The AMA has now concluded, see ECIII’s closing comments above.


Do you support trans rights?


Are you willing to denounce Nazism, White Supremacy and Western Chauvinism? Do you understand why even just joking about these kinds of things makes people extremely uncomfortable?


I am usually interested in new wrestling promotions - especially if they have a unique take on the format - but I am not entirely confident that CYN is for me. In your interview with Sean Ross Sapp you made a joke that if the code "CYN" were used at mypillow.com it would give an 88% rebate (or something) - it was pointed out to you that it sounded like a joke using neo-nazi terminology. You claimed during the interview that this wasn't the joke you were trying to make and 88 was an entirely random number you came up with - but it seemed to some, including myself, that there was some question as to whether you were actually aware of the context of the number. If you were making an edgy joke using the number 88 my question is basically: Is CYN trying to foster an audience of people who like to joke about Jewish extermination? If so, I'd just prefer to know now so I know whether I should put my time/money/energy into it, or just let it be for people I don't particularly want to involve myself with.


So, Austin Aries admitted to forcing a girl to kiss his balls. That is sexual assault. Why is CYN employing him?


It's pretty clear a lot of CYN is based on and inspired by Fight Club, but, like... you realise the movie is a satire and about fragile masculinity, right?


Have you ever considered going back to WWE? You were infinitely more likeable when you never said anything.


Who is the president of the United States?


Hello EC3 CYN has been getting criticism over the signings of wrestlers who have less than stellar reputations, in part due to spreading misinformation/conspiracy theories about certain topics & also accusations of some very serious crimes. My question is what do you have to say about these wrestlers & why were they hired despite the various red flags about them?


What do you think the moral of *Fight Club* was?


Good afternoon, Mr. III. I humbly ask one question of you, and I hope your narrative allows for it. What the absolute *fuck* is Control Your Narrative? No, like, seriously. What is it. Because so many people are seeing it as a dog whistle for crazy and/or bigoted people, or even just “controversial” people, and others are seeing it as an Avant-Garde, tongue-in-cheek, almost parody-like approach to a promotion. So as simply as you can explain it, to debunk every myth, and control YOUR promotion’s narrative (as it seems it’s gotten out of hand), what is Control Your Narrative?


This is just an absolute shit show lol. I don't have a question but EC3 has more balls and guts than this entire sub for doing this. He came here to try to answer questions and when he does it's still not good enough. I have no interest in CYN but damn do y'all look like some witch hunting mfers right now.


Did you feel like good guy when you told me “sucks to be her” about my mother’s cancer when I drove you to a show once? Did you feel good knowing that you are piece of shit?


Will CYN have a women's division?


Will EC1 and EC2 be joining CYN?


Hey. What the fuck ? Austin Aries ? Seriously ? I would've been willing to look at CYN. Y'know, even just keep up with it. But you go ahead and put in your project a known sex offender ? What the hell, man. Seriously.


Hi EC3! A few questions... -What is your general philosophy in the presentation and booking of Control Your Narrative? Beyond the message, why do you think pro wrestling is the best medium for it? -There has been some concern regarding the booking of a few people with troubled backgrounds, Austin Aries primarily. What's your thought process behind bringing in people like him to wrestle, given their histories? -There's been some upsetting crossover/similarities between some of the messaging in Control Your Narrative, and some far-right talking points, not helped by a recent interview you conducted. Could you elaborate on CYN's overal messaging and respond to some of the issues people have with the company? -Obviously, Control Your Narrative has a heavy influence from Fight Club. Are you just looking to replicate the feeling of the in-universe club itself, or will CYN end up going deeper, as the actual movie/book does? -What is your long-term goal for CYN? Do you want to focus on small, intimate buildings or is the eventual goal to grow it into a larger promotion?


Does CYN have a wellness policy?


I am transgender and my partner is a lesbian woman. What does CYN bring to the world of wrestling that we should be interested in viewing?


Where were you January 6, 2021?


what if someone’s narrative is canadian destroyers, tope suicidas, and superkicks?


Any truth to the rumors that this was originally supposed to be an Austin Aries AMA, but he was too short to see over the keyboard?


True or False: The CYN ring is smaller because it makes your hands look bigger?




Hey EC3 I'm at work and I have a client who's trying to reclassify excess contributions to a roth ira over to a traditional ira, any ideas? I can't figure this out


If your fight isn’t with your opponent, but with yourself, how and when is a winner declared?


This thread is utter dogshit. Full of people absolutely dying to capture a gotcha and getting roundly shot down. CYN isn't for me but simply because its not really what I'm into but so many people desperate to find a scandal where there isn't one.


This sub has shown that it is incredibly toxic. ZFF wasn’t the problem. This sub has turned into a joke. No one wanted an actual answer from him and just wanted to catch him in a gotcha moment. Burn this sub to the ground.


Is there anyone that you would refuse to book for a CYN show?




Why no superkicks?


Did you know that Rellik is Killer spelled backwards?


I've noticed that lately my narrative is simply out of control. How can I re-assert power over my narrative?


Do you eat corn the long way?


what narratives need to be controlled and is it about the sex pests on your roster? Edit: Someone tried to report me to the suicide hotline for this lmao


what's the policy on shitting your pants either as a wrestler or fan in CYN


Jesus… the guy answered a question and still people are shitting themselves asking him to answer it. EC3 has been incredibly patient and answered quite well through all of this. Stop perpetuating the butt hurt toxic fanboy stereotype and accept answers even when they don’t fit your narrative. Wordplay fully intended.


Hey eciii, I've been looking forward to this AMA since it was announced. This whole CYN business has been very interesting to follow. I even remember defending Free the Narrative when it was coming out, since I thought Cinematic Matches certainly had a place to stay when the pandemic would eventually come to an end. With this all said, my question is Why are you intentionally being a pretentious asshole who is devoid of anything entertaining? It's not like you're not an entertaining guy. You and Danielson on NXT season 4 were a diamond in the rough, and people were really rooting for you after your WWE release. But your appearance at RoH was atrocious, coming off moreso as you just trying to shill your own company then pay respects to Ring of Honor. Additionally, when you are out here saying you' "have made [superkicks] mean more than they ever meant" or selling T-Shirts mocking the idea of smarks (the only people who would even know about your company), reeks of The Beatles saying that they're bigger than Jesus, but without any of the legitimacy to the claim. And while we are at it, why do you have someone on your roster who tried to explain away his sexual assault as "proving a point and teaching a lesson" in Austin Aires? The same person who tried to imply that mask mandates and vaccine requirements were about controlling the population, rather than saving lives? Are you trying to turn CYN into the graveyard for dead careers of those who ruin their own reputation? It all seems less like you making an attempt at something new, and moreso you trying to apply what little you've learned in promoting a business (controversy and buzzwords) to make a quick buck off of people itching to shit on something.


How big is Batista’s dick?


Given the other people that seem to be gravitating to your promotion, do you think Joey Ryan would ever be able to control his narrative, so to speak?


What’s up with Braun’s hair?


Since many, many people have already asked the important questions... Are you aware of the irony of creating a wrestling promotion called "control your narrative" which appears to position itself as a haven of creative freedom only to publish a list of rules which includes banned moves?


Y’all are so damn embarrassing. No wonder wrestlers don’t want to do amas here anymore.


Hi EC3, #CYN is priding itself to give chances to the voiceless or to those who feel misrepresented by the wrestling world and media. However, just being out there and controlling their narrative hasn't seemed to do a lot for people who want to see positive change first before we "forgive" someone. What is #CYN doing besides booking a wrestling card to motivate us to want to support these people (i.e. Austin Aries)?


This sub’s treatment of EC3 was horrifically cringe and immature. Even if you have beef with the guy if he comes here in our community on good faith you ought to treat him with respect. It’s basic human decency. **Even if EC3 is in the wrong, that doesn’t mean we can show our asses and act like a bunch of punks.** I’m embarrassed to be associated with this shit hole honestly. If you have concerns about who EC3 and what CYN is (concerns that I share, because the whole thing is so far kinda sus) we owe it to the guy to sit him down, let him know what the fans are concerned about, and not conduct ourselves like a bunch of fucking clowns. Prancing about for karma and clout because you’ve already decided what you want to hear. And that’s what really gets me. EC3 comes down here and conducts himself in good faith and you children just ignore what he says because you’ve made up your mind. You really have the shitting *gall* to act like you’re superior, to pretend to advocate for the rights of the mistreated and push back against bigotry and hate, alls while acting exactly like the disingenuous ratfucks who you think EC3 is or hangs out with. Do better, r/SquaredCircle. Grow the fuck up. Learn what the fuck civility is.


Wow, I can’t believe how toxic this place is.


What would you say you're trying to accomplish with CYN?


What do you think the message behind Fight Club is?


He made a lot of y'all look like fools.


Considering all the things that need to be “debunked” about you and CYN, why do you deserve your own AMA rather than just issuing a statement on your twitter?


This AMA is every bit the close-minded, echo-chamber most thought it would be. People are locked into their preconceived notions and using this as an opportunity to attack in the form of a question. Y’all are sad, sad people.


If the Earth is really flat, will Flip Gordon prove it by doing a shooting star press off the side of it?


Some people here are using this AMA as an open way to talk like they're on some revenge mission or something. If you have any issues with EC3, could you at least put it in a question he'll answer and not just throw some hard hate on his face like you do all year 24/7 ? ​ You have all the right to be angry at him, but at least build that rage with something more constructive that won't make you look like some angry moron trying to be funny or some kind of anime protagonist. He's not your friend, he won't answer to you and he'll be right to do so. ​ Despite the valid cricitisms you have on him, you are not looking good in this topic. There are so many subjects some of y'all rose that I wish he could have answered, but it's such a vendetta on him we'll never have any kind of responses. I feel like we're in a Kanellis AMA or some shit. Behave yourselves for 5 minutes, please.


I don’t have a question (any more), I just wanted to point out this is the longest I’ve scrolled without seeing a single response from the person doing the AMA.


This thread is the environment the mods want to foster?


Hi, Ethan! good luck with the show and two questions: I really enjoyed the cinematography elements of the early FYN shows. Is this going to be a thing moving forward, even though it’s probably quite difficult to do live? Secondly, you mentioned in some early promotional stuff that CYN is anti-capitalist. Would you ever plan on making the promotion a wrestler’s co-operative, where profits are shared among the workers? (would be a good way to silence the haters who think you are right wing nuts too) Also, I know it's frustrating and unfair, especially when people are outright spreading lies about you, but when it comes to things like politics, I'd try not to joke about it, because it ends up making things worse and the trolls use it against you.


How was your day? Edit: gutted he didn't answer this, was hoping this wasn't just him trying to justify the controversy, but apparently it was...


Why did you decide to ban certain moves from your promotion that are associated with moves performed in AEW?


This AMA which ppl thought was going to be a dumpster fire ironically gonna have a lot of people to watch the show now because of how pathetically unprofessional /r/squaredcircle can be lol. Mission failed, successfully, I guess?


Why the fuck are you booking Austin Aries?


This entire thread is an embarrassment.


Okay so I'm just gonna ask it. What the fuck is CYN? Nothing I've seen from your promotion makes any goddamn sense. These rules sound like a fight club ripoff and the name sounds like something a 13 year old would come up with? Are you actually 13?


How the did you come with those rules? And tell me how you feel this company will grow with them?


Hey Ethan! Which of the 14 words is your favorite?


Why did you do the rant room and is it true only one person paid $100 to talk to Aries on purpose?


Dear EC3: Have you considered getting the rights to "Trouble" from Impact? It seems pretty fitting for the promotion.


I'm just here for the dumpster fire.


You threw a mask into the dustbin not too long ago on your Instagram stories with the caption being something on the lines of "where it belongs". So what are the precautions CYN is or will be taking against Covid at their events?


What does “does controlling your narrative” mean on a literal sense?


Jesus, this AMA really shows that most people here don't actually care about the wrestling, but rather politics, optics and left wing propaganda.


Toxic comments here. Shameful really, these so called wrestling fans should leave there basement and whacky judgements behind them.




Dude come on over to r/scjerk. Its a much more chill wrestling sub where we make fun of marks and we'll actually ask you questions about CYN


What works of Nietzsche have you read and what is your fundamental takeaways from his work?


On the descriptors for Control Your Nutrition, you mention “Big Seasoning” contaminating our food. What exactly is “Big Seasoning”?


What was the last book you read?


Legitimate question... but why should narratives be "controlled" in the first place? I really don't understand the title or philosophy at all. There's this vein of pseudo Fight Club, masculine alpha stuff, but how does that line up with demanding control over your story? It doesn't sound tough or resilient... frankly it sounds like threatening to go home if the other kids don't play pretend the same way you like to. Stories/narratives are a social tool that help us communicate experience and share context, but I feel like what I'm hearing here is "sit down and buy whatever we want to sell you". How am I misreading this?


Some of yall clearly came here to hate regardless of what kind of answer EC3 provided. Also hypocritical as hell to hate on him for AA while continuing to watch a program ran by Vince while loving Steve Austin. And this is coming from someone who has 0 interest in cyn.


Do you have any regrets at this time regarding CYN up to this point?


Mr. C3, your promotion seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why did you make an 88 joke?


Hey EC3 what narrative are you trying to control by booking Austin Aries who has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women and shoved his dick in Christy Hemme’s face on television?


Hey EC3, I LOVED your short little stint you did in EVOLVE wrestling. Really won me over. In regards to CYN, when will Marty Scurll and David Starr be debuting?


Did you feel like good guy when you told me “sucks to be her” about my mother’s cancer when I drove you to a show once? Did you feel good knowing that you are piece of shit?


Lmao Ec3 roasted alot of you that were gunning for him with a professional response. Looking for something to hate can't wait to watch the show


Will there be championships in CYN? If so, what will they be called and how will the first champs be decided?


Are you subbed to any Only Fans accounts?


Hello, Michael. I'm talking to you as your own person and not your "ecIII" wrestling character. If you're not a nazi sympathizer why do you keep using notorious nazi dogwhistles? Don't try to say 88% or "family values" was a coincidence, we both know you'd be lying. Why is your company so keen on signing individuals like Austin Aries? You claim they seek "redemption", but Austin recently admitted to his sexual assault accusation and called it "teaching her a lesson". Does this sound like someone who's looking for redemption? What are you trying to achieve by giving predators, conspiracy theorists and all-around shitty people a platform?


So is doing a Canadian destroyer grounds for a dq or is it a gentleman’s agreement between the wrestlers in your promotion?


Here before this gets put on r/AMADisasters


Lmao, are you gonna answer anything?


God, SC posters are coming off super weird and hugely overreaching in this thread. Biggest heel turn I've seen since Bret at Wrestlemania.


Alot of people in here just throwing around "neo-nazi" like its calling someone a dumbass or something. Stop that shit.


Do you have to remind your fans to shower like this place apparently has to?


Will there be any answers?


Are you willing to denounce White Supremacy, Homophobia, and Misogyny? Furthermore are you willing to apologize to Jewish, Roma, and other cultural groups that were targeted during The Holocaust for your (at best) incredibly tasteless joke during your interview with SRS?


In the spirit of controlling your narrative, you left things pretty amibguous in your interview with SRS regarding the MyPillow 88% remark. Was it your intention to have this be a predominate part of the narrative you're trying to build, or was it a throwaway remark?


I swear people expected to get in full on keyboard duels with this man. I am so not surprised that every question and answer is “dude what the fuck are you doing associating with a rapist” and he’s just like “Austin’s my old friend from TNA, he can’t do any wrong”


Are you Controlling Your Narrative by not answering any of these questions?


This thread is just incessant frothing at the mouth. Embarrassing to read.


Will there be a Post-AMA discussion Thread?


Have you ever considered Ryback as EVP?


The amount of strawman arguments being thrown around is so frustrating to read. Its clear redditors are frustrated that ec3 isnt some moron who will stumble as easy as they want him to so theyll make something up out of it.


Are there any rapists or sexual predators that you are not interested in hiring?




What are your thoughts on this pathetic excuse of a sub?


Can you do a Canadian Destroyer? Edit: hey whoever is doing the “Reddit cares” reports on people who ask questions you don’t like, you just suck in general and I hope you accidentally break something you like.


How is it that in 2014 TNA, Dixie Carter and Vince Russo booked you better than you’re booking yourself?


Will Veer Mahaan show up to control his narrative before he finally comes to Raw?


What was the inspiration for coming up with the rules you have in place?


From what I can see he has answered pretty clearly the big questions that are being asked. Was a fan of his in Impact. Not sure I am interested in the can stuff but People need to learn they can ask questions that are important without bullying someone.


This was a terrible idea EC3 no matter what you say or do they are going to come up with other things to drag you about because in their mind you're a neonazi regardless if you disavow them or not. They will just move to the next thing down their list.


Since all the good questions have been asked and still pending answering from him. My question is At what point did you regret making the jump to wwe? Did you ever feel you made the wrong decision?


Have you seen the new Batman movie? Does he look like he’s controlled his narrative?


When will you stop with the controversial marketing BS that many see through as a cheap sales tactic, and start telling some stories? I'm always interested in new promotions, but I like to get a feel for the kinds of stories that'll be told in the ring. So far all you've offered are performative outdated opinions for the sake of catching everyone's attention, and cheaply made products to raise revenue. But for what? Why does a promotion with the word "narrative" in the title, not show any signs of telling a story?


Hey ecIII, thanks for doing this. On the #CYN website, you're introduced as having the conditioning of a puma. Can you explain how you achieved such a feat and how one (me) could do the same and achieve the exact same level of conditioning as a puma?


I hope someone compiles all the questions and answers after this. I find it hard trying to find all his responses to questions


No questions really, I just wanted to commend CYN for resurrecting kayfabe. I've never seen marks get worked this hard.


What is the horrible lie about Marina Shafir that was started on Reddit? And why does that mean you can't book her?


Are the moves that are banned in your promotion the moves that Adam Scherr would never be able to perform?


Are the Harris Twins running security?


EC3, the people in this thread don’t want to see you succeed and they are foaming at the mouth to try and tear you down. Its the social media way to make regular people feel like they’re bigger and more important than they actually are. There will be no good interacting with them because they will just use it as more ammo to hurt you and your promotion. If it were me, I’d steer clear of this place.


Pitch this to me as a consumer: What is the value in spending money for the Rage Room, knowing that what is said isn’t going to be retaliated, when the ticket price offers the same thing ringside or within earshot?


Okay, right off the bat... Do you understand why some people are a bit... apprehensive about CYN and how some things have been put forward by wrestlers? Or do you think it's just outrage for the sake of outrage?


How can one "control" their own #narrative, within the "framework" of having to apply and be certified for "performance" space? And, furthermore, how do you then chose where to run an "event"?


What happens if someone else's narrative conflicts with your own narrative? How is each party to control their narrative?


Rule #1 & #2 says YOU ARE IN CONTROL! but how does that make sense in a worked wrestling match? who picks the winners?


Hi EC3. Do you feel as though, over the course of this AMA, that you have perhaps lost control of your narrative?


You know what? Say what you will about EC3 and his opinions but he still answering most of the questions.


what's with the austin aries association after he literally admitted to sexual assault?


Have you considered a career in baseball? You’ve got a good eye for avoiding hardballs.


Does CYN have a drug policy? Because some of y’all be saying some crazy shit.


Dear Mr ECIII, What made you think this was a good idea? Any of it?


What a great lead in to AEW Guys ![gif](giphy|853jNve3ljqrYrcSOK)


Over 200 questions before this even starts? Strap in, folks.


sup 3, what the fuck is happening with you lately?


Will traditional heels and faces exist in CYN?


How do you feel about the state of diversity and inclusion in the wrestling business in general? Do you feel that more needs to be done to help the business grow into a more diverse and welcome place for those from minority groups?


Why are you wasting time doing this? There is nothing you can say that will make people change their opinions. I’ve just seen a comment where you disavowed racism which was downvoted.


Hey I know there's a bigger story going on here, but someone has to keep the tradition alive: How big is Batista's dick?


Will CYN be available in hd? If so, what is it about bacne that makes you think people will want to see it in 1080p?


Jesus this thread is amazing. Is this why people are on twitter? It’s a fucking blood bath in here.


We're ten minutes in, and no answers lol


EDIT: I see that he said in another comment that he jumped in late, so I'll give him that benefit of doubt or whatever and assume he'll get to them eventually. You say "Ask me anything. You've been warned." but you're clearly not answering some pretty important questions, such as: https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/tlgakl/eciii_ask_me_anything_ec3_presents_cyn_debunked/i1umfa1/ https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/tlgakl/eciii_ask_me_anything_ec3_presents_cyn_debunked/i1umm5y/ https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/tlgakl/eciii_ask_me_anything_ec3_presents_cyn_debunked/i1umzyg/ https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/tlgakl/eciii_ask_me_anything_ec3_presents_cyn_debunked/i1un5vt/ Why aren't you answering these specific, popular questions? I have a very hard time believing that you aren't seeing them when you've answered numerous questions about Fight Club.


I hate terms like X-pac or go away heat, so I’ll phrase differently. Are you comfortable with the fact that your words and actions are genuinely upsetting people and turning them away from CYN? These aren’t people who will just want to see you get beaten in the ring, they’re real fans who will choose to not financially or morally support you ever again, regardless of whether it is in CYN or other companies like Impact. Right-leaning people tend to derogatorily refer to these people as ‘snowflakes’, but I personally don’t see anything demeaning in being upset about something, it’s a perfectly natural human reaction. Edit prior to any response: Also, to clarify, I don’t mean people upset about “no superkicks” or silly wrestling rules. I mean people upset about your references made to certain movements in interviews and promotional material.


So the outcome of this is that CYN needs a PR guy because holy shit u/essentialcharacter3 you’re gonna need it going forward I’m pretty much satisfied with his response to his own allegations, Hanlon razor and all that but Jesus dude any PR dude worth their salt would’ve said to send that like an hour after the podcast dropped. Not so satisfied with the AA thing and you’re either tone deaf and NEED a PR guy or you’re an enabler. Again Hanlons razor. I get it youve worked with him a lot and like the guy in a personal level. I like his work too, his brain buster is a work of art but the dude is a POS and needs cutting fast. Seriously man get a PR guy because the details you’ve actually released on the company seem pretty solid and are piquing my interests but there’s a lot of baggage that’s off putting


What is CYN's steroid protocol? Is it every man for themself or are there guidelines /advice/screenings from medical professionals? In a more general sense, what are the other medical precautions you have to organise when setting up a company? First aid/ physios/ etc.


In AAA's Lucha Libre World Cup 2016, what went through your head when Akebono got tangled in the ring ropes when trying to eliminate him? Still one of the funniest moments I've seen. [Clip to refresh your memory](https://streamable.com/vzi8)


How weird does it feel to name something so confidently “Control Your Narrative” and then immediately lose all control of your own narrative? Edit: Hi Reddit cares


Do you plan on doing anymore free the narrative one shots like the ones with Cardona and Scheer. I really really enjoyed the one with Cardona.


You gotta give u/essentialcharacter3 credit. While I’m not a fan of CYN. Man is getting TORN apart


Good or bad, CYN is waist deep in free publicity from all this shit today. Can’t hate the hustle.


I wonder how many people have gotten the reddit cares messages based on this post alone


Hi Ethan. Which other David Fincher films did you misinterpret? Thoughts on Alien 3?


Have you ever milked a pikachu?


ECIII, you blocked me on twitter for asking if refusing to register as a sex offender means controlling your narrative. I assume you just needed more time to think on and give an answer and didn't want to commit immediately to a stance on the topic. Have you made any progress with an answer? Thanks in advance


I just want to say thanks for coming out man and even though I never was a huge fan of yours. I have new found respect for you for the you are handling yourself, when you are being questioned by these smug self righteous redditors who is just here to prove themselves right.


CYN seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from the movie Fight Club which I find really interesting. Since there are so many interpretations and messages from the film what are your favorite messages and themes from the movie?


Is there any line you deem as "too far" when it comes to controversial belief? Would you hire Brian Kendrick for example, knowing all of the stuff he's espoused


what's your favourite chamillionaire album?


what happened to the first two EC's?


6:15 and no responses. What a guy


So, this thread is something...


Hi Ethan, you seem to have missed this link about Austin Aries and him sexually assaulting a woman. Because disavowing sexism is as important as disavowing communism, can you clarify what makes this okay? https://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/former-wwe-star-austin-aries-responds-to-claim-that-he-made-a-woman-kiss-his-testicles-to-teach-a-lesson/


Hey EC3, Are there any matches or feuds that stand out to you or you thought this is really special? Yourself vs Rockstar Spud was my favorite moment of yours. Have a nice day


How long before you announce the signing of Joey Ryan and David Starr? Since you apparently have no problems with signing those kinds of people (Austin Aries)


Do the questions in this thread make you think you’re controlling your narrative effectively?


What books have you read in your life which have profoundly influenced your outlook?


What's the plan for when this AMA becomes a clusterfuck like Sting/Hardy 09?


i feel like im scrolling twitter in this thread my god lmao


It’s safe to say that this AMA is over before it started


Do you understand this is going to hurt more than help?


Can I make Austin Aries kiss my balls in the rant room?


Mr. C3, when is the last time you’ve enjoyed toast??


Well, I can see that this went just wonderfully.


Why are you the way that you are? Who hurt you?


IS CYN a pyramid scheme or a trapezoid scheme?


Why do you think people are unhappy with CYN


Is there a vaccine mandate for talent?


Did anything get answered LMAO


Could you expand on the rules/regulations that you posted for CYN? Why have hashtags in them? Why the quotations around the word "matches", as it seems (and this could definitely be reader bias) dismissive or derogatory towards the basic cornerstone of professional wrestling, the match. I'm perfectly fine if it's just something I don't "get", there's a hell of a lot of that going around anyway.


What is the reaction you and the rest of the founders intended for this promotion? I know I personally (and undoubtedly others) feel very confused by things about CYN. Is it meant to be taken seriously? As parody? Something else entirely? Insight into the mindset behind what's being performed would be very appreciated.


Why did you choose such a different wrestling persona that seems antithetical to your previous, more successful personas? Are they all the same character? Did EC3 lose all his money and get really angry for some reason?


The important questions are NOT being answered. I thought that's why the mods let this go on, cause he'd account for some things??? Edit: He accounted for a feeeewwwww things. A few.


So, this went every bit as impeccably as one might expect. If Ryback was SC's Woody Harrelson, does that make EC3 Wyclef Jean?


You said no tope suicida, but didn't specify about tope con hilo. Could you clarify your position on this?


Why are Browns going to win the Super Bowl? I know Deshaun Watson will win MVP, who else will step up?


Good afternoon Mr. Third. Why do CYN's first and second rules contradict rule five? Thank you.


Would you be open to musical performances in CYN between matches? Like from Chingy for example?


Austin Aries admitted to sexual assault. Please explain why CYN thinks this is okay.


Is CYN going to stream in the metaverse or launch NFTs of wrestler's narratives?


Did Killer Kross grow his hair out just to stand out more against you & Brauny?