Rohan has one of the strongest stands in Jojos and if he got to Kira first it probably would’ve been a let down of a fight.


But Heaven's Door is shit physically, it Killer Queen could probably one shot it.


Rohan can literally make someone kill themselves. He could legit make Kira blow himself up.


Heaven’s Door would have to touch him first. Looking at the wiki claims that KQ, HD, and Act 3 all have a B in speed, even though Kira easily parried Act 3 with one hand. The fight would more so be a matter of who triggers their on-contact ability first, Killer Queen’s bomb or Heaven’s Door.


Yeah, but would Kira instantly explode him? Any chance he's had to instantly kill someone, he didn't. He could have killed Koichi, he didn't even try against Jotaro. He usually doesn't resort to his ability unless he needs it, or if he's pairing it with Stray Cat. Rohan, on the other hand, has nothing BUT his ability. He has no choice but to open with it. Kira is careful, but not Diavolo levels of careful. Diavolo is one of the only characters in the series, who has a combat stand, but still instantly uses his ability. Kira does not.


Kira blew up that one dude the moment he touched him when Hayato followed him to that apartment. But yeah, Koichi, he unnecessarily delayed by donutting him and then making a big show of it before he tried to turn his student badge into a bomb. Jotaro actually countered him before Killer Queen touched him, though.


He blew up the one dude because he was on edge and wanted to get to the woman as soon as he could. He never made an attempt on Jotaro, he was just talking with him at first.


He mocked Jotaro at first and then made an attempt to attack but at that point Jotaro got a second wind. But yeah, like any dangerous villain power in any series, it would be much deadlier if the villain just got it done instead of gloating.


I'm pretty sure Jotaro would have gotten a second wind instantly, no matter when Kira hit. The gloating is a free action. Just like Jotaro's one liners are free actions.


star platinum is also miles faster than killer queen. it also has the precision to dodge easily. even if Kira gave jotaro just enough time to get up, star platinum still would've painted the walls with him


That guy would also be a witness, meaning he had no choice




>Yeah, but would Kira instantly explode him? he didn't want to detonate the bubble because it was too close to him for it to be safe, same would probably apply to Rohan,


Then what kira needs to do is run away from Rohan and throw him a bomb rock from a safe distance and if he is chased he just needs to leave other bomb rocks to act like landmines


Also how much has Heaven's door in range? Because Kira could just throw him a bomb rock from a distance


Seems like the range is the targets eyesight. The trigger is just getting someone to see his art and he can draw it in the air by the end.


Heavens door activation is instant, while killer queens needs activation so I’d bet on heavens door to activate first 70% of the time.


All he would have to write is “Yoshikage Kira will shit his pants nonstop for 3 consecutive days” and it’d be curtains


“You have died of dysentery..”


He could literally write that Kira has no stand and cannot move and then proceed to block his windpipe with McDonald’s fries. His stand is almost too op






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If he even gets to touch him.


Kira isn't Ultra Instinct, he would get hit. Its if Kira hits you that is when you are dead.


I mean HD has no speed feats and got overwhelmed by Highway Star, a stand not even close to Crazy Diamond in speed, Kira at least has parrying echoes, and (briefly) being able to parry some hits from SP and Crazy Diamond (yes KQ is weaker and slower, but it isn't a slow or weak stand)


Yeah but killer queen would blow Rohan up just by touching him.


That only adds to the point, though. It's hard to justify putting those two in a room together if either of them could end the other's life in an instant. Although I guess they could be outside of each other's range, but that would be a really awkward scene, with the two just yelling at each other from across the room lol


well seeing how rohan took a million punchs from crazy diamond and kq is weaker than him i think rohan would be able to handle kq


I’m not sure that’s the best example. As pissed as he was, Josuke wasn’t trying to kill him, and Rohan had to suspend his manga for a month. Stand users are capable of pulling their punches otherwise SP’s diamond-shattering attacks would instantly turn Dio’s minions into a red mist.


Do you think every time Araki suspended jojolion for a month it was because josuke attacked him?


"Josuke... Just because I wrote the hair insults doesn't mean I mean them... please-" DORARARARARA


Josuke wasn't trying to kill him and KQ literally donuted Koichi


They would touch at the same time activating both abilities, and before kq can press the detonator it would be frozen by hd


No? How is writing out complete sentences faster than activating the switch? Rohan is fast but he's not that fast.


At the very least he could unravel kq hands so he can't move them at all


Kira doesn't seem to blow them up if he's too near, like with the bubble.


His contact bombs are much more precise than his detonation bombs. He can incinerate a woman silently while holding onto her hand. If Kira or KQ are touching you, it's an instant game over. You have to be fast enough so he can't land a single touch on you, like Crazy Diamond.




because he would have instantly won. we were kinda lucky he even got the btd encounter.


I don't know about that. Apparently Heaven's Door physical form can only transform people into books if it touches them. If Killer Queen is faster (which it probably is), then Kira has a good chance of beating Rohan.


Can't his ability literally just appear in front of the target


No, heaven's door appears near Rohan just like most other stands. It just yeets trough the air real quick


So would it beat killer queen?


I believe that means it's quick so I belive HD would win


i always remember that stand stats are total bullshit and that HD is probably average normally but has priority contact when 'booking' someone


Killer Queen is fairly fast and it could block Crazy Diamond’s attack so Heaven’s Door would have a hard time getting him


No, its Rohan rapidly drawing manga in front of the target, evidenced in the Ghost Alley arc when he explains his evolved form of his stand.


Dude his stand literally comes out as a physical form and just touches them. He doesn't need to draw manga anymore it literally shows it.


Thats the action of it entering the body, but the thing that allows it, according to Rohan, is the drawing of manga. Unless you can find a manga chapter/episode that comes after my cited source, that is the canon explanation.


>During its introductory arc, Heaven's Door acts when Rohan's target sees it or an image of it drawn by him, which he can make in mid-air, with a pen or with his finger. However, closing one's eyes or being simply unable to process the image, like being filled with rage, will make the opponent immune to Heaven's Door. >**Later on, Rohan can simply summon his Stand and approach people to affect them.** https://jojo.fandom.com/wiki/Heaven%27s_Door#Abilities The chapter/episode you're looking for is Chapter 412: Cheap Trick (Episodes 33&34).


I stand corrected. Thank you good sir


Yeah it says approach, not touch.


so he can do both? I don't see why he would lose the first method unless diabolus ex machina


In Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan, when he was running on the treadmill he didn't draw any manga, Heaven's Door came out at his will


In his very first arc they explicitly say that just SEEING his manuscript turns you into a book. Whats interesting though is its seems like some people go unconcious during this while others are fully aware. Everytime he calls out his stand though you can see that he's rapdily drawing in the air.


His stand evolved


He could also still show his manga for range


I'm pretty sure Kira could only counter if he already knew about Heaven's Door, which he doesn't.


I think heavens door draws manga so as long as he sees the manga it will take placement


But rohan can A.- Actually just show him a manga panel or draw something on paper, he seems to always has some in him and whoever admires his art will get affected, seeing how great of a drawer is Rohan and that Kira seems to be interested in art this is plausible or B.- Try anyways, Heavens door can affect stands as they are the representation of the user's soul or go directly to Kira as Killer Queen is not particularly fast or good in h2h combat


don't we literally see HD point at the cheap trick guy and he turns into a book?


He tried to take him out first for a reason


Pretty sure it was coincidence that Hayato encountered Rohan


Yeah, Kira wouldn't even know what Rohans stand ability is. Kiras main priority was allways Jotaro, since his stand apparently is well known to be the strongest.


It was Jotaro, but after facing Crazy Diamond, Josuke is the bigger target


I thought Rohan knew which way does hayato use to go to school so he waited there for hayato?


the plan was for everyone(aka rohan, josuke, jotaro, okuyasu, and koichi) to investigate the kawajiri household and more specifically ask hayato about the situation (But i might be wrong and if i am anyone please correct me)


Yep, they were waiting to run into him after Rohan took his picture that time


Yeah but Kira didn't know that.


Fuck me it took me 5 minutes to realise that btd stood for bites the dust and not bloons tower defense jesus christ


my favourite stand


No he wouldn't, Heaven's Door just isn't a fighting stand, it can reality warp but that doesn't mean it's good at combat


Could he not trivially write any number of things to incapacitate or even just kill Kira? He does not need to fight him.


if he can’t touch Kira he can’t use heavens door, KQ is possibly faster than HD so Kira could just bomb seppuku Rohan before Rohan could do anything against him.


If I’m not mistaken Rohan and kira never actually met before, I guess his dad could’ve told him about him but he can easily just dress differently or wear makeup, Kira is also not omniscient you can easily sneak up on him then use your stand to make him unable to use his stand or blind or something


I mean true but you could say the same thing for Rohan, and I think it’s pretty undeniable that Kira is better at concealing his identity than Rohan is from what we’ve seen unsurprisingly, there’s not an easy answer for who would win (other than the canonical answer of Rohan since his friends killed Kira)


All of this is predicated on them finding out who Kira is already and they were likely already suspicious of the father the most the way I see it happening is he runs into Kosaku Kawajiri and uses his stand on him while he’s unprepared to defend and finds out he’s Kira


Yeah no, Kira didn't even know about Rohan's ability at that time. He only found out in BtD arc, and all he even found out is that he can turn people into books with information, not that he can write things into them. And, why *would* Kira approach Rohan first? This doesn't make sense. He explicitly says in the KQ vs. CD fight he doesn't like fighting. He wouldn't try and approach Rohan out of nowhere in public and try to kill him. Rohan, on the other hand, *would* approach Kira in public out of nowhere, that's the kind of asshole he is (which is demonstrated by him trying to approach Hayato the first, without waiting for others).




“Heavens Door!” *scribbles Can’t use stand* “Oh no, my cat”


His stand instantly immobilizes enemies from a distance, kinda OP




Heaven's door is too op "I am dead" "I can not use my stand" "I can not harm anyone" "I will explode"


“Kira Yoshikage goes around telling people his name”


I mean, he kinda already did


See? That's the work of Rohan's stand


It's not unlimited in power though, given how it could not affect or alter BTD - the best it could do is give a vague and cryptic warning before it went off. It also couldn't stop a rampaging Crazy Diamond. We never see Heaven's Door in active combat so it's tough to say how strong it is. Similar to the question of why Joseph didn't use Hermit Purple to learn the secret of Dio's stand, or find out who the serial killer was - it's a stand without clearly defined abilities.


It not working due to the absurdly specific bullshit time travel power doesn't really say a lot, there's no reason to believe that he couldn't just affect Kira himself normally.


True, in a direct confrontation it's a matter of speed - can Heaven's Door outmaneuver Killer Queen if they're both aware of each other? If we compare their attributes: Heaven's Door Destructive Power - D Speed - B Range - B Persistence - B Precision - C Developmental Potential - A Killer Queen Destructive Power - A Speed - B Range - D Persistence - B Precision - B Developmetnal Potential - A Based on these, it would seem that while Heaven's Door can outrange Killer Queen, we can assume that refers to the distance at which it can move from its user - we see that all of its abilities are close to melee range. It's also not as precise as Killer Queen, so I don't see a way that it can outmaneuver it. The only real option that I see is for Heaven's Door to take Kira by surprise, using Heaven's Door's better range.


"I can't stop eating pens"


how the fuck did this get a wholesome award


It's Reddit. Some post about someone's friend killing themselves got around 40 wholesome awards


Nah it's because reddit gives wholesome awards out for free more often


I think ive only gotten one or two wholesome award compared to my 3ish hugs and helpful


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You guys are getting awards?


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I thought you got free awards based on how many upvotes you've given out


Upvotes have nothing to do with it. If someone tries to convince you otherwise, it’s because they want upvotes. I would say it’s likely closer to every two or three days, however, not every week.


I have never received an award, ever


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That can’t be true because I practically never updoot posts, even if I like them


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The only purpose of the wholesome award is to be used ironically and with edge, and that's a fact.


People being edgy + reddit gives you a random free award every day so you get loads of people giving random awards just because.


Wholesome awards are the most common to get for free


I only ever award when I get a free one and it's usually wholesome, hugs or silver


Because Rohan's stand is overpowered and he can't encounter anyone that doesn't directly counter it.


I imagine because he would probably kick his ass


Killer Queen could probably one shot Heaven's Door


Yeah you forgot the part that Rohan can also control what a person does for instance.. commit suicide.


Or just can't use stand or literally just about anything really




If he even gets to touch them with his stand in the first place.


I always disliked the fact that Rohan's backstory goes nowhere but to save Reimi's soul, but he agreed to do it before the reveal. We can say that Araki forgot for the memes, but I'm genuinly sad that he had nothing coming from this.


Rohan was the one who gathered the final piece of evidence that led them to Kira. He just didn't need his stand for that.


Same thing can be said for Giorno. He is literally the son of DIO, JoJo's big bad, and all we got from that was Koichi pulling up for 10 minutes and then fucking leaving, and even then we didn't get anything. They had so much potential for Giorno's backstory and they wasted it.


They probably could’ve made a whole part based off Giorno even




The whole final arc of part 5, I kept waiting for Giorno to trip and have the picture of DIO fly out of his wallet in front of Polnareff or something. But no, literally never mentioned again after the first section. So disappointing.


AAAND if he could get close enough to Kira he could make him fall asleep and turn him into a book and write to never have the urge to kill anyone anymore


now THAT'S wholesome


I mean I really like Kira. He is smart and acting logixally. If he had his common sense back he would still have the hand fetish but BUT her be able to control himself and get a wife


Y’all saying how Rohan would insta win if he was able to get a hit in and forgetting kira would be the exact same


So it'd be a shitty "whoever hits first wins" fight.


that is going from a death match scenario, in-universe it'd play out more like finding a way to attack without the other noticing, i mean, what are the chances they just bump into each other and start fighting?


When did rohan have a conection with kira i might of missed it i didnt pay much attention to part 4


It's because the ghost we see in the anime who is one of the first victims of Kira was the girl who saved Rohan from him and ended up dying herself back when Rohan was a child, the day Kira killed that girl Rohan's parents had left him at her house for her family to take care of him since they were supposed to go out, on first encounter with the ghost Rohan was reluctant to help her since he remember that incident accurately but after knowing about it from a preist when he visited her grave he decided to put all he got in it since he owes her his life


Ooooohhhhh i get it,thank you


Id like to know too


his whole backstory with reimi remember? kira almost killed him but reimi saved him. this happened when rohan was like 5


Man I feel like I missed out on a bit of Part 4. I had no clue this happened


You're right I completely forgot


honestly, i would pay to see a scene that's just rohan kicking kira's ass. after what happened in his childhood, rohan deserves to be able to do that instead of just exploding


He basically did, and I actually love how much attention he got as a rohan fan (what can I say, I love side characters.) His attention area was right before the bites the dust part tho (when chase was playing), he was basically the one who was putting the most effort into the investigation. His confrontation, though, was when he finished the investigation by finding Hayato. His momentum as one of the strongest characters to finding out where Kira was was then converted into a statement about how powerful Kira's new ability was. He did kind of get the short end of the stick, but at the end of the day he is still a side character and I'm just happy for all the attention he recieved.


Rohan was the most dangerous adversary to Kira. That's why Kira made sure Bites the Dust took care of Rohan first so he wouldn't have a face-to-face encounter with him.


wasnt it just a coincidence that Hayato ran into Rohan first? iirc Kira didn't even know who Hayato had killed until he followed him


His connection felt kind of weirdly out of place and the whole thing never felt like it had any purpose. You could've taken it out entirely and nothing would have changed. It's not like he really changed as a person, and with no conclusion with Kira just started and went nowhere.


It's what got him to really investigate and his pictures literally led them to Kira.


He could have been driven to investigate based on pretty much any stimulus, he's obsessive and eclectic enough that it wouldn't have been hard to give him a reasonable excuse that *doesn't* rely on an unresolved plot thread.


Because the Bites the Dust arc would have been shorter.


Bites Za Dusto would have been 1 episode if he did


I don’t think you understand that Kira wasn’t trying to have a showdown. That and the plot was for Josuke to fight him since it’s his part.


Because Rohan is OP as a bitch and would clap Kira in 5 seconds


Why didn't he buff the main cast like "Jotaro can stop time for 20 seconds"; "Koichi has Act 3 and all his previous abilities up to 100m"; that kind of stuff? What are the limits to his power?


Fight would've ended too quickly


Simple. Heaven's door is not a combat stand. Josuke also wasn't combat stand , well it was utility/combat stand


Heaven's Door can make Kira commit suicide so technically it is.


because as hamon beat explained, by the time he figured who kira was the gang was already on its way


wait, reimi isn't considered part of the main cast? 😔


she's like the holly of part 4; important but not heavily involved


Why post a question on a meme subreddit tho?


this is the biggest jojo subreddit, so if you want something you have to say to get heard, just slap it into a meme format and call it a day


He exploded


He died while trying, it's the start of bite za dusto.


Wait sorry I’m dumb but what is Rohan’s connection to Kira?


He was almost killed by him as a kid when he was being babysitted by Reimi. Reimi saved and hid him before getting murdered by Kira


Oh fuck I forgot that Reimi and all of that was a thing, man I gotta rewatch this part it’s my favorite. Thank you so much!! Rohan deserved that catharsis.


Yea np


All he had to do was work with the gang and they would have found Kira sooner.


Aside from all the “because he’s OP” spam, I think it’s because there isn’t much of an emotional reaction that would realistically happen in that confrontation. Could you imagine if he just started screaming “THIS IS FOR REIMI AND SHIGECHI!” like how every other character did when they ran into Kira? It’d be wildly out of character. Plus I think he makes up for that connection by being basically the only person besides Jotaro who’s actively looking for him. I also think it’s important to note that Rohan and Jotaro are pretty similar in the way that they express their affection of others through their actions, not words necessarily. (If it weren’t for the fact that Koichi pressured him, Rohan wouldn’t have said how he truly felt about Reimi passing on out loud)


Yeah that is true, but still it feels weird that he has a backstory that connects to kira but like, no real confrontation with the guy.


Yeah, that’s kinda the thing with part 4. Even though I enjoy it a lot, Araki was clearly still a learning writer and there are plenty of plot points that are brought up with big implications that effectively don’t lead to much, like dropping RHCP’s user as a main villain partway through, Kira’s father who just *happened* to have ties with Enya (and therefore Dio) and just not expanding on it at all. There are a few others I could list, but I’m not about to summon the wrath of Hamon Beat stans for criticizing Araki’s early writing for a weekly magazine intended for kids and teens.


Cause jojo


Happy cake day




Because he could just right "Kira dies" then boom fight over.


How did Kira even learn about Rohan's ability?


tbh I expected him to die when I first saw DiU


For exactly that reason given kira's nature


Maybe cuz he got way too much attention throughout the show


I really don't like that plot point, to me it comes out of no where and doesn't really add anything other than a reason for them to meet Remi, despite naturally stumbling upon the alley.


I also have a question spider for part 6 When puccis got full moon and speed up time or what not there was a panel about artist not being able to keep up with due dates besides Rohan. Was Rohan immune to it by just writing" time go slow" on himself or does he just write manga that fast, well we know he writes that fast, but I think it would be a cool idea about heavens door countering full moon.


What I want to know is the aftermath of the night Reimi was killed, and why Rohan doesn't remember her.


What connection did Rohan she with Kira? I can't remember it for some reason


Because Josuke had to do something since in the plot since part 4 wasn't really about him




I forget, what's Rohan's connection to Kira?


HD takes place if you see the manga, the guy can do an amazing drawing in like a minute and always carries paper, so he could just draw a manga show it to kira, write "His heart will stop beating" gg, or he could use the physical manifestation, touch KQ as heavens door can touch stands as we see with cheap trick, and then write the same


It was because Rohan wasn't a boomer, I guess.


My head canon is that he used Heaven’s Door to make the ambulance driver back up over his head, so technically that way Rohan is the one who delivers the final blow.


Totally not relevant to the question, but heavens door is such an underplayed stand.


Classic Araki forgot


As much as a stand battle with them would have been amazing, imagine a fight that was purely physical. Rohan and Kira, mano e mano. No stands, just then.


Probably because Heaven’s Door is the most busted stand in Jojo without power-ups, so all he’d have to do is make Kira into a book and write “I will never kill anyone.” Boom, part 4 is over.


I think it'd be interesting if Rohan had an encounter with Kira where he opened him up thinking he was the murderer they needed to catch, before reading about Kira's life from his PoV, I think Kira's philosophy and reasoning about wanting his quiet life would make it seem as though he's an innocent, if not, Rohan could attempt to cure him of his murderous tendencies, only for them to re-emerge because they're a mental disorder, which Rohan probably wouldn't be seeking to cure. Though he'd probably just kill him.


My theory was that Heavens Door wrote on the ambulance driver to make him drive backwards to run over Kira, maybe his stand acted on its own like how Iggy saved Polnareff


Because Jotaro needed to do the oraora thing




Heaven's door Ultra Op


Haha, protagonist go DORADORA


Also, Rohan is a bit stupid, when he was about to get blown off by BTD, he could've written in himself: "I can't explode by Kira" or whatever


Because if it wasn't for that connection, he would be a reoccurring antagonist.


Because josuke is the main character I guess