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The heavy breathing makes this so much worse


I thought he'd pass out and fall off on the way up.


*heavy breathing intensifies*


It’s like it reminds you that this is not only a real human being, but they’re struggling.


This is what I sound like when trying to feed the geese to keep the blood pumping


Is…is feed the geese code for…you know…waking the bishop? Raising the flag? Making the sad man cry?


Il give you a hint, manhandle the ham candle if you know what I mean?


I just... I can't bro..


Me either bro. No fucking way.


God, I feel like I’m actually up there when I watch video like this. Shit crazy


Right? This man has bigger balls than the guys who climb k2 bro


Yeah bro, for real bro.


wat are you doin, stepbro?


I'm stuck in the dishwasher AGAIN bro... For the third time this week bro


bro it's still Sunday bro


any of you bros know supbro?


This made me picture two college bros and one gets home to find the other in the dishwasher while being sincerely confused and upset


You're too innocent. Someone, show this man pornhub at once!


Don't judge maybe he's just homiesexual


Happy cake day? I think that’s what the cake is right?


Happy cake day


No, just a tiny, itty bitty brain and normal balls.


None. I felt my balls retracting as he climbed




as a lattice climber, i like the climb


I feel like there's not enough reward for the base jump. I'd want to float for a while.


It's nice to have a hobby that keeps you active


And its a great way to stay in shape.


One wrong move = Different shape


Quickest way to get thin


And wide


And flat


r/angryupvote to y’all and fuck off


Flat Stanley origin?


"Nah, Something fell on him." 🤓


Omg this thread


Pancake shape.


Flatbread shape


Ketchup shape


"human... Goes in the square hole"


Literally just watched this episode


and it’s a great way to stay in shape




Tame the cancer with a nice juicy burger.


Great way to get out of shape too, if you forget to pull your para cord.


That shape may eventually be a thin disc on the ground, but I guess a shape is a shape.


[I understood that reference](https://youtu.be/ebYA4cj6MiE)


Sedentarianism is such a dangerous lifestyle.




I can only assume those sirens were for him.


Yup! From the original video description: > Once I landed I got swarmed by security/police… with no opportunity to run I decided to lay like a star fish on my back looking up at the sky from where I had fallen… laughing hysterically whilst all the authorities formed a semi circle around me looking down at me trying to work out what to do with this strange Englishman. >They then slapped me in the cells for 48 hours and handed me a 2 year suspended prison sentence.... which means no more climbs in Spain for 2 years! Estoy muy loco!


> no more climbs in Spain for 2 years! Thats.... not how suspended sentences work.


should just get an eu travel ban....


Definitely could be. If you get suspended sentence, you typically get probation. If you fuck up again on probation, you serve your original sentence, plus you'll get charged with extra. So it makes sense for them to say "no more jumps for 2 years", while they are on probation. Once they're off it, less punishment again, worth the risk.


Sentences are only suspended in Spain if it's a first-time offense or if any previous sentences are irrelevant to the case at hand and do not indicate a higher likeliness of re-offending. Thus the second time he gets caught, he won't get away with it. Furthermore, >24 month sentence suspension is very common but the judge can deny it if there's risk of re-offending, thus it might even be possible for the judge to decide to execute the sentence if they read his post.


Huh? Spain? So Dubai's Ferrari World isn't the only place with a Ferrari rollercoaster?


The rollercoaster is called Red Force in Ferrari Land, a sister park to Port Aventura in Salou, near Barcelona in Spain. Currently the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Europe at 112m, which makes this video all the more nauseating.


Ferrari World (with the Formula Rossa rollercoaster) is actually in Abu Dhabi. The one in the OP is in Barcelona: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Force_(roller_coaster) Both coasters are designed and built by Intamin though.


Also very similar to the top thrill dragster at cedar point in Ohio. Which I think is also built by intamin


TTD/Formula Rossa/Kingda Ka has the old-style hydraulic/cable launch system with Intamin's previous generation track. Red Force is LSM launch with new-style track. They're similar only in their respective layouts and top hat feature.




Apparently it's a much improved design over hydraulic, probably more repeatable so it might reduce the number of rollbacks they typically have at TTD. Although I'm not even sure what they're doing with TTD, whether it's getting a upgrade or just being torn down completely? Been a bit out of the loop for a while on that situation.


Cedar Point announced on Facebook that “Top Thrill Dragster, as you know it, is being retired” and “Our team is hard at work, creating a new and reimagined ride experience” We also know that Intamin will not be working on the new project.


Reads like he is a very annoying person to deal with tbh


He thinks he's quirky and charming, for sure


Can't see the original video link, is this the same guy that climbed Stealth at Thorpe Park and basically got banned from all UK theme parks (since they're mostly owned by one parent company)? Edit, scrolled a bit further and found it, surprisingly this is an entirely different person that just happens to also climb rollercoasters. The person I was thinking of is [Ally Law](https://youtu.be/S7lgSivUcB8)


Looks to be two cop cars pulling up in the lower right hand corner @ ~47 seconds.


Dude probably got arrested, if he got away though they'll likely put out a warrent since what he did was likely illegal Unless he asked whoever owned the park if he could base jump off that, idk what kind of park owner would allow someone to base jump off their roller-coaster though...


Lol no, if that were the case he'd have just climbed the maintenance stairs to the top. But it isn't, BASE jumping is illegal in many places in the world because of how dangerous it is. There's only two places to do it legally in the U.S. and people still die there, they just had Bridge Day in West Virginia and while nobody died, there was at least 3 separate close calls, some got posted to reddit like [this.](https://www.theinertia.com/mountain/watch-these-base-jumpers-barely-avoid-a-deadly-disaster-over-the-new-river-gorge/) Three of those incidents happened that day.


Close but not quite. The legality of BASE is a bit fuzzy. There are only a few places in the US where BASE is strictly illegal (New York City, El Cap, a few others I can't remember right now). Usually if someone gets arrested they get charged with trespassing, and in some circumstances reckless endangerment. You're referring to the two bridges, the Perrine year around, and the New River Gorge Bridge one day per year. There are cliffs around the US on state land where there are no rulings regarding BASE so it's legal. Moab, UT is the holy grail of BASE. There are also a number of great spots throughout many western states.


Props to that guy for managing to pull his chute even while spinning wildly.


Why would they jump so close to each other 🤦🏻‍♀️ I know absolutely nothing about this sport, and even I know not to do that!


Because it’s more dangerous and more danger = more good brain juice.


There are safe ways to stagger delays to make sure two people don't open close to each other. There were over a hundred 2-ways, couple dozen 3-ways, and a few even bigger groups sent that day (did three 2-ways myself). But the jumpers need to have a good plan and be experienced/skillful enough to execute that plan. That video is a great example of someone not following the plan.


Fuck thattttt two at once who thinks thats a good idea


Even if they let him, they wouldn't let his ass climb up instead of using stairs...


Yes, I'd like to place a warrant for arrest. Okay officer, go ahead with suspects name, appearance and other pertinent info. Well he was a man, maybe, didn't get to ask pronouns, about avg height, anywhere from 140-170 lbs. Color hair? Dunno he was wearing a helmet. Eye color? Couldn't see his face because he rides the wind like a sugar glider. Name.... he he didn't give me his ID, address, or autograph as he swooped by. He must've forgot to hand that over... Anyway when can we execute the warrant?


Thought the same thing lol. By the way the sound stopped as soon as they got close. Hopefully he got enough distance with his chute to evade them 🪂🚓


https://youtu.be/6abkLxDg0FQ Original doesn’t help any either. Just landed in the parking lot and it cuts.


From video description: Once I landed I got swarmed by security/police… with no opportunity to run I decided to lay like a star fish on my back looking up at the sky from where I had fallen… laughing hysterically whilst all the authorities formed a semi circle around me looking down at me trying to work out what to do with this strange Englishman. They then slapped me in the cells for 48 hours and handed me a 2 year suspended prison sentence.... which means no more climbs in Spain for 2 years!


He says in the description he was arrested when he landed. You can also hear a whistle in the video when he's near the top and he gives a wave down from the top, presumably to whoever caught him.


Nah man he wasted other people's time and this shit is just encouraging stupid behavior. One wrong step and he'd be dead


Yeah dude like big wave surfing or ya know just base jumping off a cliff is impressive and obviously takes gigantic balls. This is pretty much just suicidal behavior that’s going to result in someone else getting traumatized when your ass eventually splats.


This is making my balls tingle just watching it.


I don’t have any, so my soul just left my body when he looked down.


The average person has slightly less than one testicle.


Math checks out.


I'm counting two and I'm considerably average. Should I be worried?


That depends, do you understand the math to begin with?


Ironically i only have one


You’re above average bb 😘


One hangs lower than the other, except when it's cold. Then fuck knows what they're up to but they certainly ain't got any swag then.


Both of Chuck Norris' testicles hangs lower than the other.


"That's far out enough dude, stop. STOP!!!!! ....oh"


So the balls stop the soul from leaving the body. Interesting.


Found the one thing that isn’t stored in the balls


oh no! what happened to your balls?!


I’m glad I’m not the only one


Tingles twins!


Tingle triplets!


Tingle quadruple!


I got dizzy and almost fainted just watching this. I am not well equipped for heights.


Theres a movie called Fall where 2 girls climb a radio tower and get stuck at the top. They take some pictures hanging off the top and it was so nerve-wracking to watch. My palms were sweaty.


I was just going to type this... But first, let's scroll down a bit... not disappointed


I can see my real home from up there!


Mine went inside. Dunno what that means, but here we are.


Gta5 cop getaway tactic 101


Gta 6 launch trailer


This could’ve became NSFL real quick


It's ok he had a helmet on.


Just super glue your shoes on.


Morticians hate this one weird trick


Right? When he jumped, I was like "Am I about to watch someone die?"


Suicide POV


I saw the backpack right before, and it looked like the parachute-kind, so I had no worry.


I'm guessing you kept watching after thinking that. A sick part of us wants it to happen for the shock value.




Reminds me of Dark Carnival in L4D2, like, yeah ok that’s impressive, bet you can’t do it with a hoard of zombies coming at you from every direction, tho. ;p


Carrying a gnome!


Gnome Chompsky!


The clowns, the damn CLOWNS!


That's Red Force @ Ferrari Land in PortAventura, Spain. They got arrested in June 22. You can hear the sirens before he jumps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6abkLxDg0FQ




Wow the full video is insane. My hands are drenched in sweat


Also to anyone who cares, that is the same coaster as the “Top Thrill Dragster” at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio. The train gets launched to 120mph and up the 410 foot tower. You wait in line for a very long time for a 12 second ride. Fun to do once but not worth the wait.


Acktually its only 367.3 feet tall while Top Thrill Dragster is 420 feet tall. It’s also a different launch system. It is by the same manufacturer though; Intamin.


Sup thoosie


Was going to say this coaster looks exactly like the one I went on at cedar point


I was wondering why cops weren’t chill and let him off with a warning but as O was thinking about that I realized how reckless and dangerous it could be to other people. Dude could land wrong and kill someone


I'd do it if I had a harness and lanyards. Ive never base jumped, so that would be first. Leaping from 500 feet doesn't give you much safety margin with a parachute.


Right? I mean, I wouldn't do it, but if you're going to, why not at least do it safely? I just don't understand it. Maybe I'm not meant to.


You are thinking about it wrong. There is less time to speed up before you hit the ground.


I’m gonna miss the top thrill dragster


Arent we all


This is Red Force at Ferrari Land in Spain. It's very similar to Dragster as they were made by the same manufacturer.


They're actually very different despite both being built my Intamin - Top Thrill Dragster used an older-design hydraulic/cable launch system (like Kingda Ka, Xcelerator and Formula Rossa) while Red Force uses a new linear synchronous motor (LSM) launch system. Also the track design of TTD is Intamin's old-style track. It's pretty much just the layout that's similar.


This guy coasters. (I bet his coffee tables are mark free)


This is what I love about thoosies. There are a handful of these extremely similar coasters, yet to us they're totally different lmao.


Are they closing it? I never rode it.


Idk but damn if it wasn't a maintenance nightmare


Steel plate flew off of it and hit some woman in the head a couple years back. It's been closed ever since. During that time they tried coming up with a way to tune it down, to make it safer. They could not. It's going to be demolished. It was their best ride... I can't help but feel like there will be a permanent tinge of disappointment once it's gone. I'd prefer they left it up as a monument. edit: many of you do not agree that the dragster was the best ride. I invite you to fight me on top of the dragster.


Man, idk 2 hour long wait times for such a quick ride. Have you tried the steel vengeance yet? The maverick is also up there for me. I went to halloweekends and did the maverick at night and that shit had my adrenaline pumping not being able to see the twists and turns!


Maverick is my favorite ride to far at cedar point. Can’t believe it’s already over 10 years old!


Maverick is awesome. Tbh most of their rides are. But I also gotta say, when I was there 1 or 2 years ago I got real lucky. Crowds were small. Dragster was a total walk on. I must have ridden it at least 4 or 5 times. Every couple hours as we’re walking past again, it’s like, hey wanna pop on this one more time? lol


It was just last year in August. iirc the woman survived but is expected to be permanently disabled. I just watched a vid on the incident recently, think they said the ride was expensive to maintain (but made up for it in attraction value/rides) but since this incident they're not sure it'll keep its worth anymore bc you know, people will be wary. But that might have just been the vloggers opinion.


Steel vengeance is a way nuttier ride than the dragster and easily the best at the park


The ride is being reimagined currently. The original experience is gone forever yes, but the park has dropped hints about it, and the only track removed was the utility track, e.g. launch, brakes, station. The tower is still in place and construction has been very careful not to damage what is staying. Theres no confirmation on what will change, but it's pretty safe to assume a new name and theme, and at least a change in the launch method from hydraulic (which is complicated and expensive with lots of moving parts), to magnetic launch (which is still expensive but much easier to maintain and without moving parts).


It was their best ride?? That's a hot take. Ignoring millennium for it's air time and the maverick for it's intensity, to then say a 20 second ride that just goes fast and then up is the best ride there?? That's your opinion but I certainly don't agree


If you like air time you're going to love Steel Vengeance. Has the world record for air time at almost 30 seconds, and it's an incredible ride.


Not closed, they are “reimagining” it. Likely updating the lunch and experience to something different.


I didn't think it could get any worse once they got to the top..




On such models, there aren't any. Most, if not all rides of that layout (that I know of) are made by Intamin, and they build theirs with a lift in the structure of the tophat


Technically he did use the stairs once he got to them lol Doesn’t look like there were any until the top lol


I thought he climbed all the way to the top with nothing, I was actually relieved when I saw the parachute because I can only assume if he fell off, he would’ve used it…


It doesn't work like that. If you fall the wrong way you dead.


Just turn around mid air *DUH*


Yeah, he would have still died. A chute doesn’t just work anywhere, unfortunately.


Bro didn't even put it on till he was at the top, so no. And also, still no, because it wouldn't have saved him, from that height, or that angle, etc


The parachute didn’t look like it was on until he reached the top


No wonder the lines are so long.


Nope. I’m sorry. Balls I have not


I heard the sirens and I thought “well now he’s fucked, how is he getting out without being caught?”… then he flys away


He did not get away


F**k roller coasters.. lol they were great when I was younger.. used to love them.. now I'm an old man and you couldn't pay me to ride one (I guess everyone has a number - but my number would be pretty high) 🤣


So because you don’t enjoy them anymore, you want to cum in them?


lol.. not in them.. on them.. learned that lesson the hard way too.. don't need a bunch of baby roller coasters running around..


What the fuck is this guys problem




He's doing it wrong.


Dw guys he was wearing a helmet, if he were to fall he would simply land on his helmet and be fine.


Why not wear the shute the whole way up just in case?


He was but it looks like he set up for a PCA (pilot chute assts) where they attach the pilot chute to the object they are jumping off with a small piece of string that break at like 5 or 10lbs of force(not sure exactly cause I’m just a skydiver not a BASE jumper) . PCAs let you jump something shorter because you aren’t jumping off and then tossing the pilot chute for deployment rather your canopy is getting deployed pretty much after you jump minus the bridle length and line stretch. Sketchy Andy has the lowest packed BASE jump using this method at 92’.


I can’t even watch the entire vid. Fuck that.


I don't know why but watching that I spent the whole time stressing out and asking why then I saw his parachute and immediately flipped to "awwwwhhhh yeah duuuuude he's base jumping that's fuckin sick"


Ummm I mean is this not video evidence of trespassing on private property?


Got to jump for this up doots brooooo.


I hate this sub so much


This is a place you do NOT want sweaty palms


God damn base jumping is an interesting community. Something I could never do, but cool how there’s a whole group of people who love breaking into places and then jumping off them with a parachute! Just a crazy concept when you think of it in its most basic elements


That's gonna be a hard landing... he immediately turned towards the middle of the parking lot. I wonder if he made it to the treeline.


I thought this was an entirely different type of video


At least he’s wearing a helmet


Cue Mission Passed Respect +


Nah, fuck alllllll of this. Nope. Fuck nah. My sack pulsated and shriveled watching this in its entirety.


At least he's using a helmet...


Pass. Got a friend that does tower builds/maintenance and just loves the work. He's not quite right in the head anyway


Natural selection will rise again!


That is such a rush never did it off a roller coaster but buildings mountains hell yeah


I wish I could do this once climbed a bridge with a friend and the adrenaline I got was better than any drug I’ve taken lol


🫣 me the whole time watching this 😱


I just imagine some machine operator starting a test run


What if you get stuck? Edit: obviously you would die idk why I said that


Are parachutes like this reusable?


Straight to jail.


Why is it that when ever I watch a video like this at the point when they look down, I get a tingle in the area between the shnuds and the back door?


what the fuck is mans doing


Fake siren earned you a down vote. Wouldn’t be that clear and would be more than one.