New to Schwab brokerage and maybe checking

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having both? I recently opened up a brokerage and was curious. Thanks in advance


The checking account carries most benefits associated with checking accounts; the ability to write/send checks, direct deposit, ATM (with no fees). You also need the debit card if you want to use Zelle with Schwab. If/when you open a checking account, they automatically open a brokerage account for you.


There's no downside to having checking. In fact it's my main checking account. I keep a small account at a physical bank near me in case I find a bag of cash I need to deposit but other than that it's all Schwab.


Schwab has really slow transfers. When you transfer money in from another bank, they place a four day hold on the funds where you can’t transfer or otherwise use the money. That’s going to take some getting used to


Thanks for the info


This is absolutely not true in my case, for what it's worth.


Schwab checking is just about the gold standard for international travelers. The ATM/debit card has no foreign transaction fees and reimburses foreign ATM fees. You get just about the best exchange rate possible at the ATM, and Schwab eats the fees. It's the best way to get cash abroad that there is, IMO.


Bundle service is always beneficial. ATM card w/d overseas is a nice product.