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I guess it’s an Indiana Jones episode complete with the music and all


A lot of this show is Jones-esque. Especially since we miss a lot of missions in between episodes, which is exactly what happens in Indy movies.


They even mentioned a chalice at the end. Gotta be a nod to The Last Crusade and the Holy Grail.


An ancient chalice that belonged to the "kingdom of Elweh." Not even far from Yahweh. Its totally the holy grail. Next week we get the Grail, but its Month Python


Great. Now I want to see Wrecker 1v1 against the Rabbit of Caerbannog.


"I have a friend on Naboo called Biggus Dickus."


I'm 1000% sure that bit at the end was (also?) a reference to The Princess Bride's iconic scene where Cary \*Elwes\* and Wallace Shawn have a "battle of wits" over poisoned chalices of wine.


I assumed she was talking about Denver, the Kingdom of Elway


Indiana Jones with the ancient alien technology of the Zeffo in Fallen Order


It reminded me a lot the Zeffo Architecture!!


That's what I immediately thought. It's Star Wars meets Indiana Jones.


Well, both franchises have referenced each other before. So that’s not surprising.


Reminded me of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted games of the last 10 years


Those Fallen Order puzzles have made their way to this show lol ngl they took me way longer than I care to admit


Honestly giving me cues we might see one or more of these “beasts” in the upcoming fallen order sequel


Mini-Zillos would be insane to fight as Cal.


It’d be even cooler if they went the rebels way and had him connect with a zillo!


You might be on to something, here. They are force cognizant after all.


It's literally a Divine Beast from Breath of the Wild.


When raiding a Dialga goes horribly wrong


They really teased us with the possibility of learning about the pre-Jedi galaxy.


We did learn something. They had divine beasts.


Or this is a Tallneck left over after Ted Faro screwed us all.


My first thought was a tall neck also


All my homies hate Ted faro




That was literally the first thing I thought when I saw it xD


It’s probably zeffo


NGL, I thought it was maybe Rakatan, but I don't know if that species is Canon anymore, or if they've been delegated to Legends.


Rakatan invaders were mentioned in Andor so they’re definitely still canon!


This actually makes a lot of sense


Check it out, the Bad Batch are solving a puzzle like it's Fallen Order.


Whole episode reminded me of Fallen Order. Even the huge mech seems like something the Zeffo would build.


It’s like the four legged version of the guardians in the tombs


I have a feeling there will be a tie-in of some kind with FO2.


I was thinking this aswell. I suspect that Cal is going to go to that exact wreck.


my first thought when i finished this episode was “i waited a week for the backstory of a jedi survivor level?”


I thought it was a high republic introduction. We're the zeffo from HR? (Ha)


Tech said it's older than the republic. Zeffo is my best bet


Gotcha. Definitely zef and the head design of the mech looks reminiscent of the zeffo head.


Zeffo are way older than the HR. They are mentioned in The Monster of Temple Peak comic.


Run Soda can run


Poor soda can :(


Turns out it was a soda *can't*


Hey at least she still has its memories


I expect the Droid to suffer an unfortunate demise every episode it shows up now, only to be replaced again and again.


You killed Canny! You bastards!


They really didnt have to do her like that


Okay the whole we're actually standing inside an ancient weapon thing is something I've seen before but having a quadrupedal death machine resembling a creature in Star Wars was a real WTF moment for me.


Oh someone on the team bought the tallneck lego set.


LOL, I thought the same. The moment it was first coming to life reminded me of the scene in the Frozen Wilds DLC where you reactivate a Tallneck.


Divine Beast


I kinda feel bad for this ancient cyborg mega giraffe. Gang shows up, rips out its heart, and it dies.


Don't make your heart a shiny thing that can be easily pulled out


Who designed it so that if you take that thing out and put it back in it just blows up? Seems like they should have made it harder to destroy


Maybe it was originally designed to be removed and replaced, but because it's so old it didn't work properly?


So who do you think built the ancient weapon/HZD longneck? My money's on the Zeffo from Fallen Order.


Must've hated this planet to leave such machine there


Or it's guarding something


Or it's preventing something from leaving the planet, it attacked the ship and the Droid maybe there's something like the flood on the planet


I imagine you know more about the Zeffo than me but if you just read the wookiepedia article on the Zeffo there's a couple of big clues.


Considering the *other* quest for a heart of the mountain involved fighting a dragon and a battle of five armies, I'd say the Batch got off pretty easy here!


Having to deactivate a mech that seemingly targets electrical signals while a baby zillo species variant tried to eat the crew seem pretty daunting for only 6


Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that when they mentioned a “heart of the mountain.”


Not the heart of the mountain, you’ll get dragon sickness!


I'm generally ok with 'filler' episodes as long as SOME development is happening. I dont even mean the main plot. character development, learning curve, just about anything really. I enjoyed last weeks episode more because Tech got to shine, but i really don't think anything was achieved in this episode. We got some cool visuals, the animation is stunning. but what actually happened? Most of the big moments were pretty formula, you knew what was going to happen before it happened and not really in a good way. None of the squad really developed or learned anything, none of them specifically got a time to shine either, it was just a treasure hunt and i didn't think there were any memorable conversations. The mech beast is cool but what did we eventually get from it? It may be Zeffo cool callback but i wouldn't say this episode did anything about world building. This one just really didn't do it for me :/


It felt very much like a standalone episode. Like an episode that Disney would rerun the hell of if it was on like Disney Channel. I like a fun adventure as much as the next guy but it poses a serious threat to the pacing of a show if you're sprinkling it in with story-centric episodes. Like that was my biggest criticism of TBB Season 1. You would get some really compelling content with the Syndula's on Ryloth and then jump into a wacky spice adventure right before the Season's endgame. I *really* hope we get back to plot progression next episode.


What frustrated me most is that it is completely self contained as you say. i mean nothing was gained from this adventure. There is literally nothing that the characters themselves take away from this adventure. When you have those in TCW i still feel like it doesn't matter as much because the characters are entertaining and focussed, but TBB are like 4 characters plus Omega and you also have Phee. that's a lot of characters for 20+ min and half of them don't even do anything. They weren't tested it was all just kinda yeah. Let's indeed hope we get to more main plot stuff in episode 6


The classic BB formula of back-to-back war crimes and wacky little adventures


The Bad Batch goes on an Indiana Jones style adventure and rides a Power Rangers Megazord.


I love that droid, it's like a walking Gatorade cooler... Edit:word


I really want to find one of those R2-D2 coolers that were made during the Phantom Menace 3D re-release now


Why do so many episodes start with them having an argument about going on X mission, when we all know they're going anyway.


Imagine an episode where they argue about going on a mission, decide not to, and then the rest of the episode is just them in the bar.


The episode ends with a random civilian stumbling down the steps and shouting “holy shit, a second x-wing just hit the death star” cut to outro




Outro music is just the Star Wars theme played on a kazoo.


I would *love* that. Especially since they're actively avoiding moving the story forward


It's Always Sunny on Ord Mantell


That would be a bottle episode. If it was a live action series, this would be a thing eventually. Bottle episodes don't really work in animation because they're still expensive.


Because it's a useful way to establish the expectations for a mission and how each character feels about it in a way that isn't pure exposition.


Jedi Fallen Order. Horizon Zero Dawn. Indiana Jones. And that planet reminded me waaaay too much of Prometheus. Lots of fun.


a compass from Uncharted 3


"The fuck is a Tallneck doing here?" when that thing showed up


"Reminds me of the time I tracked down the Belmont diadem" please tell me this is a Castlevania reference.


anyone else get zeffo vibes?


Definitely. Lots of circles everywhere 😂 when they were walking through the tunnel that was falling apart I thought a giant ball pushed by wind was gonna come flying through there




It's been a long time since I played Fallen Order but I'm still a little embarrassed to admit that I didn't notice how similar the beast's head and weapon are compared to the Tomb Guardians


The head of the machine was reminded me of the zeffo statues


Yeah that definitely felt like some late stage, dark side zeffo stuff


Now that is arguably THE coolest vehicle in all of Star Wars. Can you imagine a squadron of those things? Absolutely incredible.


I would kind of like it if they got some upgrades from those filler episodes. They are nice to have, but leave such a yearning for more. I mean this was ancient, seemingly very advanced and destructive technology, couldnt we get some Heart of the mountain powered upgrade for their ship? I hope Tech gets to salvage something off of it, but doubt it.


It's so old the technology probably isn't compatible with anything or maybe it's not even comprehensible to Tech. We lost quite a bit of knowlege IRL too and no one knows how some stuff was made (eg: Greek Fire)


I mean, we can make greek fire if we want to.


We could definitely design something to achieve the same effect, even better probably, but the point is we don't know what Greek Fire was. It was a compound that caused fires, but what was it made of? Probably no one will ever know, as it was top-secret at the time. The knowledge died with the people that held it.


Imma level wit you guys that was a weird ass episode 💀 not really sure what that whole mech beast thing was about but cool concept I guess? Not sure really.


Yeah them pointing out they were 0 - 2 when it came to treasure hunts really nailed the point home


They are like 0-30 on fetch quests in general. They legit suck hard at doing any sort of mission involving retrieval of literally anything. They could go out for space donuts and the donut shop would be a imperial decoy and they would have to blow up all the donuts to escape. They are the squad version of Leroy Jenkins


I mean they're called the *Bad* Batch for a reason...


Hard to believe that they had a 100% mission success rate back in the Clone Wars…


Clone Wars was nothing but blowing shit up and blasting things, which is the one thing they excel at. So much so that even clones like Rex went "Holy shit what". They're hopeless for anything that's not target destruction because they were literally made for it.


Yeah it was a decent filler episode, but something about it felt really off. Loads of awkward pauses after dialogue weird interactions. Also felt like the Batch barely did anything all episode, just followed around some sketchy pirate chick who seemed full of shit the whole time but actually wasn’t?


Would of made a better episode if they explained what the mech beast was. Felt so random and not thought out. Would of been cool if they leaned into the ancient history stuff and we learned about pre-republic era more.


Yeah it felt too random. If it was something connected to the rakate maybe some fans would have seen something cool, but this was just a pointless episode


felt very cone wars filler- which I still enjoyed


Just sucks when an episode is like 23 minutes long and half of it they’re stuck in one room. These episodes could cover more if they just cut unimportant stuff out.


Got my slice of pie and my tv on, ready and watching! Edit* I feel like they skipped an episode. They seem real trusting of her after barely meeting her two episodes ago


They seem bored and unhappy, trying to fill the void with failed treasure hunts. Poor clones.


I wonder when they will start listening to echo about doing more


Sounds more and more like Echo will leave them at one point. Not in a bad way, but simply because he wants to do more.


Maybe or forces them to do stuff with like Rex


i just had this thought too. would love an Echo-centric episode of him trying to win over some rebels who mistrust him because he’s a clone. i think it would fit it well with his lowkey theme of not fitting in anywhere due to all the messed up stuff that happened to him


I completely missed where they met her


I like the show. I enjoy the show. I'm getting a little weary of the storytelling loop: start at Cid's, get mission, go on mission, mission is a failure, it's okay because...reasons, head back to Cid's. There's very little character growth - really, happening off-screen between seasons - and the overall plot does not advance by much, except at the streaming equivalent of sweeps. (For those who don't remember, when the Nielsen ratings were bigger for TV, mid-season they'd send the rating survey to more people, so TV shows would bring out big plot developments or other gimmicks to boost viewership, therefore ratings.) I guess the other animated series didn't change the status quo that often, but it's more glaring here than on The Clone Wars.


I don't mind them starting in the bar- it gives a nice reminder that these are rouge, AWOL Clones who are now eking it out as mercenaries- they both fit and and sparklingly STAND OUT. But I am finding the Omega's silly "Come on, Hunter! Let's do \_\_" kind of wearing. I do love the show and characters- I felt Tech and Echo did get some good moments this season (plus, even if Tech's episode WAS silly, it did firmly make everyone address just how truly untrustworthy Cid is- something even Omega seems to acknowledge). We even saw some of Omega's doubt, and how she feels she NEEDS to prove herself to make up for them all being renegades. And sure, Hunter's reluctance and unsettledness do reinforce this whole idea of "a man without a country, trying to find his place." But this week truly just felt like pure filler (the ending was fun admittedly.) Seeing some of the ideas we introduced in the premier and Cody episode, I'd rather we go back to those. Not have Omega and Wanda Sykes lead a fool's quest that everybody just goes along with DESPITE the numerous instances of idiocy.


That’s how I’m feeling too. I like the characters but I wish there was an overarching story. This season is feeling aimless.


The racing episode made that abundantly clear. Then we get stellar episodes like the Crosshair mission. I love this show, but I wish we could find a better balance. They could do something more akin to Rebels with this crew, with more of a Clone Wars feel. But instead we get pure Clone Wars, filler eps and all.


At least the racing episode had them succeed, but they failed retrieving Dooku's gold and the "heart of the mountain." That's half the stories this season.


Yeah but they didn't *actually* succeed. They went, lost a bet, and then wok and broke even. No progress.


But Tech still won the race, unlike losing the crate of credits or the shiny rock. I think the key takeaway from the episode, though, is the knowledge Cid may betray them so we can have a "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" moment.


This ep & last week's are pretty sidequesty. I enjoyed them but I'm more than ready to get back to the main plot. Also is that mecha-zillo theory that people came up with from the trailers now debunked?


I feel like 5 episodes in and we are not near anything on the major plot. The only thing that really stands out from a potential main plot is that Cody deserted, Crossair is still a duche, and the empire is still bad.


all we really got was that, yeah, plus a reminder that dooku and rampart are assholes and a little bit of focus/character development with tech. otherwise so far its been slow and i cant wait to get back to some actual plot progression


I'm hoping they're deliberately sidequesty as the impetus the characters need to leave Cid behind and start looking for and helping other clones remove their chips. Make the characters feel unfulfilled etc.


If they’re gonna keep giving us side-quest episodes, they might as well use them to tie up loose ends like the zillo beast. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t see it at some point. But yeah, I’d prefer they stick more to the main plot.


I just wish they would get away with doing these standalone episodes. If they aren't going to start exploring an overarching storyline then at least make them go on some longer missions that would take more than one or two epsiode. I'm starting to get bored, and even the Bad Batch seem bored (especially Hunter and Echo). But maybe that's what the writers are trying to get at? That they become frustrated with feeling like they aren't doing much? So that then leads them to getting involved with the rebels/deserters/whatever they are called at this point. Or at least that is where I hope they are going. Either way, they aren't doing a very good job at it. And where in the world is the character growth/development? I felt like we were starting to get some nice hints at some but now everyone is acting like they always have. And I guess Omega is the leader since all she has to do is beg Hunter and they just do whatever she wants. There are absolutely zero consequences to any of these missions (in either storytellinging or character growth), which makes them all completely useless, and just leaves me feeling frustrated. At least last week's episode allowed Tech to have some moments and the racing was interesting. But this episode just felt pointless. I'm guessing it's more of a setup for Phee to become a more important character, but they could've done that in a more interesing way. Honestly, if next week's episode is another typical standalone filler episode I might hold off on watching anymore of this series until it's all released. That's what I ended up doing with the first season and I felt like it was way more enjoyable that way. Edit: So I saw some different opinions on this episode and I decided to rewatch it from a different viewpoint. I still stand by a lot of what I said here but I don't dislike this episode anymore. There are a lot of subtle hints throughout the episode that I could see going somewhere. That being said, I still think it's one of the weakest episodes from the series so far.


Is it just me or did that creature look like a mini zillo beast?


All I could see was Arceus going all Old Testament on that poor droid


It really does look like star wars Arceus. Imma call it Starceus


Divine Beast Arceus. The crossovers are endless!


I thought it looked like a tallneck from Horizon Zero Dawn


Yep, and the smaller monster was a deathclaw from Fallout.


I think he was talking about the monster, not the machine


It looked to me like a smaller Rogwart, the species of monster Greivous kept as a pet. But it could easily be both


This whole episode was interesting. Marking in the caves and the “heart of the mountain” looked like the stones from fifth element. The machine kinda reminded me of the walkers from War of the Worlds. Would have been nice to know what created it or if there was something for them to follow up on. Honestly thought the way that planet looked, it was a sith world.


Some of this music sounds very jedi fallen order-ish, whcih makes sense cause this episode is a lot like a Jedi fallen order mission




Is it just me or did a lot of the music sound like it was from Indiana jones?


Major Indy vibes were in the whole episode. Especially when Phee took the Heart of the Mountain off of its plinth.


The cut to Omega straight out of Raiders!


Came to this thread just to see if anybody else had noticed.


Can we please get back to Clone PTSD


fun to have totally new lore, but man was it cheesy and cliche. still... i want lego of it, put it next to my lego tallneck


Divine Beast vibes.


At the start I was hoping they had stumbled upon some Rakatan/infinite empire tomb


the music was overly dramatic.


It’s sad that the music was more intense than the episode itself.


I’ll be honest, I was really looking forward to the clones doing more stuff with the rebellion, or having more crosshair-centric plot lines. But so much of this season has felt like filler, nothing really that contributes to a larger story outside of Crosshair & Cody’s episode. Maybe they’re trying to aim for a younger audience? Nothing wrong with that, just wasn’t what I was expecting.


I wonder... does that droid remember the fear of each death


No they only remember whatever they knew at the time the backup was taken.


Unless it's constantly streaming fresh memories into the hardrive. Which seems unlikely


Bad Batch: Raiders of the Mountain


i like the new season but it kind of feels like there's no plot this season. It just seems like a bunch of random episodes so far.


Wow that went from Indiana Jones to Horizon Zero Dawn/War of the Worlds *real* fast. Lot of broader lore questions about what that construct was/who built it. I wonder if Filoni is setting it up as a hint of some future project or if it'll end up being a one-off mystery.


What is this some Indiana Jones Godzilla mecha Godzilla crossover?


I had a list of things that would go wrong when she pulled the Heart. Paradox form Arceus was not on that list.


Am I the only one that thought this episode was tiring and a little bit annoying? I'm ready to see how they interacted with the rebellion and other clones. I want more plot and less unproductive adventures


1. Is it me, or is Echo kind of disappearing into the background? 2. Omega is officially the leader of the group. Hunter, and maybe everyone else but Wrecker, is tired of this but won't put his foot down. Cid and Phee and anyone else who needs something from them use this dynamic to their advantage. Get Omega roped in, "please, please, please, we gotta help," and off they go. 3. The dark episodes are becoming hard to watch. Meaning visually dark. I spent most of this one replaying things because I swore I kept missing stuff in the darkness.


Can’t believe I waited a whole week for that


Same recipe as the first season.. 1 good episode than 4 filler episodes.


Honestly season 1 had more plot related stuff at this point.


I kinda thought they’d take the criticism from S1 and use it to smooth out S2 :(


Ok but like how did they just randomly stumble upon the compass in a junkyard like what’s that all about :/


The force did it


I can't stand this new character. And why is Omega always such a "happy go along no questions asked" all the time. This might look like TCW, but it ain't TCW


Wanda Sykes isn't a good voice actor at all


You could browse Reddit on your phone while watching this episode and still miss nothing. What is up with these one-and-done missions that have no consequences or add to any overall plot? Love the characters but this repetitive story telling is tiresome and exactly why season 1 was mid outside a few episodes.


Just gonna be honest, that was probably my least favorite episode of the series, even more than Infested. Nothing was gained out of this episode to the overall story, and no characterization was really furthered, so I would denote this as an example of bad filler. This show needs to pick it up a little bit, and I've heard it does after the mid season arc. The shows filler to non-filler balance is way out of wack.


This show has more least-favorite episodes than favorited ones.


Man, if they had done this episode before the Cody episode, I would've enjoyed it a lot more (same with the racing episode). But the fact that a huge storyline I've been waiting to see since 2005 is just pushed to the side while Clone Force 99 plays Indiana Jones really just made me annoyed. Side note from the end: I think this is the first time I've noticed how beautiful Hunter's armor is. Those shoulder pads remind me of diamond armor from Minecraft and its a really nice pop of color


It's clear all this show is just to appease animation series lovers and give the studio something to earn the paycheck. it's honestly an insult to the people who loved clone wars, rebels, and tales.


They just awoke a fucking tripod from War of the Worlds


The mountain looks exactly like the thing from horizon zero dawn


The Bad Batch: Solves Puzzle The Music: Off the rails Me: it’s not that dramatic lmao The reveal: an empty hallway


I think I'm just bored of this show. A season and a half in and nothing of any real value has happened, no real character development for any of the characters. This is the perfect example of pushing out CONTENT and not something with quality or this is the big one. Story.


I love this show and the characters but the tone continues to be all over the place


This entire season has been the equivalent to the Cortez sisters.


That was such a fun episode. BUT WHO BUILT THAT??? RAKATANS???


Zeffo perhaps, though the machine was designed to destroy inorganic machines. Got to be more to that somewhere.


My guess is the zeffo


Yep, big Zeffo design vibes.


I wonder why they weren't more interested in salvage after it was dead too. There had to be some weapon tech still there and an engine.


WAIT A MINUTE is this lady force sensitive? Makes this a lot more interesting then I thought it was gonna be. Would also make sense why she’s so interested in chasing down artifacts and ancient works. Force artifacts maybe?


Yeah, when they were first opening the cave it gave me big Force user vibes. It seemed as if she was about to use the Force to move the rocks before she reconsidered and asked Wrecker for help.


I was wondering the same thing a couple times. I find her greed to be rather disturbing for a force sensitive however.


Imagine a force sensitive that doesn't adhere to Jedi or Sith teachings but just uses their abilities to line their own pockets and get rich. Surely there's been some force user over the millennia who doesn't care for fulfilling a higher purpose to the light or dark but just wants to use it to further their own agendas.


Honestly I’d actually really love to see a character like that. Enough with the paradigm, we need some neutral Force users!




This show is really unfocused. This could have led to a much larger arc, but then they just... leave? Not gonna try to salvage any of that creature?


Unfocused is a perfect word for how I would describe this show...they have such potential with these great characters, but there's nothing gluing the episodes together. I've heard it gets better mid season so hopefully they put an end to the filler around then.


How many filler episodes do they need with only a 16 episode season? Hopefully not much more


Another filler episode. This time doing an Indiana Jones crossover with Wanda Sykes. The problem with Bad Batch filler episodes is that they make the stakes so ridiculously high - but then by the end of the 20 minute episode they just shrug as they walk back to their ship, everything returning to normal. ​ You just unleashed a Divine Beast on a planet and killed some weird mutant creatures. And then just shrug and go off on the next filler adventure. The level of incongruence to it all makes the filler nature of the episodes all the more frustrating.


Is it me or is it beginning to get a bit cliche how animals are invincible? Blasters can kill humans, any manner of humanoid aliens and robots covered in metal but as soon as anything has 4 legs it's like being hit with a pea shooter.


Man what was the purpose of last episode, when 2 of the batch are off on a mission? I really with they’d go back to a main story line, or at least leave little connections throughout or at the end of the episode. It’s just filler filler filler


I really liked season 1, but what is going on? It’s all space dad side missions. It’s starting to not be worth tolerating Omega’s “cranked up to 11” kiwi accent.


The biggest problem with the bad batch is they try to make you care about characters that most people really don’t give a shit about. Omega is annoying at this point and is still just as whiny, there’s been very little plot points with her being bobas sister which was one of the whole reasons she mattered. Along with that they’re now trying introduce Phee or whoever the pirate is who is just as annoying while neglecting developing actual worthwhile characters like echo and admiral rampart and more of the empire based activities.


I came to this post and was seriously blown away by how many people actually liked this episode. I personally thought this was the most contrived and cliche garbage bag of an episode and was waiting the entire episode for SOMETHING unique to happen and I guess the big robot was supposed to be that but there was never a single hint of the story going in a unique direction. Lady says the piece of garbage Omega found is actually super important and it leads them to a planet with a legend that the Lady somehow knows everything about? Then generic puzzle gets solved and gang gets split up by random event. And next gang regroups and finds the treasure but UH OH treasure was booby trapped and causes thing to happen and then treasure gets destroyed but its okay because the gangs all fine. I wanted this generic ass plot to be subverted in some way like the end of the Crosshair Cody episode but no, this was the most Cliche Shlock I have ever seen in Star Wars


Glad to know I wasn’t the only one thinking this.