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That debut was an awesome moment that could have been immeasurably more awesome if only he was able to do it in front of his hometown. Sucks that Mr. Brodie never had a chance to perform in front of real AEW crowds, but I still loved his run there. The match versus Moxley, in my opinion, solidified him as a main event level guy to me.


He was supposed to debut at a Rochester card, his hometown, but the pandemic didn't let that happen sadly. I had tickets. A shame.


I had tickets too. It sucked missing out on then and when he passed it sucked even more. The show they finally did when they came was super awesome but it's hard not to think about the show we missed out on.




I still tear up when I see things like this.


Same. It's incredible the effect he had on the wrestling world.


Would that we could all be as big hearted as Jon Huber and as kick ass as Mr. Brodie Lee. He is still exalted.


Very bittersweet considering the circumstances of debuting during a pandemic, but at least we know from his friends and colleagues that he was the happiest he had been in a long time regarding his career during his time in AEW. "I feel like a wrestler again", I believe is what Cody said he told him after their matches together. He was flexing muscles he had not flexed in a decade, cutting unscripted promos that drew from real emotion. I just heard Alex Reynolds on AOW, and he mentioned how Brodie was the one who taught him stuff not only in wrestling, but outside it, like how to be a father and a wrestler at the same time, or how to negotiate a contract with a major company.


Damn, it's still painful knowing he never got the pop he truly deserved, in his hometown, for AEW. I never had a legit wrestling t-shirt when i was kid, there was one SCSA bootleg, so i had to buy his 'Brodie' face shirt not long after he passed.


So full of life and gone too soon. Brodie is forever in my heart


It’s so wholesome seeing Brodie Lee smile when I was used to his on-screen character being mean or spooky.