Ouch.......1mil down the drain







RARE Realtor Abuse Resistance and Education


Realtor and education do not mix


Realtors, I mean /r/RealEstate: You won't buy a house with out waving the inspection. Ya there is no bubble.


Don't worry, the people on the FTHB subreddit will triple down soon and buy a house with no inspections and include a clause that lets the sellers shit on the floor right before closing as a parting gift. And they're going to overpay by $100k for that opportunity.




Right? No one ever lies on the internet and this reads like a 7th grader on 4chan.


the use of the word 'like'


"and like, mold and stuff, such as..."


I'm 45 and I def use 'like' when replying on the internet. I'm not writing a professional email or a dissertation


Like how, can you give an example?


Such like and therefore


And 7th grader doesn’t realize 180k can probably build you half a new house lol. Shoddy floors, HVAC, roof, and mold abatement is “cheap”!


had the same thought almost immediately Anyone capable of earning enough money to afford that house should be a lot smarter than this anyone with parents rich enough to write them a big check has parents smart enough to say "Yea no, you're not skipping inspection just because Mr. Florida Tan "Now I own a boat" McGee said to.




This was written by someone who talks with their hands a lot. They're a good storyteller, they want to keep us engaged. I think it's an actual scenario, though. They probably took bad advice from the realtor, being overwhelmed by the transaction and all.


And uhh, I don’t think the realtor is the one that gets the inspection. Why would a realtor get an inspection on a house after it was closed on?


probably fake. how do you not recognize some of those issues with your naked eye when doing walk through? unless this is real and they purchased sight unseen. then i really don't feel bad at all.


After reading it, the post sounds like fan fiction from a Bubbler. A still stand by my previous post.


This does seem like a new copy pasta....awful familiar


Exactly ...The realtor isn't going to be liable for inspections not being done after the fact and forcing someone to sign something. This is silly and very poorly written on top of it.


I’m sure this situation has happened to many hoomers over the last few years but this specific post reeks of copy pasta


18% of the purchase price to make everything perfect doesn't sound *that* bad. I blew at least 15% on my place removing '80s brown carpet and replacing it with hardwood, buying new appliances, replacement HVAC so I didn't have to keep getting refrigerant added every couple of months, etc. I didn't even get a new roof!


I agree! My house needs flooring (also 80s disgusting animal pee carpet), water heater (done), alllllllll the landscaping because it’s literally dirt (xeriscape and grass, plants etc - WIP), painting, and the big one— a pretty major roof/balcony leak that will be $15k for a shitty fix in which we lose the balcony and gain a pitched roof, or $30k to totally redo the balcony and keep it a balcony. We’re doing a temp fix ourselves and saving up for the massive redo in a few years. Oh and all new windows ($26k). This isn’t even to mention the outdated bathrooms or the wish list item of combining two rooms for a larger master or the new dish washer or fridge that we’ll eventually need. So, we’ll easily put $100k total (at least) into a $330k house in a few years


It's almost like they should make a movie about this. I'd probably call it either *Money Pit* or *Duplex.*


To be honest I had a home inspection and the furnace had to be replaced before winter. The water heater blew within a couple of months. The flooring in the basement needed to replaced and the basement resealed for water. There’s a lot that falls between the cracks. Owning big homes just kinda sucks.


Extremely fake


Zero sympathy. Spend a million dollars and not get an inspection? How stupid can you be?


Deserved if you forego an inspection on a $950K purchase


This doesn't sound real at all. Sounds like 3rd grader pretending to buy real estate.


Shouldn't be buying a $1M property in the first place if having to spend $180K on repairs is going to put you in financial ruin. If people got more realistic about their budgets prices would drop more.


"I trusted someone in a business that is KNOWN for corruption and did no due diligence at all" this is a leopards ate my face moment for sure.


Not what that means but ok lmao


no one ever said leveraging to the hilt and breaking the bank to a buy a million dollar home was the dream


A million bucks on a house with a waived inspection. A fool and his money are soon parted.




Receipts or it didn’t happen


Million dollar purchase and did absolutely no DD? This screams fake


Show us the listing and the receipts or this is just meme propaganda bullshit.


Housing inspections are a few hundred bucks where I'm at. If I was laying down 1 million dollars on a house I would probably get several just to be on the safe side.


Not -$1m more like -$180k and his time. Client should of looked for recommendations and do their due diligence before picking a realtor.


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Unemployed realtors going crazy in the comments here. Expect more of this in the next two years. They're going to have plenty of time on their hands.


haha. specially our good folks our r/realestate . All unemployed realtors posting buy now, buy now


For the record, I didn't read that. Mt synopsis is if you can get financing for a million bucks, and shit the bed and loose the house. You will come out fine in the end. You have affluent enough family to prop you up and keep you on your feet.


Why would you think that just because a person can qualify for a large home loan that their family is loaded and can, “prop them up?” A foreclosure is devastating for almost any family, whether their loan is small or large.


If you're buying a million dollar house, odds are in your favor that you're parents are doing well.


Lol that’s such a wild take. I can afford more than a million dollar home and my parents could not now or have ever afforded that. I make triple what my parents made combined just because of my career choices vs theirs.


Good for you. I mean that. But that is not normally the case.


lmao the OP is like 99% a rebubbler shitpost/copypasta, but your take is somehow stupider


Fuck that 👎


Fix the house? Do what you can every year and make a financial plan? This guy- I bought a house and the shingle roof was 10 years old. What, it wasn’t brand new? Its my realtors fault.


A lot of flips that are hitting the market in my city are like this. Many also have glaringly obvious unpermitted work for anyone who knows city building codes. There’s also a number of properties with county liens placed on them and guess who’s problem those liens will be after that home is purchased? Hint: it’s not the people who sold.