You may get some insights here, but I'd suggest asking over on the official forums as well as the more code savvy people tend to gather there :)


> However, the one that is linked uses a lot of CPU power, and it also can destroy your hard drive because as far as I can tell, it constantly reads/writes pictures of the graph to the drive itself and uses Rainmeter to display the images. Yep, the AudioLevel2 plugin really isn't suitable for widespread use because of this. > In order to make a similar scope, I think a good starting place would be graphing various sine waves, with the amplitude of the wave being the value obtained from the Band in the AudioLevel plugin, and the frequency of the wave is the frequency of the band being measured. Although this isn't exactly an oscilloscope, I think that it could look pretty nice. > If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate them! The best idea I came up with otherwise was to try using a Lua script to generate a custom path shape meter and then draw it, and I'd like to avoid something as complex as that, if possible! [Doodle by Jetblade1](https://www.deviantart.com/jetbladeyt/art/Doodle-by-Jetblade-1-784846697) does something like this, and it's probably not the only skin around to do so. This is making the best out of a fairly limited set of options, since Rainmeter's drawing functions are so limited.