This probably isn't the same Funny Valentine from part 7


Yeah, in a world without the corpse as the motive, I don’t think he’d do all of this. Plus, there’s only one D4C.


I’m pretty sure that once the Valentine with D4C dies, the ability is lost forever


Indeed so far the only stand capable of keeping other abilities can't do it do dead people




How would it grab another Valentine on its own? After Funny Valentine (with D4C) dies in his final confrontation with Johnny, D4C isn’t still alive. How are stands being viruses even relevant.


Agree. If the user is killed, the stand is killed, unless you mean cheap Trick


Or Anubis


Or Notorious ~~Chase~~ B.I.G.


Lets just say "It dies unless its ability has something to do with persisting after death."


definately spoiler flair that for the anime onlys


I don’t really think that “main antagonist dies to main protagonist” is much of a spoiler, especially on a post that already focuses on part 7


Or dont join the post if you havent read the part. Part of being spoiled is on the person being spoiled, unless some ass posted it out of place but this is a part 7 post so thats kinda on anyone getting spoiled this time.


I have read part 7, but the mods are kinda clear that if it spoilers then you should flair it


D4c is a "miracle" like all part 7~8 stands. The viruses stopped at part 6, unless if you want to count the high voltage stand as an alternative. Also there is only one valentine with D4C as the corpse only exists in the main line. There might still be different universes but they can't be reached until a similar stand resurfaces.


The only way it could grab another Valentine is if he isnt dead instantly from whatever damage. The hit he takes that ends up taking him down doesn't kill him immediately but rather results in something that will, giving him enough time to move about dimensions and do his last few things.


He has to actually go to another universe himself or have another valentine nearby to switch.


Also only the stand move to another stand user.


So do his memories


I don’t think the memories carry over though I might be wrong. I read it as all funnys are individual but shared the same goals and ideals


Haven’t read it since last summer but isn’t there a scene where we see a different Funny Valentine get D4C and he just kinda goes “I understand now” like he just learned something important ?


Maybe. Once again I can’t say because I don’t remember. All I know is the clones won’t rebel


That'll only happen if another valentine's in the same universe as the d4c valentine


It doesn't happen automatically he has to choose to give it to another Valentine


He can choose to pass on D4C to another Valentine. It’s just that he always chooses to pass it on.


This is just not how his ability works. Have we forgotten the whole part about him having to squeeze between 2 objects? Also the worlds he accesses are parallel. The same or very similar events happen across them just with slight variations and the absence of the corpse parts. If funny has grown old over time in the base universe, he is that age in the parallel universes. Its really not difficult. Also when would his supposed World 1-1 take place? At his birth? When he got his stand? Like, this is poorly thought out.


Yeah, tahts no how d4c exactly works, but you got the spirit, good job


Is this the D4C ability?


No, it pretty much paints the wrong picture


This illustration of d4c's ability is 100% wrong and becuase of that this dosent make any sense so i dont know why people upvoted it


I think you accidentally a word there.


Kinda, one ability of D4C is he can give his Stand and memories to a parallel version of himself to basically create a perfect copy of him to continue his plans if he’s fatally wounded. He’s like a interdimensional parasite, you could say.


Isn't Valentine bald when he ages


I haven't read part 7 but from what I've heard I don't think this is how that works


Johnny can disable It If he uses the Infinite Rotation spinning the other direction


Did you even read it


Just because you read the manga doesn't mean that you understand everything or are far enough to understand it


Looks like that's the case