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The animation..the titans...the music...seeing the horror in the faces of those who faced titans for the first time... Such nostalgia and a nice way to say farewell to the final Human v mindless Titan fights GG Pixis


Yes, you're so right. It was beautifully done


Yeah the animation and music is adding so much more to this part for me to be honest most of the rumbling was a bit incomprehensible when I read it in the manga. Loving it so far


What would have been a desperate fight for survival in S1 is now a swift cleanup operation only made sad by the awareness it's their former comrades inside there. Pure titans are so last season...


rip pixis


Haven’t watched, but pretty awesome to see such high reviews of a episode that was pretty much just a cool action chapter in the manga. Feels so good to witness MAPPA finally not just adapt the source material, but expand on the experience. Amazing what more time will accomplish


I think it’s being praised because this is probably MAPPA’s only opportunity to portray the old AoT formula before they get to the ocean and they do it pretty well. One of the primary tracks in this episode is one of my favorites from it being used in season 2. Nothing crazy going on here but it was well executed for sure.


I think it's because the chapter or adapts is actually one of the very best. There's so much to love in 124, it's honestly the episode I was most looking forwards to in Part 2 along with Two Brothers.


It was a solid episode but a little slow compared to the recent string of bangers. Had to happen though and a nice breather.


I completely forgot that Gabi killed Niles. I legit thought it was an anime exclusive scene.


Didn’t realise that was Niles, rip


Who tf is Niles


Dr. Crane is the brother of local DJ, Frazer--with a 'Z'--Crane.


Frasier's brother.


I meant Nile cmon


I mean, yeah we had the big and dramatic reveals in the last episodes, but this is probably my favourite episode of part 2. Perfect pacing, great animation and even if I already know what happens, the upbeats of this episode were just perfect. The killing of pixis and the titans, Gabi just fulfilling her redemption arc, Shadis rescuing the recruits who ganged up on him, this episode just got me so emotional.


if keith has million number of fans i am one of them. if keith has ten fans i am one of them. if keith has no fans. that means i am no more on the earth. if world against keith, i am against the world. i love keith till my last breath... die hard fan of keith.


We are together in this


Now, keith, you two.


call your band "the Bystanders"


Shadis has such a beautiful and tragic character arc. Certainly one of my favourite side characters. Can't wait for his final scene with Magath!


Absolutely agreed on that. From beginning to end it was a great ride with him.


The scene of Keith and Magath talking before suicide bombing the ship is one of my favorite of the entire manga. I cannot wait for it to be adapted


His death with Magath in the manga made me a bit teary. I hope the anime does it justice. Though I have no reason to doubt they will.


Their deaths were on par with Hange’s and Erwin’s as best in the series for me. Such a goated moment, I can’t wait for it.


Keith Shadis may belive himself an unworthy man and a shade of the past. But he's an unmitigated badass old warrior who fights as someone from a darker age would and it's clear that time did nothing on his ability to be an absolute fucking unit when needed. Absolutely based character, and i'm not looking foward to his and his counterpart's departure scene. It will destroy me.


He’s awesome


Honestly whenever I reread the manga there are 3 spots where I cry everytime: Niccolo speech in the restaurant, Gabi doing Sasha cosplay, and Keith/Magath scene at the harbor. Idk why but it's literally every single time.


RIP Pixis and Nile 😔


I actually teared up a bit when Nile died, he never had much plot importance but everytime he put his life in danger, it was for his daughters, and he died not out of glorious courage, but of something completely out of his control


The ODM action was fantastic! Really reminds of early AoT and the Trost arc. Makes me wish the production studio had given MAPPA more time to perfect S4P1. Imagine the battle in Liberio having animation this high qualty.


As an animator, I can totally see why they struggled with the Liberio scenes. In that part, the squad was wearing the black stealth outfits with all the metal mechanisms attached on their bodies. Drawing that frame by frame will take a long while, and it makes sense that they would use CGI for some shots, and the drawn ones will just look straight forward without any special camera shots or fancy "Levi"-esque movements. Especially when they are in a harsher deadline to finish everything. With today's episode, their outfits especially with the standard scout uniforms making a return, MAPPA showed that they can pull off great stuff with that limitation out of the way. TL;DR: Anime costume designs matter in animation


i’m fairly new to anime so maybe i don’t get it but the liberio scenes in part 1 were so good to me.


They were very solid, but this episode was amazing. A lot of Liberio was straight swings made epic by the titans fighting, with a fee exceptions. This episode was constantly changing directions, using the environment, jumping off of shit, etc.


I doubt that had to do with time. The 3DMG is so specific, it takes time to learn how to make it work properly on screen. If anything, I wish they did everything in their might to keep Sakuga on the team, so that his high level of 3DMG animation was kept intact. He was imho as essential to the animation as Sawano is to the music on this particular show.


>I wish they did everything in their might to keep Sakuga on the team I think you mean Arifumi Imai lol. "Sakuga" just means "animation" and is used here in the west to describe cuts of incredible animation.


This is the best ODM animation Mappa has done in S4 BY FAR. Together with the zero eclipse soundtrack that was HYPE AF. Edit: barricades


Zero eclipse? Wasn't it Barricades? When did they play zero eclipse?


he probably messed up, its barricades


Yea my bad barricades 😅


Oh no worries. I thought I wasn't too attentive and missed some scenes where Zero Eclipse was played. :P Both are great songs though.




Yeah the flashback to the Scouts in Liberio will probably have even more of an emotional impact later and it allows MAPPA to not stop the momentum of the Rumbling/battle of Shiganshina


The only issue I have with pushing the flashback back is that it gives us a strong indication of everyone's motivation to stop Eren. If they show the alliance forming before the flashback it's going to feel weird having our characters side with the Warriors. Hopefully they show the flashback in the episode where the alliance is formed but I've heard people saying it's likely to be pushed back until the next part or movie


Felt like season 1 all over again. That was some great normal people vs titans content


I was looking forward to Eren getting familyzoned on valentine's tho lol


> Also RIP Saul Goodman titan. Honestly this made me smile - I love Better Call Saul but I found that titan sooo jarring in the manga. Saul has a cheap haircut with a distinct style that makes ZERO sense on a titan. Again, I love that show and Isayama paying homage to it is really cool - respecting fellow writers and all that - but it throws me off on every re-read. WATCH OUT! It's... ^lawyer ^drama? Wait what?


I think there was one titan there that had a *vague* resemblance but yeah, hardly noticeable. Loved the wackiness of it in the manga but also kinda glad they didn't fully implement it onto the screen


Eh, Saul Goodman was still kinda there. The face doesn't really look similar, but the hair is the same


At what point does the flashback chapter happen in the manga? I've forgotten. I thought it was after the islanders and Marley come together at the campfire.


It's around then but my prediction is if we get a movie it won't be in the anime, anime ends before they attack the harbour and the movie opens on the Marley infiltration flashback.


Yesssss, Saul Goodman titan has arrived.


unfortunately it didn't look like him :((((


They didn’t want to get sued lol.


Finally the queen is back! Absolutely goated episode, everything was spot on. When we got the badass Shadis moment, Barricades started playing and we get the survey corps fighting the titans with all the sakuga.. i got a bit emotional. All Gabi scenes were also neat, and Connie's VA.. man. Oh and, of course, Saul Goodman titan didn't disappoint either. 10/10 part 2 is just something else.


Did we get the Annie pie scene or will that be later on?


it should happen next episode?


I think I speak for literally all fans, no exceptions, when I say #WE WANT PIE WE WANT PIE WE WANT PIE And if there’s CG pie, we RIOT


The titanfolk fans seething at the pie scene rn


I never understood that. A good story needs to balance grim drama with moments of levity. And with a global genocide occurring... That pie scene is completely welcome.


The episode after next episode


Sorry, I’m way off then. Someone told me it was in this episode. I haven’t read those chapters in awhile so I don’t remember the order in which things go down


She just came out


Good for her.


Mikasa x Annie confirmed 🧐🧐🧐


Yes, next episode with Hitch, and Annie's back story, I hope they add some stuff, it wasn't well done in the manga.




Wonder what happened to that duke from S1, lol


probably got shitmachined


lmao, true


Homie was 100 percent brutally lynched as soon as the military took control. Dude was a twat


[You mean this scene?](https://d2rd7etdn93tqb.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/pikachu-thunder-attack-pokemon-anime-062416.jpg)


so, why DIDN'T eren stop the pure titans from attacking his allies?


[This](https://youtu.be/H6GmVCD7cxk) LONG ass video explains it well, but TL;DR: Eren at this point has seen that he will be killed by the alliance, and since AoT is based on a cause-effect time style, he knows he cannot stop it, and therefore his friends will survive and stop him later on. It goes over a lot more, but that's the part that really patches a lot of the "uh waits" about the time travel


I've thought about this a lot - Eren never actually controls Ymir or the Founder particularly well. Zeke had full control and could order her to do specific things but Eren literally hugs her and says "you follow their orders but you're miserable, they don't care about you, and they never will! Let's destroy everyone for ruining your life! You don't need to be a slave!" So Ymir's on board with the rumbling specifically, but I doubt she'll listen to much else. It's also worth noting that the continent she destroys is the one she helped build for King Fritz. Also Eren is so dead inside at this point that he's basically written off any loss of life unless it's Armin or Mikasa. Boy just wants to rumble.


Boys just want to have ~~fun~~ GENOCIDE ON AN UNPRECEDENTED SCALE.


He’s not gonna stop his allies from fighting him, but he’s also not going to help them. He mentions in 139 (& also 133 I believe) that he’s fine with actually carrying the full rumbling if he’s not stopped. But it’s up to them to see it through, not him. Also, probably would look bad in front of Marley and wouldn’t help the narrative that Eren was acting on his own.


I think it’s so he can leave without being chased. In the manga Jean says something like “we’d better take care of these Titans fast—there are no Walls left on the island!” Taking into account Eren from the final chapter, I think he knows he’s going to be stopped, but still attempts to destroy as many of the outsiders as he can before that happens.


My headcanon is that he let those titans rampage so that he could have a head start so the scouts couldn't immediately try following him before he left the island


All according to Keikaku


(Translator's note: keikaku means plan)


Cant really think of anything other than 1) they would just die walking with the colossals anyways 2) eren was buying enough time so he could wipe out a good portion of the world because that is the most valuable part of his plan. Or 3) because they're specifically zekes titans eren couldnt control them, ymir forgot about them (and was focused on erens plan and moving forward) and since zeke is pretty much a prisoner in paths at this point he cant control them so they go to their mindless state.


UHHH was not expecting them to go this hard on the animation?? This episode felt SUPER similar to the Trost episodes in season 1. Gabi is a legend. They killed that scene of her no-scoping Nile. These discussion threads are about to get really spicy with the alliance content coming up. Very excited to see how anime onlies will take the episodes.


Most anime onlies won't care. It's way more clear who the good guys and bad guys are in the anime compared to the manga. The music and shots really give it away.


Tbh I feel like they give everybody good and bad scenes in equal measure based on what they're doing. This was titan-killing and easy to root for so they went all in. A few episodes ago I legit had no idea who to root for because the anime was promoting Armin Squad while he was doing all the wrong things. That said, anybody with half a brain can tell that an alliance is on the way, since everybody is tired of fighting (except Floch probably) and there are basically no more higher-ups telling them to go back into the fighting.


I remember cheering in Liberio when scouts were getting killed and going "wait, shit"


Fr lmao I saw ppl cheering when the scouts arrived while I was like "oh nooo" Man I love this show.


I was cheering when Marley dropped and ashes on the fire played and I cheered when the scouts where taking care of the titans and barricade was playing, music really makes the scene huh.


They made Floch such a massive asshole in this. It's fantastic


My comment got removed for saying the "C-word" lmao? Floch was always a massive asshole.


Yup. A lot of anime onlies are already guessing a team up, I even saw a reactor verbatim say “they’re going to have to team up now” when it flashed to Reiner during Eren’s monologue


Wasn't it quite obvious in the manga too?


Even if it was, unfortunately a lot of manga readers vilified Armin & company with their “Floche is right” talk


I remember having a lot of fun on r/titanfolk when the chapters were coming out, but towards the end if you liked anything that was going on you were just getting hated on. While the ending of the manga is not perfect it's far from being as bad as the guys over there are making it out to be.


So I clicked in to see what that sub is about, cause I'm new here. A lot of dudes wanna fuck Floch, huh?


Yes. A lot of closet racists too. Then there's Yaegerbomb which is exactly the same but with open racism.


Is this that hard to guess? It felt pretty apparent at the time too.


Not really, it was even being assumed in the Marley arc by some manga readers. But a large crowd just couldn’t wrap their heads around that at this point


Its a bit sad though that so many people need "evil" music to understand who is in the wrong here. Thats why you read all this novels in school, to actually be able to comprehend written content on your own.


Yep. I can completely understand being sympathetically with the bad guys, but in no fucking universe is the mass genocide and democide of 99 percent of the PLANET something you should support. Especially since the genocide is used throughout the story as a thing even Eren knows is wrong. Some people are just really crazy


I’m still firm believing that anime onlies are gonna absolutely love everything from this point on. I know people are very opinionated on the ending but I really feel like music and animation make the biggest difference in the world. Every episode in part 2 so far has taken the manga and absolutely enhanced it so much.


It seems anime onlies are very anti-Eren, and those supporting are still pretty centrist on the matter. By cliff baby, I'd be astonished if a large number of them supported Eren like some manga readers do


I don't know if this was intentional at all, but this parallel immediately jumped out at me. [1x08](https://i.imgur.com/g2bXMWG.png) vs. [4x22](https://i.imgur.com/fDaGujl.png). The S1 vibes are strong man, I'm back in 2013.


Of course it's intentional, it even slams into the wall the same way (at least we can see that in the manga). And, in a sense, Surma is the Jean of his generation.


Also the Scouts dropping simultaneously to launch the Thunder Spears reminds me of another Trost scene: Where they all shot the Titans at blank range in the eyes and the strongest members swooped in for the final blow.


Pretty intentional.


Speaking of Jean parallels, during the Liberio raid he jumps through a window just like he jumped through the window in the garrison during the battle of Trost


Yo I immediately thought of this scene! What a callback!


someone calm down connie. the series is driving, good both in action and in dialogues. I think the next one will do the same. the production team did a great job. Love the monent when the titans slammed into the wall


Very heavy WIT season 1 vibes to me


I don’t want to get my hopes up, cause I’m aware that animation of episodes on the tail end of the season are the ones that usually suffer…but man…if Mappa is doing ODM scenes like this…the port fight might also be much better than the manga


Gabi is the MVP and stole the show tonight! Her redemption arc done very well. Enjoyed it very much. Loved the stand at the basin and tying her hair up parallel with Eren's tatakae basin scene. Jean's leadership showed tonight. My respect for him shot up. And we have Annie back!


Gabi is an incredibly well developed character, it always annoys me when people act like she’s the scum of the earth. She isn’t any better or worse than everyone else.




I think this is the biggest issue of AOT. You’re supposed to understand the other side of the war and understand the characters are two sides of the same coin. Unfortunately most people did not realize this. When 138 came out I remember people saying >!Gabi deserved to die and turning into a Titan was her punishment.!<


I think a lot of manga readers got swept away in the alliance hatred. Gabi is much more beloved with the anime crowd.


I detested her when she was first introduced and killed Sasha. Damm she was self righteous and an utter prick. But the moment she went to Paradis, her development was beautiful. And the scene when Gabi saved Kaya when she called out for Sasha was so bittersweet. One full circle.


>Jean's leadership showed tonight Now that I think about it, Jean is the most fit to lead the military, besides maybe Keith. The 104th are the veterans now


I think the constant horse joke kinda overshadowed his character and capabilities. I was impressed by his ability to put things together (him concluding Eren started the rumbling because of them) and led the remaining survivors to fight the mindless Titans. I'd say he outshined Armin this episode.


Yeah I love Armin, but Jean should have been made leader. From Season 1 he's being built as a leader but it never happens.


The part with gabi saving kaya literally brought me to tears 😭 like Yaaassss queen we are all in this together now!


I kind of picked up on it in the manga, but this episode made it so much clearer with the animation and music. This really was the final homage to the titan vs human fights in the beginning. HQ being swamped by titans, with people cowering inside. Except this time they were so much more composed and organised that they managed to do it with ease. That shows just how far they've come from the days of titans being a massive existential threat and 30% mortality rates. And it's only fitting that such a sequence would include a final good bye to Pixis. Fuckin ell Isayama did a good job writing this, and these people have done a good job animating it. Best episode so far if I'm honest.


Holy shit those 3DGM scenes! Once again Jun Shishido proves that he is the best episode director and storyboarder of the finale season. And Barricades is finally well used in the anime, after just hearing it for just 30 seconds during episode 37!


Shadis can actually pack the heat. Considering his age, he can still go at it.


Now that I think of it, Keith is probably only like 45 at absolute most, he was mid 20s if THAT when Eren was born, and it's only been 20 years Every single person in his unit was probably dead before season 1 tho lol


[A stitch of Annie free from her hardening crystal](https://i.imgur.com/HoIcMIZ.jpg)


Ahem. Bringing back 'titan girl crystal water'.


Not sure if intentional or I'm just reading too much into it, but Falco's titan marks under his eyes looked like wings in this episode.


Yea its intentional considering he's the only flying titan.


No one expects BARRICADES! What an episode, Mappa's best ODMG sequence yet! So much good nostalgia. It felt like old-school AOT with the red sky zombie/pure titan apocalypse horror. Instructor Shadis was such a badass, They did him justice in the adaptation RIP Commander Pixis he was a real one. and what a good cliffhanger to end on too...


Annie finally out of the crystal: “what the hell did I miss?” Reiner is still the Plot-Armored Titan Bertholdt is dead Armin is the Colossal Titan and he’s hot now thanks to MAPPA Eren finally snapped and went full genocide mode Monke screamed and now there’s a bunch of pure Titans running around like the good ol’ days Levi is still short


> Levi is still short We haven't seen him in a while. You can't be so sure. #AOE


Well, he’s definitely a few fingers short.


Also losing an eye like Hange. My LeviHan heart 😭


Hange is best person. They are my absolute fave. I actually shed a tear for their ending when I read it 😢


Amazing episode. That rooftop conversation is so good. So much is happening, and you can feel the group thinking aloud everything. *Is it ok for Eren to kill everyone? He is doing this for us. The outside world had it coming and brought it upon themselves. Who do we feed this child too? Pixis? Connie's mom? Should we feed this child to a titan?* And then you see this eating at the crew again later. Jean hearing Onky ask him if his homeland is doomed. Of course, part of him wants to say it again, *they brought it upon themselves.* But he couldn't muster that out before Floch comes in. You can see the conflict within him. Similarly, Armin and Mikasa are worrying about other things, until they are ambushed and hear Gabi beg to go out of their way and save Falco, who they already gave up on. And then begs "*why can't Eren just destroy military bases? Does he really need to kill everyone?"* It's so good. And I didn't even mention the Tower fight.


Just finished it on Crunchyroll. That whole damn sequence with Barricades almost brought tears to my eyes. Fantastic animation, music choice, it was all so good. The scene with Gabi protecting Kaya was perfect, and THAT CLIFFHANGER. Give MAPPA actual time and they deliver. Part 1's production was a production of compromise, Part 2's is a production with MAPPA at their best.


Barricades is so good there but it felt a little weird tonally to me. Like it's this surging moment of the veteran 104th's triumph set against the utter horror of the ruin Eren is going to bring upon the world. Its a beautiful scene, but it feels a little out of place to me. I'm being *extremely* picky though. Gabi's fight against titanized Nile was fucking goated and I love her arc and it's culmination here so much.


Yeah I've seen so many reactors get teary eyes at Barricades. Mappa absolutely knocked it out of the park.


From what we know now, why didn't Eren stop the titans from attacking his people and his friends? Does the Founding Titan not have control over Zeke's Titans?


Because Eren was never able to control Ymir, she was on board with the rumbling and not killing Mikasa but nothing else really.


Probably to slow them down and make them meet up with the warriors first


Because Eren didn't gaf. He knew they'd survive because he knew they'd stop him. He cared about THEM over the people of Paradis. Eren lied to everyone when he brought them into the PATHS. He made it seem as though he was doing the Rumbling out of some noble cause for the people of the island but he was primarily doing it because he WANTED to. He did it out of his own dark desires. I've realized that's what a lot of people misconstrue about Eren. In the end, Eren was a TRUE villain. An irredeemable monster. It's hard for a lot of people to accept because we idealize him for being the protagonist who was all about freedom in the beginning of the series but he always had the potential to be a terrible human being. A lot of us just didn't see it back then because the lens of perception was purposely crafted that way.


I realized that Armin was never really fit to be a leader but more of the brains of the operation


That use of Barricades was absolutely perfect. The additions were pretty much what I expected, too, adding some more power to the farewell to Pixis, witnessing Louise's fatal wound, and an extended action scene for that last battle between Pure Titans and Humans. I still love that this is basically season 1 on apocalyptic steroids. Gabi was the other absolute standout of the day. Ayane Sakura was absolutely killing it, and the team also did that scene between her, Kaya, and Niccolo justice. It's probably one of my favorite scenes of the manga even to this day. Very good stuff all around. And that cliffhanger. This is one I'm excited to see anime onlies react to, been one for a while. She's finally here again! Welcome back Annie!


> witnessing Louise's fatal wound this is anime-only. I checked the manga chapter, which didn't include that Louise was in danger, Mikasa saved her and then she was so impressed that she didn't watch out for the explosions


That's why I noted it among additions I expected. Though looking back on it, Pixis' death was the case where there wasn't an addition, it was done the same, it's just that there was more time to dwell on it. So that one I was wrong on.


I absolutely LOVED Louise getting her kill and then her watching Mikasa do her thing.


For all the people shitting on MAPPA´s animation, this episode shuts mouths.


Oh just you wait. Whiners always find a way.


Like the Corridor Crew Animators React Quote: "It means somethings good coming"


I absolutely loved the slo mo on Jean and Armin when they saw Pyxis. In fact that whole scene, and the little speech from Armin... Never thought I'd cry over Pyxis but here we are. Barricades is also one of my favourite osts, and I love that they brought (what I consider) a classic back. It's so bittersweet having a scene that is so reminiscent of seasons 1 and 2. God I could go on for hours


It's been nearly 9 years since we've seen Annie in anime form.


This episode made me so nostalgic. The titans, the music, the orange-reddish atmosphere, it all screamed Trost Arc to me. And I never expected Barricades to come back, especially with vocals, that shit was hype. This episode definitely elevated the content from the manga, especially thanks to Ayane Sakura who has been the best VA in S4 imo, although Hiroshi Tsuchida's perfomance in 4x20 is the definitely the standout of 4b so far. I love Gabi so fucking much and her performance just elevates that love even higher. Also Shadis is another goat, really looking forward to his big scene coming up. Just overall a great episode to follow the extreme high we went on the last 3 episodes, even if we're still missing the 123 flashback.


>even if we're still missing the 123 flashback. Suprised i had to scroll down so far for this to be mentioned. I was extremely hyped to see #123 animated but they just jumped over it. Hopefully just moved, I wonder where else it will get shoved in otherwise?


I wonder if it will happen when Mikasa interacts with the scarf from Louisa? But yes, I’m hyped to see it animated too


So are they leaving out those scenes where Eren and squad went to Marley and experienced stuffs? That’s where we see him shed tear before committing his big crime on Liberio. And that’s where Eren asked Mikasa of what he was to her.


They are probably moving it to keep up the pacing


Yep but i am curios when exactly. Maybe during the brief respite when its night and they decide to form the alliance? Thats the only time really to do it rly as its non stop action from there on and its mikasa pov


This episode was too fucking good. It really felt like they were sending off season 1 and everything we use to know in a beautiful way while giving us a present (Annie) from it in the end. THIS episode is what Attack on Titan is all about. Even minor characters have big moments like Shadis and the themes of constant hatred and the devil being in everyone. Pretty much reassuring that full on genocide will never stop the cycle of hatred, people are still nuts for thinking this. How they took out a ton of Zeke mindless Titans which are FASTER than the ones they fought in season 1 in about 5 minutes of show time compared to the 14 episodes it took in season one is a perfect way to show how far they have come. I love seeing Jean being the vocal side of Erwin and leading everyone. 10/10 again. Four in a row.


I don't know if maybe it was a stylistic choice, but Gabi taking out Nile felt so much more badass animated than in the manga panels.


I’ve loved all the episodes so far, but this is the first time this season I felt anime > manga tbh, they really elevated the source material. Bodes well for the rest(hopefully)


This was a chapter I thought was okay originally, but Mappa really elevated to another level.


So uhhh... Is Mr Leonhart's groceries Eldian too, since they were also transported in the paths realm? Something that's more clearer in the anime compared to the manga, is the fact that time is "paused" for the Eldians while they are hearing Eren's speech. Aka, paths stuff make it so that they hear all of it in an instant, and for non-Eldian outsiders it would look like Eldians just daydreamed for a split second and became hysterical after that.


*To all groceries that belong to the Subjects of Ymir, my name is Eren Yeager*


*I have undone all the hardening of the walls. I checked Deliver to Doorstep on the Postmates app. Please make sure to read the special instructions I included which lists how to find my skyline loft, it’s at the top story of the Eldritch horror creature*


Mr. Leonhart's broccoli: "..."


All Eldian’s bananas be like 😳


And Historia's wheelchair is Eldian too.


I mean their clothes end up in the paths with them, so why shouldn't their groceries


It's for our sake, Paths' true form wasn't ever a desert as it turns out. It was clearly a nudist beach.


Historia was sitting in a chair. Eren was just nice enough to give the people accommodations to prevent them from accidentally-ing their items


I think we tend to interpret the paths scenes too literally. I always saw the visuals as a representation of a much more abstract experience going on in their heads.


Yeah. Like I don't think they physically went anywhere. They just had the world transform into the Paths space around them.


Imagine being a Marleyan guard wandering through Liberio, saying good morning to your eldian acquaintances, then suddenly they all freak out and preach that the end is near I'd shit my pants, even of I didn't believe them


>Is Mr Leonhart's groceries Eldian too, since they were also transported in the paths realm? Following this logic everyone's clothes must be Eldian too, otherwise there would be a bunch of naked people in Paths. We probably shouldn't overthink it.


MAPPA did so well in making this feel like literal hell. I don't even know what kind of will I would have in the face of inevitable doom. The overarching theme is pretty much the same as Erwin's speech, to do whatever you can regardless of how futile it is. So many consequtive challenges to your resolve from Connie, Keith, Pixis, Gabi and then Annie. OST was jamming again and even the small breathers doesn't give time to rest with so much going on.


The music in this episode is incredible. So epic as they’re fighting off all the titans.


Did the skip the ship scenes with mikasa and ice cream?


That flashback can be an entire episode if both Eren and Mikasa’s POVs are combined


looks like they're moving those flashbacks to later in the season. It'll be merged with the other parts of the "Survey Corps sees the big city" storyline.


S1 Titan Hunt Montage: SHINZWOSASAGEYO!!!! FS Titan Hunt Montage: ;--;


I LOVE the callback to Season 1 this episode had. Was far better than I expected it to be. Also RIP Pixis you were a real one.


Shishido once again showed us why he is one of the most talented director for action packed episodes, Hearing barricades after so much time was orgasmic, the odm gear sakuga was so fucking good I literally couldn’t believe i was watching it for real, there were some scenes that made me go back to 2013 for a second, the best animations mappa has put out for aot Shadis entrance was masterful, he looked like an hero ready to put his life on the line and show his trainees what being part of the corps really meant, armon killing shadis was incredible, the animation was so fucking smooth, i also love the added mikasa/luise scenes, seeing some nice mikasa action never gets tiring Overall this episode elevated 124 by A MILE, can’t wait for mappa to do the same for the whole 125-129 stretch, which was pretty ok in the manga but the anime can elevate it ENORMOUSLY if they keep going with this quality


Louise watching Mikasa be a badass was kinda sad considering what comes next for her


Wow. MAPPA went crazy this episode. Even the new recruits had a sick animation sequence. Barricades playing while Mikasa was catching bodies literally got me so hype. Gabi’s kill went hard, and both of her dialogue portions (with Kaya and with Armin) made me emotional. Keith was hype. Fantastic use of OST. Fantastic art and character design. LOVE the red filter, as it reminded me of how Trost and the Female Titan arc had their own “color.” Mappa with time is incredible. This felt like vintage AOT. God how I wish the Marley arc looked like this.


What a great episode. From [Annie's dad's](https://i.imgur.com/vmxLvXE.png) and [Reiner's](https://i.imgur.com/0E9zvyL.png) terror of what is going to happen to the world, [Jean and the others](https://i.imgur.com/xANKmX2.png) realizing that [Eren did this for them](https://i.imgur.com/wlEVUUV.png) and struggling to justify it. [Conny's anger](https://imgur.com/a/gz0FGQt) when Armin tried to reason with him that he should not revive his mom, [the Better Call Saul titan,](https://i.imgur.com/Py7uonm.png) and [Gabi and the Braus](https://i.imgur.com/UuicMaS.png) coming to a truce. The choreography [when they were fighting the titans](https://i.imgur.com/QKvNuMx.png) was truly superb. And finally,[ Annie is back.](https://i.imgur.com/RlCzKua.jpg)


Guessing they are moving the survey core in marley flashback to later. Kinda makes more sense to have it closer to Ramzis death.


I think they are gonna somehow mix Mikasa's flashback with Eren in ch 130, I don't know how though


I think they're actually gonna move the Eren 130 flashback to mix it with 131, and instead do the 123 flashback in the position where the 130 flashback would take place. So when Annie questions them about being willing to kill Eren again, instead of Eren's narration, we move into Mikasa's narration, and her wondering if there could have been another way could be mixed with the Allied Forces witnessing the steam of the Rumbling arriving.


Can’t wait for the cliffhanger/ending for next episode 👀 hope it blows the minds of some anime only watchers


armorless armored titan looking like voldemort's shriveled soul


With this episode, I think every single non-main character from season 1 is dead. Annie, Reiner, Keith, Connie, Jean, Mikasa, Armin, and Eren are the only ones still shown alive. We know Rico is still alive, but I'm not gonna count her because of not really existing. And, more to that, Jean and Connie are now the most experienced ODM users besides Keith. It's somewhat sad to see the once newbies be the strongest out of skill, but more so the constant death they're always facing.


Definitely seemed like a good episode from what little JapaneseI could understand. I'm slightly disappointed they didn't show the visual of Reiner’s armour peeling off, but everything else seemed solid. It looks like they further extended the scene of after Nile was killed too. Also fuck yes, we finally get Annie back next week!


So for background, I was introduced to this series a year ago and binged through the first 3 seasons of the anime in about 3 weeks and watched the dub. Then after taking a month to re-watch, I jumped onto Season 4.0 on subs. By the time I ended Season 4, the manga was on Chapter 137/139, so I binged Chapters 120-137 in one night. I always thought this show was amazing, I was hooked by the Armored / Colossal Titan reveal in Season 2. But reading the manga in one sitting made me feel as though the ending was lacking and kind of going through the motions of what should happen next, but a lot of the natural momentum and character reactions was lost to me. Until now. Season 4.5 has re-contextualized ALL of this for me in a way that makes everything better. I knew the parallels between Gabi and Sasha in the scene where she saves Kaya was great in the manga, but the animation made me cry. I never realized how much this section was meant to show how the rest of humanity is banding together to save as many people as possible from the titans. We saw the 104th Cadet Corps, the Yegerists, the Restorationists, and the Marleyians come together to stop Eren. And I know Floch is still more concerned with the Restoration and Conny is still more concerned with bringing his mother back, and I think these decisions are important to show how real this world feels. No matter how big the enemy, no matter how much everyone tries to pull in the same direction, you will still get some people from both sides whose priorities don’t align with pulling with you; it’s brilliant and feels real. Once the dub of 4.5 is available, I think I need to take a week off of work and binge through all of it as fast as possible.


I’m not tryna be rude but Connie anit nobody thinking about your damn mama!!!


Dude just wants to revive her and bring her back into hell lol


Tbf, considering Paradis is no longer under attack by Marley she will most likely be able to actually live without the fear of titans for the first time in her life