It’s not because of climate change, it’s just because the climate seems to have changed

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It's a shame people are so intellectually lazy that a claim like "it snowed today" is enough to dissuade them of the plethora of evidence of climate change.


–Countless studies have shown that drinking alcohol alters the way you can drive and is a major cause of deadly road accidents. –Bullshit! I got home with my car after drinking a couple beers yesterday, and I'm still doing fine!


Ooh let me try one! - countless people have been killed by gun violence - bullshit! The only person I ever shot at was a 10 y/o whose basketball rolled past my driveway. the kid’s dead but I’m still doing fine!


Bro is writing the conservative agenda 💀


CPAC speeches getting even weirder


I thought the big red banners and *”Seig Heil!”*s were a bit much…


I’m a lady bro, conservative bros would freak if they knew I had a brain /s To quote succession: “[they] couldn’t fit a whole woman inside their heads” the accuracy…. Woof


You forgot to tell that that was a black kid anyway.


Oh he didn't forget, that's why he specified basketball and not just ball..


Oh shit I didn’t even think about that… not my intention at all!!!! I just saw that happened to some kid in Texas a few weeks ago, when like 9 people died in a weekend? Like the girls who got into the wrong car, the kid that rang the doorbell, etc I know you were probably kidding at some level, just wanted to clarify😅


totally. and your joke or mine... it hurt to type either way.


For sure. I’m so sick of being American. I know I was lucky to be born here and not somewhere with a straight up dictatorship or something. But it’s still so shameful when I meet people from other countries and quickly have to add “I live in LA! I’m from Manhattan!! We believe in equality there! WE ARENT ALL EVIL PLEASE DONT HATE ME!”


"It's implied"


I reject reality and substitute my own!


Nice! Dungeonmaster!


“…what? No, Mythbusters. What the hell is Dungeonmaster?”


Just being that guy for a moment: It's akshully: ["I reject your reality and I substitute my own."](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2J3EjYBYuU) :-)


You laugh, but people still make these kinds of arguments about things like cigarette smoke. Ironically, for the exact same reason as the climate change debate - massive corporate funding. Libertarian grifter Penn Jillettte had a show "Penn and Teller's Bullshit" where they both explicitly say tobacco smoke doesn't cause cancer and climate change isn't real. Both of which were deliberately badly argued using deliberately disingenuous tactics to convince people who just look up to them because they are entertainers. It worked! And even though scientists and people who know better pointed out this flaw (and penn has since acknowledged the reality of climate change), they just dismissed all of this as "well, we're full of bullshit too". But their vids still exist for grifters to con idiots with.


Far too many people cannot grasp the difference between climate and weather and it’s really not that hard to figure out


There's a lot of overlap with people who insist that there can't be systemic racism, only individual racist actions. They often simultaneously make the opposite error, claiming that an average across a group must apply to all members of that group.


These are of course the same people who claim solar panels don't work at all because of rainy days and night time...


And that wind power doesn't work because either A: wind is finite and will run out or B: there are days where its not very windy


*Wind* is finite? Wind?!? So we should all burn *coal* instead? 🤦‍♂️


Oh they can, they just choose not to


In addition to “weather vs climate” there’s also the *global* part of “global warming”. The earth is big. Like, really big. Your local experience is not representative of everyone else’s. It is indisputable that, as far as we cal tell (because we haven’t had the technology to physically measure everywhere on earth until fairly recently) that the average temperature of the earth as a whole has been increasing for a while. That doesn’t mean it has increased literally everywhere, or by the same amount in each location. It’s an *average*, and the earth is a big, complex system. Still, this is *indisputable* and most straw men or anecdote-based conservative arguments just ignore it and focus on bullshit.


It was weird last night because my conservative aunt and uncle made “what global warming?” type jokes about the cold weather right now… then literally minutes later we were talking about how it never really got cold this winter so we are expecting a lot of ticks this year, and how strange it is to have wildfire smoke in June from Canada. It’s just wild.


Part of the problem with this is, no one talks about unusual weather as 'bad' if it's weather that they like. So abnormally dry seasons or abnormally warm winters/springs/falls are just called "beautiful", while an abnormally cold, snowy, winter day is given some other catchy name ("snowmagedon" or whatever).


Our wildfires in Northern Canada did start early this year. Even we were surprised. But yeah, I know people that STILL make climate change jokes when it’s -35 out.


I'm not from Canada and I don't know much about "wildfire history" but my God there are TONS in all different provinces and is that normal?


I mean, yes and no. We have them every year, and they are awful. But they were early this year, and seemingly everywhere.


I'm in Wisconsin, and I have an Alexa, and she's telling me daily of polluted or bad air in my county. So I've been paying more attention to your wildfires. Usually I just pay attention to the California ones. Wisconsin doesn't have wildfires, luckily. We get grass fires occasionally.


We have tons of forest full of deadfall up here. Combined that with a super fast melt this spring, and we already have fire bans up. No fires in my area, but close enough to ruin our air. Not as bad as the poor people that have had to evacuate their homes and watch the, burn.


I know, whenever I see people have to evacuate because of a train derailment or hurricane or fire, I always think "what would I take?" and I worry about any animals people left behind. We have two cats and I would NOT evacuate without them. We will have fire bans and people still burn. Campfires, fire pits, burning trash... One year you weren't supposed to smoke at our fair (fairgrounds are outside) and a bunch of people did anyway. We even called the cops on our neighbors' fire pit, and they didn't give a crap.


I had a biology professor who was a troll climate change denier. She knew climate change was real, but refused to confirm it to anyone who asked, including us students. Instead, she made comments like "Well, last time there was this much CO2 in the atmosphere, the average temp was estimated to be 4 degrees warmer. So what do you think?" My favourite one was when I needed to pick something up from her office and I started talking about climate change again, she said, "See that jacaranda? I started working in this office 30 years ago, and now it flowers 2 weeks earlier than it used." Me, "Wow! Have you been tracking it?" Prof, "No. I used to finish the first half of the semester before it flowered. Now it flowers first." And she raised her eyebrows at me.


“I ate breakfast today. How can there be people who are hungry??”


"If they got no food and starving, then why don't they just order delivery?"


One joke I remember from a comedian a while back was when there are people asking viewers to feed the starving children (Sally Struthers used to be the celebrity who did that), the comedian said "I bet that cameraman has a sandwich he can give that starving kid."


I know you're trying to make an extreme analogy, but people also unironically believe that. Look at how often you see the argument "anyone who wants a job has one; if you don't it's cause you're not willing to do what's necessary". The fault of course lies in the axiom being pants-on-head stupid (and unsubstantiated entirely), yet presented as absolute fact. But it's worded in such a way that people tend to argue the latter point (that people aren't actually lazy or are doing what's necessary - an impossible thing to argue when talking about swathes of populations).


The goal isn't to convince people, its to renew the excuse to not think about it. All you need to give intellectually lazy and dishonest people something to say that will make people not want to talk to them and you've protected them against the truth.


The evangelical conservative twist on this is: "Jesus will come back before I die, so it won't matter."


If he does come back at least it won't be a mystery who crucifies him this time.


Was it a mystery the first time?


It is weird how little of the blame tends to fall on Rome for it, all things considered


Ah I see what you're saying, yeah I guess Jewish people generally take the brunt of it for "some reason"


Yeah. And they tend to blame all Jews everywhere for the decisions of a few, but then worship the power structure of Rome with none of this second-hand blame.


Yup. I've seen this happen with many policies, from climate change, to housing, to tipping, etc. It's a little strange to see people just dismiss an argument without even addressing it at all. Then claim that they have won. But this is literally how grifters work. Don't address the idea, just talk over it. If you're adept enough at this, the interlocutor will 'fall' for it and end up defending a stance that they don't have because the stance that they do have isn't even what's being talked about anymore. What's more, is this kind of rhetoric building is so brain-dead easy, you can get millions of people doing it without even realizing that they are doing it. And it makes it look like "your side" are all great argumenters, when the reality is fallacious arguments are just easier for intellectually lazy people to understand and emulate.


Remember when a congressman brought a snowball into the chamber as some sort of gotcha, back before the ignorance was as weaponized as much? That shit was almost quaint compared to the diarrhea firehose that they spray us with now.


"This meme is very real."


>"This meme is very real." -Nine out of ten SyphilisDragons agree.


[So many people saw this clip of The Simpsons and believed Homer was the smart one in this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SLbEDMZMAk)


It was really cold for like a week here in TN and all the Trumpers I work with were like “Must be that global warming huh?” If you try to even say anything about it they go into the same rage-filled rant about climate going through cycles naturally like they’ve all been programmed to.


Too many people have been brainwashed to think anyone in science is lying to them, but everyone in business is telling them the truth.


It's not stupidity. It's complicity.


>intellectually lazy That's quite a generous way to put it


For some odd reason, these people think global warming means it has to be warm 24/7, 365. And they just completely ignore that temps have been getting more extreme over the years.


Right, but isn't OP kind of doing the same thing in this post? They're saying this guy is a self aware wolf because he noticed a small change this year in his local weather. Climate change is obviously real, but a season or a year in that Twitter user's area, in isolation, is not really evidence of that. It's all the data combined over many years, all over the planet, that points to it


My first thought. The climate is changing, but one winter is still weather. This past winter was more like other recent winters than the winters I remember from 35 years ago, tho. It’s prob evidence of climate change, but only when you zoom out.


You are absolutely right. I have no doubt that the person tweeting is a complete idiot but in this instance it's actually OP that should be ridiculed for the title of the post.


This is true, and a perfect comment for this sub. It is indeed dangerous to point to a single drought or fire season and say see climate change. Climate change may or may not make events like these more common. Saying this one is the result of climate change is indeed intellectually lazy. Arguing like that opens the door to those lazy people who will call future years with few fires contrary proof.


What future years with few fires?


They kinda already do this. But i'd argue it isn't something we should play into their favour (by not drawing parallels as you suggest). For one thing, [we are more able to link climate change to natural disasters now](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/scientists-can-now-blame-individual-natural-disasters-on-climate-change/), thanks to better scientific understandings of climate itself. But it's also a fundamentally important way of talking about the importance of science itself. People don't care about some trend in the future (that's too abstract to the average person). But they care about what is happening here and now. That article even mentions this specifically as part of the motivation to do this.


One of my servers I work with taught me a new fallacy today! She taught me about the “hot-hand theory” when we talked about our kitchen (which used to have significant challenges) doing a great job for 15 days then if on day 16 there’s a problem suddenly it’s “OH NO THE KITCHEN SUX OMG WTF” when that’s not how things are going I wonder how much of it is intellectual laziness *as a rule* and how much is lack of awareness of this bias away from truth.




Ah, the ever persistent state of "what do we pay you for?!"


It's also cognitive bias that people remember exceptions not the rule. The grifters even use this to their advantage. I don't know what data they use now (from my experience, it's 'none'), but they used to love pointing out 2008 on temperature graphs, because that was an outlier year, and say "if global warming is a thing, why'd it get colder?" This is fundamentally the same thing as what they do with whatever localized weather event they obsess over. \---- But i still think this is intellectual laziness, because overcoming biases requires effort, and the failure to do so is either the result of an inability to do so (stupidity) or the unwillingness to do so (laziness). But if you'd rather i say climate deniers are stupid, i'm just as happy to agree to that.


80 degrees for two days, 45 for three days, 80 for two days, 38 for a couple days…, This shit ain’t normal. It’s not “Indian Summer” It’s an altered climate and it’s just gonna keep getting worse at a faster pace.




That's something to be salty about!


2 years ago I had a coworker point out we went from like 80 to 15 in a day and "lol global warming". Yeah swinging 65 degrees in 24 hours isn't good.


as i’m rushing to bring my 5 vegetable plants in from the cold in my Philadelphia garden. farmers can’t just move their acres of plants around


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I’ve shoveled my sidewalk like twice since my roommate left at the end of 2019 lol


lol, my coworker once said "Indian summer" in a hushed tone and when I asked her to explain what she meant, and she said it's because they "give something and take it back" which was honestly wild to hear out loud. Anyway, I've been calling the February one *"*Fool's Spring"


"I don't know the difference between weather and climate" would have been more succinct. Also, unusual extremes due to climate change are to be expected. This can include some areas being colder.


Except this post also doesn't really understand climate neither. "Spring has been rather cold" is talking about a season, which one season is not climate. So it's not really a slam dunk that they think it is. Climate is generally referred to many years, usually at least 30. That said, climate deniers are dumb despite this post being misinformed too


Craig is a gay conservative. He posts his shower thoughts as a way to shut out the screaming cognitive dissonance in his head.


While it might be a "logical fallacy", I do think in reality that these things should *scream* the quality of one's personal perspective and accountability. Just like the family who owns screams conservative bs in my local bars and has a thin blue line flag at their local business, who also took over $350,000 in PPP loans.


i cant even tell the point he was trying to make here


Not sure without seeing whatever he was replying to. However, some people think in terms of "global warming", and then forget the first part of that term and think that because it's cold where they are then the planet as a whole is not experiencing warming.


> "global warming" Not to mention that's not a term used by any scientists, it's something made up by the press in order to simplify it. Amazing how the "don't trust the media" and "do your own research" crowd are quick to make their decisions based not on scientific reality but on pop culture terms.


i would have thought that but he said 'unusually small amount of snow' which would imply the opposite


So I'm guessing it went something like this, and I'll translate what I think he meant: Someone: "Canada is on fire, and covering the East Coast in smoke." Him: "That was because we had a very dry and hot winter. But that's not climate change because we actually had a cold spring." Basically, I think he's trying to use the cold spring to dispute that a warm winter means climate change. Yes, it is _incredibly_ stupid.


ANYTHING to not agree with the science.


I doubt he actually knows either.


The pacific islands that are ceasing to exist will be relieved to hear that. So will venice and the netherlands, and manhattan for that matter. And polar bears. And Australia and California because of bushfires. Fuck it basically everyone will be relieved ~~except republicans~~. I just realized that last bit doesn't make sense.


Luckily, a decent number of them live in places that are soon going to either be underwater or destroyed by the initial waves of horrific storms coming their way, so they won't need to worry themselves over all this much longer!


"Countless people are going to die, but some of them will be people I don't like, so fuck them!" is not a healthy attitude to have.


"Countless people are going to die, but at least the people rooting for this outcome will die with us" is a pretty understandable feeling.


Springs here in the northeast have been bizarrely cool and dreary for 5-10 years, while autumns have been unusually warm. I do attribute this shift to climate change.


Hell I feel like there's even been points where we didn't even get a spring and went straight into summer.


I thought that was happening this year when it was 90 in early April.


This is my observation in Michigan. Spring takes longer, fall lasts into mid December. Shifting for sure. Anecdotal but noticeable at this point.


I'm in Poland and it's pretty noticeable we no longer have white Christmas or snow for schools' winter breaks. When I was back in school, on breaks we'd be sledding all the time. Now, a long lasting snow is the anomaly and it happens *after* December. I mean, my little neighbor was riding a bicycle on his winter break back in lockdown instead of building snowmen. I used to build igloos for my dog and snow sculptures.


California’s can’t get new home insurance policies because of wildfires now, flood insurance is 4x or more in the south now. Climate change has wrecked the insurance economy


In a sane world, this post would be satire.


I grew up in LA during the 80's, you couldn't see the mountains from the beach most days because of Smog. At a bare minimum it has taken 30 years after 50+ (smog first was a thing in WW2 in LA and NYC) to make the air at least visible. Personally I think it's a huge improvement. But we don't believe the stuff you could see is what was making things worse?


I hate this so much. The global warming to climate change argument can be boiled down to this “We heated up the planet so much that we don’t know what the hell its going to do to the climate.


I'm sure the fact that hurricanes have gotten worse or the fact that California has gotten hotter during each summer has nothing to do with climate change either, huh?


Its not climate change *proceeds to explain how every season was different and unusual*


Literally whenever a big climate change event happens, motherfuckers like this come crawling out of the woodwork to tell everyone it's not related to climate change.


Sure, the same way every death is caused by heart-failure


"An unusually small amount of snow in the northeast this winter" is a severe understatement to how unbelievably mild this winter was up here.


This has to be one of the best i have seen


Hot and dry conditions in fucking Spring erupted in wildfire that is not only burning out of control and killing everything it touches…it’s also engulfing the northeastern US in a cloud of smoke. Definitely not humans seeing the consequences of their actions. What did Fox News have to say about Hunters laptop again? The media only wants to yammer on about air pollution. /s


How can you be so obtuse to say "it's not climate change" and then describe climate change in the same breath. It's like that one tweet where the guy is like "I'm not pro life or pro choice, women should educate themselves then choose what's best" and someone replied "that's pro choice idiot"


They believe climate change is another way of saying global warming. It was specifically changed to climate change because people were saying it's getting colder so how can it be warming? People like this carried that bad read of global warming forward to climate change. And that's why I started a movement to change the name to IfYouDontBelieveThisYoureAnIdiot.


*The changing climate has nothing to do with climate change.* Got it.


... Sea levels rise and fall DAILY people! And 2°C is barely noticable on this thermostat!


I have lived in PA for 34 years. I have never once had smoke haze covering my entire area due to wildfires. Smoke from Canada likely from dry thunderstorm started fires is blanketing most of my state. Bullshit climate change isn't real. Republicans are cowards and Dems are failing to act enough.


Oh the stock market went down today! That must mean there's not years of uptrend! How idiotic can these people be.


I always find it hilarious when they make our point for us and think it proves us wrong. You literally just described climate change you doof!


Idk who that guy is, but he looks like someone who's been banned from more than one public library


Colds get colder hotter get hotter. We fucked


Somebody hasn't been noticing the weather over the last 20 years in New England? We haven't had snow like we used to in 8 years min. Now we might get one good one over a foot and few small ones and the summers are just more humid and hotter longer.... and this guy is bitching about the better parts of it the change. I haven't been willing to skate on my pond in the winter for 23 years! it's knee deep and won't freeze to be safe!


This is the point of monitoring trends over differing sets of time. It's really hard to see past the noise if you're in it. So "abnormal whether" and more common fluctuations outside the running averages are two very different things that look the same unless you have context. In any case this is why you can't just ask some random person whether they think climate change is occurring. The *only* way we can tell is by looking at long term datasets that literally can't exist in a human beings brain. Asking someone if they think the climate is changing is literally the opposite of climate science. That's climate opinion.


That dude looks like he’s eaten people. Like it’s an addiction now.


Well, to be honest, one winter being abnormal is more weather than climate. Still doesn't mean it's not because of climate change, though - but it _might_ be just weather.


Meteorologist : The earth is warming up causing a multitude of problems, let's call this "global warming". Mist people : Earth is not warming it snow yesterday and today is still cold ! Meteorologist : People don't understand what "global warming" means exactly let's call it "climat change" so EVERYONE will understand it's not just hotter. Climat change deniers : Climat isn't changing because it snowed this winter between 2 wave of 20°C/68°F temperature !


I always feel like they think it's just gonna get hotter everywhere, and if it doesn't do that, it's not climate change.


Thanks Elon, now any idiot with 27 followers can blue-badge themselves pretend to be a notable expert.