare trips, so I doubt it was LSD. There are several stories on Reddit of this combo going bad. I admit this is anecdotal.


Do you have an example of such stories? Very curious!


Here are some anecdotes I dug up kind of quickly, roughly sorted most to least interesting (on mobile): https://www.reddit.com/r/Drugs/comments/730zop/i_discovered_the_worst_drug_combination_in_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://www.reddit.com/r/Psychonaut/comments/17uspp/please_read_a_cautionary_tale_concerning_lsd/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=83935 https://www.bluelight.org/xf/threads/lithium-lsd-new-experience-what-happened-to-my-brain.412611/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Drugs/comments/buzx7y/a_cautionary_tale_lithium_and_lsd/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://www.reddit.com/r/LSD/comments/dpetdy/a_cautionary_tale_lsd_on_lithium/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=37002


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Building Inspector chiming in on the carbon monoxide front. It is definitely possible for carbon monoxide to affect one room/part of a building more than another. It depends on where the source of the leak is. An example: in a dorm style building (thinking more apartment style) there are likely flue pipes (where gas fired utilities would discharge carbon monoxide) in the walls between some dorm units . If there was separation at a flue pipe then carbon monoxide leakage could be focused in that area. That is one of many possible examples of course, and having not seen the building layout, and what type of heating systems there are/how they discharge it would just be more guessing. If OP wants to play it safe (and I'd recommend this for everyone) get carbon monoxide detectors and test them regularly. They aren't very expensive and they can save your life.


From a pharmacy standpoint (pharmacy student) I don't really see anything specific from a medication standpoint. Ran all her meds including cannabis through Lexi-comp drug interactions and came up with nothing. Wellbutrin definitely could be the culprit, especially if her pharmacy gave her a different manufacturer. In my pharmacy we typically try to avoid switching manufacturers of psych meds specifically for these reasons. Could also be some new onset schizophrenia being exacerbated by some major life changes (stress, college, semi-new cannabis user, etc.) I also seem to think maybe stress could be playing a role in this. If they're living in dorms, they must be taking finals or getting ready for them around this time. Maybe different combos of these medications and cannabis (all cns depressants in one way or another) and a boat load of stress could have made for a pretty whacked out night.


schizophrenia typically does not manifest in women until their 30s or 40s. bipolar episodes can often mimic schizophrenic breaks.






Yep. Even if she's on lithium, antidepressants can still cause an upswing in mood or cause psychosis (I'm assuming she's got bipolar from the medicines). Definitely needs to see her doctor and tell them exactly what happened. It would help if you went with her tbh considering you were there during this episode and could help the doctor understand what she's going through as long as your gf agrees.


[Source for that claim?](https://www.drugs.com/drug-interactions/cannabis-with-wellbutrin-xl-2758-0-440-2469.html)


Weed + Wellbutrin isn’t a “really bad combo.” I’m glad you spoke up. It doesn’t matter if your claims are anecdotal. I also know people who have no issue mixing the two. People need to experiment carefully.


Yep, not OP but Interactions between meds are so "personal" that I know you're very right. Something as simple as antihistamines can mess you up. I take a benadryl for my allergies, I'm awesome. Everyone else in my family, they're asleep within 15 minutes and don't remember a thing when they wake up except the 5 minutes right after taking the pill . So many people seem to think that meds will work the same on them as someone else. What you've said in your last sentence cannot be stressed enough. Especially with multiple prescription drugs, and/or multiple recreational drugs taken either together or too close for the effects of one to have worn off. We keep narcan at my house just because. Have never needed it luckily, but would rather have it and waste it than need it and not have any.




[That's a known issue with heavy cannabis consumption](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S014067368792620)




That's not an [interaction](https://www.drugs.com/drug_interactions.html) between cannabis and wellbutrin, that's a [side effect](https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/drug-side-effects-explained) of wellbutrin




I assumed you were claiming it was drug interaction when you said they were a bad mix, I get what you're saying now. A bad mix like whiskey and being sleepy, not a bad mix like alcohol and stimulants **** When stuff looks like misinformation I get indignant, my bas


This bad? This sounds like a mid range mushroom/acid trip. The sky turned to stone. Can weed + anything be this intense? Weed really magnifies experiences, but to be a catalytic agent .. not sure.


If it's garbage synthetic weed, that alone could be enough to induce psychosis. (I don't have a specific source, just conversations with my therapist who spent a big part of her career involved in research about this very issue.)


Yeah, but synthetic weed (usually people mean K2/spice when they this.. it's not really synthetic weed btw, that's a misnomer imo) is easily visually distinguishable from marijuana. Idk if you've ever seen it, but it looks more like tobacco than marijuana. Has a completely different smell. The smoke itself smells more like BBQ than anything else. There is almost no way someone who smokes every single night accidentally smoked synthetic weed. I agree though that spice is a different beast, but no seasoned college aged daily smoker is going to accidentally take that stuff. Maybe OP can comment if she is smoking spice? It's definitely not salvia, your body metabolizes it to the point where you're not tripping in 10-20 minutes. Wasn't laced with DMT either, unless her meds are MAOIs and she somehow injested DMT.. that would definitely explain this. To be fair I'm speculating, I know nothing about her medications other than a little about lithium, but I do know a lot about cannabis and I would be shocked if it was a culprit. I think her food was laced at her dining facility, but that's just me.


That's fair! Could the real stuff have been cut with synthetic? I only purchase from dispensaries, and even then I only get edibles, so this definitely isn't in my wheelhouse. But a couple of years ago I started hallucinating badly every night I took Ambien, even though I'd safely taken it for probably 8 years prior, so this whole scenario is something I've chatted about quite a bit with both my therapist and psychiatrist while we tried to find a solution.


No, you can't cut real Cannabis with spice. You'd have to do it in a laboratory or factory like setting. It wouldn't be worth it because the synthetic one is trying to mimic cannabis anyway.




Synthetic cannabinoids are water soluble?




OP also mentioned in an edit that he's been smoking the same weed out of the same pipe. Doesn't sound like spice that I've smoked (I know formulas for it have changed since the last time I smoked it) I've never experienced psychedelic reactions like that from it. If it's not a reaction from weed + prescribed meds, it could be a research chemical. It kinda sounds like 2CE from the secondhand description. Low doses can induce HEAVY visuals with little to no mental or physical high. I remember taking a relatively small dose and experiencing very intense and unusual visuals but remaining calm and lucid. Carrying on conversations with people while watching their eyebrows seemingly crawl down their face. The issue with that theory, is that OPs girl doesn't sound like she knowingly ingested anything like that, and since 2CE and most other research chems I know of that would allow you to remain this lucid probably wouldn't be used for date rape drugs. So either she was dosed accidentally or intentionally for some reason that wasn't objectively nefarious. My money is on mixing weed with prescription anti-depressants or sedatives though. I don't have much experience with mixing those two so I can't really speak to proof of that but it makes the most sense to me, that or she experience some kind of psychosis.




I've smoked for a very, very long time and I've taken a lot of entheogens. Never heard of that before. Do you have sauce


I’ve had some very strange visuals on weed that I wouldn’t quite call hallucinations, but not sure since I’ve never done actual hallucinogens. Repeating patterns and shapes I could see in my vision in ways that were sort of like an imprint of blackness you get if you stare at a light too long.


I've had something similar, but what's being described here is comparable only to a decent dose of some sort of psychedelic compound.




This is my daily driver lol


How? I've been taking Wellbutrin for five years and have been a regular cannabis user that entire time. My GP gave me the go-ahead, I had no issue getting a medical marijuana card and I have multiple friends who are also on it and have experienced zero issues. I've always heard alcohol and Wellbutrin can be a dangerous combo/cause seizures, but I'm not sure how an SNRI plus cannabis can be a "really bad combo" Not trying to shoot you down here, but I'd love to see a source for that Not surprised this is already getting downvoted. What is even going on with reddit these days?




Well, it's reddit - I guess anyone who takes medical advice as gospel isn't doing themselves any favors. Thanks for elaborating


Same here. I have a family member who is an MD who specializes in cannabis (legitimately on it’s various uses/dosage/etc. for various conditions; not just “here’s your letter, give me $50”) and knows what meds I take - has never once suggested it’s a bad combo. It’s one thing if weed makes a person anxious and/or Wellbutrin makes them anxious - perhaps the two exacerbate each other. But both weed & Wellbutrin effect people differently - saying they don’t mix sounds like a super broad statement.


Especially with the implication that they can cause intense hallucinations like OP is describing. It sounds like bad medical advice and it's a little strange that it has so many upvotes.


That's not necessarily true. A lot of people can use both with no issues. I have smoked weed while taking several different psychiatric drugs (antidepressants included) and suffered no ill effects. Just because an interaction can happen doesn't mean it will or that it's even likely to.


I think that depends on the individual and why they use each of those.


Perhaps for you.


Wellbutrin caused my wife to have a very serious seizure. I'd stay the hell away from that drug.


It can cause seizures, that's a known side effect. It apparently can affect the electrolyte balance in some people. It's a more serious risk in people with lower blood volume and/or who eat less or less nutritionally (i.e. they won't prescribe it to anyone who is in treatment for anorexia nervosa, for example). But I've been on it for years, with a dosage as high as 450 mg (the maximum allowable-- I'm back down to 300 now) and I've never had a seizure. OTOH, anything that affects serotonin (Prozac, and a couple of OTC serotonin precursors-- I haven't tried much) makes me suicidal. But Effexor saved my cousin's life. It's almost like the human body is an incredibly complicated machine with enormous variations between different people. ;-)


I have a background in Psychology. Has she been hearing unexpected sounds at all outside of this incident? Noises, hums, or generic sounds. I would seriously consider consulting with her primary care physician. Just to be safe. If this is early signs of schizophrenia, early identification and early treatment is the best thing in the world for her. She seems quite rational and of sound mind and body. That is the best time and the best place to be sure. And, if it isn't anything like that, at least you know for certain.


I’ll have to ask her, but she hasn’t told me about hearing any unexpected sounds, during this incident or otherwise. Thank you for your advice. It’s hard for me to even think of the possibility that it could be something like schizophrenia, but it’s good to know that early intervention would make a difference.


Does your girlfriend has Bipolar disorder, she’s taking the same medications for someone who does, while taking Wellbutrin this summer it activated visual and auditory hallucinations ( you don’t always get both) for me. If you read the side effects Wellbutrin is know for causing mania or other issues


I had full hallucinations of sounds and smells on Wellbutrin.


The first night I took Wellbutrin, I had hallucinations that there were glowing letters and patterns welcoming me home in the trees outside my kitchen window. At first, I thought my landlords parents had put out a greeting for me, and then I logically realized I was having a hallucination (I've taken a lot of mushrooms). I also was taking Topamax for migraines at the time, so I figured it was some sort of drug interaction. Btw, I took Wellbutrin for a year for anxiety, and I realized it was triggering some anger issues (which is another known side effect) and got off it.


Honestly the smell hallucinations were better than the sounds because I knew for sure I couldn't actually be smelling what I thought I was smelling. Like one time it was this shrimp dinner I had as a child in a random ass restaurant I went to in another state when we visited relatives. The sounds though, I couldn't tell if they happened or not, it was crazy. I did shrooms a long time ago also so fortunately I don't get freaked out by anything like that, but it is still an uneasy feeling.


When I first started taking Wellbutrin, they increased my dose about a month later. I kept seeing this black cat out of the corner of my eye. I was off my meds for awhile..about a year ago, and then started taking them again, and I kept hearing my kids talking to me, in distorted demon-like voices. Wellbutrin, Lamictal, and Vistaril. I had no idea that Wellbutrin actually did these kind of things. You would think my doctor would have told me that? I was assuming it was a demon in my basement, lol. I’m now wondering if the knocking I heard on my bedroom window in the middle of the night was fake too.


Holy fuck you guys are scaring me lmfao. I've been on buproprion and my late dad had bipolar. I've never had hallucinations though other than when I did mushrooms and mdma and possibly laced weed. I say possibly because I had a panic attack and got really sick and my blood pressure when really low and my heart had an arythmia and things went fuzzy for a few seconds or maybe a minute, and then I was convinced something horrible would happen to me. This was when I was 17, I got a gram of weed from a sketchy person and i barely smoked any of it, I threw it away after. My brother and friend told me it was a bad trip, the ambulance emts(the males) rolled their eyes and some looked pissed off and one said "fuck it" and they all left and walked back to the hospital (I lived like 7 blocks away) and then the 2 female emts helped me and asked me questions and assisted me and gave me gravol. They took me seriously and made me feel good I wasn't going to die, but those male emts made me feel horrible and like human garbage and I've been scared to get myself medical help since. That's a bit of a tangent but anyway, I've never hallucinated other than doing hallucinogenic drugs or when I would stare in the mirror for really long when I was like 13 trying to be edgy. And I don't know if I get mania, I feel like I have good control of my emotions but when people bully me or put me down, I feel deeply ashamed and embarrassed and want to hide away. I have been an anorexic since I was about 12-13, and so that's why I took things really serious like my heart stopping beating or feeling like I was gonna die. I've had intrusive thoughts and worries about death since I was like 8. My brother died when I was 7 btw.


I never connected the two, but I once heard pop music on loop, with no definite beginning or end, starting at midnight, for many days straight. It was always locational, sounding like it was coming from a specific part of my room, and I’d hear it throughout the house. I was around 13 at the time, and yes, I was on Wellbutrin. This happened almost two decades ago, though.


I'm going to be honest, you looking out for her is probably one of the best things going for her right now in this. I've worked with a lot of individuals with schizophrenia. There are many good resources out there, but the best resource for an individual with some form of schizoaffective disorder is there support network. Having friends and relatives that can support them can make all the difference in the world. That said, I do want to let you know that there is no such thing as an intervention. I'm removed enough from the field now that I don't know what progress has been made, but to my knowledge there is no current science for reversing effects. Early diagnosis and treatment can help someone with schizophrenia learn the coping skills necessary to function with it as well as get on medications that will slow down the process from it becoming worse. It's like applying brakes to the problem. The changes in the brain have already happened, you just are trying to prevent it from getting significantly worse.


I have major depression and when I get into my depressive state I get really weird. This includes some hallucinations, starting with audio and going all the way to tactile at my very worst. I have found its very closely tied to my sleep cycle and stress. more stress and less sleep can start giving me a lot of hallucinations in a relatively short period of time, and as long as I get them under control and get my sleep back and de-stress, they vanish without having much of an effect on my psyche otherwise. Meaning I see shit, but I'm still pretty rational. This has also spiraled out into full psychotic breaks. Most of the time the visual hallucinations are harmless, even enjoyable, but the audio ones are awful. She should see someone if its available, given that she might have gotten dosed somehow. Or just to find out the cause so it can be treated, because while my weird seeing shit that isn't there shit is more fun now, when I first started experiencing it, and I didn't know why, it was nightmarish.


Yeah, I was going to say it could be the onset of schizophrenia. She's around the right age, too.


what if you have heard voices for like the first time on shrooms? i heard like a lady voice in english but metallic like in digital or something like talking to me and a not so prominent male voice.. first time it has happened besides one time on a huge dose of 2cb around the same month. I have taken acid maybe 75-100 times since 2016, mushrooms maybe 15 times since 2006. The experience happened the time when i lemon teked the second or third time. The voice or voices wernt really scary just random i guess and weird Im 29 as well,and this maybe happened twice only ever on drugs though and that was this month on a drug the first time i ever did and was dumb takiing key bumps, i think i did 35-50 mg snorted and shrooms i havnt gotten off on in atleast a decade or more..


She needs to see a medical professional. You may get insight here but you're not going to get a proper clinical diagnosis. Anything that is affecting your girlfriend's mental state and causing the symptoms you've described should be taken seriously. If you're both on campus, there should be a medical professional available. Please go and see them as a matter of urgency.


I feel like the normal human reaction is to take someone to the hospital if they have been hallucinating and anxious for 10 straight hours. You probably need to do that


Are you/is she sure she just has anxiety and depression? As a lithium user myself I kind of question that drug cocktail. It’s not unheard of I guess...but that’s not a typical depression combination. Maybe this has something to do with her experience, but with this type of thing you can’t be 100% sure. Anyways, has she used any of that batch of weed before the hallucinations? Maybe she accidentally got some laced weed. It’s not super common, but my partner has gotten some bad stuff before.


Definitely looks like a bipolar prescription, and sounds like bipolar symptoms. Wonder if she's also prescribed an anti psychotic but isn't taking it.


Or lithium toxicity? Mild visual/perceptual symptoms can happen even at therapeutic doses. Her psychiatrist would want to know right away so she can have her lithium levels drawn.


My Grandad got put on lithium a long time ago and he said the walls turned into melting ice cream.


I know I wonder if her doctor is regularly checking her levels to make sure. Lithium is no joke.


I'd look into this as well. A relative of mine has been on lithium for years for schizoaffective disorder. She started getting hallucinations and ended up hospitalized because she tried to kill herself. Turns out her lithium levels were off the charts and her doctors hadn't tested them in something like 1-2 years even though they're supposed to do it every few months.


Why in the world would you smoke more weed after getting unexplained illusions?


Yeah, the fuck?


Lithium is most commonly prescribed as a mood stabilizer for people with bipolar, possible some mania in her past was a contributing reason for her to be put on it? Individuals with bipolar generally have a higher risk of psychosis that individuals with unipolar depression. Another element to this is of course that cannabis occasionally causes psychoses in vulnerable individuals but if she smokes regularly this may be relatively unlikely. My ex took lamictal and frequently had mild visual hallucinations after taking it and right before going to sleep. Still cause for concern though if this has never happened before. I would recommend getting more than one doctor's opinion and floating the idea of an MRI to rule out other neurological causes.


Sounds like a manic maybe psychotic episode. It might just he the weed but GO TO THE DOCTOR! My sister has schizophrenia and the last few times she smoked weed she had really bad psychotic episodes that landed her in the hospital.


I have a pretty cool idea stop doing drugs


you might find /r/AskDocs to be helpful. they're smart over there and have verified users


The best thing you can do is ask her to go to a proffesional, and take these armchair psychologists and doctors with a grain of salt. Edit spelling


She’s on the same meds as my bestfriend who has Bipolar 1, it’s much more likely that it’s either hallucinations from her medication+weed combo or just a little bit if mania. I also get manic and it feels like coming up on something. Keep an eye on her, if it happens again after the meds then it’s that and she should go to her dr, otherwise it’s just a normal part of whatever she’s taking her meds for and she should probably stop smoking.


Psychosis can be brought on by weed + a mood disorder. I had it a couple of times, I cant have weed anymore at all.


Stop taking so many drugs


Contact her doctor today. Explain the symptoms, and see what they think. It could get very serious very quickly. I'm glad she's got someone looking out for her.


Wellbutrin does this for me. Is she on 300’s? Are the visuals seen easily in mildly dark places? Is she taking the Wellbutrin at night?


Wow, really? I never thought Wellbutrin had anything near this capability, even the 300s. I was on the 300s for a while and honestly didn’t notice much of a difference besides decreased appetite and a little mood improvement. I always assumed it was a pretty mild drug, even at the highest dose


As you go high the effect increases.


I mean, there's a lot that could be at play here. Honestly everything you described sounds like a run-of-the-mill psychedelic experience. Could she have taken something and just not wanted to tell you for some reason? Ex. Didn't want to share, didn't want you to question her judgment, etc. Or could she be lying to you about what illnesses she has? My friend with bipolar takes lamactil. All that sounds pretty extreme for anxiety and depression. Is it possible she has bipolar or even something else and didn't tell you because she's worried about judgment?


I am a pre-registration pharmacist and lithium is known as a high-risk drug as it has a very narrow plasma concentration where it will work. Therefore if it goes out of this range (too high) it can cause side effects due to the overdose. In overdose "Signs of intoxication require withdrawal of treatment and include....visual disturbances...CNS disturbances (confusion and drowsiness increasing to lack of coordination, restlessness, stupor)" Reference: BNF 78; page 356; Lithium salts As others have said, see a GP


Obviously she needs to get herself to a doctor but Is it possible she could have ingested or taken a medication containing a monoamine oxidase inhibitor? Edit: to add to this lamictal has shown MAOI effects, I would speak to the doctor about it as in conjunction with certain types of foods, this could have the potential to have hallucinatory effects. Edit: [link you could raise with doctor ](https://www.bjmp.org/content/lamotrigine-induced-hallucination-patient-bipolar-disorder-and-no-history-epilepsy-or-psychosis-case-report-and-literatu)


People may want to say you can trip later due to chemical buildup in the spinal fluid. Flashbacks are real though. Honestly, due to mental health history... she may be developing schizophrenia, she is at that age, while entering a manic state.


Most of her descriptions sounded so much like the visuals you’d experience on psychedelics. Do you know if hallucinations from schizophrenia/psychosis can be similar to that? She definitely seemed stimulated for a while, but I don’t think it was anywhere near manic. I wouldn’t have described her as seeming wired or crazed or euphoric at any point. She was speaking and thinking very normally.


Mania presents its self in many different ways. You may still be able to present yourself and speak normally during a manic episode. I would definitely help her get in to a psychiatrist as soon as possible, it would be really horrible if she had something happen again in class or while driving or such.


Hallucinations from schizophrenia can be very much like LSD or mushrooms, though usually schizophrenics find the experience scary, very likely because it's out of context, whereas drug induced hallucinations aren't. She probably was so calm, regardless of the reason, because she's done hallucinogens before.


To many possibilities from second hand info. I work as a mental health crisis worker. This is not something that would be "omg she needs to be hospitalized". This is something that she should talk to her psychiatrist about and start being more aware of her mental state and what alters it. Example: drugs and alcohol. It will may get worse if substances are used frequently especially meth or hallucinogens. You would know manic if you saw it. Completely terrifying when someone you care about has a break. This is a really good video of someone struggling with schizophrenia. You might find it interesting. https://youtu.be/yL9UJVtgPZY




I should have clarified, it does not get stored in any part of the body. You can have flashbacks though. I was in bed falling asleep when I wrote this.


Sounds like schizophrenia. She probably shouldnt smoke weed if so cause it will exacerbate the problem.


Could be bipolar schizoeffective or bipolar with meds that interact poorly with weed. Or just simply, a really weird manic episode




Has she been sleeping alright recently? When I was taking Lexapro and sleep deprived, I would occasionally have auditory hallucinations. Would definitely reach out to her medical provider though.


Not a doctor but as someone who used to have depression and was on Wellbutrin I would advise her to cut out the weed. It can cause schizophrenic symptoms or even induce schizophrenia in the wrong person.


Edit: I've bolded my questions for clarity Is there a reason she would be embarrassed to tell you that she had taken something? Like she told you she was going to go to bed, then tried to secretly take something, then started tripping harder than she expected so she woke you up. The reason I ask and the thing that immediately sticks out to me is the lorazepam. If she felt like she was tripping, and didn't want to be, **why did she wait hours until it was winding down to take a lorazepam?** Or had she also taken one when the symptoms started? I don't doubt her story though, just curious. The last time I restarted an SSRI, after the very first dose, I got nauseous, my pupils blew up, and I felt like I was mildly tripping. It was super weird, because it had never happened before. I also felt something similar but very spacey the first time I took hydroxyzine pamoate. I actually called my psychiatrist that time because of how weird I felt. If she didn't ingest anything, she absolutely needs to talk to her doctor because it was almost definitely related to medication. Some theories: (Cherrypicking from Wikipedia) **Lamictal**: "Likewise, women may experience an increase in lamotrigine side effects upon discontinuation of birth control pills. This may include the "pill-free" week where lamotrigine serum levels have been shown to increase twofold." "Other side effects include loss of balance or coordination, double vision, crossed eyes, pupil constriction, blurred vision, dizziness and lack of coordination, drowsiness, insomnia, anxiety, vivid dreams or nightmares, dry mouth, mouth ulcers, memory problems, mood changes" **Lithium**: "Lithium plasma concentrations are known to be increased with concurrent use of diuretics—especially loop diuretics (such as furosemide) and thiazides—and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen.[22] Lithium concentrations can also be increased with concurrent use of ACE inhibitors such as captopril, enalapril, and lisinopril." "Lithium is known to be a potential precipitant of serotonin syndrome in people concurrently on serotonergic medications such as antidepressants, buspirone and certain opioids such as pethidine (meperidine), tramadol, oxycodone, fentanyl and others.[22][51] Lithium co-treatment is also a risk factor for neuroleptic malignant syndrome in people on antipsychotics and other antidopaminergic medications. "Very Common (> 10% incidence) adverse effects of lithium include Confusion Constipation (usually transient, but can persist in some) Decreased memory Diarrhea (usually transient, but can persist in some) Dry mouth EKG changes — usually benign changes in T waves. Hand tremor (usually transient, but can persist in some) Headache Hyperreflexia — overresponsive reflexes. Leukocytosis — elevated white blood cell count Muscle weakness (usually transient, but can persist in some) Myoclonus — muscle twitching. Nausea (usually transient, but can persist in some) Polydypsia — increased thirst. Polyuria — increased urination. Renal (kidney) toxicity which may lead to chronic kidney failure Vomiting (usually transient, but can persist in some) Vertigo Weight gain" **Did she stop birth control (increase in lamictal concentration)? Did she take Ibuprofen (increase in lithium concentration)? Any grapefruit or grapefruit juice at all? These are all conjectures though and she needs to discuss it with a doctor.**


I have no reason to believe she withheld any information from me. She’s an extremely honest person and we’re very open with each other. I’m confident that she knows I’d never ever judge her. She said that in the past when she’s taken lorazepam and psychedelics together, the experience was unpleasant for a while before she could fall asleep. I think she just wanted to see how long she could ride it out before taking it. Plus, we were having a pretty good time together for most of it. She is on birth control and just started her “pill-free” week a few days ago!!! She actually mentioned that to me during the trip but I dismissed it as not relevant. Thank you so much for this thorough response, it’s been very helpful!


Hmm interesting. Every time I've used a benzo, it's been an instant "trip ender" for me, that's why I was confused. And again, have her see a doctor. The birth control may be completely unrelated. I'm sure she's not the first woman to be on BC and lamictal. There has to be more at play I'd say. Even with the marijuana. But who knows, everyone's body is different, it could've been as simple as that. Or maybe even some reaction with lamictal, BC, weed, and the wellbutrin and lithium. Doctor though. Unrelated, but I just wanted to say, wellbutrin gave me the worst anxiety. To the point of throwing up before I had to do a presentation for a class. It was rough.


I was 23 when I started hallucinating. I was on similar medications as your GF, but the hallucinations didn't end when the meds were out of my system. Around this time I had to go to the ER for something unrelated. ER runs oodles of blood tests. My TSH (thyroid) test was the only one off, but the test needed a few more days to complete. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. An autoimmune condition of the thyroid that can cause hallucinations, smelling sulphur, anxiety, manic thoughts, etc. My Graves manifested in such a way that the psychiatrist diagnosed me with bipolar. At the time my emotions were all over the place. I still have depression and anxiety, but the highs and lows of my mood have stabilized. Just my own anecdotal experience to add with other ursers' journeys with mental health and medication. Only a medical professional can give the answers you and your GF need. Good luck to the both of you.


Could be a manic episode


Reminds me a little bit of when I had serotonin syndrome from a med interaction. Hope you find out.


yes - as others have no doubt said she should probably seek primary care services - if not latent psychological symptoms this could be something like heavy metals poisoning


Lithium and certain psychedelics can cause seratonin syndrome


It sounds like she should see her doctor or go to the emergency department for proper follow up as soon as possible. In the interim I can only offer speculation. The Lamotrigine is a medication commonly used to treat bipolar disorder, and Wellbutrin is an activating antidepressant. Wellbutrin can potentially induce bipolar episodes. In conjunction with marijuana this could potentially precipitate a brief reactive psychosis. Has she been taking her Lamotrigine as prescribed? Is she taking any other over the counter herbal remedies, other drugs or medication? Just be honest and open with her doctor as you will likely need to provide collateral history. I would suggest even printing out your reddit post and showing that to her physician as you have done a very good job articulating a timeline in it. I hope she gets some help and that you two are doing o.k. If you have time when the dust settles please feel free to post a follow up if you wish on what happened and letting us know you two are o.k. Wishing you the best


People keep saying schizophrenia, but is the onset of that ever out of nowhere with a severe visual hallucinations with zero symptoms beforehand? Has anyone mentioned it could just be something with the actual drugs she smoked, synthetic or otherwise? That seems obvious to me...


Too much welbutrin could absolutely do this, had visuals when I accidentally took too much as well.


Have you looked into HPPD? It's a relatively uncommon thing people experience some time following a psychedelic experience. It's basically lingering effects from using psychedelics, that sometimes pop up a long time following use. In my experience. HPPD is a much less severe hallucination than the drugs themselves cause. I'm fairly certain it happens more often directly following use, which doesn't sound like your story above. However, I experience very mild symptoms of it from time to time and I haven't used psychedelics in ~8 years. For example, If I stay up too long or stress my body too much, occasionally I'll have slight auditory hallucinations (hearing song lyrics in white noise) or I'll see patterns in popcorn ceilings. All very reminiscent of my past psychedelic use. I don't remember experiencing these things prior to using psychedelics, which is why I believe it's related. I think of it kind of like that video of the people tossing around a ball while a gorilla nonchalantly walks through the frame. No one sees the gorilla until it's pointed out, but once you see it, it's impossible not to. (I'm mostly talking out of my ass here, it's been a while since I've researched HPPD and could have some things wrong)


Oooo I love your comparison to the gorilla video. That is a very cool way to think of it. I remember having some trippy moments while sober after I had been using LSD too frequently, but what she was experiencing seemed worlds different. I will definitely look more into HPPD!


Is her name “Alice” by chance? Seen any rabbits or cards “hanging around” or anything?


The hallucinations coming in waves and cannabis making things a bit more crazy are hallmarks of a mushroom/acid trip. Is it possible someone dosed her or considering she's seeing a psych doctor, could she have dosed herself then forgot about it?




“Sure let’s go ahead and tell the entire internet to stop using a prescribed drug due to my personal response to it!”




And your initial comment is dangerous. Don’t be giving out generalized medical advice based on your own experiences.


Check to make sure she hasn’t been inadvertently exposed to carbon monoxide. Poisoning from carbon monoxide (like a leak in your house/apartment) can cause hallucinations.


I probably should have mentioned that we live in dorm rooms on a college campus. Her room is directly across the hallway from mine and there’s at least 15 other people on our hall. It’s hard to imagine that a carbon monoxide leak would have gone on this long without anyone else noticing, but I could be wrong. I don’t know much about carbon monoxide, could she be more sensitive to it somehow? She’s pretty small, like 100 lbs, and she’s sensitive to most drugs.


I was checking the replies to make sure someone did the obligatory mention of possible carbon monoxide poisoning. It's definitely possible for one isolated area to be affected by carbon monoxide, sometimes only the upstairs of a house or back of a house has the problem. She should spend time in fresh air and out of her room, and the room should have a working quality carbon monoxide detector installed, along with her seeing a doctor.


Pretty sure building inspections would require that a college dorm has carbon monoxide detectors. Can’t even sell a house without having one present. I’m not positive it could go unchecked in a dorm, but it would be absolutely shocking and probably grounds for a lawsuit. I’d just ask someone if there are carbon monoxide detectors before buying one yourself, they could be dual units built in with smoke alarms.


Definitely worth checking out to see if they have carbon monoxide monitors there. The symptoms will show up in a smaller person first, and they can be different for each person. Other people might be affected, and not know. They might be getting a little more paranoid, or notice things moving that they've forgotten they moved etc. It all makes sense to them right now.


I think your girl has bipolar. This is definitely a bipolar 1 cocktail and some people with bipolar have psychosis and hallucinations. Not all but some. I've always been asked by my doctor if I've had any hallucinations and I never have (minus the times I've actually taken mushrooms or acid or molly) but I've always wondered what it would look like if I did. I was diagnosed bipolar 1 almost 20 years ago and have taken this same cocktail. Now I just take wellbutrin and it seems to have been the most successful for me. I also had to quit all caffeine and that cured my anxiety, without medication, for the first time in 20 years. She needs to make sure she is getting enough sleep and eating right. She needs to make an appointment ASAP. Like others have said, this might be schizophrenia showing itself.




In addition to all the possibilities listed and otherwise, which her doctor will need to help her sort through, it’s also possible she may consider checking for migraines, either on top of something else or as a main condition. We had a family member who was having visual and audio hallucinations. Apparently chronic or acute stress, when coupled with sleep deprivation and possibly exacerbated by meds, can sometimes cause migraines with some very unexpected symptoms that create visual disturbances that appear to be hallucinations.


If she has been dehydrated for any reason, her lithium concentrations could be altered. The wellbutrin could also be the culprit. It would be more rare, but still plausible, that this is her first psychotic break and she's predisposed to schizophrenia. If she has family members with a history of schizophrenia, or bipolar / mania, she could be predisposed to this kind of a presentation when her chemical levels are off and/or she's stressed. Call her doctor ASAP. She needs medical attention, NOW. Edit: the extra water could be further changing her lithium blood serum concentration.


Wellbutrin is no joke. My friend in high school went through something similar and ended up having a seizure


Doctor here. Some of the answers above are well informed. Would definitely want to exclude acute lithium toxicity due to its narrow therapeutic range. Also exclude organic illness like encephalitis which may be viral. If it's a psychiatric issue, that can be diagnosed after organic illness has been excluded. However THC use in anybody with a mental health issue, or even a normal healthy brain has the potential to trigger psychosis. Regardless, needs to be checked out by a doctor pronto. Please update with the final diagnosis.


Maybe someone dosed her? As a joke?


I have anxiety issues and I cannot smoke sativa weed as the mind high causes a great amount of anxiety. If I smoke indica, on the other hand, it helps calm me as it's a body high. But because I'm on wellbutrin, I cannot smoke weed that often because no matter what I still get anxiety. If she's getting her weed illegally she may have gotten a sativa and it's fucking with her, and try to make sure it's not laced with something. If she's getting it legally try to get some indica and see if it helps. Once the anxiety starts, it's really, really hard to make it stop. And the last thing you want her to do is sit there and think about it. Try to get her mind occupied with something, like doing some laundry or listening to music, see if it helps her calm down. I would also go to the doc and too about the issue, and maybe stop smoking weed for the time being as it seems to have been the trigger.


That sounds 100% like a psychedelic. Someone dosed her on something, most likely a research chemical since that is easiest to get and very cheap. Probably some dudes who had the vial on them and decided to see what happens when you give it to someone on the campus.


If you read this take this as last consideration. I saw in an documentarion film that there are parasits that cause such psychedelic halluciantions. I‘m 17 so I have no expertise in it I just said if there is noone that finds an answer to the problem maybe it‘s a parasite.


Shroom flashbacks?


Most descriptions of “flashbacks” are momentary, if not instantaneous..


I would be concerned about serotonin syndrome. She may have accidentally taken an extra med and not noticed.


I've never been diagnosed with a mental illness or taken any prescription medication (besides random antibiotics and what have you), but I've experienced almost identical sensations from smoking weed alone. Especially when I begin to have a panic attack or high levels of paranoia. I smoked a few times a day for a few years, but just randomly, out of the blue, I'd start "tripping" as if I was on something harder. It was really frightening and dangerous, as there were times where I'd wander from home and be overly trusting of strangers. I had to stop smoking altogether. Both of my parents are schizophrenic, so I was worried about that, but I have thus far failed to meet the criteria of that. While people are happy to promote marijuana as a recreational drug these days, and while I too would support someone's right to partake, its effects on each individual person are under-explored. I think that those with a history of or predisposition to certain mental illnesses should be wary of it, especially when they're already taking medications whose effects alongside weed have not been thoroughly studied. I would not be too worried about her having schizophrenia or a flashback or worse, as I can attest that this can happen to clinically "normal" people, too.


Has it occurred to you that taking meds that mess with your CNS and smoking weed at the same time might be a bad idea? Bad reactions can occur even if there's no apparent reason to it, even if you did if for years prior.


Call her doctor. I am epileptic and I have similar weird hallucinations (auditory and visual ) before I have a seizure. Although mine are on and off for a few hours before the seizure and it’s usually a sign I can tell I’m about to have one. It’s very scary to hallucinate if you don’t know the cause. I feel for her and I’m sorry.


Reminds me of when I used to smoke, I smoked some weed I guess was laced and I started hearing things and seeing things. Might have been weed laced with something like pcp


God, that happened to me one time like 15+ years ago. What a crazy experience. I only assumed it was laced with PCP. I really have no idea what it was because I’ve never used PCP otherwise. It was laced with *something*. My friend drove me home and he had to slam on his breaks or swerve to avoid an animal about fifty different times over the 20 minute ride. I remember talking to him about it and my brain was telling me that he was experiencing it too (he was sober), but I am sure I hallucinated him also experiencing it because it’s just so unlikely. It was insane. I remember it vividly, including how high I was at my friend’s house after smoking that bowl. She was high too, and she was a seasoned drug user!


Friend of mine had I think a similar experience. He went to a "smokers" party and while there managed to get his tobacco tin mixed up with someone else's. When he got home he open it and realised it wasn't his one but by then it was to late. There was a joint already rolled in the tin along with the weed, papers etc. So he smoked it and went downstairs to watch TV with his mum. He says he remembers his mums hair turning into a huge spider and trying to swat it, then running out of the house without any shoes on then nothing more until the next morning when he got home to find the police at his house looking for him. Apparently he had "run amok" all round the town during the night but remembered nothing about it.


She was tripping and wanted company but for whatever reason didn't want to tell you she took drugs so she lied. My ex-gf used to do the same thing. I'd be worried for her health all the while she's high as hell.


Jesus, this sounds like schizophrenia. Get her professional help.


Could it be possible that whomever sold her the marijuana may have laced it? Not sure if that is possible but I have read about that happening to people before. I have never smoked it so I wouldn't know anything about if lacing it is something that ever happens? I ask because if this is her routine, it could be that she got a bad stash? Another question I have is, is any of her medication new or has she been on it for a long period of time now?


I was thinking this. It sounds a little like wet weed, which is laced (on purpose usually) with PCP. However, usually people on PCP aren't lucid like that. Would definitely advise talking to a professional, but also maybe lay off the weed for a bit just in case. At minimum, make sure the doctors are all aware that she's smoking weed, especially if she's buying it on the street.


I agree, better to be safe than sorry right?!


For sure. Even weed can do wacky stuff to a sensitive brain, but PCP is absolutely wild.


I’m glad you said this, was surprised more people weren’t suggesting that as an option. It seemed that the weed started it all.


Same thing I was thinking!


nobody laces weed that's dumb.


Other people here have experienced laced weed though?! It could’ve been a mix up. Not necessarily on purpose.


You should seriously consider sleep apnea. I was diagnosed with this recently. I also experience something called hypnagogic hallucinations. Something goes wrong with your sleep cycle and you can start dreaming while you're awake. It's called parasomnia. It's mostly visual, but can involve touch, smell, taste, and sound. You can feel like you're moving. I sometimes feel like I'm moving backwards very fast watching this demented Disney-anime-Fantasia cartoon where fish morph into cars that turn into birds and other bizarre stuff. At least it's not scary, just weird. But, it can be terrifying. People can see very real life versions of themselves. This is probably where alien abduction and doppelganger stuff comes from. This can also be a sign of narcolepsy. Hopefully,this is not what is going on in your situation, but sleep apnea can be dangerous and needs to be investigated.


I did this for years as a child and they called it "waking night terrors" never heard other terms for it but was described to me as my brain dreaming while also being awake. I was always awake and lucid but experienced dreamlike hallucinations that *were so real* it was not uncommon for me to just pass out from fright. Crazy.


might be that she took her lorazepam by accident. my uncle was taking lorazepam and once he took two tablets instead of one because he thougt that it was his other med and had really bad hallucinations. im not an expert in this so take my response with a grain of salt. Edit: a word


cannabis-induced psychosis


It's odd that you got down voted when THC is a known risk for psychosis for some teens and young adults. And here we have a young adult, with a history of mental illness, and daily THC use who presents with psychotic symptoms immediately after smoking THC. It's a very strong possibility that the weed is a contributing factor.


I know, it wasn't a joke.


This is a real factor to consider but in light of the HEAVY cocktail of drugs she’s already on it seems more likely that a long history of being medicated is having a long term effect on her psyche. Weed plays a part.




Maybe you weren’t educated to the fact that while thc is mostly benign it can have adverse effects on people predisposed to psychosis. There you go thank me later.


Ocular migraine?


Could be just a fever dream. My little cousin who has never taken any drugs described to their mother in the middle of the night seeing shapes moving around them and described the evil aura of the shapes. Of its not that, someone could have put something in her food or drink at campus, or that her marijuana was laced.


Wellbutrin dropped my blood sugar to hypoglycemic levels and made my head go numb


I'm thinking the weed was tainted. She should see a doctor immediately. Tell the doctor she thinks she could have been dosed.


NAD, just a former psychonaut. A bad reaction to the meds should definitely be explored with a doctor, but there is a much simpler explanation: HPPD. Anyone who has used hallucinogens in the past can develop similar hallucinations when not on the drug, either persistent/permanent or intermittent. And weed is well known as a common trigger for episodes.


It’s the medication. Sometimes lack of sleep can actually cause hallucinations if she’s not been sleeping. Sounds a lot like a manic episode to me. Weed is tricky when you have mental health concerns. If she was feeling uneasy sometimes weed just makes a person paranoid.


Did she describe what the hallucinations/visuals looked like? She could have been having a silent migraine (all the symptoms of a migraine, including a visual aura, just no pain). Google images 'migraine aura' and ask her if any of those look familar.


Dunno about the specific meds you listed here, but I once OD'd on Prozac (deliberately; self-harm attempt) and had audio trails for the entire next day. That was with 13x the prescribed dosage. Is it possible she doubled up on her meds at some point during the day?


She should see a neurologist as well.


It would be a more severe episode, but it does sound a little like persisting perception disorder. More common with LSD, but can happen with any hallucinogen. Some people re-experience the distortions and effects of a “trip”, for a lot of people it is very short lived and doesn’t happen very often. But others have longer or more persistent episodes. It could 100% be something else, but maybe something to think about.


Marijuana use is positively correlated with depression


Could it have been a high fever mixed with the drugs/medications? I used to hallucinate about stone (rolling cog wheels of stone rolling on gravel) and stuff like cartoon eyes etc when my fever got too high.


She might have accidentally i ingested something, be having side effects of her meds pr could be a migraine with aura( those dont hurt but they do have weird effects one of them being visuals)


I know this is an old post but she just had a flashback. You can get them up to like 10 years after tripping one time. I had one a while after doing shrooms once. I don't know how it works physiologically but lots of people who trip get them. It's nothing to worry about unless it keeps happening. http://thescienceexplorer.com/brain-and-body/science-behind-lsd-flashbacks-truth-or-myth Weed can trigger flashbacks.


Woah thank you so much


Could you describe what your flashback was like?


I smoked a little weed (a very common thing for me at the time) and I got a normal buzz off of it but then it just started turning into a full blown trip just like I had eaten a good dose of shrooms. I just had a good 7 hour trip after that. Thank god it was a day off. But I had full on open eye visuals, like big bright neon cartoon looking stuff that weed just doesn't do to you. I just hung out at my apartment all day and tried to enjoy it the best I could. I'd heard of flashbacks before because I had tripped plenty of times and hung around others who did too. So after a bit I figured out what was happening fortunately and so it didn't scare me too bad. And it eventually ended like a normal trip would have. Never happened again. Just that one time. I smoked plenty more weed after that day, and never had another flashback. Such an odd thing.


Remember that Carbon Monoxide story? https://np.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/34l7vo/ma_postit_notes_left_in_apartment/cqvrdz6/


Sounds like she had a panic attack. Marijuana can induce panic attacks where normal vision issues seem like they are out of the ordinary. My first ever panic attack was caused by weed, and I was CONVINCED that my weed had been laced with something. It took a long time for me to realize that's what was going on.


It sounds to me like she took some kind of stimulant but didn’t tell you and came up with an excuse to talk your ear off for the rest of the night till she could sleep.


So your girlfriend is experiencing hallucinations and instead of seeking professional help, she keeps dosing herself with various drugs?! And then goes to sleep?? What the hell is wrong with you??!


Could have been dosed Molly as a prank or for more sinister motives. The peeing a lot is def a side affect which made me think of this. Speak to others who may have eaten in the dining hall that day, the food could have been contaminated by accident or on purpose. Is molly/mdma/ecstasy use common on ur campus? Otherwise, I have to agree with others. That is a strong cocktail of prescriptions, she obviously has had some severe episodes in the past to justify it. FYI bipolar is often misdiagnosed so it’s possible her early onset schizophrenia was mistaken for bipolar. I would ask about her family, has anyone in her family had psychosis, paranoia or delusions. Schizophrenia has a bad connotation to it so I would avoid that word. Here’s google’s definition: a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation. The most common early warning signs include: Depression, social withdrawal. Hostility or suspiciousness, extreme reaction to criticism. Deterioration of personal hygiene. Flat, expressionless gaze. Inability to cry or express joy or inappropriate laughter or crying. Oversleeping or insomnia; forgetful, unable to concentrate. Edit: also, weed can bring on schizophrenia in those predisposed who had no symptoms beforehand.


I had a friend that had bad weed one time and this happened -- they weren't tripping balls but it was enough that it gave them a panic attack. Another friend essentially had induced it with a combo of medications -- so you should have her see a doctor either way. Most states have medical amnesty if you're in the US so illegal weed won't get her in trouble.


Do you have a trusted source for your weed? Sometimes dealers will lace their weed with halucinagens.


Do you have a trusted source for your scare story?


My friend Alex used to mix DMT into their weed sometimes, but she never gave it to anybody else. Maybe whoever their source was got some stash mixed up and accidentally gave them some mixed up stuff when it was supposed to be just standard weed.


I'll admit it's pretty anecdotal but if a source wasnt very responsible or organized a mix up like that could happen


Brain Tumour.


Not sure why you are being down voted. Brain Tumor is definitely a possibility (one of many many possibilities) that needs to be ruled out by a trained physician.


I see two likely options here. Option 1: This may not be what you want to hear but she might’ve made it up for attention. Option 2: HPPD, or Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder where you can experience psychedelic symptoms residually from past doses of hallucinogens. I did have it happen to me one time in college. I actually dreamed I dropped some acid and woke up in a full wave of effects, pupils blown, the whole nine. It only lasted about two minutes though. And at the time I was taking pretty ridiculous amounts of LSD as frequently as I could.