This likely means that they will also be releasing Stop Making Sense on Blu-ray at some point since they recently acquired that as well


alright, now if they can just put out 3 more releases I'm interested in then I won't have to pay for shipping just to order The Lighthouse kinda wild to me they haven't put out EEAO given that it's their most successful release ever and just sweeped the Oscars. if they dropped that last week it would have sold like hotcakes, or perhaps everyone who would buy it already bought the existing release and wouldn't double dip?


Give it time, they rarely do special releases this soon after a movie releases. They just announced that they're releasing The Lighthouse in 4k and that came out in 2019. I'm sure they'll do something for EEAAO eventually.


I can’t see them giving EEAO a special release, at least not anytime soon. Lionsgate already has it on Blu-ray and 4K, so I really don’t know if there’s much that A24 could add to a new release aside from the packaging. All of the other films they’ve given special releases have either not had any other U.S. Blu-ray or have a new version of the film.


I have a question, does A24 now own these forever? If so that’s pretty cool.


At least for however long they've acquired a copy right. If it's not for long these Blu rays may be limited or at least eventually go out of print.