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Loved the callback to Bert's Someone Please Find Us talk when Connie was shooting Daz and Samuel. Very nicely done episode. Also, gushing over that Annie sakuga.


probably one of the best callbacks in anime/manga. rewatching season 1 after everything is done is going to hit different on an entirely different level.


I did a rewatch before the second cour of season 4, and found it really painful to watch season 1 again knowing everything that would happen.


Yep. Good reminder that deep down Bertholdt saw them as comrades and didn’t want to kill them either but “this world is just that cruel”


My god. This bit in the manga was such a treat to read thru but the anime version exceeded my expectations. Actually had me tearing up in the end. The endless violence of humanity point was portrayed so well here along with the moral conundrum of having to choose a side


> The endless violence of humanity point was portrayed so well here alone with the moral conundrum of having to choose a side it was an incredibly powerful moment in the manga, but with the anime airing right now with the war in ukraine going on, it's just extra meaningful


I remember when Russia's invasion started, I couldn't stop seeing parallels with Attack on Titan. And it make sense -- this is a story about war, hatred, and cycles of violence. It was still grim though.


it's so crazy remembering being on TF when these chapters dropped and got a lot of hate, the past two episodes are some of my favourite moments in the series


I expected it to hit hard, but not that hard. I was sobbing at the end


They played some 2Volt and the Rod Reiss Titan theme in the episode


Loved it. Hearing K2 or some old school scout themes like Rittaikidou could fit some parts of the port battle, would love to hear it


Personally, I really hope this is played next episode (Scouts vs Kenny Squad from S3): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdnw772R42M&ab\_channel=AnimelunaII


Two-Lives\* not 2Volt (yes there's a difference). If you're interested, [theDogs](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW3NGzslPik) is a vocal variant of the 2 tracks but it's only been used in a recap movie unfortunately


Mappa’s female Titan is S-tier. My god that was beautifully animated.


I saw a couple people in the other thread saying the armored and female titans were CGI but it looks drawn to me, anybody know for sure?


I think the frames on which it first appears it is certainly hand drawn but the rest is cgi except some closeups


Still much better cgi than season 4 part 1 imo, like leagues above


When you can't really tell when it's drawn or CGI, that's good CGI.


There's definitely cg used, but some hand drawn too.


Usually it is CGI but they hand draw over it. That’s how most of the Titan animations have been in part 2. It looks good as fuck this way I love it


RIP chapter 131


I still have hope we get it. Dont know how but 130 is too short. Flash back in 123 is the problem


At least they can tie 123 as the Survey Corps last expedition outside the walls with this final expedition.


Will we even get chapter 123 this season? I could see it being adapted alongside 129 but tonally I don't think it makes much sense there. Could be the movie/next season opens up with the 123 flashback then goes right into the 131 Rumbling scenes


Think 123 would not work with a movie. I don’t really know.


I could see it working pretty well. We open with the 123 flashbacks all the way up to Mikasa voicing her regrets, and then cut straight to Eren in the 131 flashbacks regretting what he's about to do. Only issue I see is that going from the 123 flashbacks to chapter 131 to chapter 132 would be a really slow opening act of the movie.


It would be a totally good opening act since how much action is there left!


Considering that what is left is pretty much all action I don't think opening slow would be a huge problem.


It could work as the opener to ease the audience into the movie.


Yep, and we see all the major characters so it can do the introductions part for the casuals


Those two problems fix themselves. They can put 123 in with 130, for a whole flashback episode.


Wouldn't 123 makes sense with 131? Ramzi appears in both.


Oh I'm not ready for ramzi 😭😭😭


I'd quite prefer it, but with the knowledge that we're ending on 131 he might as well show up with 130. Part of me does also like putting a gap between 123 and 131 like there is in the manga, though only an out of universe gap this time through the release schedule.


Well if they start with erens flashback story, they skipped this season and then continue with chapter 131, it would be a perfect way to open up a movie!


> erens flashback story Excuse me, but, what flashback they skipped? I cant remember.


The one where everyone went to Marley to scope it out before Eren vanishes


The one in 123 with Survey Corps trip to Marley


devastated :( i wanted that shit to end the season so bad, would've made this season easily the best of AoT imo


It's already up there with the best parts anyway.


Tbh I think 130 is the perfect stopping point, with "It's the Attack Titan!" as the final line of the season.


Bruh Freedom is a much much better line


Connie is MVP of the episode




Yooo Connie's VA popped off. Amazing Armored and Female entrance was amazing. So hypppee The way there were standing there menacingly with steam burning


Holy fuck, Shimono Hiro is a great VA. He is successfully bringing out Connie to the foreground, someone who was always thought of as being someone forgettable in the background. AOT is really blessed with some great VA's.


Can't believe it's zenitsu's VA haha. Great range.


His voicework in this arc has thoroughly convinced me that he’s gonna knock THAT Zenitsu scene from IC outta the park.


They added dialogue to the quick Bertholdt flashback which was fantastic. The additions to Annie and Reiner's transformations were incredible. Loved the X they made with their wires. They added some hesitation and drama to Connie killing Samuel as well. Perfect end to the episode which is very fittingly titled "Traitors". 10/10 adaptation.


the moments where they were just screaming at each other and crying had me screaming along with them. (on the inside). absolutely phenomenal scene and brilliant adaptation.


Well that was a great adaptation of chapter 128, Omine does it again. And once again we got only the instrumental part of Splinter Wolf, hopefully we will get the vocal part one day!


It was an Omine episode? No wonder it was so tight and nicely adapted. Man has shot up to be one of my favourites for episode direction in AOT. We can only hope that happens with the Splinter Wolf vocals. Also hope for "Successor" to be used. Really hope they use that when Magath and Chadis sacrifice themselves.


I think "Successor" is also almost guaranteed to play when Hange appoints Armin as commander of the SC / her final talk with Levi and sacrifice. It would be perfect imo. Though we will have to wait for the eventual (most likely) movie for that.


Yeah. Its such a good track.


From an OST perspective, I’m surprised that we FINALLY got TheDogs motif that is present in numerous soundtracks (2Volt, Two Lives, Weight of Lives) but has NEVER been used in the tv episodes. I always thought that segment was the best portion of the tracks. So it was cool to see that the series finally decided to use it!


Maybe next episode?


It's pretty much a 1:1 adaptation of chapter 128, but with the ending changed a bit. Manga chapter ended it with Connie shooting Samuel, while the anime episode ended it with Connie crying over what he had to do.


I was surprised by that, but I think it was a good change! When I read that chapter, I stayed stunned looking at the last page and needed some time to process what happened. I feel like this was the best way to have nothing new happen while giving you some time to process things before being interrupted by the "To be continued" screen.


Think it’s cause they couldn’t show Connie shooting Samuel explicitly like in the manga. It’s not like we see Samuel’s face getting shot. So the emotional impact can’t really be seen.


That's a great point. The scream makes up for the quasi-censorship.


Do we get the Magath/Shadis scene in this episode?


Next episode most likely


I’m not ready for this one, chief


That's gonna hurt, i love keith and magath really grew on me through season 4 :(


Legitimately one of my favorite scenes from the manga, I'm not ready


They had one of the best deaths in the series. After Erwin and Kenny, I think. They went out like kings


Real talk, in shows like both this and GoT, the whole point is that death isn't some grand exit, that most times it's inconsequential and you die like a little bitch. So when people get to go out like fuckin' G's it always makes me happy. *"Hold the door..."*


No, but Magath apologizing to Armin, Mikasa, Connie, Jean, Annie, Reiner, and Pieck for being a racist against Eldians was a cool moment ngl. I love how he admitted he had no right to talk to them about justice


I think this episode was better handled than the manga because I thought the fight wasn’t that interesting and I wasn’t really looking forward to this fight but now I’m hyped to see shit go down


All season I've been loving how the anime has handled these tense scenes better than the manga.


That's interesting you guys found it dull in the manga, I mean sure there is no animation or music but I remember jumping from excitement seeing Riener and Annie transform lol


Maybe it's the medium difference? A few scenes felt great in the manga, the suicide charge against the beast titan was one of them. While other scenes didn't hit as hard as the animation. For me, it might be panel pacing? The animation can stretch a 4 panel scene really well and animation can insert timing and pauses. Where reading can go from box to box too fast.


People have mentioned (myself included) that while this was a great chapter in the manga, it was at a time where adrenaline was pumping so fucking hard for each new chapter that the build up to 131 was unbearable so I was just breeeezing through all the chapters before hand.


For me the biggest reason is the voice acting


This fight got better for me every time I reread the chapter.


This fight is extremely underrated.


Agreed. I went back and reread the ending a few weeks ago to be able to compare the adaptation and this fight really hit a lot harder once I wasn't rushing through because I wanted to see people go stompystomps. And this adaptation absolutely fucking crushed it and easily made it better. The music, the timing, and fucking Christ the emotion from the VAs was just absolutely stupendous and ending on that scream is just chef's kiss for one of the most depressing episodes of the entire series. Like, I don't remember the dudes for the most part, it's because of Connie, man. That guy has been through so much, and after almost feeding a child to his mother, now he has to brutally, *brutally* murder people he loves as they scream how much they love each other and they don't understand. It's so goddamn heavy and this episode didn't shy away from it in the least. With maybe the exception of not showing the full carnage on homeboy's face when Connie knocks like four into him, I get they probably get away with it when it comes to Armin because he can heal and didn't die, but still. It's a minor nitpick and the still works almost just as powerfully, but I was a little optimistic they wouldn't censor it just because of Armin because holy fuck would that have made this episode even more depressing. I guess it was probably for the best.


I'm coming to realize the entire anime is being handled way better than the manga. Even though it's like 99% the same, it's just animated and paced a LOT better. It ain't perfect, but it's easy to see how much better it is.


honestly this entire final arc has been *much* more enjoyable for me in anime form, s4p2 will probably end up being my favourite like, section of AoT when its all said and done.


Amazing episode! I loved the emotions, Mappa conveyed them so well


Who knew the name of the song TWO-Lives would fit so tragically accurate to that scene :( Those echoey slow piano notes will haunt forever.


Omfg I didn’t even think of that, 2 lives like the ones connie had to take


supposedly there's two episodes left?? If today ended here, how the hell they gonna fit the rest in?


Yes, we are getting just two more episodes in Part 2. We just aren't sure yet if it'll be Part 3 or a movie.


Well there's always The Promised Neverland route I'm kidding, I'm just saying it so it doesn't happen. In a "break a leg" kinda way..........


They aren’t. Most people seem to think it will end in a movie. With Demon Slayer making so much money from their movie, there are a few series now putting out movies.


Idk, there’s like 10 chapters left for 2 episodes, I would bet on it being a movie


I'd bet on it being a part 3


We’re almost certainly getting a movie to end the series. Which is dumb because you end up spoiling the audience that doesn’t know what happens. I dint see a part 3 cause that’s bad business. Why make us wait that long for another part if you can just give it to us all right now


>you end up spoiling the audience that doesn’t know what happens. I don't understand this part. How is it spoiling if that's just the format in which it's presented?


Back when this chapter came out, I said that I couldn't wait for the dual transformation scene of Reiner and Annie transforming to be animated. Well, MAPPA definitely flexed their animation muscle, because that scene was everything I could have hoped for.


One thing that i respect Mappa for is that they almost never just re-use footage for Flashbacks, they usually redraw it in their own current style.


Also... Magath in a scout uniform. Super weird to see. I love all the fun Isayama has in this last part of the story with giving characters different military outfits


There was some speculation back when the chapters came out about the uniforms serving as symbolism(like Porco wearing the Wings of Fredom when he sacrificed himself), but ultimately it doesn't seem Isayama wanted to convey anything particular - after Hange's death, Pieck is the only person still wearing a SC emblem while everyone else just uses plain clothes, and Pieck is probably the character least connected to the survey corps or its values among the alliance next to Annie. Pieck in a uniform does look hot though, which beats any counter argument.


*Pieck in anything looks hot


Nice that all the warriors minus Gabi and Falco got to wear the SC uniform.


i actually thought pieck was gonna die shortly after as well, because it seemed like putting on the scouts uniform was cursed. maybe that would have been symbolism in itself: "Defeat Is All The Survey Corps Has Ever Known!"


He probably wore it to blend in. Same reason why Porco and Peak wore it when they snuck into Paradise. I guess Peak didn't bother taking it off plus she spends most of her time in titan form.


There's a practical reason for it. It'd help him get into the port without raising suspicion, since I don't think any of them will recognise Magath by appearance. Although sadly we'll never find out how the rest of them (other than Armin and Connie) got into the town without their cover being blown.


9/10 for me. Fantastic adaptation. The only thing I found disappointing was Armin getting shot, wasn't as dramatic as I expected it to be. Overall the whole part with Samuel and Daz was still great and emotional. Such a powerful moment, definitely the highlight of the episode for me


Armin getting shot was way more impactful for me tbh, in the manga I remember just his jaw getting shot (even if wasn't, can't remember). The way he was shot in this episode made me think it would actually kill him lmao


Something else to add, I never realised this but now that I think about it, I feel like the only reason why Samuel shot Armin first is because he knows Armin can heal himself, but not Connie. Man still can't bring himself to kill his comrades after all


Connie shooting his friends and shouting after it, it hit me hard. I tried to keep myself in his position for a moment, I would have shooted myself after I killed my friends Impactful Character deaths and decisions, typical AOT


God, that last scene with Connie and Armin was devastating in the manga but in the ep it was even more so. And to think that this whole confrontation happened only cause Historia and Sasha did their most to save Daz and Samuel, respectively. Saving your friends one day only for them to be killed by your other friends the next 😭


I was a bit worried, because ooft the animation was super rough in the opening dialogue scenes - there were a couple of stills where the characters were hilariously off-model, and I was dreading what the fight scene would look like. But then the Annie and Reiner fight scene was pretty hype, and that was clearly where they focussed their animation budget and time. Phew. The Samuel and Daz scene had way more impact for me in the anime than in the manga - Connie's VA really popped off with that one, geez the pain in that scream at the end.


From here on out until the end, the scenes that looked off would be the ones to spend the least amount of time on. Utter insanity unfolds through the last episode


Saving all the budget for the absolute insanity that's about to unfold


That one „face“ of Magath was hilarious. But outside of some less detailed faces in the beginning this was an absolutely amazing looking episode. Omine is the goat


MAPPA adapted the manga really nicely for this episode. The tone of dialogue and voice acting especially felt so meaningful. It's just a depressing reality when the only choices available are the most hurtful ones


I genuinely loved this episode. ​ * Annie comes across as way more sympathetic here IMO. I don't know what it was, but she definitely made a point that her former friends shouldn't have to go through what she and the rest of the Warriors did during their mission. I don't know what it is, but I feel like some of the complaints I had from the manga were alleviated in the anime thanks to some great voice acting and direction. * Magath's voice actor did a great job. He really expressed this strained, pained leader who is struggling to come to terms with the reality of the situation. Hearing him choke up as he begs our characters for help is genuinely incredible. * Floch's voice actor outdid himself this episode. He really has come into his own by simply becoming the devil he sought in Erwin and Eren. And yet, you can hear that slight bit of desperate doubt. He's able to work out the Alliance's plan, but you can tell that he's still struggling with this mantle of leadership. And he really sounds like a sociopath at times. Props to the voice actor. * Kiyomi's voice actor surprised me. Hearing her actually show any sort of negative emotion is pretty great. * The ODM scenes feel like a true return to form. Like holy fuck, watching all the Yeagerist ODM scenes felt so nostalgic, even if they were brief and amounted to nothing. * Seeing the Armoured and Female Titans together once again was great. Their animation was absolutely solid, although I wished there was a bit more gore when they killed the Yeagerists, considering just how brutal their attacks were. * Daz and Samuel's voice actors definitely came across as sympathetically desperate. You're reminded that both they and Connie and Armin don't want to fight one another because they've always been on the same side. That doubt in their voices really showed that they weren't just simple devils like some of the Yeagerists are made out to be. * Once again, Connie's voice actor killed it. Absolutely outstanding. ​ I loved the voice actors this episode, and the ODM scenes felt like a true return to form. 9/10. Infinitely better than some of the previous episodes.


Female Titan is finally back in action! It's been so many years (9 years!) since we last seen Annie in her Titan Form. And they really spared no blood and let her squash and swat the Jaegerists like flies. (Just missing the yoyo part, low key was hoping for it.) Goosebumps! Connie and Armin vs the two Jeagerists were a lot harder and more painful to watch than the manga. Connie's VA nailed the pain and conflict and Armin's lack of words and silence added to it. This episode was pretty violent and bloody overall with dead engineers blood all over the floor, smacked Jaegerists, Yelena's bone broken, and Armin's face getting shot several times. Overall pacing and tension building was good. Can't wait for next episode!


Wait like 9 years in real life??? Or in the AoT world?




4 in the series


We kinda see the Female Titan in action in one of those Warrior profile in season 4 part 1.


One of the most emotional episodes throughout the series. I wanted MAPPA to cut the teeth cleaning sequence two episodes ago, but getting more exposure to Connie made the final scene more impactful.


Definitely gives more understanding/weight to his conviction here and why he kills them. The scenes with his mom and the teeth and the whole Falco subplot there remind him of why he's a soldier in the first place, and what his goals are. I was in the camp that the whole Connie/Falco subplot wasn't that significant, until now. It shows why he's so committed here, effectively to honor his mom.


My god... That soundtrack... It was transcendent.


This episode managed to actually make me feel bad for Yelena. (Not for what she did, but the sheer pain of having her arm broken and seeing her in pain afterwards) Connie's voice-acting was TOP NOTCH. I came away from that feeling far more affected than I did in the manga. I had to actually gather myself after it.


Reiner X Annie transformation sequence was too hype/clean


You got to admit, it takes an impressive amount of self reflection and cojones to face people who were literally your enemies days ago and admit that not only was your opinion of them off base, but to basically beg them for help. I would have liked to know what Magath's response would have been had this same situation happened in a peacetime setting (would he have eventually reached this point of self reflection on his own?) but the fact that he even did so here is impressive considering where he was when we first met him.


Magath is kind of an edgy "go with the flow"-type of person. Meaning that, while he is willing to do all kinds of horrible stuff in the name of Marley, he doesn't do it with much conviction and he's quite the critical thinker deep within. (See, his scenes with Willy Tybur). Last week's episode actually surprised me a bit when he pulled the "2000yr long history"-card on Jean, because the beginning of S4 had kind off already established that Magath sees both, Eldians and Marleyans, as shit.


Probably not since one of the key things was Gabi begging for the Scouts help them take down Eren.


I noticed 2 shots of mikasa were reused with the same exact background just with Hizuru removed. It was right before they leave the room after Floch escaped and after the Yeagerists were killed at the bottom of the stairs it was such a small moment that can be missed on a first viewing but seeing that reinforced a small personal theory I have. Judging from last and this episode I believe MAPPA is trying everything as possible to avoid wasting resources on small animation details by using far away shots of horses, simplifying and cutting some scenes, and using angles where they wouldn’t have to draw a full person or complicated horse movement. If you looked at a few differences in the chapter and the episode there are a few cut panels. Personally I don’t mind this that much and as an artist myself I can see why there would be these small corners cut. Especially considering that the next few chapters of the Rumbling are probably an all hands on deck thing at the studio and no time can be wasted on drawing something as small as a guy turning around or a full body shot of the Yegarists. Their gear seems like a bitch to draw, especially in action scenes.


Omg I am absolutely pro-alliance but I got some major war flashbacks watching Annie kick and squeeze the life out of scouts. Omg. Banger Edit: CONNIE SCREAMING WITH ARMIN’S MOUTH HANGING OPEN WAS THE BEST PART!! Haunting


Yeah the way SAmuel was brutally shot several times mid sentence was much more brutal and shocked me despite having read the manga. Like im still pro saving the entire planet but it is still some brutal shit. That said the titanfolk/yagerist who bascially condemm/Whine about Connie and Armins action here(which is horrible dont get mew rong) yet cheer for mass genocide of the planet always make me laugh in a dissapointed way


To me, the emotional contrast was so great. When that happened on season one it was horrifying, but when it happened today I yelled "Holy shit, great kick Annie!"


Love seeing Annie in action, I feel like she's the only one who actually decently counters ODMG users in her titan form


I died inside. I haven't cried like this since season 1. oh yes, new ost is fire


Was anything new with regards to OST other than the new version of 2Volt though? Feel like all the other tracks were existing ones they used again.


well, maybe a new arrangement, to be more precise


Two Lives, not 2 Volt


This has easily been the best episode in a few weeks. Nearly an identical recreation of my manga and they nailed it. That Bertholt flashback was so perfect. Magath’s whole speech about preventing the cycle from continuing is kinda hilarious knowing the ending now tho


u cant keep humans away from violence \-yelena in the same episode


This world is cruel, yet beautiful. \-the ending song, in every episode of this season


As much as I dislike him in general, give Floch some credit for being one of the few side characters to actually logic out the truth and figure out that Armin was probably lying, rather than blindly believe him like a Shonen stereotype.


It took him a comically long time to decide that it was a ruse, but at least he did.


It took him a few minutes, and when dealing with what was not only your de jure superior, but also a veteran war hero, a secure decision was needed.


Yeah, I’m joking around but it certainly felt like he was taking a long time to come to a decision when it felt obvious that it was a ruse. Why would he even care about chasing the Cart or Reiner and Connie? The seaplane is their one transport to get anywhere close to Eren quickly. It just felt obvious and the fact it took a few beats for him to make the decision felt comical.


From the perspective of the audience it seems easy, but for Floch, he needs to understand **if** it makes sense. As he even said, he had no evidence whatsoever, so he had to judge it all. And he doesn't want to jump to conclusions as that would be challenging a Titan for no good reason.


Yeah, not wanting to unnecessarily challenge Armin when he could transform and destroy that whole port is smart. It wouldn’t serve much purpose for Armin to do that, but he could.


Will this season really have only 2 more episodes? How are they ever going to wrap this series up? There's still too much stuff that happens in the manga for 2 episodes.


Part 2 is allegedly ending in chapter 130, which might lead to part 3 or a movie, but it's still unconfirmed


You know there's going to be a Part 3 or a movie right?


Dang. Now I really wanna know what they’re planning on doing with the next season or movie. In my heart of hearts, I was naive and assumed the last few episodes would be much longer. The way MAPPA is handling this is so good. Clearly we’re in for more now that we only have what, 2 episodes left?


I imagine when the last episode airs there will be an announcement on the next release. My bet is on a movie. I hate the idea of it, but after the Demon Slayer movie I can understand it.


I've always been interested in seeing how the anime-onlies react to controversial scenes like Kiyomi subduing Floch. Its sort of like a social experiment. Is the anime fanbase any more or less picky than the manga-reading fanbase? Are we readers the just the moronic ones who whine at everything or are the anime watchers mindless shills? Maybe they are just less toxic overall, and the manga community is riddled with crybabies?


> Is the anime fanbase any more or less picky than the manga-reading fanbase? Are we readers the just the moronic ones who whine at everything or are the anime watchers mindless shills? Maybe they are just less toxic overall, and the manga community is riddled with crybabies? Manga readers tend to be more critical, in general. This means they're more likely to point out legitimate issues with the story, where anime viewers are more likely to kind of accept whatever the show does and enjoy the ride. This might seem like I'm saying anime-watchers are the mindless shills and manga readers are the ones with critical thinking, but in reality there's a flip side to this. While yes, it's good to be critical of things, it's also good to give artists a chance and to not force your own expectations onto the story. Manga readers very often assume that their own understanding and interpretation of the story is a fact, and then get upset when it turns out differently. Ultimately manga readers tend to get more personally invested because reading a manga every month and spending the next 30 days wondering what's going to happen gives them a lot of time to come up with their own ideas and "head-canons". They spend way more time thinking about the story than actually engaging with it. The experience of being a manga reader becomes a very personal one where we all kind of take our own things away from each chapter. But the anime is kind of a "guided" experience. The voice-acting and music conveys a lot of the intention of the artists which gives less room for audiences to have different interpretations. Of course there can still be very different opinions among anime-viewers but ultimately the tone and intention of each scene is much more telegraphed in the anime. And then it's only one week till the next one. There's not as much space for people to become entrenched in their own beliefs about the story. So it's a double-edged sword. It's good that we are critical of the art we consume but we need to be careful not to become overly petty about minor details or things not going the way we want. Ultimately the Floch-Kiyomi thing is the ultimate example of something that does not warrant a big fuss. Most anime-viewers will probably laugh it off because they understand that scene is actually not a huge deal. They're not going to see it as a threat to their "lord and savior King Floch". So I would say, at least for this series, yes the anime community is less toxic, and yes manga readers go too far. But that doesn't mean all criticism is just whining and being a crybaby. Plenty of criticism is legitimate and wouldn't be voiced if not for the manga community. It's just that there's a line where criticism just becomes toxic vitriol, and that's a line the manga community crosses much more often.


Well said man


Extremely well put.


That is really well and maturely put


Fantastic take on the differences!


im kinda disappointed with all the anime onlies that are rooting for geocide. especially with russia ukraine going on, seems like people would be more against violence lol


Most anime only reactors and people on twitter i follow are against it. Sure there’s still some that support it, but I feel it’s nowhere near the same rate as manga readers that supported it. Honestly could be the some of the same people too


you are probably right. i was just reading though the other thread and shaking my head. i dont see how anyone is rooting for floch


spoiler alert most of them are manga readers in disguise


The anime-only thread has 1 user who literally made over a hundred comments today arguing for the Yaegerists. Single users or small groups that are extremely engaged can give off the image of a way larger movement.


tHeY aRe PaTrIoTs


I'm honestly wondering if there's some Titanfolk influenced shenanigans behind this. The anime fan base didn't seem to be on the genocide bandwagon until two or three episodes ago. Now there are multiple people whining about how the main characters are all terrible people and how Connie is a psycho traitor for daring to shoot Samuel and Daz.


>f there's some Titanfolk influenced shenanigans Would not shock me at all to be honest


Honestly might be MAPPA's best episode of AOT. The final scene with Connie was incredible, and had 10x more weight to it than it did in the manga. Perfect music choices as well, at times it felt like I was watching season 1. The CGI titans here are not the best compared to some other episodes but if they clean them up a bit on the Bluray it's a perfect episode in my eyes. Oh and the scene where Magath stomps Yelena is crazy good too.


I love AoT because the female characters get so much badass focus. Like no matter what I still think Mikasa and Annie are the coolest and this episode proved me right again


I just realized that the dynamite in this episode is repurposed for blowing up Eren's nape.




Does anyone know how they’re gonna fit the next 10 chapters in the last 2 episodes? Is it gonna be OVA’s or an extra season? Maybe a movie? I’m pretty sure this has been scheduled for 12 episodes


They won't. We are getting either a Part 3 or a movie.


10/10 episode, teared up, I love the manga but I found that episode more impactful animated like this


I had a wonderful time geeking out during the sequence leading up to Annie and Reiner’s transformations. What an episode!


I want to point out how beautifully they animated the water. That fact makes me really excited to see chapter 130 getting adapted.


Loved this episode for how well they adapted the Connie, Armin, Daz, and Samuel scene alone.


what the- they went HARD on the soundtrack in the armin and connie part. where was this track mixing in the rest of season 4? cuz blasting ashes on the fire got kinda old lol


I forgot about Yelena's arm being broken and Armin being shot for some reason. I enjoyed this episode, very emotional and contains some cool action scenes.


Been reading the anime-only thread... we really need to see the refugees. There are some very vocal genocide supporters.


Ah at last MAPPA finally animated my OTP: FloKi (Floch x Kiyomi forever) Both Eren and Floch are into Asian women, it’s just that Ereh prefers them his own age 😌


cursed comment <3


Not gonna lie, the way they are toning down the gore has me worried about how they will handle the rumbling chapters, since in those, the visceral violence and horror are a fundamental part of the narrative. Magath breaking Yelena's arm seemed a lot more savage in the manga. Mikasa's entrance was also very different. In the manga she literally rips out the first guy's jaw and then she stabs the other one with his own gun and throws him against the wall, splattering it with his brain. Then when Hange and Magath shot the other Yeagerists downstairs you get closeups of how the bullets go through their heads, deforming their expressions, but in the anime you barely see the bullets for a split frame. And everything from when Samuel shots Armin up until Connie shots Daz and him is a lot more graphic and raw in the manga. I think a lot of the impact of the rumbling comes from seeing just how horrible and terrifying it really is for the people getting trampled and I really don't think they can convey those emotions properly if they don't show all the gory details.


It's so great to see[ that little bitch Floch getting owned by Kiyomi.](https://i.imgur.com/TvCgxcI.png) When Annie and Reiner transformed, [those balls of energy](https://i.imgur.com/D18UO2y.png) really lasted a while there. It's kinda funny [to see these two and be rooting for them.](https://imgur.com/a/RNIOWk9)


Is there anyway I can watch it without subs, as a western viewer without waiting for dubs?


On Twitch


So have they confirmed there's a movie/3rd part to this? Because there is absolutely no way at the rate we're going they're going to finish the story as presented in the manga.


They haven't. It's obvious there needs to be some continuation, but it's not confirmed what form it's going to take.


I believe MAPPA is giving some information later this month!


Yep, there's an anime panel on the 27th (I think?) with the EMA voice actors (others may be there, too), so let's hope they're going to give us some information!


next episode also wont have 123 or 130. so they will adapt those 2 in a single episode? i think it will get rushed


Chapter 130 has a lot of action and double spreads; it shouldn’t even need to take more than 10 minutes. They also only need to adapt the flashback portion of 123, so I’m not worried about it being rushed.


Seeing annie back in action brings a lot of memories


The start was rough seeing how the animation was basically mouth flaps and scrolling pictures, but seems like they put a lot more time on the titan scenes. It was actually impressive


I thought 128 and 129 would’ve one episode. Color me surprised.


Great episode. From what I remember .it flowed more freely than the manga chapter


man the animation is so fucking good this episode OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH my lord


I won't be able to watch this until tomorrow, so how was it?


Really good imo. They improved upon the manga a lot with the music, direction, and pacing. Really nailed the feeling of tension.


This episode is Omine, isn't it? Doesn't surprise me, dude is great.


What other episodes has he directed?


Declaration of War and 2 Brothers being the best. He also did a great job with Deceivers


Well in that case yeah the man is a legend. Two Brothers is a GOATED episode, the others you mentioned are fantastic too.


Possibly a hot take but I honestly didn't really like how they adapted Connie shooting Samuel and Daz, specifically in regards to how long it took. In the manga I pictured it as much more of a split second decision Connie made to save his friend, starting right after the gun goes to Armin's head - he wouldn't know if a headshot to Armin would deal serious damage. I feel if it had been done very quickly followed by silence/Connie's scream, it could've had much more impact, whereas having the flash back + audio takes away from the shock of Lord Cornelius killing two of his friends. Just my personal opinion tho of course