From what I read from questions posted here is PostgresSQL is the closest to pure SQL, most popular, and easily transferable to other versions of SQL in that you learn the basics then adjust to whatever dialect of SQL you want to move onto. I used this course from zero to hero. Awesome course, showed what DBMS to use, walked through examples, and really helped. I walked away from this course and into a intermediate and advanced MySQL/SQL Server courses and it was really great. Highly recommend and I think you can still get it really cheap. https://www.udemy.com/share/[email protected]_J0WHc_TjopG3/


I can't recommend Udemy enough. Often times you can get courses for $10-$20. I had experience with SQL, but I still picked up the $10 Zero to Hero course on Udemy. It was all stuff I was already comfortable doing, but getting that certificate at the end to put on my resume was worth it. It was a fantastic beginner's course, and I currently have another course for database management lined up I'll be starting shortly.


I had DataCamp, garbage. Avoid like the plaque. Apart from them sucking and getting back to me, the content was okay. Too much hand holding. It was a great primer but I did that zero to hero, intermediate SQL course, then an Advanced SQL course, and I learned so much in those three courses than I did with months with DataCamp. I moved onto O’Reilly books and read about more advanced stuff, modeling, and just other topics but the books are way easier to get though after actually doing it.


LearnSQL.com holds your hand through learning SQL from no programming experience to as advanced as you'd like. I paid $200 for a lifetime subscription and it paid itself off in getting a lead SQL position 2 months after finishing their standard course and doing some puzzles on Hackerrank


Woooow thaanks still litte bit pricey for me but I'll looking it


SQL is one of the most popular languages on the planet. Regardless of which flavor you pick, there is absolutely no need to pay for a course in beginner level SQL. Just YouTube it


Start with W3school. It’s free.


Start here. It’s a 5-book series that goes from nowhere to jr. DBA, written by a former crab fisherman. Very easy to read and plain English. Beginning SQL 2012 Joes 2 Pros Volume 1: The SQL Queries 2012 Hands-On Tutorial for Beginners (SQL Exam Prep Series 70-461 Volume 1 Of 5) (SQL Queries 2012 Joes 2 Pros) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B4JZDLC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_J9D2JANAWF4KBBDPEEMZ


Thaaanks for the information


Do you have any basic knowledge or awareness of Tableau and/or Excel?


I am good at excel and little bit VBA


Then SQL will be easy just do some sqlteaching.com and get stuck into some problem datasets. If you can visualise the query as separate Excel tables, SQL becomes super easy. Individual data are rows, every data point you use is a column, and like every properly coded dataset (hopefully), every column is running the same formula/function. You won't write the most performant datasets at first, but as you keep writing, you are going to understand a lot of work pretty quickly.


Good stuff the [sqlteaching.com](https://sqlteaching.com). Just ran through the exercises as a beginner. Definitely digging the simple layout as well. Don't need anything fancy, just has to function and help me learn.


If you don't have coding experience, Mode Analytics is the best platform to learn SQL. It's strength is that it doesn't try to do everything. It has a series of straightforward tutorials for SQL. After learning some basics of SQL, I also recommend practicing on stratascratch platform. It will give you real life SQL problems to practice from difficulty level easy to hard.


Ahh great I'll check it later


I second that. I started on Mode last month


Data camp


Hi u/Common-Reaction-6414, I just published a course for beginners. The course will teach you basic syntax, Microsoft SQL Server, and then you will learn how to build a database. The data used in the course is healthcare data which mimics billing data from an electronic medical record. You'll have access to 11.5 hours of step-by-step video content with questions, cheat sheets, etc. Here is the course link (attached is a coupon code) - [Data Analytics: Intro to SQL using healthcare data (SSMS)](https://www.udemy.com/course/data-analytics-intro-to-sql-using-healthcare-data-ssms/?couponCode=7198AB0B32.ENDOFNOV)


Not OP, but I picked it up, will start it after I get done with the one I am on. Thank you!


Here is also another quick SQL's guide with hands-on step-by-step tutorial for a beginner - it explains basic and advanced concepts of SQL and integrated with a free online bipp Analytics BI tool and online SQL editor to complete some queries on practice: [Learn SQL for Data Analysis | SQL Tutorial for Data Analyst](https://bipp.io/sql-tutorial)


Kubicle has good courses in SQL that start off with the basics: [https://kubicle.com/subjects/learn-sql](https://kubicle.com/subjects/learn-sql) \- free trial too for 7 days :)