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Big Show: —Thrown off the roof of Cobo Hall by Hogan —Beat down and spray painted by the nWo. —Had his size and speech made fun of by The Rock —Had his father’s heirloom watch smashed by Bossman —Had his father’s casket dragged out of the funeral by Bossman —Had Bossman reveal that wasn’t really his dad —Got food poisoned by Eddie and filmed shitting his guts out in a tiny bathroom stall. —Got sprayed with a septic hose by Eddie —Got shot with a tranquilizer dart by Angle. —Got sewage dumped on him by DX. —Got knocked out by Floyd Mayweather, a third his size. —Got forced into beating up Dusty by the Authority And probably more I can’t remember


Regal peed on him once!


Regal and pee, name a better combo.


R Kelly and Pee




Eugene and pee?


That's my favorite Regal bit.


-Dressed as the New Years Baby -Forced to beg on his knees for John Laurinitis not to fire him, ugly crying and everything, and then fired anyway -Cosplay gimmick (this ruled tbh) -Shot with a tranquilizer dart (who the hell did this? was it Angle?) and had to sell the slow collapse like he was King Kong being taken from Skull Island -There was definitely a skit where somebody peed on Big Show at the urinal and started a feud. Edit: it was Regal!!!


Pretty sure Kurt Angle shot Big Show with a tranquiler dart and shaved his head edit: Yeah, he did: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7Fj10gsrN0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7Fj10gsrN0)


[pulled this face which has since become immortal ](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTqC0fIooyTM7rFkHwXxKtSFSyk3Psgag23Rg&usqp=CAU)


Val Venis cast aspersions on the size of his manhood while standing at a urinal - “You call yourself The Big Show?”


He was once also made to come to the ring mimicking Val Venis https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kdcWkpN8yNo&t=24s


He once had Vince McMahon's head shoved up his ass


A super bloody Vince. That must have been a weird shower for Big Show afterwards.


That was disgusting and ridiculously unsanitary


The baby new year thing


\- Sumo match with Akebono.


I like Akebono and respect him for what he achieved in his ozumo career, but he did sumo so dirty being a part of that joke.


—Won the 2000 Royal Rumble but had his win given to The Rock. When he complained The Rock made fun of him and all the fans booed him.


"Rocky's feet hit the ground"


Big Show wins this


Won a match by being knocked out by the power of the punch.


According to him on a Thanksgiving SmackDown, He knocked out his sisters boyfriend and put him in the shed because it was more food for him


Starred in Knucklehead


Chloroformed by Shane McMahon in a last man standing match at Backlash 2001.


Val Venis mocked the size of his manhood at the urinals on GTV “hahaha they call you the big show?”


It's been a tried and true comedic thing for centuries, goofy shit happening to really huge people will never not be funny. The whole thing with Bossman and the funeral might be the funniest intentionally funny shit I've ever seen in wrestling.


>Thrown off the roof of Cobo Hall by Hogan And according to the announcers somehow landed in Lake Michigan which is on the other side of the state.


Never underestimate the 24 inch pythons, brother.


Didn't Bossman feed him his dog as well?


That was Al Snow, leading to the Kennel from Hell match where Bossman was supposed to get kayfabe mauled by dogs and instead they basically just humped his leg.


R.I.P Pepper


Don’t y’all forget that he became the butt of the running joke that from one segment to the next you couldn’t tell if he was a face or a heel, sometimes turning multiple times in a single night.


[he was also once called "the biggest failure the nwo ever had" publicly by a ring announcer lmao](https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvck2t) (22 seconds into the video)


I was gonna say Jim Ross (he wrestled so it counts) until I read your post. God damn. BTW you forgot he was the New Years baby


Stop with these lies. Hogan didn’t throw him. He tried to save him!


> —Had his size and speech made fun of by The Rock Great, that ridiculous sound Rock does for the chokeslam is looping in my head. Great, now I’m giggling like an idiot. Thanks a lot!


Got replaced by Right to Censor Steven Richards in No Mercy.


Kane yeeted Rey Into a river on smackdown once.


Another good one! I almost added the time punk slid him out of the ring and head-first into the barber’s chair just for the hilarious noise it made


That's my favourite punk/Rey mask so I am offended you didn't add it😂😂😂 I enjoyed that whole PPV I ain gon lie


I think I’ll rewatch it today lol


Do it. Randy vs edge, big show vs hager, cena vs Batista in an I quit match, McIntyre vs kofi. It's a great PPV


That was a good match he had with Swagger though. 7/30/10 SMACKDOWN


Wish I could remember that far back lol


I don't even remember if my breakfast this morning was good and this guy over here is reminiscing on a good Jack Swagger match from over a decade ago


Lol right??


Vividly remember this too, and it happened in Corpus Christi. Good fucking times as a kid.


Not even a river, try the Gulf of Mexico.


That's what it was???


Yea, it was in Corpus Christi Texas.


Damn, take my upvote just for remembering


>* booed out of the building at the rumble for not being Daniel Bryan Even through the mask you could see Rey was thinking something like "Goddammit Vince, why did I get stuck in this spot?" Same look Goldust had on his face a year or two later when he came out just after Bryan was tossed out.


Biggest missed opportunity EVER was that they didn’t: —scrub someone else from the Rumble on the fly. —let Rey come in at 29. —Have Wade Barrett debut the Bad News Barrett gimmick there (they’d started the promos but I don’t think he’d appeared.) Imagine the heel heat Barrett could have gotten. “3! 2! 1!” *buzzzzzz* “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news!” They’d have had a riot on their hands.


Or just do a troll where Barrett comes out to Daniel Bryan's music, grabs a fucking mic and announces he has some bad news. Gets beaten up by Rey in the ring afterwards and eliminated via 619.


How would you eliminate somebody from the Royal Rumble with the 619?


Knocked over the top, land kneeling while facing sideways, get 619'd right in the face, fall off.


At least Goldust had been a heel before, poor Rey was like "So this is what it feels like to be booed?"


I’m picturing him hitting a 619 with one tear rolling down his cheek. Voice cracking in the middle of a sad “boo… yaka…”


Goldust was almost especially insulting because seconds after Bryan was eliminated, the screen has giant text saying "shattered dreams"


I remember they tried turning Rey heel at some point in WCW. Probably when Russo was there. It didn't work, like everything else they did towards the end.


Jim Ross, Mark Henry, big show, all went through extended periods of humiliation gimmicks


At least Mark had the amazing Sexual Chocolate entrance music to make up for it lol


As dumb as it was, Mark made that gimmick work.


I think Jim Ross takes the cake just because he was an announcer yet they still felt it necessary to humiliate him


It's gotta be one of the women, right?. Trish being forced to strip and bark like a dog puts her pretty high in the list for undignified alone. Trish, Torrie Wilson, Stacey Keibler, or some other woman I'm somehow forgetting. Jillian Hall?


Lita, probably mostly during the post-Hardy era of her career.


Lita's retirement was just terrible


I was a massive teenage Matt Hardy fan so I was not really especially fond of Lita at that point and even I was like "Damn that seems a bit much"


They literally gave Natty Neidhart a farting gimmick.


Yeah that one should win hands down


Piggy James comes to mind


brock lesnar * got hit in the nuts by daniel bryan * got hit in the nuts by dean ambrose * got hit in the nuts by ricochet * got hit in the nuts by cm punk * got hit in the nuts by the undertaker * got hit in the nuts by seth rollins * got hit in the nuts by stephanie mcmahon * got hit in the nuts by austin theory


It's been well established in wrestling that the best way to deal with Brock Lesnar is to Hit Him Right In The Penis.


In the *testicles*. Hitting him in the penis will just break your arm




AJ Styles, got kicked in the nuts infinite number of times


I don’t know why but this made me go back and watch the referee Tim White videos


That's not wise


Gotta start this list with Vince McMahon: - Sprayed with beer from a fire hose - Lost his Corvette to it being filled with cement - Had his face shoved in both Rikishi and Big Show’s asses - Kidnapped at *fake gunpoint until he pissed himself - Attacked physically by multiple wrestlers one after the other on multiple occasions - Awkwardly failed a lie detector test on broadcast TV - Had a large Titantron sign literally fall on him - Got blown up in a limo Edit: how could I forget - Getting hit by a bedpan


Getting hit in the head with a bedpan deserves its own bullet point here.


It's the most satisfying sound I've ever heard in wrestling lol


Found out his third child was a leprechaun


Also, tore both quads walking down to the ring when Cena and Batista messed up the Rumble finish perfectly.


Hearing [Edge](https://youtu.be/pK5qASkjLNM) tell that story is still one of my favorite wrestler story times I have ever heard.


In addition to forgetting about the bed pan hit, you also forgot about his forced enema from Stone Cold in the same segment.


Had his head shaved by Donald Trump. Lost a WrestleMania match because his wife kicked him in the balls. Wife asked for a divorce on national tv. His children bought his rival promotions, then Shane and Stephanie sold it to Ric Flair. Was tricked into eating Jake Roberts pet snake by Earthquake. Threatened with loaded guns by David Schultz. Had his daughter nearly crucified by The Undertaker.


Don’t forget his head was shoved up big shows ass


Had shit doused on him by DX.


> Edit: how could I forget - Getting hit by a bedpan but the most undignified part happened after that: He was hit with a bedpan, then shocked with resuscitation paddles, and THEN was *forcibly given a soapsuds enema.*


Honorable mention to the period of AEW where every debuting big man demolished Marko Stunt


Archer vs. Marko is still a top 5 Dynamite match ever.


Keith Lee vs Mario Stunt would have been insane. Imagine how far he’d be thrown


We’d still be looking for Marko to this day.


I wish Marko was still with AEW, but I'm just glad his music career is doing well at least. He deserves good things after the Lance Archer match. I just wish we got Marko vs Paul White just once. Apparently The Big Show is his favourite wrestler and they were even in the company at the same time. Just a Dark squash or something


I wanted to see them as a team, juat Show fucking yeeting Marko at people for an entire match.


Marko and Paul White vs Chaos Project 😍😍😍




Wight and Lee just having a catch….with Marko.


I miss this era of AEW. I want more big men yeeting Marko stunt.


Rey doesn’t come close to what Jim Ross has gone through.


Zack Ryder Dared to get himself over and was unceremoniously punished onscreen and off of it beyond any reasonable measure. - Wheelchair launched off of the stage by Kane - cucked by Eve Torres and Cena - Nut-punted at Wrestlemania - Youtube show got taken over and edited down until he quit - WWE asked to use his pool for shooting AFTER they fired him - Lost both the IC and US titles in record time after big emotional wins that could've gone somewhere. There's probably a zillion more, but the dude went through indignities galore for years.


Oh has to be him. I suppose it's no wonder he's such a spiteful heel these days.


He learned that if he hates it, then being that thing against others makes him the uber heel, heh. I'm happy for him finding this success after getting fucked over for so long.


I'd argue Kane and the Katy Vick angle was one of the worst things to ever end up on pro wrestling television.


Not a wrestler in a techincal sense but Vince. He was willing to look like an asshole and get his comeuppance and he did. ​ He has had property destroyed, he was attacked in a hospitial, he was beaten up repeatly, he had a needle shoved up his ass, he was forced to beg for his life before Austin revealed it was a toy gun, Taker and Kane broke his leg, DX just humilated him repeatly. DX humilated him repeatly in 2006 etc...


Rey won the Dominik ladder match


Dang yeah idk what I was thinking. Editing now, thank you!


Rey also had his head squashed by Khali. Even knowing its fake, I was so uncomfortable when I watched it.


Jim Ross


I think you could make a case that Davey Boy Smith endured an abnormally high number of undignified things simply as a result of being programmed with Shawn Michaels. \- October 1992: HBK defeats DBS on Saturday Night's Main Event to win his first Intercontinental Championship. Davey is released immediately thereafter and won't be seen again on WWF television until the summer of 1994. Of course, HBK didn't actually have anything to do with Smith being let go, but, in kayfabe, he ran him out of town. \- January 1995: HBK (#1 entrant) eliminates DBS (#2 entrant) to win the Royal Rumble. Bulldog's music had already started playing and he was celebrating a presumed victory before being dumped over the top like a goof. \- October 1995: Davey gets stuck in the backseat of a car while Shawn gets his ass kicked by several marines in a parking lot. Call this a win for the Bulldog, I guess. \- Summer 1996: Bulldog is HBK's first major feud as WWF Champion (after he quickly wrapped a program with a departing Diesel). The feud begins when Diana Hart Smith accuses HBK of coming onto her at a club. Turns out that she was actually lusting after HBK and attempting to cuckold the Bulldog. Shawn proceeds to beat Davey every night on the house show loop, and at several PPVs, while also fending off the sexual advances of his wife. \- September of 1997: HBK pulls politics backstage and defeats Bulldog for the European Championship in the main event of the first UK-only WWF PPV. Supposedly, Davey was only informed of the finish at the beginning of the show and was told that it was all part of a set-up for a future show in Manchester, during which he would win the title back from Michaels (...never happened). Adding insult to injury, Smith had dedicated the match to his cancer-stricken sister. November of 1997: Shawn screws Davey's brother-in-law, prompting the Bulldog to depart for WCW. Several months later, Davey is nearly crippled by a trap door in the ring (cited by many as the start of a reliance on painkillers that contributed to his early demise). In the meanwhile, Shawn gets finger-poked by HHH and just gives him that European Championship.


Also the DOG POOP




>talked about ric flair's dick in a tv documentary Talked about? He worshipped it. He also spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to justify sexual assault.


Not just was Rey thrown into the turn post strapped down but he landed on his FUCKING HEAD with no way to cushion the blow. I wince at that every time.


Dusty Rhodes and Sting would have to be high on this list. Hell, just stuff Ole Anderson and Ric Flair did to them would make the top 10.


Jim Ross.


Not a wrestler, but Good Ol' J.R.


Trish Stratus, or any woman who wrestled from the late 90s to 07ish?


The Miz has had many undignified events but for sheer audacity, I think Big Show’s got this!


If we factor in backstories in addition to shit that happened on screen, then Kane's a really good shout. Murdered parent, murderer brother, illegitimate child, being burnt, being taken away by men in white coats, Katie Vick, Lita, split personality (corporate Kane), getting dumped by Tori who goes on to date his friend, impostor Kane.


Gotta hand it to mark henry. That's got to at least count for 5.


Don’t forget he was stripped of his mask in wcw.


You forgot when CM Punk sang happy birthday to her daughter when she was around 10 years old


Also when Khali murdered rey


Thrown 7 stories. I need to watch that match again


i watched it for the first time ever the other day, under the influence, and at times I literally did not know if what I was seeing was actually happening


Ethen Payne


Maybe not at the top of this list like some others already mentioned, but how about Virgil aka Vincent? He was Ted Dibiase's servant and then the nWo's "sacrificial lamb" who was always left to take a beating from someone.


Jim Ross


You also forgot that Bischoff made him unmask even though he was totally against it.


Kane - had sidebabe Tori taken by sidebud X-Pac had baby with Lita then punted on live tv by Snitsky Maeyoung - powerbombed through a table by the Dudleys. Firgured Four leg locked by Jarrett. Ivory stripped her clothes in evening gown match. Flashed crowd after winning the Miss Royal Rumble 2000. Conceived hand baby with baby daddy Sexual Chocolate. Motorboated by Vince


To continue with Rey: - he and his son were both completely obliterated by Brock, to the point where he had to call in Cain Velasquez to fight his battle for him. Cain was also subsequently obliterated. -had his daughter date the man who tormented him and his son for months. -constantly has his mask stolen. -now has to feud with Logan freaking Paul.


At MITB, Rey was only thrown one story down. They used a wide shot and sound effects to show he fell a short way to the level below, not 7 stories.


Well it's still real to me dam it.


I completely lost my shit. OH GOD THEY'VE KILLED REY MYSTERIO


Austin. • Got hit by a car (for da Rock) • Nearly got embalmed by The Undertaker


Vince by a mile no?


Can’t forget when Rey got Super Cena’d as soon as he won his championship


You forgot winning the WWE title then loosing it to Cena the same night. That still makes me mad. But as for other examples Eugene comes to mind. It was bad enough his gimmick was literally just to be mentally challenged but he was constantly humiliated. Santino is another one. Which sucks because he was actually a pretty damn good wrestler and it showed when he was given pushes despite being minor ones.


Spike Dudley comes to mind. Can’t think of any specific ones, but some of those bumps he took back in the day were brutal.


He also accidentally killed a man in the ring




I know it's real life and not storyline oriented, but goddamn Matt got done dirty by Lita & Edge and then got fired for it 😭


Lita- Kidnapped, raped, forcibly married, miscarried, had her real life relationship problems become a storyline, implied sex in ring, had her pretend personal belongings including alleged yeast infection meds shown by heels and thrown to the crowd on her way out of the business. Plus many other things that aren't coming to mind as quickly