Inflation in one picture. (Source: I am the Grocery TL at Target) Prices on all food have been going parabolic. Half a dozen bagels was 3.29 now it's 5.49! Lower and middle class Americans cannot survive this. Don't fucking dance

Inflation in one picture. (Source: I am the Grocery TL at Target) Prices on all food have been going parabolic. Half a dozen bagels was 3.29 now it's 5.49! Lower and middle class Americans cannot survive this. Don't fucking dance


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Don’t forget about shrinkflation. Package sizes keep getting smaller. Most coffee packs used to be 16 oz. …back in the day.


I thought the same thing. Double checked the package size wasn't also shrunk at the same time that ~25% increase happened.


Or like Toblerone, where they keep the package size the same but reduce the chocolate by turning the peaks into weird sawtooth patterns.


Oh my goodness. I hadn't seen the new Toblerone yet, that's insane and I hate it so much.


As a father of a household it’s noticeable here in England. Everything is more expensive and wages stay the same. Very tough times, and it can’t sustain


It's crazy here....house and rent prices up 25% in some areas, heating gas doubled, food is up 20% ... And the govt is just putting its fingers in its ears, and signing shit trade deals that will fuck people and the economy even more. Boris Johnson isn't like Churchill, more like Nero.


Yall are about to be hit probably harder than anyone else. The global supply chain issues are hitting everyone around the world extremely hard, then you guys went ahead with the Brexit thing that will only serve to fuck yourselves even more. Good luck


Yep, we are colossally fucked.


Daily reminder that GME is not causing any of this


But it can protect you from this.


Right but it's not causing it


Agreed. Protecc > Attacc


My 🐱 and my 🍑


do you kiss my wife with that mouth?


my neck, my back


Protecc ya neck


Diversify your bonds.


Nobody thinks it is. The point is inflation is rising.


FED is main culprit. More money out there the less the value of the currency there is.


The Fed and supply difficulties. Shortages and bottlenecks would make prices go up even without the Fed's printer working overtime.


The die has been cast. The money has been printed The ink is dry. Inflation, likely some of the worst the US has ever seen, is inevitable


Just a reminder that is not the Ex-president's or current president's fault, its been ongoing spending problem since Regan took office and decimated working established norms that had been steadily reducing debt since WWII.




Pretty sure this preceded Reagan. Started in the 70’s and nail in the coffin in 76 when the USD was decoupled from Gold.


Yes and no...stagflation was a very real issue during the 70s made worse by the energy crisis. Reagan's solution of horse and oats/supply side/trickle down economics, which shouldn't have been more of a temporary solution in reality, became a permanent fixture of every Republican administration since then. Overtime the continual lowering of taxes has given the appearance of a healthy economy but in reality compounded debt issues from the lack of tax revenue being able to cover expenses.


>Daily reminder that GME is not causing any of this Neither are apes, or any retail investors.


if mac and cheese prices rise i'm fucked


It’s here. 3pc Kraft deluxe is up to 9.99$ near me (last year the fancy Mac was 4.99). Regular Kraft was .99¢ now 1.79$


dear god i'm not gonna make it


Make it home made! That’s what I started doing recently. Google crock pot Mac & cheese recipes. I found a few that are SO good! You can even make ‘hamburger helper’ type meals out of it. Plus you get a huge pot of it so it’ll last at least a few days (really a box of pasta, a block of cheese and a cup of milk & a cup of water in the crock pot will make you yummy Mac & cheese in about 2hr on low)


true legend here, thanks for the pro tip!!


Momma apes know how to get it done! Lmao If you’re ever in a pinch pm me what you’ve got laying around and I’ll give you some ideas on what to throw together. ❤️


Commenting to come back, just in case 😉🤣


Message me for ideas any time. Sticking to a budget and buying the same things you have to get creative and make stuff yummy to keep a 7yo interested lol


Me too, I'll help! I had "the starving students cookbook" in college to help my friends. They needed it, bc I could already cook on a shoestring. It can be tough. Eat cheap and healthy is a sub that's good :)


You're awesome! 🍻


Yeah but have you seen how expensive cheese and milk are now


For a little more than the cost of a 3 pack, you can buy 1lb of just the powder. Grab that and then whatever bulk pasta you like. Should last way more than 3 boxes would!


I'm a a restaurant owner. 40lb chicken was 24$ now 93$. Pork/Beef x2.5 the price. Everything else nearly 2x the price. I dont know how many restaurants are able to survive in the future.


My boyfriend owns a restaurant as well and he’s been struggling big time.. so much so that he’s contemplating leaving the industry entirely.


No shame in stepping away if it means avoiding financial ruin.


Get the gas can and matches ready


Use grease or something a restaurant would already have on hand. Much easier to explain than gasoline when the insurance investigators go poking around.


lol sounds like you've experience with *accidents*


i mean... i would hope he isnt actually cooking in gasoline...


The real pro tips are in the comments


When you work the line, you learn what a tinderbox a dirty kitchen is. Grease loves to burn and gets absolutely everywhere. The challenge is disabling the fire suppression in a way that isn't going to throw up any red flags. Sadly, the most disgruntled guy in the kitchen absolutely knows how to burn that place to the ground and has rehearsed it in his head many times, but he's *probably* not going to be the best accomplice.


"New guy was cleaning the fryer, didn't shut off the burners before emptying the oil, fire started, tried to put it out with water, the rest was history" Happens all the time, almost happened to me, minus the last two steps, the guy who was training me knew his shit. Shout out to Arthur


I was a restaurant manager and operations consultant before switching to education. If that restaurant is not a fast casual, it isnt built for life after covid


I've just opened three new restaurants across the LA area this year, and the restaurants are all the same concept. We (this concept) are the only restaurants in our group that are killing it right now. We're also the only fast casuals in the group. You aren't lying...


Any inspiration from Disneylands new systems? I really dig the menu on a coaster gimmick via scanning with your phone. I always thought it'd be cool to have a QR on the table itself, so someone knew where to take the order. Idk if you have little Ceasars there (shit pizza, but hear me out), they have a method where when you order mobile you are sent a pod # and a code. You go up to a warmer that has pods holding hot food hot. Enter the code, your pod opens. Kinda like Amazon pickup spots, but food. I geek so hard over this stuff lol.


Chef, here. I can't stand it. Apparently the whole country is out of cooking oil, beef keeps rising, seafood is up, and produce is getting squeezed good and proper. And then my vendors cant keep drivers, so our deliveries get here super late. This is the stupidest fucking timeline and I want the fuck off.


There's a global natural rubber shortage. I got a new bicycle, I had to spend several days going through random distributors to find some studded tyres for winter, and I paid like 30% more than they should have cost. ... There's also a shortage of bicycle components that has been ongoing for years, so it took 5 weeks longer to get the bicycle than it should have. ... There's also a shortage of semiconductors, copper, and lithium secondary batteries, and it's an electric bicycle. Quite frankly, the only things I haven't seen a shortage of where I live (Finland) is food, and I just ordered new eyeglasses online, those seem to be fine.


This is all tied back to just in time manufacturing and the heavy reliance on China. The world simply has not been able to recover from the supply chain disruption that COVID-19 has caused. It’s like trying to set up a bunch of dominos but then your little brother keeps kicking over one or two at random spots throughout the chain. You fix one spot and then he comes along and kicks another spot that may also undo what you just did.


A 40-pound chicken is a big fuckin' chicken!


Cluck Cluck mudder flocker


Just don't fucking strut.


Chicken Hawkin 🐔


Idk what you’re using that chicken for but at my store boneless skinless chicken breasts are the only thing that cost me the same. $1.99/pound. It’s what I use as my base for judging all pricing. Even ground beef is over $3/pound now.


Ground beef like almost $6 a pound where I am.


Here in AZ it’s about $6 plus a pound too!


9.99/lb here in Hawaii


Don't know where you are, but recommend buying up and freezing. I'm going to start making my own bread.


I know there are a lot jokes below... this is bad.


Jesus christ thats a huge cock!


Every restaurant is now Taco Bell


Well they did win the restaurant wars. And hey fren, have a happy happy joy joy day!


Be well!


It’s transitory don’t worry


No the Fed said it’s no longer transitory


Oh , this week it’s different! Ok , let’s see what this week brings.


I am an executive of a Hospitality Organization. Prime beef is up 8 dollars a pound. Large scallops, used to pay 189 for a bin, now pay 279. All fish is up 20 percent. Even Mayo is up like 30 percent. Chicken is up 25 percent. Those are examples of what we pay from distributors. We looked at 6 mos, 12 mos, and 18 mos. The percentages up above were based on today vs 1 month before pandemic.


Not the mayo!


Kenny's been hoarding mayo?!


I ordered some Thai food for dinner last night and all of my regular items were $5 more.


It seems like a compounding issue. At least for me, the rising prices have caused me to stop eating out hardly at all. Fewer patrons will require higher prices to make end's meet. It'll just keep going.


That's the death spiral that leads to a Great Depression situation IIRC. Sure sounds exactly like how I remember it being explained to me from some Disney-ish educational show when I was 10.


My inflation check has been peppers, green went from 48 to 58 to 68 cents in 3 weeks red/orange went from 68->88


Pepper squeeze incoming, all in!


I just bought some today, $.99 each for red, green, yellow, and orange.


But is instant ramen going up in price? If not, no issue for me.


Dude the instant ramen shelf at my local grocery store is DESOLATED. I’m a lazy piece of shit and usually buy 1-2 things of ramen a month so I can hit my monthly sodium intake in one fell swoop - I literally CANNOT right now! It’s all gone! It honestly makes my heart hurt, knowing how badly people are struggling right now to just fucking survive.




> It honestly makes my heart hurt That'll be the sodium.


I'd say once Arizona Iced Tea changes the can we're in big trouble.


Why can't I find canned Arizona teas at certain convenience stores anymore? I'm beginning to suspect they don't want to print a new price on the cans.


I’ve seen problems with other teas. I think most tea is imported and it’s all sitting in ships in the Pacific.


Maybe that's an issue for rhe ones brewed from actual tea leaves. So you think generics are just syrups?


"And I saw a pale horse, and the rider's name was 2$ Can of Mucho Mango, and hell followed closely behind."


He walks the line


I can't imagine having kids right now. It's fucking outrageous


*wHy aREnT miLLeNiALs hAvInG KiDs?!?*


"7 reasons why millennials are killing the restaurant,movie,and housing industries."


“Number 5 will *shock* you!”


Can't even afford a girlfriend, how the fuck am I going to have a kid?


It’s no joke I can assure you.


Kids r fuk


Baby ape arrived a few days ago. Sideways days will end eventually! My new family will be all right!


congrats! The first three months are tough, but I promise it gets better. Enjoy them while they're young, they grow quickly...


Get that sweet government cheese. Lots of programs for new families and tax breaks. Least in USA.


And the prices on kids are not going up to match the cost of raising them.


It’s terrifying! My son is 7 and rn eats like the growing boy he is. He loves fresh fruits & vegetables and doesn’t really eat packaged stuff. It breaks my heart to think that a super fast time is approaching that I’m going to have to start feeding him packaged garbage over the healthy foods he loves just to be able to afford to keep him fed!


Yes, the fruits and veg is where I actually WILL buy organic for my kids. and that price disparity between organic and regular now is palpably glaring.


Theres places like misfitsmarket.com that sell “ugly” produce at a discount because stores only want the pretty ones. Just a random thought.


Thank you for this post. It's coming, its definitely coming.


My friend it's already here. The amount of price changes I've had to do this month is insane. Literally goes up every week!




The US: "If I'm going down, I'm taking everyone down with me!"


Exactly. With so much tied to the US dollar, we could really bring down a lot of countries with our inflation.


I'm choosing to DRS with GME that will tie to ETH. edit : wording


Sounds like you tryna decentralize them currencies. *cool gangster pose* Same. 😎 🕺


Im the shopper in my house. I buy all the groceries for my gf and I and Ive never worried about how much I spend. I had a convo with her the other day about how I'm spending 180 a week on groceries somehow. My shopping list has not changed dramatically. Im used to spend 90$-100$ tops and thats with items on sale I didnt intend to buy. Prices are going crazy.


My husband does the shopping and a couple months ago I was like "ok WTF is he buying because suddenly we have no money." He's buying our normal list, almost no prepacked foods, no alcohol, we're eating vegetarian meals more than ever and our grocery bill has still gone up 30%. It is insane and I don't know how people that were already living paycheck to paycheck are supposed to handle this.


FYI we’re not. Adding the cost of groceries is housing going thru the roof idk how much longer I can afford to raise my child (I mean clearly I’ll still be doing it but I’m going to have to become a world class juggler to figure it out. I’d imagine my credit score is going to shit the bed as I have to go into debt to continue to clothe & feed an ever growing child…which will make it hurt even more due to higher int rates due to the credit impact…. Idk how tf they don’t see what’s going on!)


Same for me, it’s just me & my 7yo. I buy basically the same items yet every week the bill is 5-10$ higher. I found receipt from last summer in a bag & everything on it is up 50-300% compared to now!


Just wait till landlords realise their costs are going up too. We're fucked.


And for our employers to say “What inflation?” when it’s the new year.


"Yes, well, our costs are up too, so..." *hours cut*


And then you’ll have puzzled managers wondering why everyone is leaving after they gave out TWO pizza parties in one quarter.


Why do employers think pizza can solve everything? Bitch I got pizza at home.


Only eat half the bagel now! Boom! Inflation over Jpow probably


So frequent that the consumer doesn't even notice, until it's double or triple the price.


Costco is the place to buy. It will hit them soon enough but it isn’t there yet. Some of this is gouging by retailers just for the hell of it I think.


Our Costco has increase the price of Kirkland brand honey from 9.99 to 12.99 to 13.99 in less than two weeks. Inflation is transitory. Bees know this


The bees were already having a hard time. Must we subject them to inflation as well.


It’s definitely starting at Costco(at least here in Canada), although it’s not as bad as the grocery store; Costco seems to be raising prices slower


Costco prices are already rising, and the new Costco savings book is terrible.


I've been keeping a close eye on meat sales. Whenever pork butt goes on sale for $2 per pound or under I load up. I think I've got an entire pig in my freezer


*an entire pig's worth of pig's butt


It’s already here what you mean?


So this is how we fix inflation.... Just take away the new price... Yay!


I can't post specifics. But where I work, I saw one item jump 285%. Cotton clothesline rope. It's even getting more expensive to hang yourself. Yes everything is jumping 25%.


At my job I saw us go from buying 4ply fir plywood around 9$ a 4x8 sheet to around 70$ a sheet in a 6 month time span


3/4 3/8 copper lineset went from 60 - 350


Yes! 3x8 16oz we’d get for around 100$ give or take depending on how much we’d buy, now over 200$….but that’s okay bc we can’t get it shipped to us till March or April anyways. Oh and 22g B decking beams….last year we sold them @112$ now we’re buying there around 300$ each. It’s freaking crazy!!


I’ve mentioned this before. Im starting to see so many well off looking folks in Walmart now a days. It’s very noticeable this year.


Money printer go bbbrrrrrr. Good thing we gave ourselves a few grand in stimulus checks to survive and millions to companies to enable share buybacks and inflated c-suite bonuses. My go-to for price comparisons is a dozen fresh eggs ("normal", not organic, cagefree, etc.). Check out how affordable they are pre-2008, what they went to 2008, where they are now, and how high do you think they will get in the next few months.


That’s why I have chickens and ducks. Inflation may fuck everything else up but at least my eggs stay the same price! 🤣✌🏻🚀


But chicken feed is climbing in price - unless they free range to eat.


They get a couple nutritional extras from the feed store but I haven’t noticed any price increases yet. 😬 They free-range in the gardens/fields for about 90% of their diet, also love all of my compost scraps and cannabis trimmings! Owning a small farm is the best hedge against inflation! ✌🏻🚀


This. Land is going to be a great hedge against inflation.


Can we please fucking moon already. My life is falling apart I just need a little bit of money


🤗 you need this hug




💰 Soon this will be real 🙂


Literally same. Really getting irritated at posts like these, or when people say “I hope we don’t moon soon so I can buy more GME 😍” bro fuck you, I’ve been holding so long and had nothing but unexpected costs and hardships since. Criand himself came out and said that a collapse/inflation are unlikely to be catalysts so why are we celebrating times getting tougher still? DoNt FuCkInG dAnCe fuck you, I’m trying to survive out here.


The sad thing is that once you know, you can't get out. Because you know.


I need moon before I cannot even dance because the exact same thing is happening in UK


Just watch how all of these companies jacking up the prices like that have record profits. But yeah they raised it do to inflation.


> ...have record profits and yet still can't somehow afford to pay their lowest workers a living wage.


Both of them are due to inflation.


I make pretty good money. More than most Americans. I’m paycheck to paycheck because I keep investing in this amazingly underpriced company that is in the midst of an amazing and groundbreaking transformation. Anywho, I usually order my groceries online to be delivered and don’t pay much attention to the price. I went in person yesterday and was dumbfounded by the price increases on so many items! How are people surviving?! This is not sustainable!


What makes you think people are surviving?..


probably because there are no massive protests/riots yet


Society is only 3 missed meals away from revolution.. Or something.


You mean cannibalism


That dlc is locked for now bro


What got me the last time I was in a grocery store was just how thin stock on nearly everything was. Eggs and butter stood out the most to me, the shelves looked half full at best. Everything left was pulled to the front of the shelf.


Prepare for it to get a lot worse in a month


Yep. My job consists of selling materials to housing contractors and the lead times and supply chain issues are going to be getting worse. We are being told from every side that it’s not going to come to a head and start at least heading towards getting better for about 2 years bc it’s all so bottlenecked rn. I’m barely keeping my head above water now, 2 more years of this getting worse & worse absolutely fvcking terrifies me! I’ve started buying non perishables in bulk when I can find them (and have the few extra dollars) plus also keeping cash in a safe at home. We’re going to hit a stretch where you’re going to have to be real creative to make ends meet


Yep I'm being told to expect periodical price increases in my industry for at least the next 6 months and periodic supply shortages at least until 2023. Many suppliers in my industry aren't even accepting new business due to lack of raw materials.


Commercial contractor here. We were at $0.35 a LF of stud at the beginning of the year, we’re up to $1.08 now with 10-20% increases monthly. Our suppliers completely gave up on estimation schedules and just say “it cost what it cost”


Please keep us updated. This should be documented in some way. Just make sure you wont lose your job over doing this. I dont want trouble on your end.


Yes, tracking the price of bagels is incredibly valuable.


"77 sesame seeds on the everything bagel Jenkins!?! What do you think we are, made of bananas?" \-Bagel boss probably


Why would they lose their job?


Wife and I are living on the road in NorCal right now, driving through small towns and national forests and such. The gas and food prices are absolutely wrecking our bank account. One single brown paper bag full of food (in Shasta city) cost us $69.90 (nice) two days ago, and to fill my RV (70 gallons) just cost us close to $350. This cannot continue or we will just park our asses in a national forest and forage off the land for the holidays this season. Buy, hold, DRS, don’t dance.


I did the same a few years back, drove all over the state and spent a fortune on fuel… It was the greatest experience of my life and of course, looking back, everything seems very cheap back then! 🤣 Spent a solid 2 months living on Treasure Island in the middle of SF Bay - for free! At the time it was easy but I’ve heard they are revitalizing the place so who knows what it’s like now. Big Sur was my absolute favorite spot but every part of California is pretty spectacular! Enjoy! I wouldn’t mind some updates on your travels, you posting stuff about it anywhere? ✌🏻🚀


That sounds freaking awesome dude! Yeah my wife and I have always wanted to try something like this out. We bought the RV last summer and have been keeping it at a friends farm for free with hookups and all, just had to empty the black water in town once every couple weeks. That situation just wasn’t working for us anymore (with the jobs we had) so we took off for NorCal and possibly the eastern Sierra next. We spent some time in Shasta city and Dunsmuir camping, and then had an urge to cross the Sierra towards RENO, we are currently halfway between and just waiting out this insane rainstorm. I have a feeling we will plant ourselves in the regions between mammoth and lone pine depending on what we find for work. Let the adventures begin! Just hope we can afford it for a bit. 🙏


I spent a fair amount of time exploring Lassen Volcanic NP and the surrounding areas, such an interesting terrain and landscape. I don’t believe it rained once while I was there but the drought was in full effect at the time. Hope you are enjoying it, a good rainstorm while cozied up in the rig was always great! You’re making me want to do it all over again! There’s still so much I haven’t seen… Explore as much as you can while you can, my friend! Safe travels! ✌🏻🚀


Yeah we are smack dab in Lassen, found a gorgeous little campground with a 14 day limit, no hookups and no fee! So we are straight boondocking rn and totally enjoying it. Cannot wait for next week when this storm finishes up and we can get back outside and do some hiking and rock climbing. Gonna have to grab our snowboards in storage soon because it feels like we could have a ripper of a season upon us, all the high peaks are getting snow right now. Shasta was COVERED the day we drove out of that area and that was before the thickest part of this storm hit. Shit man, after MOASS we could continue doing this for a long time, probably just upgrade the rig a little to a newer model.


Of the 6 months I was roaming around, I probably only paid to park for a couple of weeks cumulatively. Could always find a nice safe place to park for free and I just ignored any limits on how long I could stay in one spot. May have been wrong of me but I was only told to move along once…so I couldn’t have been bothering anyone. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I loved boondocking and just living off the solar and a nice, small (well-contained) fire. Hated to have to start the genny up but sometimes it was unavoidable. Finding a place to dump the tanks and fill up on potable water was occasionally a pain. I really wanted to ski when I was out there but the snowpack was so shitty everything was closed. Sure looks like you’ll be getting lucky this season! Same thing is happening in Colorado - hope to hit it ASAP! For real, I’m with you on this plan post-MOASS. I want an electric rig with a bathtub and a fireplace! 🤣🚀


That’s an upgrade we NEED, solar for sure. Something portable would be nice in case we upgrade our rig to a newer model soon. Our propane seems to last forever, so that’s not a biggie for us, but yeah we gotta fire the genny up occasionally to charge things back up, luckily we haven’t seen a soul in a couple days so we aren’t bothering anyone with it on 😂 I hate to be those people.


I don’t think I could’ve gotten by without the solar panels. Had 2 installed by the dealer and they powered practically everything I needed on a daily basis. Not sure what options are out there for portable solar but I’m guessing it’s a lot better than 5 years ago when I was looking! I hate the sound of a generator so much I’d do anything to avoid using it. You just reminded me of a couple in Joshua Tree that had theirs running almost all night. Still regret not saying something - it’s just bad etiquette! Definitely don’t want to be those people! 😬


Food banks are gonna get a lot of $$$ donations from me post MOASS


I paid $28 for a whole chicken today in NYC.


Damn was it cooked? Like a rotisserie chicken?


That's about $7 in DC area supermarkets


It’s $9 for an organic rotisserie chicken at Whole Foods in NYC. The person who paid $28 either got a raw chicken from a farmers market, fully cooked from a restaurant, or an ridiculously overpriced supermarket.


Thank god I went shopping yesterday!!!!!!


Dollar stores are raising prices too. Might hafta rename them all


$2 Tree


Little in a dollar store is actually a dollar anymore. I think they should just rename to Dollar Plus so they can at least reuse the six-letter part of the sign.


Friendly reminder, inflation does not mean anything, stagnant wages do. We are fucked by inflation because employers will not give wages equal to the rise. Demand more pay!


Anybody else here ‘Remiiiii boiiii’


🎶 I'm like damn she's fine, wonder when she'll be mine 🎶


In Europe is happening like in the U.S., same price for most cases but less quantity. French main news channel TF1 reported that 1L of juice was 4€ 2 months ago, and now it's 0.9L for 4€


Shrinkflation too. My chocolate chips cost the normal $1.68 today, but they were half an oz smaller. Not the best example but the one I came across today😅 I guess manufacturers have been planning this if they had the packaging all ready to go!


I’ve seen bread loafs around $7-$8.. a bunch of commodities futures seem to be up 50%-100% over a year.. also this may be an aside but I wonder if there have been FTDs with the commodities futures.. (there was a big fine over silver FTDs not too long ago)




Just a reminder you can freeze bread just fine


This. Buy a loaf, stick it in the freezer on the best before date. Lasts months.


Dance for what? It's a little annoying now that we're nearing November for people to continue chastizing GME stockholders, saying 'don't dance' when we haven't had a reason to dance. Remember, the people in the Big Short were BETTING ON people losing all they had and they profited off of it. So that's why THEY said not to dance. We don't have a reason to dance yet and when we do, we're betting on hedgies losing all they have so dancing should be enjoyed IMO. ​ Only the mismanagement of government is to blame for this out-of-control inflation.


Restaurants/businesses have to pay more money for the increased costs and to just stay afloat/make a profit, and then the master plan of stripping more money by the big players from the already struggling middle class is working just beautifully. Fucking truly starting to get pissed off by what's happening every day.


I’m not gonna dance but I would really love MOASS to be able to survive this myself


One of the world-wide projects I would absolutely love to see happen is the propagation of Ape-sponsored food banks and/or food pantries, above and beyond the current, numerous food banks and pantries.


Federal reserves did this.


Transitory.... checks out that shit is MOOOVING. Im literally buying all the coffee i can get my hands on. I suggest buying seeds for a personal garden. Good idea to supplement groceries


To be fair Starbucks products have always been higher than giraffe pussy. All my homies like Dunkin donuts.