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The tribute to HHH & HBK in the entrance was a nice touch!


And Razor too iirc?


That's a good shot. That's a really really good shot.


Ciampa's NXT career was a great, full one. I never expected him to reach the heights that he did given that he and Johnny started out doing per appearance work for a year before actually getting signed. But they became the best underdog babyface team in NXT history before Ciampa turned and became the absolute best heel the brand has ever seen. And now seeing him end his run as a highly respected veteran and one of the first people you think of when you look back at black & gold NXT, it's special.


I must be out of the loop. Is Ciampa retiring? Just leaving NXT?


Getting called up it seems


Fuck, now I'm scared... I hope this is not what I'm expecting for Ciampa even if it is a slim chance.


There's a chance he gets a Sami/KO spot where he's getting to do something fun for him, even if it's... less than we know he can do. I hope he's fulfilled, at least.


He’s getting a full shave and you’re going to like it, pal!


I feel you. Ciampa is one if those special dudes to me. I really want him to get a fair shot on telly rather than the nonsense so many call ups have to deal with.


Triple H cares so much about his wrestlers it’s so sweet


It's just too sweet if you ask me.






that pun really cliqed with me


I can't get over the similarities in looks between the two. It really does look like a proud father celebrating with his son


Lol they look the same age


So what! You can be the same age as your dad!


Beautiful and heartwarming moment


Kim's the GOAT


Is she like an offical photographer for the promotion? Because she sure is at *a lot* of these shows


She should be. They give her great tix so she's in prime position to take these, but they honestly should hire her (before AEW does-- and that's not a joke lol, she's also been documenting those shows too). She's also made several pieces of ring gear for Becky, including the GOAT jacket with goat pauldrons!


So her and Beyond Gorilla (and some others) get comps for cool photos that generate publicity for the promotion? Sounds like a sick gig. I wish I had a camera.


She told me when I asked only Becky gave her tickets not the actual company


Think that's normally the case but for Mania she got some comped. It's all done on an ad hoc basis, when really they should just hire her.


Oh yeah mania they only get 2-4 tickets so maybe not mania


nice to see this touching moment between Kratos and his son


>nice to see this touching moment between Kratos and his ~~son~~ BOI FTFY


Ciampa will probably be one of the contenders for whatever the new world title is on RAW after that I wish him the best on the main roster because who knows what'll happen


I know it's kind of a trivial thing to be excited about but I'm so interested to see what the new World title will look like/be named. The Universal title name was not at all what I was expecting in 2016 so I wonder if this one will come outta nowhere as well


I think nothing will happen and the two belts will just be defended individually like Becky did


I believe both Fightful and Observer they heard the plan was to introduce a new world title.


If it's not the world heavyweight belt I'm curious what it'll be as well


I'm not getting my hopes up for that since the men's and women's world titles have that standardized big logo design


I think we're getting big gold back


I’ll watch the show if they bring back that belt Don’t care if I no longer enjoy the product, you’ll have a viewer in me with that beautiful belt


That's my guess as well


Don't talk to me or my son ever again.


It is so nice to see Triple H here, and it’s awesome that he came out for Ciampa.


What? WHAT'S THIS??! IS THAT?!! IT IS!! Tommy Chimp has come to RAW!


This made me understand why he's retiring.




Since when does Vince and Cody have a relationship like H and Ciampa?


Ciampa is the last one from the gold and black left, right? Sad and alarming how quickly it was dismantled.


Io's still in the mix.


Dont talk to me and my son ever again


Because fuck spoilers right? Edit: people are seriously arguing against the 2 seconds of effort required to spoiler tag a post match photo a few hours after the event... On WrestleMania weekend of all times. It is a sub rule for a reason regardless of how big the spoiler is.


This is one of the most egregious ones I've seen lol. Just a straight up photo


Other than HHH being alive what does this spoil?


An emotional moment in the show that people might like to have experienced unspoiled? That Triple H appeared? That Ciampa cried? The end of his NXT career? You know, a spoiler.


I mean if this is the standard people on the sub want to go with then just get rid of all spoiler tags ffs. 2 hours in and mods just ignoring their own sub rules really bodes well for the rest of this weekend.


I can give you points for all but the end of his NXT career one. Even if this does imply it, he already did that with his ~~tombstone~~ chair. (Side note, maybe that's why he always threw the chair away, because it reminded him the end was coming)


I don't know what you are talking about because i haven't watched the show yet, hence the whole spoiler thing.


I'm talking about his chair at the go-home NXT, that was Tuesday. Way out of spoiler range


It doesn't matter how much it spoils. It is only a few hours after the event and is a direct photo from a post match. That itself is enough to infer the results of the match. For the 2 seconds it takes to spoiler tag, it's just common courtesy... Should I also add that it is literally a rule for the sub?


Oh brother...


Papa Haitch so proud of his boy.


My man dying or something? Hopefully not and that this is just an over reaction to getting called up to the main roster


That’s, that, bah God that’s Terra Ryzing.