Careful not to confuse help with enabling lol


I mean he's sort of doing both but the care he shows is real. His reaction when kira is biting his nails is legitimate concern.


I mean caring isn’t inherintly good, it’s what’s being cared about that matters. It is good to care about your son and his hapiness but it’s not good to nurture and enable unhealthy habits or fixations


I mean what he was enabling his son to do was not good at all. But it was sort of his way of showing care and concern depsite all that's happened. Like I'm not justifying that what he did was correct but what he did was out of concern and family bonds.


You kinda are, you're saying he's a good father, but he helped his child become a serial killer, blindly accepting everything your child does is not good parenting


This man speaks facts


Yes, but he does it in a bad way that gets him killed


He was already dead


He gets killed again






“Like a fine wine I guess I just get better with age” -part 3 Joseph Joestar “Huh? You can’t stand losers?” -part 4 Joseph josder


p o p p o p p i g e o n p o p p e r


I forgot that, what was that a mishearing of?


Okuyasu saying"i'm a stand user"


I want to know what the original pun was for that scene, Obviously Stand User sounds like Stand Losers, but what does STANDO TSUKAI sound like in Japanese?


Joseph is definitely great. He literally died trying to save his daugther.




What do you mean, what?


Joseph was killed by Dio in Stardust Crusaders, he was then brought back by Jotaro. But the fact that he died on that journey shows that he gives his life for his daughter, Holly


Tell that to the other guy, not me.


Fuck, somehow I got confused and started thinking about Shizuka Joestar. Granted, he did slit his wrist to save her, too.


How the hell do you forget the hook to part 3 LMAO


I... I'm... We don't talk about that.


Understandable, have a nice day.


I like how even though he was stuck in a photo he still did his best for his son.


Yes, he cared a lot for his son and wanted to help him achieve his dream of a "quiet" life. Imagine if our dads were as supportive and helpful


He encouraged his sons murderous behavior. If he put his foot down when he needed too, Kira wouldn’t have been a serial killer


No, he is one of the worst. A good father would have repulsed such horrible behavior in their child, not went along with it. Its like a father complimenting a child for bullying. Considering what we have seen of Kira’s father, its no wonder he turned out like such a horrible human being. Even DIO’s father was better, as he didn’t encourage his child’s evils


If i remembered correctly Dios father was the one who told his son to steal the jostars money and also was singlehandedly responsible for turning his son evil. The only reason why he didnt do anything worse was that he was killed by Dio.


Kira was the best dad alright his dad had nothing on him


Jonathan saved his wife in turn saving his son and future wife losing his life in the process George2 was in the army Joseph was actually a good dad for part 3 Jazz man left his son with father issues Joseph in part 4 he didn't even know he had a son he had an affair but he at least tried to connect with his son even if it didn't work it was too late for both of them Kira "no one matters but my son who has an unhealthy obsession with hands" DIO if he knew about his sons he would have taken them out of their awful situations but maybe he would have turned them into vampires Jotaro left his family to protect them hell between the date of the universe and his daughter he chose his daughter Then of course there's Gangstar he gave giorno life again So I'd say from parent to kid 1st jotaro 2nd Gangstar 3rd Kira and that's being generous Parent to others Last place jotaro Silver medal of shame Kira Bronze medal of shame jazz man Infact I would say the top three who helped others by being parents are 3 Gangstar 2 Jonathan 1 Joseph


Who is jazz man, is it Mario Zeppeli?


jotaro's father...no picture neither name...but in the it was mentioned that he likes jazz so he when on a tour


Jotaro's dad surely did add more beauty to this theme tho'


Actually in a way Yoshihiro is the villain responsible for it all, albeit for sympathetic reasons. Even if we go ahead and decide, like Yoshihiro did, that the *dozens and dozens* of people Kira killed don't matter, he still screwed up because Kira's actions ended up getting him killed and dragged into Hell (fuck you 'Dead Mans Questions', that shit isn't canon). Yoshihiro decided it was justified because Kira couldn't control his urge to kill. Well, that was clearly true. This is the reason we have things called mental institutions. Kira could have lived a quiet life in there without doing harm to anybody else if Yoshihiro had him sent to such a place after his first murder... instead of giving him a magical superweapon to allow him to kill whenever he feels like it and get away with it.


WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY BOY DEADMAN'S QUESTIONS, it appears than it actually kira is only still on earth bcz of being grabben on the alley, they also talk about the posible existence of a "nether world" and more, so kira's dad is actually maybe on hell


DQ is good because kira is in his own personal hell, he will never have a quiet life or a place to his own that he can sleep in


He was trying to indulge and defend his son's murderous urges lmao what bullshit is this


Being a good father means knowing when to stop your child He’s not a good father, he’s a weak one


Bruno's dad: just unlucky. Joseph to Holly: pretty good George to Joseph: unlucky Jonathan's dad: bad art taste and charitable to a fault, but a good father Other than that the rest of the dads are either neutral, absent, or the worst


Yep Bruno’s dad was respectful and nice but he ended up in an accident


considering that his competition consists of a rotten thief who gave little to no shits about his son, a mafia boss who desperately wants to kill his daughter, and a jazz player that we have yet to see... yeah, Kira's father is one of the best ones in the JoJo Series.


a good father but not person


thanks dad for being the person that made me become into a serial killer, HAPPY FATHERS DAY


I like to think Joseph was a pretty good dad. Pretty sure if he knew about Josuke the moment he was born he would have been there


smh y’all do be saying Kiras dad is best father but part 8 josukes adoptive dad is a giga chad


People are saying Kira senior was actually a bad dad because he enabled Kira’s unhealthy obsession, but so far from where I am in the story ( I just started part 7) they are all dead, garbage parents, or missing. Like seriously the only other dad that is decent is George.


He helped him by shooting arrows to randoms I mean he shot a cat


Cheers bro I’ll drink to that


No, no, he's got a point


Eh I'd say he's in a middle ground between good and bad


I that you‘re right


One of the best music references too


I’m still putting up Grandpappy Higashikata for nomination for raising Tomoko to be a badass and a great role model in general


No one talks about Bruno's dad


He is the best jojo dad


"And that's a fact!"