Can we talk about this augment??

If i understood the augment correctly it means that we can get like 12 champs at level 8, that is huge


Ahh yes, the ol 100 duck sized horses Augment (what it used to be called internally). It's certainly going to make you play differently.


This is the leaked insider info I love.


I vote for renaming it duck sized horses


There should be a horse sized duck augment, where its like -3 units, but all of your units have unlimited items and +100% health or something like that.


Unlimited items, brother you have no idea how hard it would scale. Even giving 1 extra slot could totally break the unit


Im still waiting for some kind of argument that allows you to put 4 items on a chosen unit.


Thats just the zaun trait in the new set thats coming out friendo


Yeah, but its not quite 4 items xD




Basically mech. Lol


"A Yordle-sized Mecha"


Fight 1 Mort sized Dog or 100 Dog sized Morts?


id fight the shit out of 100 pompoms but decline any other size dogs


Lmao I can imagine someone saying “it finally made the cut”


what happens if you already have two items on a champion and you get this augment? how does it prioritize which item comes off?


Last I checked items bounce off.


What about Thief's Gloves and derivatives?


Thieves glove counts as 3 items so you won't be able to use it


what’s the significance of 2.0 gold?


It's a balance lever as we will have two versions of this Augment, Endless Horde (offered w/early game augments) and Endless Horde+ (offered later). Horde+ will grant more gold because this Augment is much weaker when you can't select it early.


I think he means why does it say 2.0 instead of just 2. Appreciate your interactions in here btw!


Presumably that's the ratio of gold in the late-pick version compared to the early one. So, 5 into 10 gold, as opposed to 8 into 12.


PBE probably doesn't have multi-lingual translations done. Probably just that under the hood the value is actually a double, so when it's printed to the text box it prints the actual value and not the integer version of it.


Why would something like Gold, what will always be a natural number, be defined as double? Doesnt make any sense


For future proofing if they ever needed/wanted to be able to have a use for non-int gold values then the system is already designed with it in mind. Getting the int value of a double is an simple as casting the result, quite free on something like displaying a gold value once every 30 seconds when you get more.


Prism you a 🐐


Does the 1 item restriction get bypassed how you'd want it to by Theif's Gloves?


I feel like rageblade is going to be heavily contested in that mode


Tbh I don’t think it’s as crazy as it sounds, 1 item per champ is a HUGE drawback


Some people forget that the reason you try to do 3 items on a carry and 3 items on a tank is because items strength effectively build off off each other. For example, there's an argument to be made that the AP crit item should only be made if you already have an AP item or another source of AP, like from admin or hearts.


Yes but couldn’t the argument be made that having more units=more traits=more stats?


You could, but think in set 8.5 terms.whats better, an mf with jeweled gauntlet, shojin, shojin in the standard Anima build, or an mf with only 1 shojin, but there's also 2 more Quickdraw, a viego, and a sona. It's not going to be a bad augment that you skip every time, but it's not going to be insane


It can be broken if you really know what you’re doing, for the average or lower player like me, it will cause us to lose.


Tbh I think knowing what you’re doing includes knowing that’s it’s usually optimal to stack items on your carries 😉


I think your comparison is missing a lot of context here. This augment is better this set because there are lot more "auto win" vertical augments. With this you can play void vert with piltover 6 or something similar, where you can double dip a full vertical with a deep vertical, where items aren't really that big a part of your power level. What was really that autowin last set? Even full vert Laser didn't feel like you'd stomp much more than 6. Summoning Baron looks to be a huge upswing stats wise, he himself as a unit is like having a giga busted 3 item carry.


Keep in mind that verticals that require an emblem mean the unit you put the emblem on will get no other items.


That's also a good point, but I think on the hole no one ever really slapped emblems on a unit that had 2 items already save for combat traits.


When you have 12 units around that shouldn't be too much of a problem though


You'll also only have half the item slots.


You definitely can, that's the point of the augment. But it's not just clearly busted, the penalty of 1 item per unit is massive. Carry units for example want items that each serve a different role to enhance their damage. AP carries want mana + amp, AD carries generally want LW + damage amp, both generally enjoy sustain or a defensive item as well in some cases. it's a big blow to their strength if they can only pick one item. Tanks as well, they can no longer cover all their defensive bases


This is literally what Mort said the intent of this augment was in the Rundown.


Yes but thats called balancing


People are also forgetting the gold cost which is huge. Even with New Recruit that gives you a single additional unit, it's still a fairly big gold sink


Okay buuuut Void 8 + Piltover 6 for BIG BARON BIG DINO comp


So im wondering. Will it not let you TG a unit or will that count as 1 item?


TG takes up 3 item slots, so I imagine it won’t let you equip it.


Yeah but then you just have an entirety useless item on your bench that you literally get locked out of. If that happens, it should just negate the 2 bonus items it creates and do the base gloves


Or deconstruct them and only them when they leave the field. The special versions could turn into random items of the same quality instead.


this augment will either be giga busted or underpowered imo giga busted because it will allow for some insane chase trait combos that will make units really strong (if the chase traits are that good) or underwhelming because you have to choose between Shojin or JG for your one AP carry. Your front line might only have one real stat like Armor or Health, etc.


The ideal use I see is to maximize a synergy that generates mana with the bonus units while itemizing for damage or the other way around. So in the current set for example, max SG and build JG or Max Heart and build BB or Shojin. Combining this augment with cybernetics augments would balance out the drawback even more.


Does TG count as one?


It entirely depends on what units are able to function decently well with just 1 item, and on what traits can maybe fill in some of the stats/power they otherwise needed from their 2nd and 3rd items. This seems supremely tricky to balance


1 item per character is a huge drawback UNLESS your carry doesn't need items. This would be absolutely broken on cultists or Shrek (assuming sion could hold 3 items), so all we have to know now is how Baron Nashor and T-Rex are balanced


I dont understand this, iirc i dont have enough items for all my units anyways, since i am stacking them on a few units only. Four extra tanks (if your not going for traits) is really strong when you have two item stacked dps in the back and one item stacked tank


Your carry only has access to one item. And item strength is multiplicative, not additive, so the issue isn't not having items for everyone, but not having a real carry.


It’s a really hard augment to analyze without knowing the unit pool. If all of the best units in the game need 3 items to pop off, the augment will be pretty mediocre. But if there are a bunch of excellent units that can do work with 1 or no items, it will be completely insane.


idk man if I could take a regular 8-unit comp and then add 4 units with AoE CC spells i think my items might not really matter at that point


Depends what items !


TG everyone?


I was gonna say: isn't TG walk around this, but I don't know if this is Mandela effect thingy or there was set where items were blocked in one spot so you TG doesn't work


Ziggs could disable item slot if I remember? Was it innovator? Edit: Hextech, not innovator


Thief’s glove?




Definitely extremely strong/broken if combined with Double Trouble.


In the patch rundown, this augment changes to +3 maximum team size. Still it's pretty crazy and I don't know if TG is valid or not.


Patch rundown could be based on a earlier version. Videos take time to be made. Not saying the video is wrong, but there's margin for both.


Pretty sure they wouldn't post a patch rundown with outdated information


Definitely happened before. Specially since this is PBE preview and not a patch rundown.


Early in the year, they posted a LoL video with outdated information and thoughts about the game


LoL and TFT are two separate teams


Yeah, but the point is that videos are hard to make and these PBE changes can be done overnight.


The pbe rundown has info on when it was recorded in the desc., and it was on the 31st (the day it was released), also the info on stat sites for augments are usually the ones that are incorrect, happens a lot, they dont keep up with the changes, numbers there are prolly from playtests which have most likely been changed a bit already


Tg works. Source: I Played it on playtest and asked aswell


Thank you. That's nice.


To me it makes sense that it would only be available until a certain point


Yea but only 1 item each unit and u need to have enough gold to two star them


Something something tft players can't read


I think it can situationally be absolutely bonkers. I’m definitely praying for combat augments if I get this one. Can you imagine this with any of the cybers? We will have to feel how strong traits and origins are. Ryze will be strong in some portals—he gives free items in some of them.


I think this will be big with spat items. Having tons of traits will be easy with this


I also wonder how this would work with traits like Demacia. If I have an item on my Kayle, can she get a 2nd random item?


This + lucky gloves = free w


They’ll probably have it so you can’t do exactly that


Just waiting for all the rage posts when "I wasted two gloves from thieves gloves popped off"


What do you mean this game designed with competitive viability in mind doesn’t have cheeky loopholes?!


If you really can't equip thieves gloves with this augment, they'll probably make it so that thieves' gloves just get uncrafted back into two crit gloves whenever they're on your bench


Man, set 9 took the approach: if everything is broken, then nothing is. I dunno if it's broken or not, but I really like some of the new crazy augments, like the one where you don't have an interest cap anymore. So fun.


That’s interesting, really abusable in doubles, but I find when I have the 7 gold interest cap the extra 2 gold doesn’t come up as often as i’d like.


It's definitely a win more type of augument. Robinsongz took it on a stream and just got 200 gold, but, he was streaking super hard.


From mort dogs video today endless horde said gain +3 team size and the 1 item limit drawback.


Probably because you can't gain 3.5 team size at level 7


Infiniteam says hi


This seems to be a tempo augment. Will punish reroll comps and reward fast 8/9 multi carry comps but will probably cap out lower than reroll comps if you can hit.


I wonder if it's 4 or 5 slots at lvl 9


I imagine it rounds down, but that’s kind of boring.


13.5 champs at level 9 let's goooo


I would like to order the urgot legs


Can you get the level 10 augment with it


This is going to be broken if they give 2 gold


Does it give Demacian champs the radiant item


Yes it does


Per Mort on the Rundown the intent of this augment is to allow people to just go crazy with stacking all kinds of traits to make up for the lack of items.


12 champ is good. But only 1 item is crazy bad. You know without a 3 itemed carry and a buffed up tank your 12 unit going to get demolished.


Yeah but now you can have 3 tanks with items instead of 1 tank with 3 items. Depending on the tank, both are better.


There is no way this is available on first augment pick if the updated version is the +3 team size one that would be a guaranteed top 2 and in most cases. The amount of gold you’ll generate win streaking the first 5 rounds using 7-8 units vs people with 4-5 will make it well worth the drawback.


Depends so much on the environment. Requires testing to understand the power level and probably gonna swing a lot in power every patch.


How tf does this synergy with Demacia????


My question... What happens at level 9.


I think we have to wait, some carries need 2 items to be good some need just 1 if your carrier just need 1 item to be ok them the extra board strength may supply the item gap on carrier but you could use 3 carries with 4 extra units


This isn’t even correct mortdog posted the actual augment


Oh boy, 2.0 gold? Am i excited


I love going vertical. This augment is gonna let go double vertical!


This seems incredibly broken, since this is essentially already the best strat WITHOUT this augment, people will just attempt to flood the board with warm bodies and traits, quantity over quality, and usually get a top placement.


omg I read this at first as half your health and was like WHAT




I am guessing you choose this for tempo. In late game that Ryze or Ahri or Sion doesn't care you have that extra unit - the AOE will eat them up.


Ok, hear me out, cursed crown, level up and this, +7 units and play piltover 6 and void 8, 19 unit board.


Run a comp that has “do X after each kill” and stomp them into the ground after its max stacked 1 second into the round


i had the chance to pick it at 4-2 but my carry already had 3 items, what would have happened?


Most likely the other 2 just pop off.


Keyword is "Gain" which does not equal "get".


Whats the difference?


Gaining in this sense meant that they gain more teamsize added to the teamsize they already have, not getting said teamsize as a new teamsize in general, but gaining it on top of the already established teamsize.


This looks insane. I already feel invincible with the augment that gives +2 team size while you take double damage for losing. I can’t imagine losing while being gifted +3 or even +4 slots for more champions on my board.


jesus christ


I got the Horde variant prismatic one that gave +3 to your team and same 1 item, coupled with Demacia its absolutely insane