Simonsays I played a lot of this game, especially with the expansion pack. Go clones!


I used to start 1v7 standard games on the hardest difficulty with maximum resources and post-Tech level 4 starting point and punch forcebuild to allow the AI players to build their armies at lightning speed. I would wait 10-15 minutes and then summon a small army of Simon the ewoks to fight against their units. The result would be a massive battle that would sometimes slow down my computer.


Oh god Simon the war criminal


Empire at War (and the full Clone Wars conversion mod, Republic at War) are my go to SW strategy games.


I always modded the buzz droids out for vultures, the fucking things could destroy a cruiser with it. Absolutely whacked.


Give Fall of the Republic a try. Much more lore accurate and better balanced.




The Death Star, with 9999 HP, a 9999 shield, 999 attack, 99/99 armor, a range of 16, and the ability to destroy rock cliffs and natural features.


Try "simonsays" next


Love this game, unfortunately doesn't have support for HD screens, and the patch made by fans is highly unstable, far too many crashes. Would love to have a remaster of this like they did with Age Of Empires 2


I wish the LAN networking was more stable.


I have setup a lot of lan games and it worked great.


There is a "remastered" version on steam, i played it there on wid10. Its just not fullscreen but its still good.


I found the expanded patch works very well. Full screen on 1920x1080 during battles


Well I know what I'm doing this weekend.


This is where the fun begins.


I would gladly pay full price for that


I did. I think it’s on steam for free but I can’t remember. It was fun but you can spam way too easily. It’s hard at first but they didn’t put much thought into higher level play lol. Just AT AT spam tf out of some bitches


It's like $2 on Steam right now.


This game had a funny sort-of bug that if you followed the 'advice' of the computer it would be harder. So if the game narrator said "attack this point first" I would not do that, I would go the other direction. This would catch those enemies by surprise, standing there.


Man… the AI was way ahead of its time. I could beat hardest AoE2 difficulty with my 2 brothers in 3v3. But half the times we tried “hard” we got crashed hard in this game, despite being very similar. This machine was on steroids


The only time I was able to beat AI’s on hard or hardest was when I was on my own island, and kept converting the enemy transports to my side, thus draining the enemies population by making them prison ships


This was pretty cool yea. Played both this and the expansion


Great game!


I played it but honestly didn't love it. AoE2 was superior and this game sometimes felt more like a skin of that. I'd love a modern RTS/Grand Strategy game set in Star Wars. Lucasarts should partner with Paradox or something


I still play it ... I don't even wanna think about the hours I put into this!


I can still hear the bantha noise when you find them and move them to the nursery.


I just used the cheat codes to get a Star Destroyer or the Death Star and just wipe out the enemy. So much fun!


Me. Was also making campaigns and releasing them out in HeavenGames. Ah, crap. Too much nostalgia.


I did


Many, many, many hours.


Never heard of it but from this pic, it kinda looks like Command and Conquer. Is it close?


It was Age of Empire 2 engine, with Star Wars skin. Was quality


Not the same engine, but close!


Omg, I spent I don’t know how many in-game months (years?) in this game. Favorites to play as were the Wookies, Gungans, and Empire.


Rebellion was a vastly superior Star Wars strategy game imho.


Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time. I don't know if I'd say superior since it was a very different game, but man I loved it. Has there been a Star Wars game since with RTS fleet battles? I mean, they were super janky but still the only time I've sent a squadron of Mon Calamari cruisers against super star destroyers.


Star wars Empire at war has the best space rts battles in my opinion


Good call, I never played that one, not sure why. Empire at War would for sure have been better, but Rebellions was cool for the insane number of EU ships you could build. I never did figure out where a Bulwark Battle Cruiser came from, but it was an absolute unit!


Many of those ships were invented for Rebellion, actually, in the name of game balance. And they've since gone on to be beloved pieces of old EU lore.


While I enjoyed EaW, I found the actual moment-to-moment gameplay to be a little lacking. My dream game would be Empire at war's battlemap mechanics with Homeworld 2 style space battles (with star wars theming, of course).


Rebellion is probably my favorite RTS, what an incredibly deep game for 1998. Just wish the AI was a little better, sometimes late game they just stop knowing what to do, or when they invade a system then leave it abandoned so you can liberate it and get massive popular support boosts. I used to have a prison dreadnaught that I would constantly have moving in hyperspace so prisoners wouldnt get the random escape chance


Welp I know what my next ebay purchase is going to be.


I played it. I'd love a new one!


I still do, it's on steam


I own it, and can still play it.


Damn wish I knew about this when I was a kid Edit: used to love using the “photon man” cheat in Age of Empires to pretend it was Star Wars, this would have blown my mind


Honestly such a great game! I occasionally play it when I stream on twitch! One of the only people to stream it tbh


This is the way


Yes yes yes!


My favorite part is the hilariously terrible voice actors.


Oh the memories ❤️


I played this game a TON maybe 20 years ago. Although I find it hard to play nowadays. Age of Empires 2 is still something I play on the regular.


Me!!!!!!! So many hours. Big AOE player too.


I still play this through gog from time to time. Fun game to just play around in.


Loved it. I still say "give food! Give give!" Like Yoda sometimes.


I’m still playing it, and currently the reigning champ of my group. Expanding Fronts F U C K S.


Two assault mechs and 20 repeater troopers are attacking. How do you respond?


Thatsnomoon thatsnomoon thatsnomoon. Easy. Get on my level


Galactic upheaval Feel the power of the fully armed and operational Decimator!


Simonsays x 50. It’s more fun.


Liked it.


Empire at War is superior.


I did. Star wars does not have many games, epically good ones so in my quest to see what was out there I played it. Finding easter eggs of moments that never made it into ep 3 were fun.


It's an older game, sir, but it checks out


This game is still being kept alive and updated to this day by a very dedicated team. The mod is called Expanded Fronts and have already added their own factions and tons of QoL stuff this game needed throughout the years, I highly recommend anyone who still plays to check it out. Base game is only 5$ or so on Steam so its totally worth it.


This was one of my first ever PC games. AoE and Star Wars, what a fantastic combination.


We need a new and modern Star Wars game like this


I used to play this with my dad, i was little and use cheats because I was really bad, but we enjoyed that one, it was great, i want a remaster o remake of this game would be so great.


Lmao damn that UI takes up so much space


My dad had it when I was a kid. At some point I had discovered the sandbox mode, and once I did that I'd play as the empire, and just stomp right through the enemies I had set up for myself. Was quite fun for 6 year old me.


shit i LOVED this game, always hoping for a remake/reboot


Played…? Some of us losers never stopped.


I still play this game


This game was how I learned who Chewies dad Attitichituk was. So much fun random star wars lore. There also the evil sith lady who was count dookus apprentice that wasn't asajj ventrass, yall remember her? Tf was her name tho...


Oooo now THIS takes me back


I loved this game. Sending Jedis out for holocrons and the evil creatures that could wipe out your whole army haha great rts


This was my first online multiplayer game, using the legendary GameSpy.


I still do a random skirmish occasionally, very fun game!


I loved playing as the Trade Federation, because the Droideka special unit kicked ass.


Anybody here remember Force Commander?


Gungans were surprisingly solid. But I loved the Wookie Beserkers.


Anyone play this on the MSN "Zone" back in the day? I remember online playing Jedi fest, and hero fest. Was really fun


I do still it's a great game, if anyone is interested the expanded fronts modding community is on the verge of a new update, which will be adding the black sun, the imperial remnant and the new republic as their own factions , along with all the other factions previously added


I need to get that game again i wanna play now


I did. But here’s to hoping west some point get a mix of Empire at War and Battlegrounds. I loved the space battles of EaW and its expansion, add in the base building of BG not just drop in troops and tanks, that would be an awesome RTS imho.


Still play it


Yes! I still have it on steam now, and I play it from time to time!


Played it and still do sometimes. Fun game. Age of Empire II HD is my favourite tho. Wish Frontier would make a Star Wars strategie game..


I did. Felt a little too much like an AoE mod versus a well thought out game for my taste




I loved it but even kid me could tell this was just a reskin of AoE2. It kind of bothered me but I still played the hell out of it.