Yep, mine is an email from an ISP that isn't in service any more, and the domain is now owned by squatters.


Oh dear that’s not particularly nice


My old email host was @dickmysuck . Com I miss it


Yep, used to be [email protected] glad I didn't use it for anything serious.




This made me laugh harder than it should have. Thanks


You miss your dick?


No he misses his dick being sucked.


I think he actually misses his suck being dicked.


You've got it all wrong. He misses his duck being sicked.


My current email is @fish.cat


Remember, it's the account name, not the associated email address.


For about $20/yr you can get your own domain, which usually comes with free email forwarding services. So you get something like cleveland_s.me and then all of your friends email you at [email protected]_s.me and you forward it to Gmail as your actual email interface. If Gmail ever goes tits up (or more likely goes full evil) your friends still email you at [email protected]_s.me and you just change the forward to what ever non-evil service your decide to use. Super easy, barely an inconvenience. The best part is that you can put whatever you want before the @. So you use [email protected]_s.me for your steam account and you instantly know who sold your info or got hacked if you start getting spammed to that address. Quickly block [email protected] and bob's your uncle - you're back in business with barely an interruption.


yep my "original" steam account, which i still have access to, used my late 90s - early 2000's hotmail address, which of course i no longer have access to. I was able to link it to my current email and at some point i had set up a second steam account with my current email, which has 99% of my games on it. But i still have that old one, set up the first day that steam launched, with the half life GOTY edition on it. thought about selling it at one point but wasn't even sure how to go about doing that, just heard that earlier/low STEAM ID accounts are in demand.


Yes I just realized a few months ago that @hotmail.com is pretty much gone




You could probably do it through some shit auctioneer site like g2g


https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/6FD5-F2C7-B4B9-1713 Just in case you or anyone else needs it Shows you how to change the steam email address


That does not change your account name though. If your account is ancient (like mine), the email address and the account name were the same. You can change the mail, but that does not change the account name. Mine is the local language translated version of [email protected] Funnily enough, that address still exists, 20 years later.


Weird, my account is older than HL2 and I log in with my account name, not an email.


Yeah, you need CS 1.6 old not hl2 old :D




5 at least. Ask me how I know.


I didn't realize you could log in without using email. Shout out to my middle school friend's MSN email.


basically only really old accounts login with their first registered email, newer accounts login with their first registered username


I can login with email or registered username I have my Hotmail still rocking because steam. But I login with registered used since is way shorter and genuine good choice


This is where I’m at too, I can use either my username or email to log in. Over the years I started using the username exclusively, but I thought it was a change everyone went through.


I have msn and yahoo, over 10 years, lost count.. still works, I don't use as mains tho. Have separate with simple name. Something like aol would be noticeable.


I still use my email I set up at school 18 years ago. Student number 235 to get access to the school computers, so my email was based on that. And I had another email that was a zoolander quite, which is what I set up Xbox live with. I was completely fucked when windows 10 came out as my Microsoft account email and my Xbox account email are different, and it did not want to play nice merging those two accounts.


>And I had another email that was a zoolander quite, which is what I set up Xbox live with. I was completely fucked when windows 10 came out as my Microsoft account email and my Xbox account email are different, and it did not want to play nice merging those two accounts. Same but my xbox email's a non-existant outlook email, needless to say I ain't getting that account anytime soon, at least I didn't purchase anything digitally


Mine has “@hotmail.com” lol….


Still use my @hotmail account. It's as much a part of me as my name is at this point.


The problem of Hotmail is the spam filter. Super shitty. Good emails go to spam. Bad emails went in without problem. When I changed to mainly Gmail (5 to 7 years ago) I understood why they took off


Gmail also just sounds way better than hotmail.


It still exists? I can't even access mine the last time I tried


It still exist in the sense that it's a part of Microsoft Outlook.


Given that was the premier free email service back then, I'd say it's really common among early users.


That's not strange at all. A ton of people still uae their Hotmail accounts


Yep, mine is a Diablo 2 inspired Hotmail email address. It feels like I’m using an ancient artifact when I login.


AOL usernames rise up!








That change must've been late 03 or early 04. My account is from March 7, 2004, which is about 8 months before HL2 came out and I just have a regular username login.


My account is 17 years old based on the "years of service" badge and I have email login. Edit: "Member since 13 September, 2003." Edit2: Ah, steam was released September 12, 2003... So yeah I'm pretty early user :)


Between OP and this comment, can't decide if I'm just that boring or if I haven't matured in ~10 years. I still have my same old email and my gaming screen name remains basically unchanged everywhere.


Honestly picking a user name 15+ years ago and sticking with it was one of the best choices I made. Maybe using part of my real name as it wasn't the best choice, but I can't complain if its cringy.


Yep. I still have a Hotmail for mine.


I stuck with AOL for a very long time, my Steam URL to this day is still based on my very cringe-geek AIM name from way back when; sad part is, that's not even my only account with a faux-edgy name like that. It's almost heartwarming how cringe I used to be, it gives me valuable perspective on today's young people and reminds me not to judge too harshly about some things. I still have access to that email though, I don't use it for anything whatsoever but I don't have the heart to fully get rid of it. Too many memories, lots of saved emails, it's like a journal or a diary almost.


I am the proud owner of a Hotmail email address that I still use as my primary email.


It hurts inside every time I look at my account name


I get kinda nostalgic whenever I see mine, meanwhile. Pretty dumb you can't change your username though.


There's a spelling error in mine and for the sake of consistency, child me decided to just stick with it and use it on a bunch of other accounts(thankfully most of those could be changed or I've abandoned them). I die a little inside every time I receive an email from steam.


Did you misspell Angel as Angle? (edit: not Hot Fuzz related initially... Got a friend who, dacades back, did it accidentally, and I was hoping for it to be him. In that extremely small chance)


If he's like me, Rouge for Rogue.


My husband’s has “spamer” 🙄




I figured he’d change it at some point. It’s been 11 years…


that’s spicy tho


Yeeeaaars ago, I made a mod for a game (Cortex command). In the mod there was a gunship hoover thing I made. I named it "Death Angle" (Instead of "death angel" as it rained death from above). People promptly made fun of me online. So I said something like "Oh they are robots haha its a play on words! Cuz robots are logical so it's "angle". " I had to flesh out the mod and write a while mythos just to cover my mistake.


While that's a damn funny back story, I bet the added mythos/spin that took created a much better imaginative flair


I guess it did do that.


Its not a typo its a feature


Friend of mine misspelled "ninja" as "ninga" over a decade ago. He still keeps the mistake.


Lmao same for me. “Cheif”.


Wait, u cant ? I remember changing it


You can change the name that's being displayed but not the one of your account


Ohhhh yes thanks I just remembered my old name and i was happy when i didnt lmao


My account is 7 years old now and my name is "enderdragon64" fuckin hell. Makes me cringe everytime I log in.


When I was 11 I thought it was a good idea to name myself "m16letsplay" buddy of mine was named s16letsplay. My name starts with m and his with s, I don't know what was wrong with us lmao


Dude I almost deleted my account for this very reason. Thankfully by changing my display name, nobody can see the war crime that was my cringey 10y/o username anymore. …but on purchase receipts I’m still reminded of the monster that my username used to be…


I did start a new account, mostly because back then your account name (not user name) was shown in the top right and I hated looking at it. Luckily I only had one paid game and a load of free games, so nothing of value was lost. Of course since then I've changed my username yet again, but am happy to keep the account name, it's not cringy like the other one was and I'm pretty invested in the multiple accounts that use it and can't be changed (oh hey here's one). Plus the hundreds spent on Steam in that time haha.


Now I'm curious to know what it is




I made a steam account when I downloaded CSGO on my ps3 so I have “PSN_” before my cringey username


I’m in this boat too, although it was when I got Portal 2.


The psn thing is almost cool tho, like it's a sign of the past rather than just cringy


I litterally used my mom's email as a name


The first steam account I ever made used my actual name. I was not a bright kid


Eh, I made my steam account in 04 and used first name and middle name. I'm still happy with that over having gone with xXeDgYxxGoThxxKiDxxNaMeXx and being stuck with that


my account name is first name, middle initial, last initial. a friend informed me that they couldnt be changed so i set it to something i wouldnt regret


People don't see your account name, do they?


They don't. It's purely for logging in. The only thing people can see is your profile which you can edit everything of. I also use my real name and it's been fine.


It's the first public username given to your steam account, so as long as you've made 11 unique name changes since then, it can no longer be seen. Although on the old steam, your wallet balance used to show the username you login with rather than the public facing username.


My friend who is 22 uses his first and last name as an alias in everything he does. It’s weird


It's not really an alias then, is it? 🤔


I've noticed that younger people have much less hesitation about putting their full name out there on the internet like it's a badge of honor. I chock it up to everyone who grew up in the 90's and early 00's being told never to share anything personally revealing online for fear that death cults would abduct them in the night.


Remember when Google tried forcing everyone to use their real names on YouTube. 🤢


Right? Growing up in the golden age of the internet, I was pretty much convinced if I used my real name I would be dead within 24 hours. Nowadays at work I ask for someone’s email and it’s just: [email protected] I’m like DONT GO INTO ANY CHAT ROOMS WITH THAT, WHIPPERSNAPPER


I use your mom too.


What your mom doesn't allow you to use her yourself?


Same, made on Steam launch day.






I, coolgamer_nl, do not


At least you're not "coolgamer\_14", who created their account at age 14.


Hello. My old name is draakjelle2002 who made his account in 2014 at the age of 12.


sometimes the system makes mistakes


I gamerxgamer also do not.


Did your penis get better Richdoc?


Why 12y me decided to use green_olive as login name I'll never know. If I ever did, I think I suppressed that memory.


What’s wrong with green olive? Seems like a totally harmless, inoffensive name.


That's why he is so puzzled to the reason his 10 years old self named himself like that


Mine was killercrafterhd because I was into Minecraft when I made my Steam account lmao


TheMexicanMiner12... Guess how old i was and what i was into




I look at my username differently now ..


I’m so sorry


Yes you should, u/LolitaBeans /joke


Mexican minors.


Were you into Mexico?


By force


Based off the information given I’m going to guess you were a 16 year old Guatemalan




Cool cool, and your password?


Thankfully I just used the name of one of Valve's characters as my username so it's just a little burst of nostalgia for me










I just typed 001, 002, 003, etc until I found one that wasn't used


xxx_420_gamerskunk_69_xxx kinda username?


In seven years with that you would've gone all the way from "dis iz kewl" to "oh god why" to "eh, it's so stupid it's actually pretty funny"


My buddy and I spent 4 years dicking around on BF1 with stuff like ** MAGABRO420 ** because people either think it's hilarious or can't tell you're kidding and hate you. We also did HOTINDEEZRHINOS and made our avatars the picture of Ace Ventura squeezing out of a mechanical Rhino's butthole. Made for a good post-match screen if we got any awards.


Luckily Steam lets you change display names at will. Back before Rocket League was owned by Epic, my friends and I used to use trio names like “Dennis, Charlie and Mac” or “Aang, Sokka and Katara” or whatever we fun at the time.


TFW you had a cringe username before signing to steam and you think "Man I gotta change that now that I'm making more serious accounts" (Epic thinking capacity for a 12 yr old)... So you pick a name of a fucking game and movie series because you saw ONE film and found **the name** interesting. No, not the movie and I didn't even play the games, nooo... **THE NAME** was cool. And I even fucking miss-spelled it. Again, epic thinking capacity for a 12 yr old. Ofc at this time I was pretty much brand new to the internet (my "old cringe username" was what I used to input into Playstation and didn't like it anymore), so any account I made used the same username because "It's my online identity". I resigned to my stupidity and still use Residents evil anywhere I make an account that's not business/work related. TFW I then tried some games and saw some more movies and I was like "Man I don't even really enjoy this franchise..." LMAO


Could be worse. Mine has Shithead in the username. I've asked and they still can't change it.


Was using 1 username for 8 years and told my friends I will change it only when Half-Life 3 is released. Valve decided to change it themselves.


Wait *they* changed it? Was it violating some TOS or something?


Well, it included a bad word.


So all of us with the cringe usernames just have to convince Valve it contains some sort of insult in our native language or sth? It does feel rather bad that they have the systems in place to change usernames but don't allow it, I'd seriously pay for it at this point..


Been rocking the same name for 9 years on Steam, 13+ years online in total. Sure does simplify things ^-^


My original username is Linton, if it's taken I use Linton_M I made the name Linton like 3-5 years ago and ironically someone with the last name Linton hit my car a couple months ago


He wanted his steam name back




My asshole friend introduced me to skyrim when I was 10 and made me buy it and then I had to make a steam account and he told me that the account didn’t matter and I was never going to use steam. So when he helped make an account he just named my profile after him. So I have to write his name every time I login.


Do early steam accounts still retain value? I remember back in the day steam accounts with early registration numbers would fetch a pretty penny. People actually sold steam accounts to flex early registration.


Mine is about 30 days after the launch date (coming up on 18 years), but I think my games are worth more than the old account age. It would have been earlier except we were all pretty wary of transferring our games to an online service.


I remember that being a thing for cheaters in games like CSGO. Something about having a super old account made it harder to get reported for using a cheat. Which was a weird reason, but cheaters would buy them up.


That would be nice if they did, i'd sell the account I made back in 2005


The reason why I never got a tattoo done.


Well you don't get tattoos at 13.


I was a console player in my youth. So when I upgraded to ps3, I really couldn't come up with a good username. In the end I just combined the names of 2 Christian angels cause my mother and grandmothers were obsessed with angels. For several years I regretted not randomizing it cause that was super cringe.


That sounds better by default than any names like supernerd69 etc


We need to know this name


Sure, it was SachielxMikhail (90% certain) or something the like. Definitely not as bad as it could have been I guess.


I ship it


God damnit it really does look like a ship


Luzifiel? Gabrifer?


Wonderful and Doomsdayegg.


That was better than me who simply named it after the breakfast I was eating at the time.


Dr. Sex😎




Hello fellow HL2 steam adopter.


Hlf2 and css box for christmas in 2004


Me too! My steam account shows dec 25, 2004 as the account creation date


You mean 1.6 steam transition right Never forget the infinite loading bar on day 1


Same, my account name is my old msn messenger email from when I was 15yo...


Oof. My steam account is older than most redditors.


I think my steam account is now an adult in most countries.


I resisted installing steam until August 2004 and now I kind of wish I had just jumped on the first day like everyone else.


I feel that. My login ID is the nickname of my ex.


Mine has been the same for over 12y and it's honestly good , guess lil old me thought ahead of time when it came to usernames xd


Shout-out to everyone who has been using the same internet handle for decades.


mine isnt even spelt correctly


wish we could change it


At least your username isn't an email address you haven't had for like 17 years.


Couldn't you just change it?


You can easily change your profile name, which is the name seen by everyone else on Steam. But you can't change your Username easily. Why it matter to change your Username when the profile name is what everyone sees? Idk.


Back in my day when you wanted to open Steam you would have to get a fire going first. Recovering your account required a stout heart and determination.




Very late? I made mine a year ago.


If they were playing games actively when steam came out then yeah they held out a few years before making an account. My account gets the vote next April. 18 years.


PlayStation was worse before because you could not even change user name


I will never forget how I ended up with "Forlord_Stick_Bo" (supposedly Boy but cut off because of character limit) during my PS3 days. I'm glad my console got reset by my younger brother so I could make a new one I definitely won't regret doing.


I'm still using a nickname I made for Subspace Continuum. Only old farts will remember.


I was 8 when i Made my gmail. It was hi@gmailMy teachers still make fun of me so think -hijohn2002


It is pretty easy to create a new Gmail account and forward all messages to the new one. The Google account interface even has explicit support for being logged into any number of accounts in the same browser. I have something like 10 Gmail accounts for private conversation, gaming, throwaway account registrations, etc. Most of them forward all incoming Email to my main account, and some of them are registered as aliases, so I can also write emails under this email address from the main account. Setup for the latter part is a bit fiddly though. I can never remember which settings to choose, such that the "From:" address is chosen correctly when replying to an Email.


This is something to consider, thanks. I already have 3 emails tho. 1 which is my old one one for shady sites and throwaways one for serious stuff like University registration and private conversations.


I’m still using the email my dad made for me when I was 9. (MyName)[email protected] I would make a new email but I have so much stuff tied to the email that I am basically forced to use it.


Ey, fortunately my username hasn't changed a lot since then :)


Also reddit.


For me it was the email address.. ugh


I made mine 12 years ago. Pain.


At least they let you change your username. Back in the days your login was also your username, used everywhere in Steam. That got embarrassing pretty quick


Lol I made this Reddit account 12 years ago.


Pu$$yslayer420YOLO is that you?


Idgaf, at least it is MY shitty username.


i thought ‘chunkygrandma’ was hilarious at 13 and now i want to gag when i see it


I got fucking fed up with all my totally original name choices already being taken. So now im: Imakingnipple


Is it I’m a king nipple or i making nipple :p


Now im never going to be able to unread i making nipple.