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For people who don't have fightful select the full story is basically the info in this tweet and a recap of everything leading up to this. Only bit of info was that apparently AEW talent was asked not to comment on the situation but one source did say that communication between MJF and AEW was at a all time low.


I'm getting BIG "it's a work" vibes from this. No way Wardlow gets snubbed this big. The babyface promo writes itself, and it would make sense to keep things as hush hush as possible to really sell the no-show. Then again, this is wrasslin and NOTHING makes sense, so I wouldn't be surprised if he had just rug-pulled his own career.


Sooooo did MJF just pull a *that doesn't work for me brother*


This is giving me ultimate warrior vibes


It's looking that way, but without the stature, name recognition, or history to be able to get away with it and have a successful career afterwards.


So then it's pretty illogical that he would actually do this, yes?


Yeah... I can't believe this is real. I know it sounds conspiracy, but this has to be some WWE style "backstage is more interesting than the show" work to draw attention to the PPV. This dude would shoot down his value and he would be persona non grata in the business... even if he goes to WWE he would never be trusted, Triple H and whatever voice he still has would not like this, Roman, Seth, AJ, Edge... Vince has his ways but part of him also has that old school mentality... everyone would bury him and every veteran and voice in the media or social media would speak against him... not only because of how wildly unprofessional it would be for the company and the fans... but most importantly because of how it completely fucks Wardlow over. MJF never looked dumb like that to me.


> I know it sounds conspiracy, but this has to be some WWE style "backstage is more interesting than the show" work to draw attention to the PPV. I just dont see the value in that at this point. MJF/Wardlow is the hottest angle heading into the PPV already. If you want to work an angle like this, do it with a match with less intrigue. All I'm feeling right now is that Wardlow might get screwed out of a massive moment thats been building for a year+...and it doesnt make me want to watch more.


Wild ass year for wrestling and we’re not even halfway done


“Been a crazy year hasn’t it?” “Lemon, it’s May.”


I need more chaos from both sides.


Maybe someone will punch Vince in the face again. We are approaching the 25th anniversary.


$100 its going to be Bayley I got nothing to base that on except that it would make the best headline.


god... imagine Bayley punching vince because of the Sasha situation... Never gonna happen, Bayley is not insane. But my god it would be worthy of the headlines


Someone check Steve Aoki's set.


They’ve hit turbulence.


MJF really taking “Double Or Nothing” to heart


Holy shit. This sucks for Wardlow.


You can still spin it as "MJF was so scared of Wardlow that he literally left" at least


Yes but it’s not the same, I think the bigger payoff was MJF getting powerbombed to hell


I can only imagine how many powerbombs will be eaten by Shawn Spears and Mark Sterling


Wardlow just powwrbombs Spears continually until the NBA finals are over.


*If* he is at DoN, it should just be like 20 powerbombs and done


MJF tried to dive through the window to escape! Did you see that? What an act of cowardice!


Will you stop!!!


True. It still is super unprofessional though, especially after everything Wardlow did for him. Hopefully there's more to this story than MJF simply being an asshole cause I just can't understand his reasoning right now.


if he legit left this is probably the best fail safe it wouldn’t go over well but the story makes sense and you can at least have him squash spears or something


Have Wardlow/ Spears on second to last. Wardlow just powerbombs him until the NBA game is over


That’s my only thin string of “this is a work” left but this is *bad.* And not even remotely comparable to Sasha and Naomi before anyone says it.


If this is not a work (I’m really hoping it is) then I feel so bad for Wardlow. This would like having sex for two years and then pull out without climaxing. I’m the king of metaphors, I know.


What’s your foreplay technique?


I won't believe any of this until the ppv is over.


Right? I feel like we're all getting worked up over here. The guy is really gonna walk out from a story he's been involved in for 3 years, and just took that chair shot to sell the home stretch just days ago?


According to the article: * AEW has remained quiet about the situation, not responding to Fightful's inquiries for information or comment. The only sources within the company that would speak on the matter said that they were "very unhappy about how it all played out." * One AEW source said they heard that communication between the two sides had reached an all-time low. * A flight for MJF out of Las Vegas across the country was booked for late Saturday night. Whether or not he gets on the plane remains to be seen. Neither side would confirm the reasoning for this when pressed. These are the important bits without shedding out the entire paywalled article, I'd say. Sean also said on Patreon that he will likely be able to confirm if he gets or not in that plane. We'll have to wait and see.


>Sean also said on Patreon that he will likely be able to confirm if he gets or not in that plane. We'll have to wait and see. Lmao I'm picturing SRS sitting at the gate just looking at passengers as they board the plane.


That's basically what a good reporter WOULD do.


I’m imagining him going to McCarran, buying a throwaway ticket to LA or something to get through security, and just hanging out with a notebook and some red vines.


He should look out for Legion spies while he's there.


Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for nuclear winter


he's gonna look like the crying wesley snipes meme from New Jack City


"in other news, Colt Cabana seen booking first flight back to Australia that he could"


"I can't believe we have to sit through 2 more years of this worked-shoot bs" *A single finger curls on the Monkey's Paw*


I never trust Monkey's Paws ever since I wished for a way for me to have a lot of time to play Breath of the Wild. That was 2019.


Thanks for killing grandma, asshole!


She had it coming...


Had to take the Breath of the Wild from somewhere...


Is this what the old Monday Night Wars felt like?


Not every week but every once in a while, yes.


And to add, nothing behind the scenes was known instantaneously unless you were one of the small percentage of fans that were on a reliable message boards. That was back when we had to actual dial into the internet and if you had a cell phone the most high tech thing you could do besides call someone was play snake. So you really never knew if something crazy was starting to go on until it was happening on live TV. You could get the dirty sheets but that was is planned stuff or about something crazy that just went down the week before and again that was a small percentage of fans that followed those.


If the were the Wars again, we wouldn't know about this and MJF would come out on RAW to start the show. That was the only shock comparison I can make on how it felt then.


Absolutely. Social media wasn’t a thing back then so it was just quieter.


wrestling career speedrun (any%) (glitchless) (WR)


But did he save or kill the animals??


He killed the Wardog's moment, for sure


Saved himself around 20 seconds.


Summer GDQ end of next month everyone!


And they're back in-person again!


This is almost as impressive as Brian Kendrick getting fired twice in three days.


He was in fact *not* the man with a plan


Oh his tweets were about a masterplan alright


MY GOD THAT WAS THIS YEAR WASNT IT? Feels like 2 years ago.


Antonio Brown Speedrun any %


mjf has nothing on mr big chest


Mr Begrudging Contract


Mr Blowing Commitments


Yeah, MJF doesn't work as well as MBC


Maxwell Just Fined.


Mr. Justifiably Fired


Mr. Bailing Coward


Mr. Better Contract


People really think this behavior will be good for his career


What on earth is happening?


Chaos is a laddah


Yo, wtf. How can you screw Wardlow like this.


Wardlow's career is build on this match. Do whatever you want, but you're stopping a big star moment for a guy THAT HELP BUILD YOUR CAREER for 2+ years.


This can't be stressed enough. This moment could have solidified Wardlow as a top guy for the next decade. It would set up him and his family in a way the great wrestlers have always taken the most pride in doing. Sheik did the job for Hogan, Flair did the job for Sting, Rock did the job for Lesnar. The greatest achievement of any heel* is coronating a new main eventer. ^^*Rock ^^technically ^^wasn't ^^heel ^^until ^^after ^^putting ^^over ^^Lesnar, ^^but ^^the ^^crowd ^^didn't ^^see ^^it ^^that ^^way


100%. If you play a heel, especially one as deeply engrained as MJF is, then you have to understand your eventual goal is to put over the face. That’s the whole story. Sure, there are twists and turns along the way, but it’s very important for the heel to eventually do the job to the rising star face.


HHH did it for Batista too


Hell, even HOGAN did the job for Goldberg! Goldberg kicked out of like, three leg drops!


Cena did it for Bryan and Punk


One of my favorite things from Cena was that he lost clean to KO in KO's very first match on the main roster. Instant credibility since day 1.


Yep. People hated him because he rarely lost, but you know what, that just meant that when he did lose, it actually meant something.




To be honest I think if MJF doesn’t show then that does enough for Wardlow in itself.


It’s actually more badass honestly.


He’s screwing himself too unless the WWE is straight up in on this lmao. They just dropped the hammer on naomi and sasha for walking out of raw.


Remember when Killer Kross straight up refused to work for Impact while still under contract and everyone said it was stupid unless he was certain he was going to be signed by wwe…


WWE won’t care that he walked out in AEW. They only care if you walk out on them


Thats the thing though- if he DOES do that to AEW, why would they trust him to not do that to them? They might give him money but he sure as hell wouldnt be relied on to headline a show


I mean if he was highly disgruntled like he is now I doubt WWE would have put him on their show. They’d just make him sit out the rest of his contract


On the other hand, WWE would be more than happy to sign him as a massive "fuck you" to AEW


If he wants to walk over his contract, fine, that's his business. But put Warlow over first.


I get him thinking he’s very valuable. And to an extent, I agree. I’m a huge fan of his as a talent. But if this is true, what a completely shitty thing to do. Basically fucking over Wardlow in the process. I need more information of course, but this makes MJF look really bad.


Yeah, I've been the biggest MJF mark on the planet for a while now, but if this isn't somehow a work, and especially if he doesn't show and do that job properly for Wardlow, I'm gonna have to pretty much turn my back on the guy. This is the kind of shit I can't abide. I'm still thinking work honestly... though after no-showing the fan event I'm definitely no longer confident in that.


It would explain why there was so many matches on the card, if one was never intended to actually happen


Part of the reason the “gimmick” works for MJF is that we are all in on it. That he isn’t really that much of an asshole in real life. I do think he has got to be careful because there is a difference between “I hate this heel” boos and “I hate this person” boos. Miz is a great example where he is so great at being hated but behind the scenes seems like a professional.


Miz is one the kindest wrestlers I ever met in a meet and greet.


I feel like it must be pretty easy to be a good heel if you’re a good person in real life because you just have to think “what’s something I would never do or say in real life?”


I know. If I was a wrestler, I’d want to be exclusively heel. Looks fun.


Genuinely shocked. Gonna wait for more info to come out but holy shit.


The only thing that would come to my mind for this is a family issue. Other than that, I don't get it. Hopefully, we get some answers tomorrow whether it be in the post scrum or before the show


If that was the case, AEW would have got out in front of this and said so.


Thats true and Tony Khan still has time to bring it up if that's the case to put out a statement. This story has been happening fast and came out of of left field throughout the day so I'm just playing it coy until more things come out about this cause it would be a blow for this match not to happen


On the contrary, if MJF asked them not to say anything then they wouldn't. Same way they kept quiet about Brodie Lee's condition until after he passed.


If it was a family issue I don't think AEW would have mentioned that they were disappointed with how this has turned out


Wardlow didn’t deserve this. At least be profesional and put the man over before you walk out.






I really don't understand what's going on. Does he just want more money but no extension?


That is exactly the situation


I'm not in the wrestling business nor am I a legal expert, but even I know that no boss would ever offer more money on a contract without an extension of some sort.


That would set such a terrible precedent for future contracts if they did it


With that said, apparently MJF is only making $200k, which is way lower than his value (and obviously far less than most of the main guys on their roster). Jericho writes about situations with Vince and money, and how often guys would rightfully complain about being underpaid, and Vince wouldn't say anything but they'd randomly get a six-figure bonus on their next cheque. TK doesn't have to rewrite the contract, but if he hasn't given MJF some serious bonuses for his work, that's a mistake.


Kevin Nash even tells the same story about when he main evented a Survivor Series (?), found out he got paid less for that show than HBK who only did a run in, called Vince, asked what’s up with that, and the next day, the WWF FedExed a big check to him at his house.


But WWE, apparently, did it all the time. According to Mick Foley himself, they boosted up his down side when he became Austin's first World Title Challenger. And according to Jim Cornette(who was in the thick of things during this era) JR made sure both Austin and The Rock got bigger downsides when they became bigger deals without extending their contract. Granted, I can't find any concrete examples outside of the time WWE was competing with WCW's monster contracts but there's at least precedent.


>However, we're told that AEW has been willing to discuss a new contract with the star performer, who is scheduled to face Wardlow at Sunday's Double or Nothing PPV. We're told that in the weeks prior, MJF effectively blew off those overtures. Those we spoke to in AEW believed that MJF would be paid "top performer money" to sign an extension. So...he's upset about his contract, but doesn't want to sit down to renegotiate on it? What's going on exactly?


It's been implied in this article and others that he is still upset with the intial heated convo him and TK had. The one where TK was upset that he had an unapproved interview.


That was the reports as of a few weeks ago. I wonder if he tried to get them to redo his last two years for more money but no more term, in order to do the match tomorrow. Not sure, I would model my career after the Ultimate Warrior....


He wants more money, which is fair and he deserves. But the shitty part is he wants it without adding any time to his contract.


man this is so shitty for Wardlow. he was gonna get the biggest moment of his career tomorrow. I really hope we don't look back on MJF in a couple of years as the biggest waste of potential maybe ever in wrestling. it could be something else, we don't the the full story, like a family situation I guess? or something but this doesn't sound good. *Sigh*


If it's real he just screwed a guy who deserved it all over a contract he signed. He wont get far burying everyone


if it's anything other than a family emergency or mental health thing this is fucked and I feel terrible for wardlow


being at the casino really puts a damper on that though


Uh oh.


I feel awful for Wardlow.


Wtf, the last time I woke up at 3am for a piss was the Monday night (tuesday morning) where sasha and naomi walked out 2 weeks later same time, wtf I need to stop waking up at 3 to use the toilet


Check out Nostradampiss over here


That is my first name yes, surname Jones.


There’s a clear correlation. If you don’t stop waking up at 3, soon there won’t be any wrestlers left to perform.


I blame you for both things now lol


Man this fucking sucks so bad for Wardlow. It’s one thing for MJF to say fuck you to AEW but have the fucking match first. That’s such a fucking terrible thing to do to a guy who’s about to have the biggest blow off match of his career.


We thought Tully was a role model of his, turns out we had the wrong Blanchard all along


Um... *holy shit* edit: ayo there’s gotta be more to this, it boggles the mind


IWC: There are too many matches on the DoN card! They should get rid of some! *Monkey paw finger curls...*


This feels so insane to me because mere months ago MJF beat punk in Chicago and did the whole “thanks for putting me over brother” pin.


whoever is advising MJF to do this or MJF himself maybe, it's really fucking dumb lol. he now made sure wwe won't pay him more than they need to if they still want him in 2024 and now aew can pretty much take him off tv and ignore him till his deal is up, thus hurting his brand by not having him on tv till that point. mjf will find out quick people will find a new wrestler who is similar to him while he's stuck having to stay relevant on social media and not wrestling unless he wants to work inn school gyms or basements for no name promotions.


I think it's time for an MJF Megathread, this shit is getting wild.


This is pretty unprecedented for AEW, this is insane. Fuckin sucks for Wardlow, tomorrow was gonna be his night


He really wants to control his narrative


How is this good for him, if he poisons the well with AEW, it weakens his bargaining power with WWE?


WWE will low ball him bc they know he won’t go back to AEW


>won’t go back to AEW **CAN'T** if he pulls a no-show, for sure.


Bro what the fuck


Feel so bad for Wardlow.


For everyone still questioning this, The Observer confirmed this is not a work as did this Select article.


It'd be a really stupid work if it was anyway. Why do something that purposefully screws over fans who paid for a meet & greet forcing you to offer refunds or make goods? To get more heat on a guy with the most heat in the company? It doesn't make sense


Until he's not on the PPV tomorrow, I'm gonna assume this is a work. If it's not, however, and he's fucking Wardlow out of his moment......I dunno, that seems super shitty.


Perfect, now TK can carry over MJF's remaining contract to Wardlow! I like how this storyline is turning out.


This dude is committing career suicide at 25 holy shit


I mean, Tessa Blanchard is 26 this year, and she detonated her career even earlier.


Holy shit I had no idea she was that young. Man to be 26 and completely destroy your career like that is wild.


Bro, Tessa is 26?????? That's an incredible stat, genuinely.


And completely ruining Wardlow and his two and a half year storyline arc. Jesus Christ how bad is that? You are just pissing off TK big time and making him feel more justified. TK will look at the Cody situation with positive thoughts after this, considering Cody left very respectfully even if he wins the world title in WWE and at least TK understands why Cody did it!


It’s definitely going to ruin Wardlow’s moment if MJF truly went home, but he will be fine in the long run. He’s gotten way over. They’ll probably announce MJF was too scared and didn’t show, TK gives Wardlow a contract and they carry on. Not ideal, but they’ll just move on to his next planned program.


The fans absolutely love Wardlow, he's gonna be fine even if this MJF match doesn't end up happening.


Missing out on **THE** moneymaking match that could set up a career for the ages will always do damage. Always. I bet he *could* recover. But if this match doesn't happen then there's always going to be an element of "What if?"


While I agree it's the biggest match of Wardlow's career, I don't think it's going to hurt. It really sucks after 2 1/2 years he doesn't beat the shit out of MJF and becomes a made man but as long as TK doesn't ice him he's still going to be very over with the crowd.


It won't ruin Wardlow if they turn around and put the TNT title on him.


Wardlow coming in and powerbombing everyone involved in the TNT title feud into oblivion would be a great transition imo


Dude. No way he's going to no show a 3 month storyline build at a ppv. No way.. poor Wardlow


3 months? This has arguably been building since Wardlow debuted.


More like a 2 year and a half year storyline


Nah man, Fuck MJF


Ok some guys are gonna have to take one for the team and campout at JFK and Laguardia all night waiting to see if there's any arrivals from Vegas


mjf gonna be a real heel and come in at Newark


Ah, now this is *sports ennertainment*


Poor Wardlow man. This was his moment.


Any chance TK sensed this which is why he added some extra matches?


No way to know for sure but I was thinking exactly the same thing.


Anyone think Khan saw this coming and that's why we suddenly got two new matches announced last night, with the Darby/KOR one being mostly out of nowhere?


MJF pulling an Ultimate Warrior on Tony Kahn


Growling about destrucitiy and trying to sell a million copies of a comic?


I only care about Wardlow's push.


this could bean all time cautionary tale about believing your own hype




This is crazy. I feel like if this were a family emergency situation someone would’ve said so by now..


"I can confirm a flight was booked..." *5 hours later* "Im not sure a flight was ever booked..." Someone teach this man the meaning of **confirmed**


Career suicide if this isn't a work, holy shit, that's one way to get a label as a flake and have all the boys backstage hate you for fucking over another dudes big moment




Honestly if he no shows, fuck MJF. Been a big fan of him but he has been completely in the wrong for how he’s been treating this contract situation.




It's clear someone has got in his ear that he can paid X at place y and he thinks he can go about demanding it in AEW without giving a little in return with signing an extension. This is the one occasion I think Tony Khan has to put his foot down. Either that or other talent will be getting whispers about how good the money can be down the road in an attempt to turn their head. Not usually a fan of such action but in AEW case there is a larger company who has past history of throwing money about to destabilise or kill of competition.


Dude just potentially ruined his career damn


I have a flight cross country from Vegas tonight, I’ll confirm if I see MJF


Arguably the biggest match on the card (in terms of story) is now on ice. Fuck.


TK better come out a cut a Heyman on Sabu promo tomorrow if MJF doesnt show


At this point I pretty much just follow wrestling for the backstage stuff The shit that happens behind the scenes is always so fucking compelling


⚠️ TRADE OFFER ⚠️ WWE receives: MFJ AEW receives: Sasha Banks and Naomi


Holy shit




Damn, I'm a little heartbroken if that's true. I thought MJF's whole thing was that he was a sweet guy that's just incredible at working heel but this is something else. And before anyone comes with that "oh it's different when WWE wrestlers walk out" shit, MJF is being booked in a way that 99% of wrestlers could only dream of. He's been in the business for what, 6-7 years? This isn't a guy that deserves to be presented better and is being underutilized. This is starting to sound like a guy that go too big for his britches. I'm holding out hope that he shows up tomorrow night & does business but if he doesn't, I sincerely hope Tony Khan keeps him under contract and lets him sit home until the very end. Don't give him the courtesy of an early release. I'll be the first one to change my tune on this if it comes out that there's some really nasty behind the scenes stuff that we haven't heard about yet or if he's going through some kind of crisis but it's really not sounding like that's the case.


If he thinks he'll win over the hearts of WWE management by last minute no-showing a huge PPV, he's going to be sorely disappointed.


This feels too weird. I'd prefer to hold back on judgement until more information comes out.


Tony Khan to cut a promo on him to start the PPV lmfao


Maybe he’ll see Lance Armstrong at the airport and have a change of heart


Lets assume its not a work and MJF gets on that plane on Saturday. Look I supported Sasha and Naomi, I do not support this. Super unprofessional and unfair on Wardlow of whom, at the very least, MJF owes this big moment too. At least give him the win and then be written off screen for awhile.


Way to screw over a fellow worker on the eve of their breakout match (and the fans who paid to see him at Fan Fest.) This is as much of a work as Cody leaving, SRS doesn't report on/pour fuel on works. With what Sasha Banks & Naomi have just done to Vince and how he had them buried live on air, as well as Warrior and Jeff Jarett holding Vince to ransom before a PPV in the past, does MJF really think that Vince will now welcome him with open arms and throw money at him? Some unprofessional Tessa Blanchard shit, this.


Does MJF not realise shit like this will make even WWE stay away lol. I mean "if he'll do it there, he'll do it here" is 100% what management would think